Jacob Wheeler. Professional Angler competing on the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour. aka WheelerFishing on Instagram and Twitter.
28 Year old living the dream fishing professionally.

2020 FLW Pro Circuit Super-Tournament Champion - Chickamauga Lake
2020 FLW Toyota Series Champion - Pickwick Lake
2020 Bass Pro Tour Major League Fishing Champion - Eufala Lake
2019 General Tire Major League Fishing World Champion
2019 Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour MVP
2019 Bass Pro Tour Table Rock Champion
2016 \u0026 2019 Challenge Cup Champion - Major League Fishing
2017 Bassmaster Elite Champ - Cherokee Lake
2014 Bassfest Champ - Chickamauga Lake
2012 Forrest Wood Cup Champ - Lake Lanier
2012 \u0026 2014 UMF Champ
2011 BFL All-American Champ

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  1. David Ball

    U might explain WTF You are looking at. U say u saw it when it hit the water. Where is the surface? I see pilings. I can’t tell what’s a fish until it moves towards your lure. Does it have thermocline indicator? If this technology isn’t oppressed it’s going to absolutely ruin bass fishing. As everyone says it’s like playing a video game and I can do that from my warm, dry house.

    1. Wheeler Fishing

      Pretty difficult to catch fish from your couch

  2. Tn Backroads

    What I found amazing was...you were at Wolftever ramp and bridge and hardly anyone was there. Usually that place is loaded even through the week.

  3. Cory P

    Just subscribed. Your awesome.

  4. Dustin Murphy

    You got to try Di Bellas subs. Best chain in the game

  5. 615 Garage

    Check out publix grocery stores. They make fire subs

  6. Brayden Taggart

    Penn station

  7. Ben Gebhardt

    Those EggBites are good, next time order the Sausage egg and cheese and the bacon egg bites and put the bites on the sandwich. Just a little gluttonous But Delicious!

  8. Matthew Payne

    stick to fishing boys . lol

  9. DK Dice

    I have heard many people complain of interference using active target in conjunction with mega 360. On the other hand you can keep garmin livescope one inch from your 360 pod with no interference. I would also say a wider cone is better esp because most of us bass guys have our live technology on trolling motor mounts. (Live scope user, never used active target but im sure it works well)

  10. Kevin Silvers


  11. Corry Smith

    Why you putting them in the live well they are obviously spawning

  12. The Weather Guy

    get cook out for sure

  13. KsTimber Ghost

    Jersey Mikes 💯

  14. Joe Cavanaugh

    And when they get older you still watch Frozen...

  15. Robert Rodriguez

    Garmin looks very smooth. I can tell exactly what I’m looking at. I prefer Garmin, and I have Lowrance on my boat.

  16. Jimmy W

    Ordred a set for my Triton today. Looks like I'm going to enjoy them. Good job Trick Step

  17. Mike Walters

    Met all three of you guys at the boat ramp Saturday good shit Wheeler! Keep that big bass on harris

  18. FishingThe919

    jordan and falls lake are my local lakes

  19. Cody Boyd

    Jersey Mike’s is Da BOMB! Here in Texas one of the best! Very Fresh! Good luck to you sir!

  20. Jeremy Way

    CRUCIAL late period catches this week man! Still pulling for you to get some redemption! Hoping to catch you tomorrow morning before the championship brother! Tight lines!!

  21. James Freeman

    Jason u have a beautiful daughter. U need to teach her how to catch em when she grows up. Good luck in all your tournents.

  22. Jose Martinez

    Awesome!!! Watched you today on MLF and you were rippin lips all day!!! Great job, man!

  23. Easton Honaker

    Im in school and bored so i watch Jacob

  24. Michael Nellis

    You need to make merch

  25. Ivy Moore

    Wheeler. when you in Wisconsin stop at a Cousins Sub's I guarantee you will always stop there. great video will you be fishing up in Lacrosse Wisconsin this year?

  26. NRV Outdoors

    I love the concept! No patterns or sneaky spots needed! A couple big momma's to cash a check!!

  27. eiupanther2012

    Am I the only person wondering if this was the same game of horse they were planing in the last video...? Started off in the daytime and still playing at night. Good thing they are great fishermen because basketball is not in the future. haha

  28. Juan Lobo

    Big Coffee is a super friendly dude, I've seen him around a few ramps and he's always chattin everyone up!

  29. joe

    Can you please do a video of your active target mounting, angle mount of the transducer, and general settings to tweak! Please!

  30. DanAngottifishing

    The myth the man the legend right here, changing trailer bunk DIY video dropping tonight hit that subscribe why pay someone? Easy installation

  31. Kyle Nettles


    1. BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin

      Yes sir!👊🏾👊🏾😎😎

  32. A Fishermans Wildlife

    Go and get it Dude ;) Good Look from the Germany ;)

  33. Bama's Kayak adventures

    Firehouse is way better Mike's is too expensive

  34. Kayak Angler

    Fun !

  35. Tristin Wilcox

    I honestly do love the mornings and nights part of the videos when you guys are all just bs’ing

  36. Big_Meech


  37. Jerrell Brewer

    Great stuff Jacob. Quality content an love you and the gangs camaraderie. Keep it going an you’ll keep dominating by circling yourself with success.

  38. Luke Parker

    Jimmy John’s > everything else..

