As a 30 year old real estate agent and investor who started working in real estate shortly after turning 18, with over $120,000,000 in residential real estate sales since 2008, I've created this channel to share my successes, failures, and experiences in the real estate industry and to support others who are thinking of getting into the business. Oh, and I'm also obsessed with cars. A lot. So expect to see some cars uploaded to my channel. A lot. And Subscribe. Because all the cool kids are doing it.
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  1. Anime Stories

    I just want to ask 7-9% returns are for Nasdaq and dow jones. But many markets like China and India and South Korea the growth is around 12-14% annually but ya there inflation is around 4-5% also. So that means 5% rule would be enough or not

  2. Felicia Boaz

    My landlord had tenants like this. My husband even went with the landlord to be a witness to him serving the papers and ended up getting assaulted in the process by someone who was living there, but not on the lease. Needless to say, it was scary, but we did get a discount on our rent for the month. So I guess that was a silver lining.

  3. Alex Cross

    For most people this is all hypothetical and the only thing they short worry about for the near term is maximising their savings (and investing) rate.

  4. Michael Moretti

    For all of California's many problems, NOTHING comes anywhere near is significant as the truly ridiculous homelessness problem. I am at a total loss to under why rent and property values in California are still so stupidly high. And don't get me started on the Kafkaesque freak-show that is San Francisco.

  5. Hanno Jacobs

    Graham, your description still only says 2 free stonks!😮

  6. Cody Gordon

    I would review mid florida bank and credit card

  7. Eric da' MAJ

    The Financial Samurai got on the hedonist treadmill a while back. Orman has been on it a while.

  8. Science

    Graham cyber bullied us all into becoming financially independent investing in real estate and .... smashing the like button for the KGup algorithm.

  9. Emem Samuel

    Me advising a friend: stop using the 4% rule My friend: pls tell me you haven't been listening to Stephan Graham??

  10. PureUnwindASMR

    This is highly valuable. Because it just supports that the 4% rule is very safe and even safer than thought. So I’m going with 4% and knowing that 1% is available for the inevitable large spends such as retirement homes and assisted living and healthcare.

  11. Elizabeth Palu

    Makes so much sense not to ever consider going for 5% down or 0% deposit home loans - should always go for the 20% if possible. Thanks Graham

  12. Cata

    His dad: "This is huuuuuge" That's what she said. joking. I wished.

  13. Ann Marie Snyder

    can i rent your house!? I grew up there and now live away

  14. Sarah Posey

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  15. neeraj nagaraj

    Karen 😂

  16. Traveling Kaspers World


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  21. Jan Lorenz

    0.5% lmao... great vid tho Graham

  22. MATT Chee

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  24. Tevo77777

    Has anyone seen the documentary about how Suz is a scam artist who told people that buying her stupid pre-paid debt card would raise your credit score? Or how she did a ton of other shady things?

  25. Wei-Ting X

    Aww. Loved seeing your dad's reaction and tour of your new home. Thank you for sharing this personal moment with us!

  26. Rafaela Rodrigues

    4:33 🤣🤣🤣

  27. blandorange87

    Hey Graham, I definitely smashed that like Button for you but also because I wanted to ask where did you get that Jacket. It looks awesome. I’ve been looking for something similar to that.

  28. Jeff Bingham

    Please control your hands. I get to a point where I can no longer watch

  29. Jason Dame

    They did not build the state capitols, temples, any buildings that look neo gothic roman around the world or the railroads. They are liars. We must take from them what they have taken for themselves. Know thy enemy. Copy and post

  30. Larry The Butcher

    I smashed the like button, where's my turtle!

  31. Laurajanehahn

    yes im gonna invest in webull.......ek minute.. damn not available in australia

  32. Alex Ishii

    Got my sub just cuz I didn't want Ligma

  33. Jatin t

    "Don't be a scam"- says the person who changes the title to the year we are in even though the video is not made in that year

  34. Anthony Cotter Finance

    How many vampires are watching this on Halloween wishing they had 33x their retirement income?

  35. Fun is the reason

    His dad looks like a famous actor. Even all his talking style and head and eye movements. Edit: reminds me of Al pacino even (in The Irishman)

  36. Quin Trillion

    would work as long as I have a nice paying job and as long as it is fun. The only exception is that I am fluted with money and don't now how to get rid of it until death.

  37. Geoffrey Crayon

    We left parents and grandparents behind when we fled CA fifteen years ago. It was the right move bc we wanted to start a family.

