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  1. Jamal Al-Mijalli

    wait doesn't that mean that DP litter

  2. Super Scout

    I could definitely tell you guys had fun making this

  3. Super Scout

    This is the only video where you've seen dude perfect miss a golf shot from that close.

  4. Shaun Cook

    3 twickel twickel little star

  5. Alex Bedell

    Is this not making fun of hypocrites??😂😂


    My WIN class was watching this and that one girl started being a hater, that is why I want to bleach my stomach

  7. Luke Lusk

    This is the best.... The best

  8. Ben Lovain

    I know Cody and Tyler are better than pushbutten reels

  9. Kevin Mcelroy

    Why not a robe?

  10. OddKoopa

    Everything about the cereal segment hurt me. Ty's opinions are now invalid. He punted Honeycomb His opinions clash (calling trix a kids cereal, but his #1 candy is baby bottle pop) He excluded the following bangers from the cereal list: Honeycomb Cocoa Pebbles/Puffs Regular/Cinnamon Life Apple Jack's OG Captain Crunch I have had honey O's before seeing this list, and Ty is wrong.

  11. BadBoyBrady7

    You should Make a dude perfect moon ball

  12. Ellie Kladar

    my pet peeve is when someone gets a song stuck in my head forever

  13. Matt Ballantyne

    You can do a one time if you just want a battle

  14. Some Dood

    Dude perfect: Raps about pet peeves Gamer’s pet peeves: l a g

  15. Julia Nemec

    Thank you for using my our song gladiator

  16. Michael Tovar

    Born to live song best song

  17. Matt Ballantyne

    Where are you guys to perfect

  18. Ryan Johnson

    I actually agree with Tyler with the elf as first I don't agree with him because Remember the titans was like th greatest movie of all time! oh and Master of disguise is trash.

  19. Demond Calamese

    When he told you where the soccer ball was it was it gone on your right side on the video

  20. Reina Ferreiro

    Sheesh, who knew they could sing

  21. Greg Wilkins

    i think that one of the edters should be there isted of ned

  22. Vicky Anderson

    Why is Ty always the rage monster? Why not Cody? I think Cody would make a great rage monster, 👍 if you agree!

  23. Spears Family

    Team twins!!!!!!!!!!!!🥷🏿🥷🏿🛹🛹🛹🛹🎮🎮🎮🎮🏉

  24. Nintendo Johnathan

    Add this to Apple Music please

  25. Allan Buitureida

    Does anyone know who sings the overtime theme song?



  27. Caydence West

    No not cool awesome

  28. Owen Cornwell

    Let’s take a moment to acknowledge how cool that stadium is. The trick shots topped it though.

  29. CJ Kz

    I hope dude perfect does a soccer stereotype

  30. Hunter Jeff

    I want to see ty tap people with the septer

  31. Gustavo Lopes

    Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoseeer Pls put it on Spotifyyy🎵

  32. Marin Vračević

    Garret's verse is my favourite part, both audio and visual

  33. Amazing pets

    Anyone else watching in 2021?

  34. Hamburger senpai

    This one is so cool

  35. Bonez 78

    Not fair, they have auto-aim on.

  36. Ethan Gardner

    What pizza king and can smell hamsters?!

  37. William Koleszar

    These guys have way too much fun at their jobs

  38. Nichole Robinette

    dude the guy at the last part,,,, such a man-karen!! lol

  39. Ghosted

    My fav candy is tootsie rolls

  40. Vaughn Rainsberg

    This is amazing!

  41. Adam Hansen

    Hi my name is Chase I love your channel

  42. Gina Militello


  43. NinjaKashios

    Did anybody notice they changed the cool not cool buttons

  44. Kara Jamison

    Cody : I will swim a mile. What happens 11:36 in the video.

  45. Molly Zamucen

    I wonder what they do with the car afterwards

  46. Henry Jack

    If only this were on Spotify...

  47. KmaK42

    It took me over a year to realize it but at 0:18 watch the green ball throw at cody

  48. Orange -

    Hey guys here before it is the 10 of years of later

  49. Roblox_kaden B

    I thought it was tick tack toe

  50. That Guy

    STICK to the list get it

  51. Claudio Chavez Medrano

    0:52 more like Mr. noob

  52. Courtney Clay

    Thicc boy Rage

  53. Rachel Hooper

    this was the first dp video I watched. I watched it a while ago though

  54. Pedro Elías Franco

    que carajos :O es increibleeeeeee new sub dude perfect

  55. Izza’s Skits

    You get a world record for it if you did fun of him A world record guy if you aren’t busy in front of him when you get a world better or if you watched it

  56. Albie Wessels

    Hey tt

  57. Juan Se Gómez Picón


  58. V4nquisher X

    Mr Beast should've brought Ty to the episode of breaking down a house.

  59. yousuf khalid


  60. Moody Boys

    Nashville predators in the race and they win

  61. 【R】【e】【n】【e】 【j】【r】

    Watching 6 years later and still don’t no who is under the panda mask

  62. Olwam Majiya

    4 years later I still don't understand how these guys are so accurate 🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️

  63. AnimeDryz On YouTube

    2:23 it said uneven right as he spun it

  64. Hagen Taylor

    Brah your voices are PRO SINGER like. Wow.

  65. Ryan Manzo

    Dude perfect is the best

  66. Gotcha life peeps

    Dude Perfect

  67. Adrian Gibbs

    when are y'all doing another tour thing

  68. Myles Hudnell

    chad's impression of cory is amazing

  69. Geraldo Júnior

    Brazil also watches the channel

  70. Geraldo Júnior

    it must last a long time to hit the ball in the glass perfectly

  71. Anthony Montoya

    Imagine if this was the first DP video you ever watched. Speaking of, go and watch the first ever DP video, just for perspective.

    1. Roblox News


  72. Natasha Hoffman

    You were here???? When were you here in SA - next time you guys need to let your SA fans know!

  73. Yt_ Cyclo

    Cody is the chandler of dude perfect

  74. Iwan Luhur

    Noice song

  75. Toska Rider

    Coby: I would say he’s my favorite competitor Ty: I agree with that Coby: his favorite because Tyler is a great competition Ty: because Coby isn’t a competition to him

  76. sweetandsour 570

    I love how garret is wearing a robe

  77. Ghostklliet

    I just realised that Ned must have a drinking problem to get all those bottles

  78. Preston Miller

    Twinkle twinkle little star

  79. William Scoll

    Ty will win

  80. Dogs Gaming

    I listen to this every day y’all did great job 👏