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  1. Cam Ley Perez

    Ya lo quiero jugar

  2. Igorvx

    It has to be separated from RE8 and for free.

  3. LfunkeyA

    don't see the appeal in this. it has literally nothing to do with RE.

  4. Thomas The Train

    1:30 Thought she was giving him the 360 gawk gawk double twist pecker wrecker combo 3000 for half a second there.

  5. sweet peachesシ

    I miss the old resident evil I really really miss the old Chris redfield and old characters , I didn't like the new character "Ethan winters" 🙄

  6. Benjamin Collins

    I remember buying res evil on Playstation I hated it the camera the walking I was so young and my brother said what games ya got he was like 15 me 7 or 8 I told him and he was like noo thats awesome let me show you and I watched him play and turned into the biggest fan played everyone after that can I make a shout out to res evil files I loved that game

  7. Patrick P

    😱 I need this game.

  8. Patrick P

    These "zombies" or what they are, dosen't look convincing to me.

  9. Zorox 2012

    Perspective 3 Please 🤕


    I thought the complete title of the video was gonna say "4th survivor". I was very hyped indeed

  11. Cocochan

    Buf very bad this online game, I uninstalled it after 10 min, call of duty of resident evil but boring and you die with 2 shoots

  12. Shan Ming

    Im gonna say it, i think most people are gonna get this on psr or xbox 1 at launch thanks to sonys cmos battery and scalpers. Some people will be able to get this on xbox series x or s but theyre outta stock as well right now. Very few people will be getting this for ps5, physically anyway the ps4 comes with the digital ps5 but you still need the system i hate people ☹ i want a ps5 damnit!

  13. MrFaucheur

    ♥️ RE1 RE2 RE4 RE7 RE8 ♥️

  14. David P

    Do we need this many trailers

  15. Kemiia

    Why is no one elaborating on the voice at 2:22?

  16. Tommy

    Chris still doesn't look right, but at least he doesn't look like a young Jake Busey anymore.. it's progress. Now bring back Roger Craig Smith, please.

  17. CopPorn snacc

    I love the idea where i can play as main characters of RE series, but unfortunately the gameplay is the biggest minus point

  18. The Nemesis 59

    Voice is Albert Wesker 2:25

  19. Miagi Fodder

    Cheap and nasty. Whoever was aiming and shooting shouldn't play games.

  20. Frank

    This was painful to watch... RIP Resident Evil.

  21. Paytrolah

    Insane aim.

  22. Rakesh PN Singh

    This is going to be EPIC.

  23. Andrew Arugay

    The voice of the lady calling for help its almost like the voice of zoey Baker

  24. First Name Last Name

    POSSIBLE SPOILER (THEORY): i think in the game Ethan Winters loses his two leftmost fingers, because in a video ign posted (the first 5 hours of gameplay) , it shows Ethan blocking with a bandage around his hand. It looks normal at first but when you compare it to another photo of Ethan blocking you see that his pinky and ring finger are missing from ign’s video. Another piece of evidence comes from how Ethan holds the sniper rifle shown in this video and the ign video. In this video if you look at ethans left hand as he picks up the sniper rifle, you can see 3 fingers (index,middle,&ring) , but when you compare it to the ign video all you can see are 2 fingers ( index,&middle). Yeah thats my theory, idk if anyone will read this but im calling it now. 4/21/2021 :)

  25. Lenin Franco

    This game is gonna bomb.. First person has to be the worst decision they made. 7 was bad enough for these morons to make 8 like this. I hate this direction, first person all it does is gives me a headache. Just made this game 3rd person and have one of the original characters in it! Goddammit I hate Capcom.


    Take my money.

  27. Jacob Jacob

    When is the last time we had mercenaries? Re5?

    1. Daniel Holoweckyj

      I think so?

  28. Christina Russell

    You mean to tell me we went through all that gar-bo to save Mia in VII just for this?

  29. Justiniano Dabo Da Silva

    Ethan poor bastard most unlucky man in the world

  30. Jacob Jacob

    Sooooooooo many re4 vibes. This game is gonna be great

  31. Castiella Winchester

    Am I the only one who is not impressed by the gameplay grafics, I am not going to say it was bad, but with a ps5 and 4k tv with hdmi 2,1 I expected more

  32. Nowhere

    Lovin’ these enemy designs.

  33. Peter Nguyên Lộc

    I guess CAPCOM will fix RE3 by adding clock tower interior and change the story a little bit by expanding the city. Just like they did with RE3 original adding the park, hospital, and dead factory.

  34. Terminator jr_8

    Well for me this is not resident evil anymore

  35. Jonathan J

    What is he a human tank?

  36. Sub Male

    Another crappy bare-bones MP game to try and milk RE fans with. They couldn't even make a decent trailer for it. 🤦‍♂️🤮

  37. 《Remedy 》

    Who is the guy with the soldier at the end? Leon?

  38. Marco Volta Quiroz

    Pero para antojar si son buenos jajaja

  39. Alien Space


  40. Somitra Payanath

    Next Dragon Dogma

  41. doccarnby

    Huh, I completely missed this announcement. Capcom keeps putting out multiplayer RE games, each with one great idea that doesn't save it, then drop them for a new one that's very similar but with a completely different 'one great idea'. Maybe if they put them all together they might have something?

  42. kinslayer940

    2:24 Wesker?

