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  1. taniastorga01

    I cried through the whole video 😭

  2. monica ambriz


  3. Aylin Jauregui

    This made me melt 🥺🥺🥺 if my man don’t react like this I don’t want him 😭😭😭 $xxoajo

  4. vanessa montez

    babies are a blessing and soooo exciting! im soooo happy to follow your family’s journey! you can literally feel victor and Elliot’s excitement through all your vlogs , victor is the realest man i’ve everrrrr known over anyone . hes soooo excited for your pregnancy . it was honestly time to pop a baby . elliot is going to be a great big brother . i love you guys! i hope you see my comment. i dont need your money and i do not feel like i hVe to post my cash app . i love all your content , keep us updated on your family’s little pregnancy journey im here for all of it

    1. vanessa montez

      its sooo exciting to have so many friends, ive always had trust issues and never had any friends to shared all my excitements with... i feel like you guys are my bestest of friends even though i dont know you guys!! i follow all you guys and get excited to see everyone together.

  5. Cynthia Chapman

    The gender reveal is on my birthday?!?! Bissssshhhh no way 🥰 so excited for you guys ❤️❤️ $cynnthhiiaa

  6. Veronica Saldana

    Les should do the gender reveal 💖💖💖

  7. Denise Velasco

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to have another baby i woukd check ur insta religiously looking for hints 😭😂 I’m so excited to see future videos through your journey! 🤍🤍🤍 $deniseev

  8. Rude Morrison

    I can’t even tell you when was my favorite part cause it’s so amazing . I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry and well that was a lie lmfaooo 😂😂💕🖤🖤🖤🖤

  9. Yuriet Regalado

    A yo y’all put eggs in it and Elliot is eating it 😮

  10. Swavyedgar

    There goes daisy w her signs lmao she’s gunna gift the baby peddle stones 😭😭🤣

  11. Swavyedgar

    There goes daisy with her signs 😭😂🤣 she gunna gift the baby peddle stones lmao

  12. Swavyedgar

    “this is size 7 this ain’t even my size” LMAOO BYE WHY IS THAT ME😭😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. Anna Anderson

    hopefully to win the giveaway❤️ single mom of three around this time would definitely end a blessing🙏🏼❤️ $lcjchc

  14. Bebecita Mami

    Loved every single reaction!! Your baby is soooo loved by everyone already💗💗 $mmendez2724 🙏🏻

  15. J B

    $JessClint 🙏

  16. Anh Nguyen

    I'm so happy for you guys!!! I made sure to watch to watch the whole video plus the ads $anhnguyen23

  17. Rjuarez892 R

    Louie always has the best reactions😭😂, I literally cried watching all this videos🥺🥺🥺 im so happy for you guys wish you guys nothibg but the best❤️ $rjuarez892

  18. Jessie J

    Their reactions were priceless 😭 I cried with you guys! Congrats 🎉💖💖💖

  19. cassandra venegas

    Louie “It looks like me” 🤣🤣🤣 $cassycha143

  20. T H

    One day I pray I get this moment again. Had a miscarriage this week, so hard

  21. Monica Sevilla

    But why did I cry I throughout the whole video ♥️🥺

  22. Angela Espinoza


  23. Nancy Oviedo

    You guys gave me all the flashbacks when we found out we were pregnant 😭🥺 now I want to have another baby bc the experience is so beautiful 🥰 love you guys !!

  24. Dolly Amore

    Awww I teared up!!! 😫😫😫 $Dollyamoree

  25. Evita Khach

    I do be crying at 1am 🥺

  26. Valerie Porragas

    I like how you’re so open and humble about this journey and for letting us be a part of it 🤍

  27. Lupita Alvarez

    I love this!!! Makes me super emotional😭 I was pregnant in the beginning of the pandemic, and sometimes I forget but then cute little videos like these bring back memories. Sooo happy for you💓 Don't have cash app😭

  28. Janet Gil

    Congrats! $JanetGee1

  29. Nana Love

    What happened to Dhar and Laura.? I loved everyones reactions !! That is such a cute video to show your lil one once they're older.

