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  1. Toxic

    I actually got a guy like this

    1. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. Good for you :)

  2. Danilo roksa

    Deranged orcs

    1. ikiga

      Real orcs

  3. Bcom

    Oh what's this game about?

    1. ikiga

      Hey there, its turn-based game about you playing a ruler, running your nation, expanding your territory, doing trade with your neighbour, planning your city district, managing your governors, building your armies, diplomation and more!

  4. Jeremiah Alexander

    Thank you. I tried to do this door on my own for about 15 minutes

    1. ikiga

      Most welcome! 😁👍🏻

  5. The Question Mark Animator

    As an Indian reading the comments, let me say, *this is a breath of fresh air*

    1. ikiga


  6. Aaron

    bro where's MY rest?! i'm fkn tired rn

    1. ikiga

      Who needs rest when you get immortality 🤭

  7. Shiro

    psycho mantis is a femboy now.... *-NICE-*

    1. ikiga


  8. Darth Night Killer

    Imagine a Mortal Kombat spin off with the Nemesis System. Think of all the races and realms they could use. Think of all the faction they could use. Think of all the new characters they can transition to the main future games....

    1. ikiga

      The possibly is there since WB owns the nemesis patent and MK11. I'm more eager of the new batman game rumors has it comes with the nemesis system.

  9. Darth Night Killer

    Why is he changing his voice? Is he two face? Did he get a prosthetic arm that changes into a different orc?

    1. ikiga

      Darth Night Killer much obliged and most welcome! 😁👍🏻

    2. Darth Night Killer

      @ikiga Thanks for the answer.

    3. ikiga

      Reason why hes changing voice is because the dev givestitle-unique orc 2 personalities;1st personality fitting to his title and 2nd aka the base personality (4~5 variations of base personality; the pervert, the brute force, the professional and the thievery kind). Like me if you manage to exhaust his title-unique personality speech then his base personality kicks in thus the change of voice. Rarely a regular player would encounter that because it takes alot of works and time spent.

  10. Juli Spears

    Flogg the Chatterbox: "You there, yes, you, I mean you, that's right, you! Ranger! Why did you have to kill me, I was enjoying our little chats. In fact, why did you make me deranged, like I'm positive that I am already a maniac, so why am I able to be deranged? We've got all these obsessed globs who are already maniacs and... Wait can they be deranged? I can't remember. This is like the time you came back after I killed you, remember that? Anyway what was I talking about? Oh, right! I wouldnt've been this annoyed if you killed me there and then, but countless shamings? Come on, you can make it more interesting than that! Here let me show ya!"

    1. ikiga


  11. Jim Brooks

    This is very late lol but how do you get that orc to spawn? Great vid tho haha

    1. ikiga

      Late is better than never 😁 Thankss for the support btw. Like every title-unique orc (except for scars) he also spawn randomly, more so during the first 10~20 hours.

  12. Cody Dixon

    I can't be the only one who thinks he looks like Willem Dafoe

    1. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. I think there's a couple in comments who mentioned its resemblance to Dafoe but a minority 😅

  13. Ryan Treherne

    Ok Fredrick Barbarossa is speaking old german or plat deutsch because i even couldn't understand him.

    1. ikiga

      He speaks Middle High German, the main language of the Holy Roman Empire (other than Latin). MHG's developing from Old High German and into Early New High German.

  14. Jake Pancake

    First intro to him was as an outpost leader Named Bolg he came out screaming they were chanting him, was madness.

    1. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. Of all moarning, yelling, gibberish, etc basically personality who can't communicate properly, this one's probably my top favourite!

  15. Le Enderman

    I LOVE this uruk

    1. ikiga

      This uruk *loves* you too 🤭

  16. MechaGodzilla 2021

    0:07 that radio is awesome

    1. ikiga


  17. leon uzumaki

    I didn't know if Indonesian welcome is mixed local languanges. Cuz i never play this game

    1. ikiga

      Her language used on other speeches were the same as she does in greeting. Generally, she speaks modern Javanese in honorific and polite Krama Inggil register. Historically she would have spoken Kawi Javanese, as Gajah Mada does in Civilization V: Brave New World.

  18. Akhil Bhardwaj

    Haha like you could defeat nuclear Gandhi

    1. ikiga


  19. Allosaurus

    Damn, I was hearing gibberish lol

    1. ikiga


  20. Shay Shechter

    Montezuma+mk=kotal kahn🇲🇽🤘💪💪

    1. ikiga

      Shay Shechter nah your cool just different preference 😁👍🏻

    2. Shay Shechter

      @ikiga my fault.🤣😁😊😅😅🇲🇽

    3. ikiga

      Nawd way! Kotal is wayyy bigger 😅 Correction = Teddy + Montezuma + nightwolf = Koddy Kahn 😆

  21. Shay Shechter

    Nightwolf, the real dances with wolves, needs a lot of courage to fight the sadistic shao kahn🐺🦅🤘

    1. Shay Shechter

      @ikiga haha exactly!

