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  1. G. Dail

    Racism porn from black supremacists and guilty white liberals. Total bullshit from start to finish apart from showing that black folk were actually literate in the 50's.... unlike now.

  2. Hoss97

    Lol they blackwashed another character... Shocking!

  3. VeryTallMidget

    I love Tom Clancy he is in my opinion the best author in the world but these movies are a disgrace like how hard is it to stick to the story of the book

  4. Fanny Alexander

    Excellent show. Almost thought it I was watching HBO. Done with one seating.

  5. Zendikari Sparkmage

    Any idea what she's singing? It sounds like "Tell our boys to go push a boat," but I know that can't be it.

  6. Treasure Roberts

    KING JESUS CHRIST is returning. Repent and get right with GOD. 💙

  7. Rice Krispies

    Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor not in number 1 and 2?

  8. Maxs Tupai

    Its basically another John Wick movie the only difference is the characters name is now John Clark...haha

  9. Renee Safford-White

    What an exciting story, well done. So proud of you!

  10. Hookshot


  11. Jamie Eisenhower

    After she spreaded many racism stuff on The View show I don't care for her anymore

  12. amanda chan

    I cannot rave about this series enough. Certainly one of the BEST series of the year. Finally Amazon is starting to invest is some real cinematic series treasures!

  13. James Duncan

    Humans, Counterpart, and The Feed deserve a watch too

  14. K B

    Home lander: Superman Queen Maeve: Wonder Woman A-Train: The Flash Black Noir: Batman The Deep: Aquaman Starlight: Supergirl/ Stargirl

  15. //

    Leftists and liberals in hollywood doing their thing again.Keep adding more fuel to the fire.

  16. Shannon Cavanagh

    Pure genius!!! A great second to AHS.

  17. Miss Maam

    You're dad is v smart

  18. flylikeabumblebee

    This show should be called anxiety because that’s what it’s giving me.

  19. MomBlk332CN

    I just finished the series and I have to say it was pretty good and the Black face man aka Da Tap Dance Man was the scariest part of series lol. Fair warning if you do watch the series you will be very disturbed by a particular death in episode 5 which I personally had to skip because I refuse to watch those type of death scenes in movies and shows even though I'm a big horror fan. I don't really like movies or shows about racism at all as a black person because it's just boring but for some reason I can tolerate horror movies dealing w/ racism then regular movies and shows

  20. Happy Dice

    Please don't end this in season one. That's all I ask for now.

  21. Adam Gomori

    Renew this show! The story deserves a conclusion.

  22. Arturo Santos-Martin

    It's a shame that such a creative, artistic vision, featuring incredible acting, cinematography and costume / set design, had to get watered down by the incessant perpetuation of the divisive agenda deployed by big tech on the American public for the last decade. It's amazing that screenplays featuring excessive racism, violence, and / or child hypersexualization are the only things Hollie - Pedo - Wood feels comfortable weaponizing on the American viewer. Guaranteed that screenplays espousing unity, wholesomeness, hope, love or any other inspirational thematic are quick to get the axe. We see you though, Amazon, Netflix, Pedowood and the rest of you degenerates. We see the agenda, we understand about Operation Mockingbird and it still being operational. Kudos to the team for a great cinematic vision, but be aware of the Matrix of Deception being foisted upon you.

  23. Adam Gomori

    Renew this show! This story deserves a conclusion.

  24. Luvenia Meekins

    This Series is mind boggling. "Whatcha gonna do ""Whatcha gonna do""😭😭💔💔

  25. Luvenia Meekins


  26. Urban Artist

    Watched a couple episodes of this series, wow I can't believe all of this was captured in a series. I'm still traumatized by the lady who killed her son.

  27. Jacob Nelson

    The idea of this video is fucking restarted

  28. Jessie Blue

    Put in the mind of ‘Us’ ‘Get Out’ & ‘Lovecraft Country’ 🤦🏾‍♂️

  29. James Imhof

    That was horible It wasn't even funny

  30. Holy Watah

    One Asian fact: When Asians buy water melon, they would always slap it to get the best quality water melon

  31. Jacqui R

    She looks like Alicia Silverstone

  32. Jesus Sanchez

    Fuera fuera lorenzo cordoba y murayama corrupto traidor a la democracia INE siempre fue complice de fraude que hacia los prianaco durante años

  33. 0 0

    These type of shows are the wave now "Black horror"

  34. Jacqui R

    This should have been a good movie... yawn.

