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  1. Nomegor

    How about "MONSTAR"?

  2. Mistro Go

    'Star elevator' seems appropriate sinds it's going to be massive

  3. Dirk Hofman

    They also use sometimes a complete other big crane as counterweight to balans all at Liebherr

  4. tweed532

    A task for Mary. We had a view of truck '005' @ 12.15 in front of the boom, so we need to check the driver of '007' comes to work in a black tuxedo with a Martini in the cup holder on the dash. You've got the talent! 🤵🍸🤔🤭👍

  5. Peter Harris

    misty morning..

  6. NothingMoreButMusic

    Name for the LR 11000? How about CraneKong! ...And then make a bad movie called "Tankzilla vs. CraneKong" :P

  7. Ashley Kolbe

    Meggazilla spin off from tankzilla only bigger since it will likely replace tankzilla And its WAY BIGGER :)

  8. Tepacap

    I propose Olympuscrane for the New crane 🏗

  9. Dominik Schubert

    Crane „The Rock“ Johnson

  10. Sahil Solanki

    Tankzilla vs Tankong

  11. H. S videos

    Name of the new crane: Yellow kong Kongzilla Behemoth yellow 🤔

  12. thrakiamaria

    Try Liebherr LR13000

  13. Rene Hägeli

    LR 11000 = "Marslifter" 😊

  14. Florian Volk

    The LR 11000 should be called Craney MC Cranface

  15. Isaac D.

    Most boring video ever….who the fuck is enjoying this?

  16. Allan Skogsholm

    thats not conduit but LED strips, Elon just posted a new pic of the sign turned on and there are now blue strips on both top and bottom, conduit lengths are not so short as we see in this video,

  17. Carl Johan

    SpaceX sure are providing truckers with a lot of work.

  18. Bert Visscher

    7:06 I almost missed the Jurassic Park reference. :-)

  19. P5ychoFox

    It’s ironic that the soundtrack to progress at the launch site is vehicles backing up.

  20. Richard Nightcore

    name for the yellow crane, the sun?

  21. Chris


  22. Sanketh Gurushankar

    Of Course I Can Lift You for the LR11000

  23. Sidou Benras

    Great vids as always. BTW we should name it CRANEKONG after king Kong

  24. Andy

    Joseph the amazing technicolour dream crane.

  25. wyn sum

    "Starsky" for LR11000? He might need a hutch ...

  26. Gilbert Anderson

    FIRST: Love you, Mary! Crane names: FrankenCrane (played by Liebherr 13350) was named by the paint scheme his creators chose. Well done. The only things that are both orange and fearsome are Bengal Tigers and Dr.Bunsen Honeybun's assistent Beaker. Neither lend themselves to alliteration, and the "zilla-nations", "tank-nation" and "mecha-nations" are becoming excessive, therefore: Bry dofFrankenCrane, or just Bry for short. (Played by Liebherr 11000). One look at her mate and she recoiled in horror, just like Eva (Jennifer Beals) when she saw the monster Viktor (Clancy Brown) whom she had been created to marry by Baron Charles Frankenstein. The Bride of Frankenstein (1985) If you don't like the FrankenCrane tie-in, well . . . Bry works for Bride of Spinal Tap, too, because she gos to 11a thousand times.

  27. Kevin Kinver

    LR 11000 crane names: Tank Kong Tankzūki Laurel (LR11…) Big Bastard

  28. Poxyclypse

    LR11000 is Orangira.

  29. Poxyclypse

    I love these "Sun rises" for this space endeavor, because it reminds us that the Sun is not moving up - the horizon is moving down. (Paraphrase from Firesign Theater)

  30. Lance McMahon

    I think its high time we had a ladies name for a crane at Starbase! I'm backing "Medusa" or "Doris"

  31. CPL J Peveto USMC

    My guess is that this is the crane that will build the crane. The orbital launch pad will need an orbital launch structure that is larger than the vehicle. Building a vehicle that large requires a structure even larger than the vehicle itself. Building that structure requires a crane capable of building one of the largest structures ever built. Tankzilla may not be big enough. It may however be big enough to build the crane that is.

  32. Proper Sensitive

    New Liebherr should be called Frasier. He was the tallest Crane after all.

  33. Craig Guenin


  34. Sapio Tone

    7:51 “Time for Trumpton”. Love the stop-frame animation effect of the time lapse!

  35. Nigel Isle


  36. Jim O'Donovan

    New crane name: Liberace.

  37. Ele Mentos

    The yellow fin, The yellow fix, or Fixie for Friends.

  38. paul f

    Almost thought that those were feeds for the starship vacuum engines on the test dome.

  39. Ian Kynaston-Richards

    New crane name... Trumpzilla - the orange one!