    2. ikiga

      Not if you have that giant bear and wolve and eagle 🐺🦅🐻💪🏻😁

  22. Adam Hodgson

    1:32 24798 it says in the menus

    1. ikiga


  23. Shreyan X-D,47

    Ah...Kublai Khan, Emperor of China and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire...maybe he wasn't a conqueror like his grandfather but he was a man of culture tbh🙂 and he's so humble as a monarch and that too a Mongol Great Khan...he's my second favourite Great Khan after Genghis Khan

    1. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. Theres a saying, something about its easiest to conquer but hardest to rule 😁👍🏻

  24. LICHKINGofrock

    "I'll start with taking away your freedom of speech, BY RIPPING OFF YOUR JAW!"

    1. ikiga

      ... *IM DA LARWWWW*

  25. LICHKINGofrock

    The olog laughing in the game sounds like a villain laughing in a mobile game

    1. ikiga


  26. LICHKINGofrock

    Execution, no breathing

    1. ikiga


  27. LICHKINGofrock

    Obsessed: *kills me* Talion: HMMM, THIS IS A BATTLE OF INCHES

    1. ikiga

      Obsessed: *Damn this Talion damn all of him*

  28. LICHKINGofrock

    The whispered: "I know what you should do quietly, smash that like button and subscribe, Pink skin"

    1. ikiga


  29. LICHKINGofrock

    Who's next? The Dirt Slurper?

    1. ikiga

      Close enough 🤭 Gutslurper instead #219 kgup.info/get/iqCqkG2th6aIimY/video

  30. Pale Captain Wolf Kayls

    I attempted the current week’s Elite Deep Dive one too many times All I can hear is this thing’s f’d up roar in my head

    1. Pale Captain Wolf Kayls

      @ikiga Funniest parts are when it wants to say bye just before you leave

    2. ikiga

      Pale Captain Wolf Kayls or when it decides to show up *inside* of self-carved bunker when we thought we're so smart on defending during a mule salvage operation 😅🤭

    3. Pale Captain Wolf Kayls

      @ikiga It’s the roars that lets you know if it’s _existence_ during Escort that gives me trauma lol

    4. ikiga

      Pale Captain Wolf Kayls don't know man but the noise it makes when it about to go boom always gets me and I like it

    5. Pale Captain Wolf Kayls

      @ikiga Nah, not the noise it makes when it winds up _the sound you hear echo throughout the caves as you just wanna do a Black Box_

  31. Steeve Soixante-seize

    Merci beaucoup

    1. ikiga

      le plus bienvenu français

  32. jojo

    Hey ikiga! I'm currently writing an extensive guide for Persona 4 Golden on steam and I was thinking of including links to your quest videos, because of how helpful they can be. Are you ok with that? I could send you a link to the guide once it's published. Thank you for the videos, you rock~

    1. ikiga

      jojo good day! Are they? I thought my work is kinda meh but yea they deserved to be out there so more people could *learn of the game and might be helpful to whoever needs it. Sure you can include erm as you pleased. P4 deserves more attention really! Oh yea, if you may, maybe you could help spreading words of those npc too? Altho they're old and uninteresting by now as 2021 but their distinctive personality is such an awesome feats and makes the game lively! Keep up the good work!

  33. Jacque Mitchell


    1. ikiga


  34. Jacque Mitchell

    Its a chance to turn this ranger killer into a stormbringer!!!

    1. ikiga

      Not gonna work 😅 If you seen my Strombringer video, the scar works very specifically only on orc with melee-singled-weapon-wielder, no-shield-no-dual-weapon-no-spear-no-bow AND it has to be on a specific set of personality/voice too.

  35. Jacque Mitchell

    "Mordor is hell ya hear, Hell! Devils like me be burning yer flesh after im done slittin ya thoat! (Throat)"

    1. ikiga

      You a real sport ay, you gon done and dust!

  36. Jacque Mitchell


    1. ikiga

      Hey *I'm Bruz* *How can I help you?* *Bruz is better than ever aite*

  37. Hibbs Boys

    I think this orc is rare

    1. ikiga

      The Bore olog is quite rare indeed. You meet the like of "Suspicious", "Unforgiving" more easier than this one.

  38. Abdul Rashid

    what if gitarja speak indonesian "Nama saya gitarja, ratu dan pelindung indonesia, siapapun yang menyangka kita lemah akan ku tenggelamkan ke dasar samudra"

    1. ikiga


  39. pixelyy

    Can i play for georgia in civilization 6 with no mode?

    1. ikiga

      pixelyy most welcome!

