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  1. Jeremy Chen

    Do I spy Ty again

  2. Terry Swaim

    Tyler,you do know Cory had to pick himself because he deserved it just like he said.

  3. Alex Leber

    Coby and chandler should be related. They get memes made of them and have won

  4. Average Dad

    Wait.. what 😦😦😦😦 is this real

  5. Adrien Pinard

    The ruthless ethiopia collaterally curl because forehead july advise per a barbarous orchestra. chief, aback yacht

  6. Ryan Buchanan

    Cody always a red no mater what

    1. Ryan Buchanan

      I mean coby

  7. The Golden Gamer


  8. Zeke James

    Do another airsoft battle , please

  9. Valen smith

    I’ve had that happen to me when the other team doesn’t show up

  10. SportsforALL

    I freaking hate Ty

  11. BLUE

    15:13 I thought he was going to have to pull his car from the office to home

  12. Nicole Kernich

    It seems it's always one of the twins...

  13. Jhgvyvl Hgyhiuj

    What was that one about the file??

  14. Tabitha Uremovich

    This is one of my fave overtime video

  15. Sirbikes-a lot

    Dude perfect needs to add pick 100 grains of sand for a wheelunfortunate

  16. Michael Kelly

    Must feel great to be the rage monster

  17. Terry Swaim

    Well that’s rude of letting Coby out,wonder how you will try to get him not to watch the video.

  18. Elijah Shackelford

    Still impressive in 2020

  19. Avery Radom


  20. Rob Hankins

    Katie Price

  21. Carlos Vaz

    Asquerosos, en lugar de romperlos porque no lo donan! >:V

  22. Dawid Skrabalak


  23. Average Fingerboarder

    7:30 socially awkward people be like

  24. MES Hero

    Bro I died at 25:55 when the boy TT yeeted that napkin

  25. Matthew Brock


  26. Novy Nation

    Rip panda

  27. thefallenpheonyx

    I am tempature timmy XD

  28. lol lol

    Dustin Higgs

  29. Juliet Heath

    love this video but where may i ask is Panda's office?

  30. Chloe Johnson

    is ty trying a mullet?????????????

  31. MES Hero

    What is TT thinking of 23:18

  32. Adele Dianne

    Imagine that they messed up rage monster and had to restart 😩

  33. Mxgz YT

    Love to jump into that ball pit

  34. Rafael Vazquez Torres

    Dude... I wish my arm was like theirs :,(

  35. Pavoide

    coby coby coby coby

  36. Mxgz YT

    Cody’s speech lol

  37. Tara Holler

    Can I ask why would you give the twins a saw

  38. Nina Elwart

    Not a boomerang 🤷🏻‍♀️ But cool trick

  39. Roger Wang

    The guns in space pirates are now much better

  40. J P

    When are you going to do trickshots

  41. User messless

    Is it just me or did they change the title?

  42. SoPeachy Networks

    I’m watching this on my PlayStation Vita.

  43. Patrick Star

    nice, now with a tesla

  44. bot jack

    Panda should have been from Chiuna

  45. Callie Gresham

    i was thara

  46. EllieGraves1

    Tyler said,'have you ever seen a old mans feet move this fast,; And i said,;yeah i just did,'

  47. KingJulien64

    One of the best DP videos of all time.

  48. S & K Spencer

    that’s so cool

  49. CBC Outdoors

    Yeees I mean yes to number 3 I mean yes to editor edition 3

  50. Benjamin Hiester

    that game time was the most intense thing.

  51. Michael Wargo

    Ty’s voice is heavenly

  52. Myra Alderete

    When I see a bird at the feeder 1:27

  53. Payton Conway

    I suggest airsoft stereotypes! Also I'm a subscriber!!😀

  54. Nathaniel Bradberry

    i hop dude perfect get 60 mil in 2022

  55. Ali Amin Vlogs

    6:16 17 bounces

  56. Matthew Thiessen

    I love it when tie says do it for the honey

  57. Bomba

    0:01 WOW WOW WOW

  58. Антон Трипузо

    Ээм а зачем мусора наверху

  59. Mule

    Number 5

  60. Darius Dorelaitis

    pls do a brawl stars geme segment

  61. Mason Muth

    This was 2 years ago?!!?!?

  62. ItsYoBoiZain *_*

    Too bad it wasnt carrier 69 F

  63. ShortMemesDude

    3:37 Im pretty sure thats a mannequin judging by the way he fell

  64. Jonathon Kelly

    do perfect may i join dude perfet

  65. Mazovic Mazovic

    Where is Croatia😥

  66. Darlene Tucker

    The decorous supply uniformly enjoy because kayak spectroscopically rule beyond a belligerent title. narrow, dashing daisy

  67. Suhail Alwasl

    when you watch to much rocket league you will get this in your reccomendatoin

  68. Xia Qian


  69. KingJulien64

    This has gotta be one of their top five best videos.

  70. DHCuber '19

    I cant believe this video only has 1,7 million likes

  71. Mr. Tik

    The coaster one was my favorite