  43. ᷘᎪ᥉ᥣ͠ᥰꪱᦺ

    1:01 who is name music??

  44. Sorin Mihai

    In this case , im so fucking glad im from Romania. This will be an epic experience for us who are from Romania. The Peleș castle its not like in the game , its totally different from the real one. The real one is smaller but the idea with the snow and the village and the castle is epic. Lady Dimitrescu is cool ( not simping) , Dimitrescu is actually a family name in Romania. I CANNOT WAIT THE RELEASE OF THIS GAME . HATS OFF TO YOU , THE DEVELOPERS ! BIG LOVE FROM ROMANIA ! Oh and i forgot to say , about the money..its a small detail but they put the actual name on them " Lei". This word in English means "Lions" . But thats how our money are called here.

  45. RestoreTheSnyderVerse

    was there event a point for this with Project Resistance lmao

  46. Forhan

    There any speculations yet on who’s voice that was at the end?

    1. Epyonwings

      Maybe Mother Miranda? hard to say.

  47. Darkryujin

    So this series does give fan service

  48. Soup 'R Crackers

    This game will be amazing. Gotta say though, the crap they pulled with the demo? Without question the dumbest thing ever done in gaming as far as demos are concerned. REALLY?! "You can only play on random days and yet very specific. Even though the game is out days later." Yeah, sorry...totally stupid. That aside, can't wait.

  49. Cruisehr28

    Thank god 7 put the series back in it's lane lol.

  50. Alastor Maxs

    we got 16 or 17 days left here is the USA and the wait is murdering me haha

  51. afrosensei

    Before she find I’ll find her

  52. Hrabia K.

    Good demo, good game !

  53. frederik fabrizio

    Loved this video! Waitin for mor!

  54. leonardo bernardo

    Just waiting for only knife speedrun

  55. PLaYB

    does any1 know the song at 1:00 ? or is it only for the trailer?

  56. Angelos USA

    Vampire women are best waifus

  57. T.F.O. DevilOne

    It is me or I Just gonna bust everything inoto dust with SHOTGUN!


    This is giving me the movie underworld vibe Vampires versus Werewolves

  59. jeremyjealousy

    This is probably one of my new favorite tracks: the trailer music is FABULOUS!

  60. Charlie Diaz

    The beauty of RE is co-op not PvP. The satisfaction of everyone surviving, not killing each other.

  61. Yazid Nst

    "Now do me and finish the job!" at this point Ethan might be forgot that his daughter is still out there and wants to continue Redfield bloodline

  62. Codenamed Zombie

    Did they change Ethan’s VA midway through development or something

  63. Codenamed Zombie

    2:46 Chris needs Ethan for Claire

  64. Isabel Kwok

    So this is the gaming version of the film "Underworld" , with Salene now being an ordinary man instead of a female vampire. And that in my opinion, is not "Bio Hazard / Resident Evil" , no matter how good the gameplay may be.

    1. Isabel Kwok

      Yes indeed , that's shows exactly how smart your comment was in the first place - just because something carries the name (label) of something then it automatically make it the 'same' thing. Just like saying a computer bearing the name of a 'car' is therefore a 'car'. What a smart comment in the first place.

    2. Daniel Holoweckyj

      @Isabel Kwok're the one who said this game "isn't Resident Evil". In a comment section...For a Resident Evil trailer?! ... How can I have a "smart response." To a comment that wasn't smart to begin with?

    3. Isabel Kwok

      @Daniel Holoweckyj don't worry about it, of course you don't understand, as proven by your comparison of two things from totally different background and nature. Further, you are like saying a banana is a banana by definition , whereas the latest episode of certain game is exactly the same thing as its previous episode(s) regardless of its contents, bearing in mind in principle the 'content' of a fruit cannot be changed. So what a "smart" comparison you have there.

    4. Daniel Holoweckyj

      I'll never understand this "it's not Resident Evil" arguement. That to me, feels like if I held a banana up in the air and said: "This is not a banana."

  65. It'sKuze

    This is kind of operațion raccoon City

  66. stripe801

    i’m surprised no one has made a Lust comparison from fuLL metaL aLchemist when taLking about Lady D? they are both paLe, fLirtatious big breasted chicks with extending cLaws.

  67. j

    This game is gonna be amazing

  68. Valentino Salamone

    Is this Bloodborne 2?

  69. First Name

    Copy pasted words for copy pasted products. Everywhere.

    1. First Name

      Smash that piggy button

  70. Strider Stryker

    Everyone: *simps for Lady D* Me: _What the hell is Chris doing to _*_dababy?_*

  71. Mark Pat Joe Bill Dinosaur

    Give RE7 as much hate as you want. No zombies First Person No OG characters RE7 really made me feel bad for a fictional digital character. The Bakers were a really well written part of the game.

  72. Wesker_ Wong_

    Anyone got any answers as to why the tall lady's breasts are all scarred at 2:14 compared to her shoulders, face etc

  73. MobiusBlack

    @47:35 The only character that fits that voice and clothing has to be George from Resident Evil Outbreak!

  74. Lawrence Of Canadia

    now this is some vidya

  75. Omar Vaquier

    Por cosas como esta es que silent hill ya no continuó sus juegos xd

  76. Vijay Madhavan

    M o t h e r *M* *I* r *A* n d a