  30. Jeslene Gaytan

    I feel like one of my bffs/tias is pregnant, uh so excited for your journey!!🤩 I swear I cry every time I watch the intro🥺🥰

  31. Casandra Rangel

    These reactions made me laugh and cry with them! I’m excited for you! Wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy! 💕 $CasandraRangel

  32. greyna21

    Your intro makes me cry every time $GeorginaReyna143

  33. Rubi Martinez12

    I’m sooo excited!!!!!!!🥰🥰 $RubiM1

  34. Stephycee

    Omg I fucking love this family ❤️ y’all are the best!!!

  35. Betsy Navarro

    His “oh my gosh thank you” 😭🥺 my parents had us 5 years apart too it’s so great when you can remember this $vanesXOXO8

  36. Lovely Senia

    Lmao Alex reaction 😂 He thought it was baby #2 🥺 I loved everyone’s reactions! It was so sincere ❤️ $Senia1714

  37. Matilde Vargas

    Love all of their reactions ❤️❤️ $Tativbb

  38. ashley aguilar

    Crying in the club rn 😭😭😭

  39. 90s.Showdown Garcia !

    Y’all should of done Alo and Elsys reaction too 🥺 but CONGRATSSS 😻

  40. Alexis Zapata

    Cryingggg!!! Omg i love you guys! Congrats again! Prayers for a safe and beautiful pregnancy! 💕💕💕 $alexisrzapata

  41. Marisol Hernandez

    Omg y’all got me crying 😭 . The reactions where awesome. Congrats Victor,Laura & Elliot on the new bundle of joy. I loved victors mom and grandma reaction the most .

  42. Zayra Zamora

    Omg I freaking love thiss Eliot is the freaking cutest his reaction was my favorite from all of them 😩💖💙

  43. Juanita Castillo

    I’m crying omg 😩😩😩😩😩💖 $jaq920

  44. Sandra Florez

    I was getting chills so cute Laura is the best ♥️👏🏼😭😭my sis is is also going to have another baby she is 2months 🥰

  45. Maria Peralta

    Omg I loveddddd all these reactions they were so genuine and perfff. So excited for y’all 💗💓 $peralta1221

  46. Alondra Quiroz

    Alex’s reaction!! he thought Les was pregnant 😩😂 i loved all of their reactions they were so cute 🥺 $aloquirozz

  47. Celia Diaz

    🥺💕💙 I cried through this whole video ! Sooo happy for you Laura 😘 $CeliaRDiaz I think Alex and Marcus had the best reaction

  48. melon avon

    Elliott Little face of excitement. Can't wait to find out the Gender. Is it me or is Darh Laura reaction is missing in this video $Pandasaving

  49. Avilene Luis

    Ugh this had me crying after every reveal like I got the chills the whole time lol we love you Guys can’t wait for the reveal #teamgirl $aviii1001 I think alex had the best reaction!! Max : “it better be a girl “ lol meeee

  50. Dani Perez

    🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love y’all so much so happy and excited to follow y’all on this journey!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Lysette Cavazos

    i love your videos sooo much and the relationship you have with your close circle of friends ♥️🥺 $LysetteCavazos

  52. Charito Inzunza

    Que hermoso 🤩, Dios los bendiga y proteja 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  53. Abigail Brambila

    $brambilaaaa im so happy for you guys !!!!! Laura is so sentimental but its super cute love you guys

  54. Mariah Paul

    Many blessings to your beautiful family ❤️ . You are already an AMAZING mother and your future baby is blessed to have you as a mama 🥺❤️

