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  1. Domanique Nicole

    What are the options for mounting with vinyl siding?

  2. Dulces Decoco

    I would’ve yelled at the thief with a demanding tone of voice! Losers!

  3. Sam Day

    Poor dog has the look like it’s gunna get in trouble again. Cats - We’re gunna do whatever the f#ck we like and there’s nuthin you can do about it.

  4. adriancito arroyave

    The massive brush coincidingly curl because belt natively mark worth a obscene shoulder. understood, daffy pot

  5. 561REALTLK

    Bear turns around. "awww I don't wanna wake him". Bear approaches man anyway. "man these are some nice shoes. I wonder where he got these from?" Man wakes up. Bear is shocked runs away

  6. ChiPrincess23

    Mercy said..I hear you but don't see you sooooo... I'mma keep chewing on this! 😂😂😂

  7. zac budwiser

    The dogs ugly

  8. VolDep45

    Good Father!!

  9. Light, Love and Awake!

    Ha, ha, Ling, Ling loves her Mama 😃


    Now that’s funny 😄

  11. NCFITNESSPLUS Adrienne Hicks

    This was tooooo funny 😄


    Jojo aww I love Jojo


    Wtf...where do they live? Imagine your parents telling you to play outside after that...and why is an innocent little girl left to play outside alone with no supervision and we wonder how kids get kidnapped. The parents suck

  14. Andre Leivas

    sometimes i want to kill myself

  15. UK DRILL

    Ain’t this Brandon from beyond scared straight 😂🤔

  16. yakyakyak69

    This is the owners fault. You are not giving your charges enough stimulation. They need walking, toys & YOU!

  17. cjktehe

    I could never imagine having to be in a fire, I have like 7 people living with me and 3 pets.

  18. MuslxmxhZuhxyrxhh

    1:52 she didnt say it back wth >:0

  19. BTA Shawn


  20. Mike A

    Very scary moment for that lady, happy see her kids are safe thanks to that neighbor

  21. Anita Cleveland


  22. Miss MEME Chin


  23. gulonyotalaga

    What do you mean mercy, there will be no mercy.. chomp chomp..

  24. bambino

    Did you see how he switched the bottle to his other hand to wave bye

  25. jeremiah copeland

    kgup.info/get/qnqHl6a6f6yfn2Y/video you can listen to her song from this

  26. Greg Grimsley

    My ring never connects untill after someone has already left my front door.

  27. DakonBlackblade2

    Honestly what is this culture in USA where delivery services simply drop packages at the front door if no one is home to receive it. That is bound to lead to packages being stolen left and right.

  28. IcemanE52

    Partners in crime!

  29. Charlton Carswell

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

  30. michael marquis

    hey wake up, you're gonna get a sunburn

  31. PrincessPoohs

    I love that these fucks are so lazy and picky that they don’t just take the package and run- they take the time to fucking unpack the box and see if it’s something they like. Like bro, is this shopping for you?!

  32. Vivien Leigh

    Nice kids.😊👍

  33. SLIPZz_ ArmyWolf

    Why is someone letting a young kid stay in a house alone and the kid not knowing their parents phone number?

  34. August Woollatt

    Ok but why blur thier faces

  35. V Hinton

    Can’t trust NO ONE

  36. Charmaine Henderson

    Dog said "were she at'

  37. Chieter Productions

    Why do they even leave the package outside? Is that how it works in america?

  38. Melba Wells

    Ling Ling said, "No evidence, no crime "

  39. Nia

    Ding Dong Ditch 2020

  40. SMAGT 315

    I feel so bad for her, I even cried for her! So happy that she was fine.


    God Bless this sweet kid♥️🙏

  42. jnn nnj

    I rlly don’t know what a bobcat is

  43. Robin Weigand

    Sooo cute!! Love it. ❤️

  44. bellison

    The dog was adorable. A good boy and innocent bystander.

  45. Katelyn Her

    Bruh I would be terrified if I heard loud banging in my windows and door but these neighbors are so nice

  46. Tamara Stout

    Omg lets thank all the people that help don't be mad bc sometimes its not a prank and your house could be on fire and you could die the people might be mean but they can save ur life

  47. tamtam s

    Nobody thinks to call 911

  48. danny phantom

    I ain’t gone lie I used to eat dog food to when I was little 😭

  49. Jasmine Valerio

    Kid on the left: "Miguel, look." Inner Miguel: 'Shut up, I'm eating with the bag over my head."

  50. Kerrie Jaxon

    It is cute but I can only wonder why the dog is out of the safety of its home on its own?? That’s not a responsible owner 🤨🤨

  51. Tara

    I dont even have a doorbell on my home so how does that work? I'm guessing I have to pay someone to do the wiring to hook up a doorbell?

  52. gyrl power

    DAD ain't playing and it wasn't for show either cause he made the son take a picture of the license plate after they left. We make it easier for guys to respect us when we respect the healthy boundaries set by genuine, healthy parents.

  53. Star Animates

    I just noticed my parents use ring-

  54. crazyeye 78

    Watching the lady run the wrong way then ran back the other way straight out of movies ...god I'm laughing so hard right now 😂

  55. Kat Televised

    Ling ling is a real friend. Block the camera

  56. Taga Way

    🤣🤣 But the state should have bear designated water supply so they stop going to people's pool. It looks like fresh water to them but the chlorine might affect them long term. I don't know, I'm not an expert.

  57. Mark Reynolds-Corden

    Man: “Don’t poke the bear” Bear: “Don’t poke the man”

  58. Taga Way

    Oh Lord... People have eventful life with things to remember... Meanwhile I fail to create anything worth remembering, sharing.

  59. Taga Way

    How is that an ornament?

  60. Navajo Auckland

    scattering like roaches

  61. Frog chan :3

    In the uk when we get a parcel, the mail man would hide the box behind a bin or in the garden. Then leave a note through the door, saying where he put it. Or they leave it with a neighbour or take it back to the post office. They never leave parcels out in the open like that, that’s crazy!

  62. Jessica Johnson

    I saved my neighbor package for her and she new I texted her first.

  63. theseinstrumentals

    The note is probably a joke with no starburst ever there, or some kind of psychological experiment. Nice of the kids to care though lol

  64. Steve Garcia

    gee, i wonder if this woman is single?

  65. streetsounds electro

    Doorstep fucking rats, that all they are!

  66. J su

    0:33 Yes, that was what I said😂

  67. James

    Partners in crime

  68. spiffyjass


  69. Angel Summers

    F Bitch