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  1. Manidipa Das

    Wait for Bábųshka

  2. Flamey

    Hey boris I am one of your biggest fan so much that I decided to go live and complete my studies in russia so I did and I hope one day could meet you

  3. Nejc Kavčič

    Boris: Puts mayonez on potica Slovenians: "Wait, that's illegal"

  4. Thiago V Odello

    all the videos are funny, is it a talent or are you god?

  5. Splash

    fuck yes

  6. Trip Dapperson Jr.

    Now I want a lada lol

  7. Thiago V Odello

    when did Boris visit my city? : 0

  8. Thiago V Odello

    You should upload this more often but it's great

  9. Alekss Kevins Bergmanis


  10. The Doom Slayer

    My school drama thingy my group of friends called is named the Russian Potatoes 🥔

  11. Bulk Bogan

    We got something similar in Ireland called fifteens.

  12. Glock 50 round

    my dude sent Boris his own merch?

    1. Thiago V Odello

      It seems :/

  13. James Voss

    I gotta get me some Adidas stripes for MY Lada!!!

  14. Itsyoboian

    ITS BACKK!?!!!

  15. TurboFreaks

    Please go back to old intro/outro music. Cheeki Breeki for life comrade.

  16. BigFishRieviews

    Dear God , who the fuck eats paskahchi roulette with pastet

  17. Crimson Moth

    Boris helps me get more into my russian culture so far ive learned knife cheese scream

  18. Jayamila Persson

    For one that is a true babushka at heart I always make strawberry syrup, fruit drink before making jam that way you"ll get even more out of the same amount of berries. For one kg fruit you add a little more then 2l( just 100-200ml) äof boiling water, oh and dont smash the fruit yet just cut them. let the fruit water stay overnight with a almost airtight cover. fish out the berries, add some of the liquid like 100-200ml weigh the strawberries 1add the same amount of sugar as there are berries( now you can smash the berries, cook the same way you always would do. You'll get about 2-3L liquid and you put about 5- 7dl sugar per Liter when drinking it you take about 1 part of it and three or even 4 parts water.

  19. Captain Freedom

    What do Slavs do when they need to pop a squat?

  20. M3MB3Rrr

    Only two stripes on pullower, must be an impostor!

  21. t y o c h x

    review shishiron botan adidas vibe please!

  22. Pacho Hybsky

    LADA 😂😂😂😂

  23. Labriag 34dx

    My headset broke while watching this. VADIM BLYAT

  24. Waffen-SS Panzergrenadier-11th nordland

    Wholesome boris

  25. Genially Real Majaw

    As a metalhead I could say that hardbass is the only genre apart from metal, rock, baroque and gaming soundtracks that I truly like..😅😅🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻💯💯👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥 it's just dope af!!👌🏻👌🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  26. McKenzie Dunwald

    "you know, when you dissolve a whole lollipop in water and drink it" no Boris, I do not

  27. A Fellow Crusader


  28. iamvampire

    Just start running as if sister is on top floor and it is Alabama.

  29. Memelover006

    Opa! I knew chernobyl bonesaw massacre would be in one vid. There is no reason not to like this vid

  30. bmxdude1337


  31. bmxdude1337

    Aahhhhhhhh cheeki breeki!!!

  32. Waffen-SS Panzergrenadier-11th nordland

    I noticed you used Serbia strong hahaha good pick boris

  33. bmxdude1337

    Blyat komrade I traveled to Mexico and not wear a mask, the police don’t care down there. Also travel more! You can not ban travel cyka!

  34. carl westernut

    Boris would be a better prime minister than scott morrison.

  35. Grande Ronde Productions

    ah, I see you got on the short clips bandwagon. Good editing lol always been a subscriber since 2016. Keep it cheeki breeki

  36. irish man

    I don't care if this is a year late but hi artyom hope you are dreaming of squating while drinking vodka and eating those delicious potatoes

  37. Ironsnake345ify

    8:37 I do believe we've just been gnomed, cheeki breeki style.

  38. Firejen Firezan


  39. Romemaster06

    7:18 cyberborris 2077

  40. Maze Runner

    This man is tthe most chaotic youtuber that makes me laugh

  41. King Bagni


  42. Zack Otto

    I wanna send Boris stuff from my state... Like cheese and root beer...

  43. MartinsvilleChivo

    "Central Command, we have a pizdec" 😂😂😂 1:48

  44. Kocheng Slayer69

    Can we appreciate that perfect cut at starting from 0:10?

  45. aurelia eavum

    In Netherlands they are gabbers but they are more into hardstyle and have strong skinhead vibes

  46. It's elfsucc

    I have only seen two videos by this guy so far but I would kill for him

  47. J F

    Yeah... Where can I buy the knife?

  48. Juvens Emory Lim

    Idk Blin

  49. wnnalis cioov

    Me being bored Notification pops up FAN MAIL IS BACK

  50. EternallySpoopy


  51. Miguel Estipona

    Gopnik Academy

  52. George baldeon Baldeon

    1 Corazon imedio "Yo al escuchar esta belleza" "ERROR" AS SUPERADO EL LIMITE DE CORAZONES

  53. SubPar_Hydra

    The in a pot method is the only way I will ever eat instant noodles

  54. Miguel Estipona

    When the computer is older than you

  55. I’m to tired to think of a good name right now


  56. Proce

    i want gingerbread cookies now for some fucking reason

  57. Saberspree

    I don't recall anyone asking you to stop making fan mail videos Therefore I see no reason why a promise to stop making fan mail videos was necessary

  58. jesús rodríguez

    30€ for paella is not real price, is the price for visitors 😂😂

  59. Silva

    Am I the only one that realized that in the flag from the thumbnail has a savoy shield in the centre of the spanish shield instead of the borbonic shield. I mean thats not the correct shield of the Spanish flag hahaha not clomplaining but I saw it an got really confussed. :) cheers

  60. Phantom Forces Gaming

    "Focus Cyka" - Boris

    1. wnnalis cioov

      Putting Zvijezda mayonnaise on walnut potica was hard to watch and it physically hurt my eyes 😂

  61. thewhat

    comrade cat cuter than my cat sorry, OUR cat

  62. Petar Škugor

    4:10 hah my man just made čokolino (that's what we have in Croatia and the Zvijezda mayonaise)

  63. TheNumberA

    I like how boris just *THROWS* stuff around because why not

  64. slouberiee

    Thanks to Boris now the citizens of "western" countries realize that we in eastern Europe actually have doors, running water, electricity, floors, bathrooms, cooking stoves, computers, pet cats and food! :-D Thanks for spreading this revelation throughout the world, Boris :)

  65. Low Quality Productions

    I am concerned at the fact that Boris is drinking poop water, you good cyka?

  66. Zerina Udvincic

    6:30 you say WHATEVER with gentle R. You speak english much better than you show hahaha you can speak good english but keep russian accent for videos

  67. Low Quality Productions

    Morning, cykas

  68. miko foin

    "You need a negative test to even pass the airport level." Remember. No COVID.

  69. Lord Sevan

    Id love to see him play hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades

  70. Zerina Udvincic

    Boris used masks before they were popular 🤣

  71. ramen noodle man

    This has nothing to do with the video but I have finally played a Metro game (Metro last light) I have no idea what I was missing very good story in my opinion so thank you Boris for introducing me to the franchise

  72. Muffy Snively

    you did it boris. you finally made it to gamer gopnik

  73. Grimm Gamez

    wait it was your bd?