  39. Larry Anderson

    Being from Minnesota I love this video! 😀

  40. Dave moulding

    And lunch meat no good for you, loaded with salt which retains water around your heart

  41. Antonio Smith

    You can never go wrong with Jersey Mike’s. The best subs ever...💯

  42. Matthew Puryear

    Biscuitville is fire in NC🔥🔥

  43. NCshooter1213

    NC has some hawgs if you know where to look. Sharon harris is a deep bite usually for the big. Had 2 bags over 45lbs weighed in there a few years back fishing out deep with 6xd. Fishes similiar to lake Sutton in wilmington. Find the drops and get em fired up and you'll catch a sack. Glad to see yall back in my home state

  44. BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin

    Thanks for love, JWheelz! Awesome seeing you again bud! There’s still work to do though, go get em in the morning bro (Sharon Harris )😎😎🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾🎣🎣 “ BiggCoffee Outdoors Magazine “ KGup, IG, Facebook

  45. Ryan Murphy

    I like mr goodcents the best. Super fresh

  46. Drew Applequist

    Sweet seeing you fishing some hometown spots. Wish I could’ve been there this weekend kill out there on Harris man

  47. Brandon Bucks

    Watching them play basketball makes me realize how much they bass fish lol

  48. Justin Tillis

    “It’s ‘est’ so it wouldn’t be ‘break-fast’” 😂 breakfast

  49. Peyton Brown

    "Maybe 5 scorables all day"... welcome to NC. Also shoutout to Big Coffee. He's the real deal

    1. BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin

      @jett harris The Lake is making a turnover in the right direction. Hopefully this year we will see it setup a lot more post spawn and into the fall.

    2. BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin

      @Peyton Brown sounds great bud!

    3. jett harris

      Yeah. I fish Jordan and shearon Harris a lot and it’s been very tough lately this past year.

    4. Peyton Brown

      @BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin ayeeee I’m pretty sure we’ve talked on IG about fishing at one point. Hope I can come down that way to catch some pigs!

    5. BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin

      Bless you buddy! Awesome to be in the presents of greatness! JWheelz is that Dude👊🏾👊🏾

  50. Benito Perez

    You saved yourself with the firehouse subs comment😂

  51. Mack Vincent

    Sling that thing aaaahhhh ding. Tell em ta get sum no.1. Make em mad. Hurt their feelings. TN over bama ere day. Be cool man.

  52. Bryan Ray

    Firehouse subs all the way.

  53. Jarred Harris

    Jersey Mikes picked things up where Blimpie left us.

  54. Richard Hancock

    Oh falls is for sure there right now

  55. Richard Hancock

    Hey Jacob me and my son went out to falls sat morning to watch and started fishing and by 1:00 my son had caught close to 40 lbs they were chewing but stayed away from y’all guys senior at the base of trees and yes pic to back this up but good luck on sherron Harris

  56. Larry Anderson

    I'm trying to figure out why the rugby head is better than just throwing the same worm on a shaky head...

  57. wesley currin

    Jersey Mike's is the best. Try the Big Kahuna sandwich

  58. wesley currin

    You Boys need to stick with bass fishing

  59. Coy Dixon

    Jersey Mikes, Jimmy Johns, .... Subway stinks. Literally smells bad inside

  60. Anthony Cash

    My thoughts exactly sub way might as well close down. The worst sub shop out there. All bread no meat and over priced big time. Quite going years ago.

  61. Joshua Parker

    Big coffee 🤣🤣 tell him don’t take my cornbread 😂😂

    1. Joshua Parker

      @BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin love the name it’s different

    2. Joshua Parker

      @BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin I like that name. It’s just funny when he said what’s your name again big coffee 🤣🤣

    3. BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin

      I won’t 👍🏾😎

  62. nick h

    Bro wheels 🤣🤣🤣 A loggerhead Turtle?? What are y’all fishing in the Atlantic Ocean??? 🤣🤣🤣

  63. James Mims

    She’s getting so big. Jacob you gonna have your hands full in a few years.

  64. TheGhostof Versailles

    Firehouse Kills every other sub shop the only thing that could be better is if you could order like Subway. Subway has gone in the toilet that last 10 years. No new or innovative things. Plus every single one of their meats are processed pieces of poopoo. Horrible quality. 2nd place def Jersey Mikes

  65. David McCallister

    My boy DC just needs to "get his shot back" that's all.... 🙊🤣🤣🤣

  66. Markisuncfan

    Hey bud....I was one of the fellas that was at Academy with ya for a couple hours 2 yrs ago. You was in my backyard at Falls, especially when you crossed north under 85. That front that came in and dumped alot of rain slowed Falls today I think plus many locked on beds no one can see. I am glad you made the charge at the end. Kudos. I wish Mark and DC woulda been able to also. Harris....what can I say.....since the smarties killed all the grass a few yrs ago it is a totally different lake. Good luck the 13th and 14th.

  67. Treyblerock Lake

    Jersey mikes chicken philly is a go.

  68. Bob Schlotter Fishing

    Born and raised in NJ, ate at the original mikes subs. Moved to southeast MO, And boy do i miss a good Jersey Mikes sub.

  69. S P

    You should try which wich. Best sub chain out there in my opinion

  70. joe sharp

    Haven’t watched the tournament but I’ve watched score Tracker and it looks like that shad spawn bite is popping off but it’s not that easy to put together

    1. joe sharp

      I kept checking for you to catch an early morning mega pile

  71. Michael Laughead

    Great Video Jacob! Keep doing what you do, we'll keep rooting you on!!!

  72. Shawn Rogers

    Firehouse is the best sub place in my eyes

  73. Scott Vermonter

    Nice v-log Jacob really enjoy all the content you put out! Thanks!

  74. damon gillespie

    No no!! Bro... you have to try “which wich” ohhh myyy!! Puts em all to shame!!!!

  75. Austin Stroud

    Publix subs

  76. Brian Berry

    I could build me a 2 story house with all those bricks


    you and DC are a dynamic duo!!!

  78. Harold Taborn

    Welcome to our house fellas, falls, and Jordan, harris.👍

    1. Dale Gribble

      harris is fishing like shit right now, we'll see how it goes

  79. Thomas Diehl

    So many bricks it looked like a construction site....