  55. Irazoqui Melendez

    Omg made me cry May God continue to bless your family and so excited for you 😘

  56. JackietheRN

    Omg everybody's reactions are priceless !!!!! 🥰🥰 $JackietorresRN

  57. Nadine B

    i just started watching you guys and honestly best family channel ever <3

  58. Monica Ponce

    I love this 😭❤️ I’m sending you guys nothing but the best wishes 🥺💖 I think it’s gonna be a little girl 🎀 $MonicaPoncee

  59. lghernandez011

    From one Laura to another 😂 I’m so excited and hoping for a girl & healthy pregnancy $laurajeske

  60. secretos de mi cocina

    I love this 💕 $juvis15

  61. Dulce Andrea

    Everyone’s reaction was so good 🥺 ! You guys have some real friends 🙌🏻 my favorite reaction was Alex’s ! for a second he thought Leslie was pregnant 🥺 Anima a Leslie para que ya le de otro ! lol 😆 So happy for you guys 🥰 $dulceandrea1

  62. Dulce Andrea

    Everyone’s reaction was so good 🥺 ! You guys have some real friends 🙌🏻 my favorite reaction was Alex’s ! for a second he thought Leslie was pregnant 🥺 Anima a Leslie para que ya le de otro ! lol 😆 So happy for you guys 🥰 $dulceandrea1

  63. Dulce Andrea

    Everyone’s reaction was so good 🥺 ! You guys have some real friends 🙌🏻 my favorite reaction was Alex’s ! for a second he thought Leslie was pregnant 🥺 Anima a Leslie para que ya le de otro ! lol 😆 So happy for you guys 🥰 $dulceandrea1

  64. Savanah Garcia

    I’d love to win for my kids Christmas gifts ❤️👌🏼

  65. Lili

    I’m lovingggg these pregnancy videos and I can’t wait for all the upcoming ones 🥺🥺 everyone had the best reaction and it was so heartwarming im crying 😭 $liliton1

  66. anna montalvo

    You are Blessed, Stay Humble!

  67. The Duggers

    “Hell yes I do” 😂 $mortizzz

  68. Keeping up with Carreon

    Omg the baby’s is probably gonna be a Gemini we’re both gonna be May people I’m so happy and can’t wait for the videos

  69. Y M

    First of all God bless you all and this beautiful baby on the way! It makes me so happy to see you truly happy about your baby. You can hear the excitement in your voice and see the happiness in your face. ❤️🥰. You are so down to earth and that’s what makes you so different from other KGuprs. We love you ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰😘😘

  70. Angelicia Gonzales

    I loved this 🥲 Marcus’s reaction got me. $AngeliciaGonzales

  71. Vianca Salazar

    Soooo cute🥺🙏🏻 blessings to your family!!

  72. jessica G

    I wish I could win $jessgarcilazoo please pick me

  73. Kim N

    Awwww I love this video so much!! Kept crying each video clip! The best reaction I would say.. hmmm really hard all were really cute! Lol

  74. Monica Saenz

    Congratulations, to your family! Victor has been wanting this for y'all, for a while now! Super happy for you guys.... Baby boy's reaction was priceless! 💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨ Stay safe & blessed, can't wait to be apart of this journey with y'all! Ty, for sharing this happy amazing time in your life!✨💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨💞✨

  75. Nancy Reyes

    I’ve watched your video like 6 times already, gets me so emotional 🥺 Thank you, Thank you so much for sharing with us and being so honest ♥️ I’m so excited for you you guys 🙏

  76. Jessica Arroyo

    I’m crying so cute

  77. Rae Sanchez

    I'm so happy for y'all I can't my heart 😭😭 $rae061593


    😭😭 Awww so excited for you and your lovely family!! All reactions were wonderful!!🥰

  79. Srose Juan

    Laura I love that your so emotional! I'm the same way! I love blessings like this. Babies always bring happiness to everyone. $Sheilarose12

  80. Priscilla Nolasco

    omg this video is so beautiful 🥺 your baby is going to be so loved!! 💙💖