1. Røskva Bager Schier

    Lol her cat at 2:21

  2. ThisGuy

    Legend has it corpse still haunts admin to this day

  3. Madison Weebinston

    It's everyone simping for me i dont see the hype in the voice but like Corpse is funny XD

  4. Cassandra Trussell

    Corpse, I’d let you hold my drink at a party! You’re such a cute bean of sunshine!

  5. NA 107

    amq has deeper voice than corpse 😂😂💔

  6. Edita Rogaite

    Do you play diffrent gamea

  7. doodles ham

    once i tried to do the light trick corpse did once , but i instantly fail and got kicked out . And that's how i know its difficult to do that stuff lol

  8. XxInfectedxX

    The video is 20% of everyone accusing fulsie and 80% of corpse failing card swipe

  9. cherry does stuff

    in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight Corpse: FUCK THE CARD SWIPE

  10. Tubby Twister

    If you card swipe 3 times really fast it works

  11. Maliat Ahmed

    what it says: too fast corpse: oh i didn’t go fast enough

  12. Shã let wô

    You only failed about 23 times but still r.i.p

  13. Hawks [Pro Hero]

    Okay but that laugh was wonderful

  14. D'Artra Anderson II

    I love how passive-aggressive Corpse is "Hey Corpse, about that card swipe.." "Yeah, I've failed it 15 times so far, what about it?" "Corpse is giving me sus vibes" "You give me sus vibes" I love him omfh wededuh

  15. Qui3tGh05t

    Is it just me or does Jack sound like Mater from Cars when he does the Southern accent...


    Man's a great impostor but an awful crewmate3 😂


    I fear no man but that thing... It scares me... *admin card swipe*

  18. Mahid Shafiq

    Who wants to see the best duo imposter dashie and corpse

  19. UrMomEatsShitt

    at 13:40 ethan could of won the game......

  20. LocalSouthSide

    okay the thumbnail was enough to make me laugh because I remember watching the card swipe from Jacksepticeye’s channel and it was funny as hell. It’s even better seeing it from the original perspective. Great card swipe, Corpse.

  21. GPFhantom

    "Video games and 2d tiddies" oh, Jack, you are so right

  22. Aschertrumpf

    I'm just saying, if corpse looks like how his profile photo looks like.... Wow

  23. DarthCalliope

    This man... is so adorable. I can't even. Also, I've done the cereal thing before; shake shake, milk splashes everywhere and you're like: I can't even fucking eat cereal right. ;(

  24. MysteriousPoo

    13:36 why didn’t he double kill this annoys me so much

  25. Katie

    Can we just take a moment to thank the editor for jump cutting to the among us character color when someone’s speaking so it’s actually possible to follow

  26. Ririka Chitose

    4:30 *Everyone should watch Anime at least once*

  27. j O

    Why is man's voice sounding like gravel and a demon had a manchild.

  28. Wonderess Fox

    corpse's worst enemy: THE CARD everyone's worst enemy: THE CARD

  29. Non_exist4nt

    I’m not sure if it’s just the angle but did pewds always have such a chad chin

  30. Stephen L


  31. Shayyy :3

    i am thoroughly convinced corpse could get away with murder irl if he wanted to

  32. epic gamer dog

    lengend says hes still try to swipe the card

  33. Solar’s Shenanigans

    Scarra was laughing his a** off but Lily got so disappointed and went "Oh nO " in webcam XDDD

  34. [deleted]


  35. annie

    if we ship, we RESPECTFULLY ship because corpse said he was straight and pewds is married. but we can agree this is the best bromance ever along with sykkuno and corpse

  36. Middawn


  37. Aoibhe Doyle

    When Sean said “I am speed” it reminded me of happy wheels

  38. Oran Linehan 2003

    Why does he keep going so fast I'm dead

  39. Life as warona

    Card swipe is not that hard tbh.😭😭😭

  40. Laura Li

    This video was just showing how many seconds under a minute CORPSE could kill his friends.