  40. Simulated Trainspotter

    How cool it would’ve been if he also used a booster prototype to come with it XD

  41. Le Baptt

    What about "Mecha-Tankzilla" for the LR11000 Crane ? Lmao

  42. Archie Lundy

    2024 Mars Cargo Starship 003 - Manifest: Crane(2).

  43. Cydonius1

    The Liebherrator

  44. Tramnack

    Tankzilla and Crane Kong?

  45. Dominic Dodd

    Great shot of SN15 in foreground, and SN16 gleaming in the high bay in the distance!

  46. Johnny uk

    Many thanks for keeping us SpaceX fans up to date, it gives people a escape to see all these cranes...and starship, thank God for SpaceX ....thanks Mary's and the team

  47. George

    Thank you team Bocachica for bringing us these lovely videos as usual. I love the fact that the videos are getting longer. From 13 mins to 20 mins.. That's just the right amount of time for me to end my cup of tea during the show. :) @ 19:45 mins... flip flops on a Big construction site like this? Wow, that's epic. :)

  48. Ian drums

    Cant wait for the tower to be stacked, check nasaspaceflight every day! :)

  49. prohiadam

    Name for the new crane "Crane Kong". We alrady have a "Tankzilla", Elon said the integration tower will be "Mechazilla", it is obvious that Kong can't be left out from the party 😀

  50. Peter Picroc

    It seems there's always a bigger crane....

  51. Mirador

    Don‘t know what you do, but I call the orange crane Donald.

  52. Γιώργος Μενεγάκης

    just 'KONG'

  53. Horst Schlumma

    Long neck dinosaur: Brachiosaurus. Long boomed crane: "Brachioboomus".

  54. John LeeTet


  55. Morfidus Mor

    SpaceX got a crane city there.


    what type is frankecrane?

  57. Nigel Williams

    Pitty the launch / catch tower is not able to self-erect in the way a modern tower crane dones. Some sort of sliding sleeve with a derick extending above it to lift new sections up to above its position; install, then climb the new section. Repeat.

  58. Ann Drake

    I’ve gone along with a lot for Elon, but renaming it “starbase”!!!! It’s always gonna be boca chica as in the little mouth of the rio grande river (that has been merciful to him so far.)

  59. Bad Captain-Cooks Hadrian Waters

    even when the film is speeded up ten times, nothing happens

  60. Sky Hiker 9

    Name for LR 11000. “DARTH CRANE”.

  61. Pomifera Does it work?

    Frank... Best name for the beast of a crane 🏗 Because “He’s Alive!”

  62. Martin Cadman

    The crane should be named The Orange Goblin.

  63. Salahuddin Ahmed

    Godzilla Liebherr 11000

  64. KheydB

    The name for the crane should be something classical... what about Grumpy?

  65. Коля Вор.

    Monster+crane= MONSTERANE))))))

  66. Benjamin Green

    LR 11000 name: Megatron come to think of it, NSF probably couldn't use the name without paying money to Hasbro.

  67. Jason Cross

    So are they going to launch SN15 one more time?

  68. lee

    Tankzilla Vs KingCrane

  69. Jeff Bowden

    Bride of Tankzilla, coming soon to a starbase near you!

  70. Homer Simpson

    I’m craning around at this video 🙈🙈 not allot of assembling going on 😂😂😂😂

  71. Verri

    Bessie, nod to "Cars" :D

  72. Pascual de Juan

    Call the new crane "Crane Kong" 🦍 to make it fight with "Tankzilla" 🦖

  73. SkyNetAndChill

    What are all these rockets doing in my crane video?

  74. Rob R.

    Regarding a name for the LR 11000, how about “Mighty Jack” (partly from the original Japanese television show, but mainly from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 K14/S03E14 riff of Sandy Frank’s compilation movie)? It trips off the tongue nicely, and Elon would probably get the reference.

    1. Yevé Debé

      I second this. (I was thinking of the Jack of beanstalk fame.)

  75. Hylndr

    gotta be 'Isildur Crane' Crane to rule (lift) them all.....:) btw 'Isildur's Bane' is the name of One Ring in The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit ;)

  76. Digital Dan

    Every one of these videos is another historical documentation of the taming of space. Think about how different spaceflight will be when Starships are plying the cosmos.

  77. Bjarne S.

    The Thrust Dome at the end seems to have holes for vacuum Raptors

  78. ThexBorg

    Looks like Frankencrane has been built from whatever parts they could find around the state or country :)

  79. Paul Barnes

    Astro. Kong. Star boy. Orbit. Star scraper. Your Majesty.

  80. Old Man Stumpie

    How's Cranebow or Crainbow, since it's mutlicoloured? edit: Oops, might be getting my cranes mixed up. I think I'm talking about Frankencrane as Crainbow.