Chris and the MrBeast crew roast and review the internet's favorite life hacks and experiments.

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  1. edy

    1:22 karl is based

  2. Claire Cole

    Wooooot rong

  3. random

    Nice video but thats scary jumping in sky

  4. Md Emrul

    I have 1000 feet tower beside my hut

  5. SOLUS tv

    Feet vapes lol

  6. حلمي 1000مشترك


  7. RoCkY- An4s

    My Friend Said You Dum I Punched Him Right In His Face

  8. Neil Hewitt

    Chris are you wearing Bob Ross

  9. Oskar

    7:20 that’s German

  10. Leoncoolboy 123

    Lol cool!

  11. Sivani Panda

    World biggest building is in India it is the statue of unity

  12. Meowscer !


  13. English pug Pro


  14. Farhad Mahmoudi

    this is beast reacts, where is Jimmy?

  15. YOMAX 97

    #1 trending

  16. DylanRamos ggg

    4:46 They are playing call of duty mobile lol

  17. Triton

    This guy is space jumping, but I am afraid to jump from 2 meters

  18. Fire Pole - Brawl Stars

    Soooo i like coconut water

  19. Skillywilly

    Mr Beast coming in at the end like a dad checking in on his kids

  20. Shoubhik Pan

    Nobody: Me : Y does Karl have nail polish ?🤔

  21. nebu10

    Burj Khalifa is tall 2.720 ft

  22. TAGamer

    Oh ee ohahah bing bang walawala bingbang

  23. Phantom S1

    Pnama buildings be taller than the clouds tho

  24. Sathishmohan K


  25. Eric Makwarela

    I'm a fortnite gamer sub to my channel spiral ravine

  26. Moses Byju Dreams

    4:05 pls come, i wanna see you

  27. Josh Emmanuel Doce

    I will jump in one

  28. lilmil

    People with the fear of heights need to unsubscribe from Beast Reacts ASAP

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  30. Niv3434 Ahmed


  31. Boba Fett

    A little something called a HALO jump

  32. Samuel

    4:04 I've gone to Dubai

  33. Joshua Philosopher

    You're saying nutella wrong

  34. Khalid mohammed Alammadi

    im living in dubai neer city walk

  35. Juan Hernandez

    The obnoxious glove strikingly reproduce because probation directly bat regarding a quack nerve. tedious, pleasant trade

  36. حسين مهدي السلطاني

    تاكا كص عراقي

  37. Paul Brunskill

    Where was jimmy

  38. MTwitch_ Tv

  39. Kinaston_Live


  40. Insight_st

    Nice teddy bear chandler

  41. Trinity Leung Wai

    Pls collab with Sssniperwolf pls

  42. Abraham Kline

    KGup unspeakable’s KGup video and I also really want to be in one of her videos

  43. Kinaston_Live

    this video is a tip to kidnap people but them in a bucket and push them of a mountian

  44. Abraham Kline

    That’s unspeakable videoThat you watched Mr. beast

  45. RazerAura -OpenAnarchy

    burj kalifa ? 4:29

  46. Sushanth Hemalatha

    I thought you were doing that

  47. Tryo Ayan


  48. Kinaston_Live

    is it a bird is it a plane no its a crazy guy that jumped of a building

  49. Me Also Me


  50. Sao Elfheim

    Chris, your going to regret that bro-ship comment. I dare the beast and beast crew to try jumping off a building. Yes I brought u into it.

  51. Eli Findlay

    Chocolate cake is discussing

  52. Baby J

    Trending huh🙄🤦🏾‍♂


    Dogecoin toooo was the mooove

  54. Shred Plays

    1:49 Show go double voice??😂

  55. ibbyseed

    This is kinda cringe.. lol

  56. Harmony Time

    Me: goes on Mr beast video just to read the comments

  57. Boi Kalansai

    Does KGup really unsubscribe me from your channel?

  58. Areen Salih

    Bruh the astronaut is literally amoungus when you kick someone out or vote

  59. Martyna Kowalewicz

    Who agrees that Poland has good poles 🤣🤣

  60. Katem Kopak

    give some money bruh

  61. Geevesh Bhuruth

    If Chandler was here there will be more fun and Mr beast just came at the last moment

  62. Brillan Anilom


  63. Ahbab Muttaki

    Fun fact: This comment has no fun fact.

  64. Melwin Misquita.

    I would have cried and screamed cause i am afraid of heights 😨😨😓

  65. Swxftt

    The aboard treatment spindly present because temper phylogenitically alert but a dirty jar. second-hand, addicted orchid

  66. baghdad RecordZ

    my heart kept dropping through this video ....

  67. Eibe Luca

    And Bratwurst

  68. Omar The pro

    These khalifa guys are like warzone



  70. FrizZBoy_

    react 5 minutes crafts videos

  71. JV gaming

    Chris and jimmy looks like brothers bruh


    Lol I‘m the guy at 3:17 😂 Now I remember the fotoshooting this day

  73. Allen Abragam

    Love from India 🇮🇳

  74. Story AboFlah

    i want share with this The fictional program

  75. Dandych1ki


  76. Branson Ash


    1. Branson Ash


  77. Xplicid

    Karl is Karen because nail polish

  78. aditya singh

    That's twin tower

  79. Trench Coat Gang

    Oh My Gawd🪂

  80. Yuvraj S.