  38. M Tahir Iqbal

    Invest in stocks is better or real estate

  39. Maika H. Le

    At 10:48 when he said take that number multiply by 20 to 25x spending. What does he mean by that number? Is it the amount that we need invested?

  40. Ramesh Nayak

    Placing a comment for the KGup Algorithm.....

  41. Chadx M

    just be flexible...depending on market condition

  42. Baby Speece

    I love how Graham is living on $1 food when he has a 60k Lotus in the background😂

  43. Anatoli Tarantella

    Make a video how 40-50 years old can start saving.

    1. Jackson Hazel

      Graham is good but I ain't taking no money related advices from him anymore

    2. Dan Takahashi

      You can learn such things from your own self prospective not really only from KGup

  44. Regina Acuna

    What even is this comment section?

  45. John Scott

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  46. Raidh

    3 percent is my sweet spot. If you want to spend more in retirement I would rather try to save and invest more. Growing generational wealth is my priority.

  47. J Boogi

    Why would you ever stop earning money?

  48. Inchara S.P

    Tq for doing wt u do!♡

  49. Inchara S.P

    Tq for doing wt u do!♡

  50. Star Gazer

    Hey. Can you do an update for 2020?

  51. Gorilla Motivation

    Karen joke😂

  52. DutchSemmie

    Can you open a Roth IRA if you life in the netherlands?

  53. John Scott

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  54. quietsignal

    If my head was that big and my body so small...and claimed to be binary male...oh well whatever.

  55. kelexus boyd

    Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!

  56. John Scott

    Hey guys I found a legit credit card marker @lexitrade5 on telegram. I got it delivered at my doorstep today Bet you will be happy☺️

  57. John Scott

    Hey guys I found a legit credit card marker @lexitrade5 on telegram. I got it delivered at my doorstep today Bet you will be happy☺️

  58. Darkdracox

    Bro, I have required readings of suze orman articles for a business writing class and it’s cancer 🙃

  59. Best Primal

    2019: Cheap 2020: Financial Minimalist 2021: KGup Ad Minimalist

  60. quietsignal

    And this folks is what a desperate overnight millionaire with absolutely no friends, no family, no connection to society looks like.

  61. Mirodone Ciprian

    Changed to 5 percent r... *Ad*

    1. Mirodone Ciprian

      Still watched 'em both

  62. Laurajanehahn

    people in australia paying 30-45% income tax crying watching this

  63. WithTiff

    This is insane and I hope I can get there one day 👏🏼🥳 love your content !

  64. willy

    your a fool.... missing a lotwell, as guy who hase it all.... great, but as I SNAP guy who lives in VACE ... 30% losee off trhe tope

  65. T DB

    The Karen/ Susie Orman line was an instant classic!

  66. Michelle Smith

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      I have traded with a lot of brokers but I have never come across anyone as good as Mrs Katherina, just by applying her strategies I now trade independently. She's the best i'd advice any novice in trading to invest with her.

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  67. Sir Mók

    Well the 4% can work if you make like a mill or more per year.

  68. david knowles

    It's actually 100% now..... Due to covid, you won't make year two

  69. chonger

    mad respects to poki

  70. Sean Mitchell

    Is inflation higher than interest rates?

  71. willy

    so... if I am a pro and paid youtube how dose that affict you? I seen thnt i no longer see you system

  72. OneArmedBandit

    i got out 13 years ago. I'm glad. when i go back and visit, the smog and the way things feel are not as nice as they were. I grew up in Mojave/LA so i feel you.

  73. Mihailo Petrović II4

    No turtle for like?

  74. Rinus Spijkerman

    I'm confused😅 so how much can i spend if i want to never work again and also give my kids financial freedom?

  75. enemay

    None of this matter in the zombie apocalypse so...

  76. WanderingMint

    I read the description summary, but still enjoy watching the video

  77. mvpmickey1

    Goal is spend 2-3% ONLY. Brainwash children to worship compound interest, and perceive Fire Movement as a religion. Make this as a Family culture, then become the next Rothschild family. Have Graham Stephen picture at the altar of the Fire Religion Church. *Disown every family member not worshiping the Fire Movement.* Especially those that Drink overpriced coffee.

  78. quietsignal

    Who wants to go and hang around your $50,000 swimming pool? Drug dealers and pro athletes. Which one are you?

  79. TheW89

    Retiring with divs is easier, as you dont have to dig in to the principal. And the longer you have kept the share the higher the YoC is, which means the lower the base amount you need.

  80. Jon Doe

    stop tellin me to sub every vid . UNSUB