    2. pixelyy

      @ikiga ok. Thanks

    3. ikiga

      pixelyy you need the base game in order to play Rise and Fall

    4. pixelyy

      @ikiga i can't buy rise and fall mode without common civilization rigth?

    5. ikiga

      Hey there, Georgia is available in Rise of Fall dlc so you definitely need that to play it. Rise and Fall is the first expansion pack of the game btw.

  40. Neo Saint Columbia Mapper The Lost Mapper

    Umm I don't know what i'm I saying but can you make a Friendship Animation to All Leaders I know that was unvoiced but yea I just recommaned that

    1. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. Will take that into consideration 😁👍🏻

  41. Zakk

    Shia Labeouf looking wild here

    1. ikiga

      Yesterday YOU SAID TOMORROW! 🤴🏽

  42. Vyomaan Dave

    0:23 bruh you literally threatened to declare war on me

    1. ikiga


  43. LICHKINGofrock

    I have an army of these guys, I use them in online conquests

    1. LICHKINGofrock

      @ikiga I mean, every single Red ive seen i ran faster than sonic to get him and order him to retreat before he died

    2. ikiga

      Gotta catch erm all man 🤭

  44. LICHKINGofrock

    I also gotta pretender decoy of him, but instead of an extra helmet, he got red paint

    1. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. Good for ya 😁👍🏻

  45. Angry Archosaur


    1. ikiga


  46. Шмфт Шмфт

    It is interesting that in trying to emulate the epoch, the writers of Peter's lines incorrectly used a word. "Засим" means "after this, with that", and not "hereby"

    1. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. Just so you know the translation in this game isn't that good/accurate 😅

  47. Franciscus Raditya Pamarta


    1. ikiga


  48. JohnSmith FakeName

    I like this unit because it seems like what would happen if the developers wanted to use design concepts of the Freedom to update and refine a grunt suit. I actually consider this suit an intelligently made unit. Shame it didn't get the attention it deserved.

    1. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. Never once I imagine it to has anything to do with Freedom but now after seeing its waist-cannon (or whatever you call it) it sure looks like some sort of prototype for pre-Freedom project. Tbh lots of mono-eye mech deserves attention such as those of UC/Zeon rising era. Thunderbolt does some of erm justice at least.

  49. Gp-15 /4

    3:35 Dude looks like Jamie from game of thrones ngl

    1. ikiga

      He definitely has got that attitude but look wise not for me 😅

  50. Boa of the Boaians

    Ahhh thank you for the uploads!!!! :D

    1. ikiga

      Most welcome! 😁👍🏻

  51. Shreyan X-D,47

    1:28 POV: You're Philip II of Spain🙂

    1. ikiga

      *Philip II smirks* 🤴🏻🍷

  52. Gellytin

    0:28 If I had a nickel for every time I heard this, I'd have enough money to buy the DLC packs

    1. ikiga

      IF I had a nickel everytime I heard that John cena would come visit me 🤭

  53. Joshua Simmons

    Jesus, she needs to chill lmao

    1. ikiga

      Maybe thats just their way of chilling. World is huge 😅

  54. Mark Altenhoff

    Hey again Ikiga! Thank you so much for finishing the Civ VI leaders! Your videos are probably the best way to see their full dialogue!

    1. ikiga

      Mark Altenhoff thanks for the compliment and sorry to keep ya waiting 😅🤘🏻

  55. The Assassin

    Cool Vid' Bro.

    1. ikiga

      Obrigado irmão 😁👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  56. The Assassin

    Cool Vid' Bro.

    1. ikiga

      Cảm ơn bạn bruh! 👸🏻👍🏻

  57. Mehmet Can Ay

    As a Turkish I didnt even understand what Suleiman said

    1. ikiga

      He speaks Ottoman Turkish using late 19th/early 20th century Ottoman pronunciation rather than the pronunciation of Suleiman's time. For example, when declaring war he pronounces the word "your" as "sizin" with n as the final consonant sound, while in Suleiman's time it was pronounced as "sizüng" with ng as the final consonant sound. Also, almost all of the sentences have broken grammar and incorrect vocabulary. Despite all of this it's a huge improvement in historical accuracy from the previous installment, where Suleiman spoke plain modern Turkish.

  58. Lucas Fortes


    1. ikiga

      Tuf 3070

  59. The Assassin

    Cool Vid' Bro. Is the character model same as the Chinese Emperor Yuan?

    1. Pablo R. Sepúlveda

      Just like Eleanor, Kublai Khan is the same character for China and Mongolia

    2. ikiga

      Good day bruh! Yea, its the same model but different fashion and representation 1 Mongolia and another China just like the Eleanor French/England 😁

  60. The Assassin

    Cool Vid' Bro. CHINA.

