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  1. Pedaveeti Family

    We love u Brent

  2. Kristian Travers

    One thing I learned from this video as a guy with no girl friends: Always be yourself. I really just want to meet everyone in the squad and take life advice from all of you. And if I ever run into you I will straight up walk up and be nice. You are the best your sarcasm (to me) is what keeps me coming back for more entertainment during my awful time in high school.

  3. the spy ninjas are cool and awesome

    👁️👄👁️ What you don't look ugly

  4. Masooma Zainab

    derek literally on the ground literally throughout the roast hahahahaha

  5. Billyluvx

    What was there no birds in ur hair

  6. joan Uweera

    Some people will never appreciate good things ..honestly if u can't say something nice about someone ,just save your comment.its 2021 ,stop spreading hate..I love you guys .you are so beautiful and put great content

  7. Megan Singh


  8. XXUnicornloverXX

    Who realised that at the start peirson wore Ben's merch

  9. Priyanka Ranjane

    Eva ka also amazing

  10. Fun Kids Go!

    Pierson look so vute without make up💖

  11. Sarah Jane Bibbee


  12. Sheldon Cooper

    What if breirson finally make a vid saying they broke up like how Ben and Lexi did😢. Hoping they would actually make "we are finally dating" or "making our relation official".

  13. Priyanka Ranjane

    Her closet is like my entire room

  14. Shalamar Rodney

    2021 anyone? Bierson shippers?!

  15. Sophia Arreguin

    Okay wait persons hair is amazing I think she should diy her hair like that it’s amazing omg yes yes yes and also Ben does not look that bad love you guys

  16. Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    The spicy vinyl disappointingly arrest because kitty phongsaly signal in a many porcupine. envious, four frail tin

  17. Stacey Johnson

    I guess you’re gonna be a lot

  18. h0pe_w0rld7

    YEA NO



  20. Frozty killer

    My guy brents face be like😂😂

  21. Nienke

    When a girl asks do i look fat? Dont ever look just say no!

  22. Delilah Bharucha


  23. prenze zaki

    You look ok u were just a kid was in a face

  24. NxN3ptune

    Wait why is there a camera then 99.9% sure that it’s a iPhone

  25. chloe florence

    You are really cute and I love u so much

  26. Milkana Dawit

    The bangs acutuly looks so good on u

  27. ZYT.Dragon _god

    Me living in Scotland be like First time ? | | \/

  28. Jordyn Stefanski

    love your singing peirson

  29. Emily Billows

    Pierson's intros are so unique and funny....I love them!

  30. Jordyn Stefanski

    tuna is fish i hate fffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  31. Simon Knaggs

    Yo love your videos there amazing

  32. Simran Sobrun

    I like all your friends and you Pierson

  33. NandaTV

    Why let you find him a new girlfriend you can just be his girlfriend



  35. Molly O'Hare

    Omg lexi has the grogu squishmallow

  36. Dulip_R

    OMG you say "Ow my godddd" too!

  37. NandaTV

    Brent’s screen is so funny LMAO 😂

  38. Aleeza Zara

    The end with the meat really got me

  39. Sama Hatami

    Your videos just make my day during chemotherapy. Thanks for making my cancer journey easier ✌🏻

  40. Beautiful Creature

    pierson i dont know if i should unsubscribe because u always take so long to post a new video and they are some times boring but im going to think about it

    1. AshtianDraws

      I don’t think she would care. Ur sub is worthless… ur just 1 out of 1.8 million lmao

  41. Jacey Lygo

    No one _ Her _latfing and saying its bad at this same time

  42. Marybeth Anderson

    Brent and Pierson are the best couple

  43. Abaza Zainab

    Lexi's stitch impression was the best

  44. Pizza Dancer12

    Lol Piersons my favorite she’s so funny and cute

  45. Marybeth Anderson

    Biwesonnn is the best

  46. Lana Llama


  47. Lydia G Seelan


  48. Santosh Santhu

    Hi guys so funny gays and good night my Ben and friends

  49. MJ Loiseau

    Pierson can you follow me on TikTok my TikTok user is micahgio

  50. DexdFire

    What color dress do u see lmao 😂🤣 I see blue and black

  51. AprilAndKaciePlayz

    Pierson: I look bad and awkward in these pics Me: if she think that's ugly what am I ?👁👄👁 ✌

  52. AprilAndKaciePlayz

    5:56 lol she be saying her skinny jeans are bad while im here in them me: 👁👄👁 but ilysm pierson ur ma fav ytber

  53. killer boi

    Hey Pierson next video can you do who can gain the most weight in 24 hours

  54. Freidenkerin

    I'm thinking the same about me at pictures from that age. 😬

  55. Margo Hunter

    Lexi's Stitch impression sent me🤣🤣

  56. Parker Johnson

    can i please have a shoutout. i love your vids!!!!!

  57. NandaTV

    Nothing can be prettier than the cow costume

  58. NandaTV

    I Watch this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over I watch it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over that is how many times I watch it over and then it continues

  59. Ferqueen Panagsagan

    Pierson is pretty beautiful with bangs

  60. qianjiang yin

    The intro is the best all the time

  61. Nikoo Abbaspanah

    you was sooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  62. Wityada Kitchathorn

    I love you person😍😍😍

  63. gemmelyn divine joy bataluna

    2:26 Okay but Pierson sang really good 🎉🎉(binge watching yet again)

  64. lind•

    2020 : hi- pierson : I WILL BRING RAGE HELL UPON U

  65. Anastasia Christensen

    Peirson does funny intros

  66. ItzMeStarry


  67. Fawzan N. Ahmed

    Logan made me laugh my lungs out


    You are great

  69. Uma Robles


  70. Uma Robles

    on me

  71. AmpWorld Fan

    Pierson: Pizza you! Also Pierson: Feeling a connection! Again Pierson: McGorgeous! Lexi: ...I think you should move out


    Honestly 2020 was a bad year December 25 2020 my dad passed away last year

  73. Indefinite Videos

    pierson: cool transition, ready? lexi: yea me: let's see it yt: no, I'll just throw an ad at u me after the ad comes: ayo the transition is so long.....

  74. Ella Flynn

    I love how she made “an add” I was like clicking skip add but I knew it wasn’t a real add 😐😜😅🥲

  75. Ahmad T. Abdelqader

    Pierson: we didn’t kill each other yet Me : yet?

  76. 9L Brinxz

    she looks cute with braces

  77. summer mushroom

    Its ok i dont know how to braid eather-


    "i can't count that low" ~ pierson, 2021

  79. Elena Salavator

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