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  1. Orren Surban

    yes this man!!!!!!!!!

  2. Scratchsoft

    That sponsor made me remember of a meme. An interesting meme. A Game. A legend. An antichrist. Something that would make a normal person Raid. To turn itself into a Legend of the Shadow. But I am not more than an old man, passing his days remembering the good days

  3. David Frost

    Bru they literally cut a planet in half #everyanimeever lol

  4. Ben Dover

    Dude halo reach is balanced in the most fuckin chaotic way

  5. ChocoEnrico

    Here's me actually doing it 😹😹

  6. David

    Pretty much Mianite in a nutshell (kinda, if you look at it in the right way)

  7. Mister Reed

    Was that from Indigo Prophecy??

  8. Captain Moostache

    When you use the master sword for cutting wood and mining ore.

  9. NaoMC2711

    I think the title for this episode for him is [Anime Internet Exclusive on SuperSaiyanTV](because the camera man is using super saiyan)

  10. Slightly Sexual Rosay

    Its pronounced yew-bee-soft you cant change my mind

  11. RealisticBanana

    *1:30** Boy, that’s just Breath of The Wild but with extra steps.*

  12. Impossible

    Bread Helmet.

  13. Dummy

    What an absolute chad. When given a power of destruction, he instead chose life, living, and most importantly, *LUNCH*

  14. Random Guy

    huh, immortals fenyx rising looks like it might've been what dad of boi should've been (not a generic rpg to attract the mainstream crowd that only play rpgs for some reason)

  15. CrazyComedyKid

    Dude, you straight up make these in MS Paint? You legend.

  16. Nathaniel Sheppard


  17. David Emanoel

    Villagers in Minecraft when whe are in creative mode

  18. Marcello Sirait

    Speed: fast Run: walk but faster Speedrun: run fast

  19. Cracker Jack03

    A halo video not talking about Red vs Blue? Nani?!

  20. -ELYK -


  21. Paweł P

    You can't use self - destruct when dynamax lol

  22. CauliDerp

    so the game is... genshin impact...

  23. Kellog Keating

    I love in this one u stutter more which in my opinion it makes it more realistic

  24. J A

    Was that a paper Mario reference at the beginning?

  25. The Enderlords Revenge

    I’m really glad I turned down my headphone volume.

  26. Daniel

    "sit ups, push ups, and plenty of juice" ~Super vegeta tfs

  27. Duran Sok

    Dude ate a whole pomegranate like that. Indeed is a strong creature

  28. Pineapple Book

    Super mario bros 35 enters the scenez

  29. Ice King

    You got 45% right

  30. batface sir batsalot

    2007 also had Half Life 2 Episode 2 sooo yeah, good year for gaming


    "I've been drinking alot of juice and...and....and been training a little" = "I exploited the *SHIT* out of this godforsaken game"

  32. childyeeter

    this was 6th grade and any ketchapp game

  33. Christopher Moon

    I've tried to play through Sticker Star. Twice. I just keep losing interest around World 4. I actually found some fun to be had in the title, so it's not like I hated it. Hell, I don't even remember all that much about the game other than stickers being tedious and the game disappointing. Probably because I looked up the series (SS is my first PM game) and saw it resembled "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time" (one of my all-time favorites) and wanted more of that. It's been a couple years at least. Maybe a third attempt at beating it? Also, I managed to sit down and play one of the "real" Paper Mario games more recently (Thousand Year Door) and had an absolute blast. I might just pick up Origami King. Also, an N64 copy of the original.

  34. Cei Loudon

    greek mythology? RPG? *heavy breathing*

  35. H:ZDWatcher

    To be honest, when gifted a holy artifact the gods don't usually specify how you can use it.

  36. alfasilverblade

    Im gonna watch all your cartoons, but i will never touch that game.

  37. Luca Prado

    He could put that arrow on a backpack and fly around

  38. Yosief Araya

    Yo circle! Are you gonna get the new Xbox and play the new halo? I would love a campaign play through from you!

  39. JARGUN

    Zeus, we're lookin at you

  40. BL4CK FL4ME

    He can *EAT*

  41. GGZ Static

    Dude this is so relatable. Subbed

  42. TheGOAT _0412

    This man got a sub.

  43. Glitch Dragon

    Satin tryed to save us

  44. Timothy Gentle

    I love you Circle Toons

  45. Rkerc

    somehow a goddam animation youtuber just fucking out rapped like 96% of all rapppers and unironcly this is actauly one of my favriote songs now

  46. Ignacio Lorenzo

    You forgot to talk about Ubisoft hiding abusers.

  47. Fist Me

    That looks like a rip-off of breath of the wild

  48. Flutoz

    Please help me grow my channel :(

  49. Jake Henderson

    4728 Make that 4729

  50. Danny Caracciolo

    This was funny........ *BUT I STILL REMEMBER THE ABUSE.....*

  51. Axel Reyes Lopez

    When he say I wasn’t strong enough omg there is going to be a second part!

  52. Adam Quinn

    That game looks suspiciously a lot like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

  53. KMRider

    In other words, when you use a masterball on a bidoof

  54. Cursed Beans


  55. The Eve of Time

    Did- did he just- *BITE INTO A POMEGRANATE*

  56. Jesús Macias


  57. Troy Cole

    "Gameboy Color" Says "Circle Boy Color"... I feel betrayed.

  58. Merilirem

    The ad was nice. Too bad i have no interest in playing as that guy in the game. Character creation or nothing.

  59. A fridge

    Can the kid not hold a gun?😕😕

  60. Question Everywhere

    So you’re telling me Ubisoft just immediately made a Genshin Impact clone? For $60...? PFFFFFT😂

  61. Kaimancer


  62. Donkey Slasher

    Why does the guy in heaven sound like dream a speed runner

  63. The Birds

    Why can I hear this with no sound and subtitles?