    1. ikiga

      Good day to me bruh. Thanks bruh! *CHAI NA* according to orange guy 😅

  61. VERDE D. Cama

    O único deslike que tinha era meu sksksksk, sem querer total.

    1. ikiga

      ver, não gostar ou gostar é apenas um número insignificante 😏

  62. LICHKINGofrock

    Why does the Ugakuga's have their own language? Can I know what it's called

    1. ikiga

      I don't know why it deserves or why it has its own unique deranged personality either 😅

  63. Yan Purnomo Safaa

    Siberian leader ... 😂😜

    1. ikiga


  64. rejvaik

    The shortest dynasty in the entire history of China, ladies and gentlemen the "Yuan dynasty" lasting only about 75 years But still arguably one of the greats

    1. ikiga

      nimrod bong yes thats why I mentioned "...its one of a kind..." not the best and only sort 😅😅😅

    2. nimrod bong

      @ikiga there were multiple foreign led dynasties in china though. The last chinese empire Qing was a foreign led

    3. ikiga

      rejvaik tbf thats why you have the immunity in ya as part of the history of human immunity evolution. Somebody gotta do something 😅

    4. rejvaik

      @ikiga also don't forget about being responsible for the first wave of plague into Europe 😅

    5. ikiga

      Thanks for sharing. Indeed as a foreign led dynasty its one of a kind and the changes it made on China is huge too such as introduced paper money, tech, armadas and the visit of Marco Polo introducing China to the Europe 😁

  65. Neo Saint Columbia Mapper The Lost Mapper

    Can you make a Remake version of All animations with some leaders are not here?

    1. ikiga

      Neo Saint Columbia Mapper The Lost Mapper 😅👍🏻

    2. Neo Saint Columbia Mapper The Lost Mapper

      @ikiga oh ok

    3. ikiga

      Neo Saint Columbia Mapper The Lost Mapper Yes I aware. What I mean is that I will compile a complete of every leaders (Civ VI) in 1 go only after I confirm Portugal is the final leader of Civ Vi as I wouldn't want to risk to make a 3rd (or 4th) full compilation by any chance the dev decides to release another civ leader(s) after Portugal.

    4. Neo Saint Columbia Mapper The Lost Mapper

      @ikiga The Only leaders are not in some animation comparisons are: Ethiopia, Byzantine, Gaul, China & Mongolia (Kublai), Vietnam, Babylon, Portugal, France (Magnificent) & America (Rough Rider)

    5. ikiga

      Thanks for asking. Will do only after I confirm Portugal is the final civ leader from Civ Vi otherwise I will wait until they finally release the final one 😁

  66. Sands


    1. ikiga

      feeling mutual

    2. Sands

      don't follow

    3. ikiga

      Suleiman I

  67. György Kristófツ

    You made soo many vids in one day wow

    1. György Kristófツ

      @ikiga ok

    2. ikiga

      It actually was made in a batch and scheduled for upload 😁

  68. CT - 4992

    They have quite the sass.

    1. ikiga


  69. Pharaoh Rexules

    Thx for the vid

    1. ikiga

      Most welcome! 😁👍🏻

  70. Shay Shechter

    portugal ... bom não só no futebol, mas também tem líderes fantásticos como o joão

    1. Shay Shechter

      @ikiga 😁😛😇🇵🇹

    2. ikiga

      Eu sei direito. Um dos melhores líderes da história 😁👏🏻👏🏻

  71. Shay Shechter

    This lady has voice like an angel...

    1. ikiga


    2. Pablo R. Sepúlveda

      Her northern accent is truly accurate


    will you update the compilation video with the missing leaders?

    1. ikiga

      Pablo R. Sepúlveda aite thanks for heads up. I will give it a month or two to see if its really the last then I will produce whats leftover of the game.

    2. Pablo R. Sepúlveda

      @ikiga Yes, but they're just rumours. I just guide myself by the official information. Maybe the new updates are for bug fixing and balancing content

    3. ikiga

      Pablo R. Sepúlveda surfed through civ vi forums some said the dev hinting for potential updates while some said there won't be any and last 🤔

    4. Pablo R. Sepúlveda

      @ikiga Portugal was the last leader of the New Frontier Pass

    5. ikiga

      Thanks for asking. Definitely will BUT only after I confirm Portugal is the last civ from Civ Vi otherwise I will wait until they release the final leader 😅

  73. Capt Bile


    1. ikiga

      Second then 😭

  74. Capt Bile


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  75. György Kristófツ


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  76. gamer cat


    1. ikiga

      THIRD 🤭

  77. Extra Shot

    1STTTTTT!!!! 😘lady trieu!

    1. ikiga


  78. Lily Anderson

    Finally! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. ikiga

      Sorry to keep ya waiting 😁✌

  79. Lily Anderson

    Thank you! ❤️

    1. ikiga

      Most welcome! 😁🤘🏻