  41. Daniel Groenenboom

    I stole your cardswipe skills >:D

  42. Ight imma head out

    Why is no one reporting?


    Corpse when he card swips but sees that it says it was too fast: I cant read

  44. Ethan Adams

    I knew it was grease from the start when he went into nav

  45. Alex Ishii

    Omg... I just realized I played with someone named Greeseball although I’m not sure if we would be in a public room

  46. Iam_ BARKODE

    People that didn’t believe him failing card swipe seeing this like:👁👄👁

  47. Liv Izzy

    Okay is it only me that a feels a little bit bad for him when he tries to do the card swipe and he fails and they vote him out and then he says he's that he got nervous because he couldn't do the card swipe, and that he failed infron of hes friends? l know that they all were joking around but that he gets nervous when he tried to do card swipe and infront of hes friends makes me feel a bit bad for him :/ ✨But hes still one of the most amazing ppl in the world✨

  48. Eternal Sentry

    How do you fail at card swipe? Lol

  49. Mio fratello è figlio unico

    Corpse be like I fear no man, but that thing... _Too fast, try again_ ...it scares me

  50. Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong

    Felix: "It can't be Corpse four times in a row, right?" _Always Sunny theme_ "Corpse Is The Impostor Again"

  51. General Mango

    He is basically like Zoro from OP. He is really awesome and good at the game but has one really bad flaw lol

  52. jmarth mondares

    scarra looks like big ed

  53. Chocolatiey Boo

    Machine: too fast. Corpse: wAnNa sEe sOmE reAL sPeEd?

  54. Kokichi Winchester

    32 failed times to be exact

  55. Xychoz Nyte

    This man is a legend


    i dont get it is he doing it on prps or what?like i dun gt it its the task that is the easiest ofall

  57. シᑭOIՏOᑎ

    The card slide: Too fast, try again Corpse: *wanna see some real speed*

  58. cajually

    When your one of the best imposters... but you fail card swipe for 4 rounds

  59. ERUPT_DC Clan2

    I love his voice

  60. Spaceflight

    Bruh his voice is deeeeeeeeeeeeep. I'm currently trying to do master an impression of him to freak my family out.

  61. Joseph Mirosevic


  62. Im a simp

    I was wondering why it was going so fast but then 8 realized it was on 2x playback speed-

  63. softygyeom

    pewds is so funny 😂😂

  64. softygyeom

    4:41 "good win" 😂😂😂😂

  65. Videoz For Fun

    Card swipe at 3:03, 6:10, 8:15, 11:07, 13:49 Finally succeeds at 13:49 Thank me later. You're welcome.

  66. Mareing Kautu

    Bro you dont need to swear dude

  67. Abilawa andamari

    Man, Pewds among us friend group is actually so chill. They even made up a hide n seek round just for fun.

  68. ae crago


  69. Jadelinne Salinas


  70. xXeEvEe4lifeXx

    I'm one of the ones that get the card swipe on the first try :>


    dudes voice so deep, it makes satan seem like a joke

  72. 11clock

    I think I know why you keep failing card swipe. Here is a hint: it rhymes with “moo last.”

  73. Neo_ Rose2026

    I can tell corpse wanted to just cry cuz he cant do the card swipe hehe

  74. Shadow Yt

    "every1 should watch anime atleast once" me:justdontwatchsilverspoonorcoconopico

  75. Lau Kai Sheng

    petition to make corpse the next smurf narrator 👇

  76. Adelle Stapleton

    Corpse’s laugh has killed my depression.

  77. Zone FN

    it was so funny when he kept failing card swipe😂😐

  78. Maitrik Patel

    What luck, he emptied trash twice and nobody was paying attention.

    1. C4MPER

      They have visuals off

  79. DANDGG

    Yo bro, can you sing some song, like Renai circolation? Please...

  80. rifty fishy

    38 times exactly