  35. Esse Logos

    Masterfully crafted. Well done good sir!!🖤🖤🙏🙏

  36. simkid15

    Bro when She got slapped brought me so much joy

  37. kaleb dickerson

    I wish they would've called this something else and used characters not from the book. Because this movie looks really good and Michael B. Jordan is always a win but from what I've heard it's nothing like the book.

  38. Fan

    The second time watching, I loved, loved, loved. My first review was mediocre but rewatched and laughed and was able to follow the storyline.

  39. Neilan Gianelli

    I´m sorry but i only going to watch it the daylight, the last scene was terrifying

  40. Thewickerman

    Nathaniel looks like nicocado avocado

  41. Ellis D

    Alison Pill is so incredibly amazing at playing evil. I hated her character to the bone. I literally have to watch interviews of her to remind me she’s just an actress and she’s not like that in real life.

  42. Kathy Lyndsey

    Bashy did an amazing job. All of the cast did. I didn't recognise him at first untill I looked properly at, and recognised his eyes. He really embodied the wear, and building tension of the character. My mum hadn't been watching the show but walked into the room when there was a close up of his face in profile and upper shoulders whilst walking in his bosses area. She burst out laughing straight away, and when I asked her why? she said when a black man walks like that I know exactly what he's about to do. She didn't need to see the look on his face or in his eyes. It was all conveyed in his shoulders. That my friends is a great actor. 👌👌👌

  43. Yaw F

    I’m halfway through this and I swear to god there better be a fuckin payoff in the end.

  44. Miss Lucid Dreams

    She was an icon ⭐

  45. 200 x

    Somebody (whoever came up with the idea for this movie) wants to keep the hate going

  46. 200 x

    More HATE. Nice job that’s just what we need right now

  47. Kristina Wesley

    You. Suck

  48. Kristina Wesley


  49. Katlean Gottago

    my eleven year old sis watched it. She didi nt even get scared. probly beacause she copes with humor smh

  50. simpulx

    If IT 🎈cant be US ✂️then it has to be THEM 👪🏿.

  51. Power Of Berzerker

    My fav show atm. Crazy good fun.

  52. Bia Bia

    This show is good don’t get me wrong but I wish people would stop making horror movies and films about racism. It’s already horrifying enough to experience it everyday as black people. Nothing about this is entertaining.

  53. B

    what a load of shite

  54. Cortmey Lang

    Joaquin. Journi

  55. bingo bongo

    i hope that this is a sign of season 2!!

  56. Amy D

    She's fan-tas-tic.

  57. spektakelkd


  58. BorBorReborn

    I keep waiting for Prime Video to turn into HBO or even Netflix. Ain't happenin'. Kristin Wiig couldn't find funny if you mailed it to her with signature required. Recycled unfunniness is still unfunny.

  59. BlackWorldTraveler


  60. Evgeni Popov

    Редкое дерьмо

  61. Red Inside

    Now.. imagine.. making the exact series but switching the races.. white family moves into black hood. just imagine the outrage

    1. jess moony

      ? tf

  62. firstnameunknown

    Ooh, a League Of Gentleman spinoff?!

  63. Hellbound Wildkard

    0:21 That line is weak. I mean I have more medals than kills; I have zero kills that I know of. They should have instead mentioned some of his most memorable medals like 2 MoHs, 5 Navy Crosses, and 12 Silver Stars with Valor, etc. (pulling these numbers and medals from my arse, I have not read the book). Or take that line out of the trailer.

  64. Ford Austin

    "04:43" You all can use *WATCHDAD.COM* to get yours, it is the only one that worked for me 🧒

  65. Om Modi

    Cyn didnt deserved to die he was so good and humble, and those last words always make me cry, that shakiness!! I love it. I love this series.

  66. Hey Hey Hey

    Black folks just want to live and love their families and the sad part is that this fictional horror series is steeped in so much reality of the true American story.