I'm JoCat! I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and hobbyist animator.
Known as the J in HIJEK: kgup.info/must/vmCD9D9pbS-Q7NIUMX5OGg.html
I post a video (almost) every week!
I also stream on twitch where I play games or do art or maybe even work on future videos. come watch! - www.twitch.tv/jocat

Here I do videos that I feel like making, including:

Character Creator Critique - a look at the positives and negatives of different games character creators.

A Crap Guide - sit down and shut up while JoCrap learns you all the ins and outs of different games, hobbies, and anything else that tickles your pickle.

J-Overly Edited - a lets play with more editing than is ever necessary for a single video.

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  1. LordLynkz

    What a bop.

  2. tootallforyou112

    A man of culture I see

  3. Nicholas Cevasco

    I noticed your animated self has a bow in your hair. Is this a hint at your gender identity or is it just because you thought it was cute and thought “fuck gender norms. I want to look cute” and did it? If it is the former, what are your preferred pronouns (if you feel comfortable sharing)?

  4. Kaox24

    I want to eat a sandwich now...

  5. Crazy One

    Finally! A non-feminist video saying prop respects to girls. This is refreshing and cool to see, pretty good bro!

  6. Fluff

    he has 4 ears

  7. Juliet Mercedes


  8. Dragon Drunkard

    Girls are great! I just never knew there was a song about it I could agree with!

  9. CaptainConcerned Sr.

    i'll never forget my first boss kill where a friend nat 20'd their sneak to steal the busy wizards staff followed by me high roll throwing a handaxe into the back of the poor bastards skull.

  10. Ihavenoname

    0:27 I just realized this reference...

  11. SnubSlime

    Pov you never felt the touch of a woman

  12. Ash

    So what kind of girks do you like...? JoCat: YES!

  13. No One

    0:16 *A MAN OF CULTURE*

  14. Risky

    Good boy

  15. DaBonkinator

    He look gai tho

  16. Exu

    I cannot believe Jo predicted Friday Night Funkin'

  17. Ryan Llorona

    What a treat

  18. welshi megs


  19. Alex Boudreau

    Nothing has every made me want to replay Halo 3 this badly before :(

  20. Jimbo

    nothing but S M I T E

  21. Odie

    Bowsette but not boosette

  22. Legend Brooks

    Is it just me, or at the end did it look like every single one of them had the intention of “thanking him”

  23. A Dummy

    This pretty much puts into words exactly how I feel.

  24. Lucas Samuel

    A true man of culture

  25. AnvilMAn603

    so the great sword is good for people used to being disappointed? great im a mets fan that puts it right up my alley

  26. Mr. Lawrence

    0:57 nice Dunkey reference.

  27. Ben Demos

    glados? i thought i was the only one

  28. Princess Alice Manor

    JoCat about to start a Harem...

  29. Danny Acevedo

    How did o end up on a cam site?

  30. Khanh Do


  31. Mad Dee Em

    Classic rapping JoCat 🤣

  32. tezla actual

    I love how the bow appeared just for the song

  33. SuwinTzi

    Pretty sure every guy would like any girl that'd let them do lewd things such as holding hands.

  34. Kitteh DaKitteh

    ok yes please

  35. Person Man Man

    There needs to be a full version

  36. Hero 9001

    Uhh krakens are actually chaotic evil as he pushes up his nerd glasses

  37. flaagan

    "I dunno if they like my work"... fast forward to practically bitch-slapping Mercer in one of your D&D videos.

  38. IIsatomi3ii

    was this improvised on like... a stream

  39. Let’s game 77

    Mild girls: floating Medusa head

  40. Tim Seymour

    that pacha ok hand satisfying got me to sub and I love HBG when you comment satisfying pews

  41. Kurokenji

    This really warmed my heart. Thank you for spelling out the insecurities and difficulties of being a dm

  42. Grant Alameda

    why do you draw yourself like youre gay tho?

  43. xavie Serrat

    Why did I This is the most random video I have ever seen

  44. Николай Агония

    Этот чел явно знает толк в дамах... Моё почтение.

  45. Scott Smith

    Hehe I saw Tiny Box Tim

  46. Dmarcus Baus

    It’s the tall queens for me. Believe in Bayonetta and Lady Dimitrescu supremacy!

  47. Leonardo Villegas

    the bravery I have seen nothing like it before

  48. Kownampla

    “No matter what size” Thank you I feel so much better😭💖✨

  49. flaagan

    Something tasty I can recommend is Barenjager honey liqueur.

  50. Kiwixlove

    We like u too hun 😉

  51. CJ the small gamer

    “The internet is dangerous “ The internet:

  52. Roblob


  53. epicgamer 256

    what -100 female/femboy attention does to the common man

  54. redsmerf

    See, this guy? This guy gets it.

  55. darkninja2992

    i agree with this

  56. Joe B


  57. matkiller333

    All easter eggs spotted so far: - on the kitty girls section, JoCat has a cattail - on the good chest section, Ironmouse's "M" sticker falls off to reveal an "S" - On the 6 pack section, JoCat drools a bit to show his bias - On the mild girl section, There is a JoCrap plushie in the flowers - On the end screen, the monitor next to JoCat has a joke about Darth Vader's coffee Feel free to point out those I missed, I'll try to update the list!

  58. aimz_playz

    Me, a witty kitty girl: "Finally, my time."

  59. Jayton O'Brien

    A urn that can dupe any item placed into it for 3 days. Non living things only. No free liquids. No magics. Must fit into urn (items can be folded to fit in but will be dupped as a solid object.) Can not be re set until 3 days have past. Has a low chance of spawning slag (debris after every use)

  60. A Smarter-Than-Average Seel

    I’m not a girl should I be here

  61. Snickerdoodle

    Chat, for anyone curious: PLENTYOFDUCAS: :pogchamp: :pogchamp: :pogchamp: :pogchamp: FORKMUFFIN: Wheeeeee!! DERMAFROZEN: boop SPOOPY420: Sad there's no muscly girls in here, huh Jo? IRISHMALLARD: show cat tail pls JENNER_BLACKMANE what temp does darth vader like his coffee STORMTIGREX: lukewarm :3

  62. Photon


  63. devilish animations

    Waiting for a jocat to grow

  64. aimz_playz

    Im gonna need to get a shelf just for gobbo's at this point...

  65. Zeke King

    my dear Admiral made it in. you're a fellow of true Taste, JoCat. Til Sea Swallows All.

  66. Phoenixprime1


  67. Gareth Teggin

    Why is this so amazing

  68. Aaron Arhelm

    but do you like guys?

  69. Slayer 0

    A true man of culture.

  70. Jaden Price

    now I'm imagining a swiftquiver javellin thrower. just hocking spears at anything nearby

  71. Ben Horton

    .....My man's literally showing every single 2D crush i've had (missing a couple) and made it into a song... HOW IS HE NOT GOD

  72. Elisha ND

    Jocrap still a plant I see. I wonder if he hates the weel now

  73. Devin

    Oh puleeze. Gobbo tummies are much stronger than that.

  74. BobTheEnderman

    my friend when i say he's gay

  75. Stonehawk

    I can't get enough of this

  76. DustGun

    He likes GIRLS?! PURE DEGENERACY!!!!

  77. your bizarre adventure 2020

    Bro me says okay yes

  78. Artizzy 2k2k

    Vshojo reference

  79. Mysiph

    yea i just really like girls i promise im not gay guys please i really like girls stop calling me gayy