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  1. TheLoneCabbage

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." What part of that covers the authority of a business to deny service, and a FREE service at that?

  2. Tonya Carr

    Ha! You could not have been more correct and honest!!!! BECAUSE, As You just Stated,...YOU WERE HIRED TO DO A JOB!!!HAHA!! Thank you Kamule-la for the verification..... because.. YOU DEFINITELY WERE ✅ ..NOT VOTED FOR From The AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  3. Chris Tru

    she met Doug Back in her old days of locking black ups for truancy and marijuana

  4. Henry Rudolph


  5. Reach41

    This is going to be a big time saver. If Camilla’s picture is shown, skip.

  6. Omar Sherif

    Nah it's false

  7. SMK

    One term. Botched the Pandemic response. Impeached twice. Fomented sedition against the U.S. Government. Pending criminal investigation. That's 'winning' in 2021 for Donald.

  8. Josh

    Thank thy lord sweet little baby jesus we have biden and harris

  9. Sheetal Subba

    When I comes to dance we can't deny that jhope is the best at choreographing BTS as he is the lead dancer he does give his best to not let down his position 💜❤❤hobi hope

  10. LifeN SinCity

    I hate American people!

  11. Bemo Hive

    sooo funny! happy dandy reality tv family :)

  12. J P

    Tulsi Gabbard

  13. dani b

    Jamal trulove six years

  14. michele

    I saw them in 80? Dodger stadium they were great the documentary is really good too

  15. Eric Paul

    History repeats itself

  16. Arianaa Grande’


  17. The Giant

    I refuse to believe that this legit earned #1 on trending.

  18. moses Kariuki

    It's a milestone..... At the right time....take charge.....

  19. Jeffrey Chen

    There really is nothing on that island except the cats

  20. Susan Jacobs

    Beautiful. 💞💚

  21. mowliid xassan muxumed

    We hope the day ends peacefully Because America is a powerful country Lots of voices When we protect our country

  22. K G

    He just haven’t met a good pastor or prophet yet, I love this man more than any celebrity in the world but I hope he finds his way to God one day.

  23. Dei Tielu

    Fake VP...wannabe VP who cheated and stole the election lol

  24. saanvika praktuthi


  25. Are You Really Correct?

    Of course she googled him. Why’d you even ask.

  26. Carrington Oliver

    Jesus, can this interviewer stop gushing and do an actual interview. Legacy media is such trash.

  27. Kathleen Polly

    First Dude! Love it

  28. Samuel

    I know Kamala Harris, this is her. Just truly genuine and funny. She is a gem of a woman

  29. Srujan Aggala


  30. Theclaw Yaww

    We are already back to the Obama era style of journalism which is just propaganda

  31. John Marston

    I can't stand her laugh. She is so fake!

  32. John Marston

    This interview is a reminder of how bad Journalism was during the Obama years. What a joke!

  33. slurrpy


  34. Pete 2

    You can tell he is smitten with her. 🧢

  35. qwertyuiop asdfghjkl

    Q has Our Back!! Who Has yours??

    1. Are You Really Correct?


  36. Chuggon

    Can't wait to see how many people her and Biden imprison.

  37. TheWarfare07


  38. David Brooks

    They both suck .... ? Come on rocks

  39. Thomas Jimenez Jr.

    So Exciting 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  40. jakob h

    Yeah, they're deleting comments

  41. T F

    Home grown terrorism: bankers and government

  42. George Valley

    They left the comments on because they're deleting the negative ones

    1. Herbert Spanecki

      This is a just a test :

  43. Buckeye Girl

    Coming to a television near you....a virtual inauguration with the most corrupt cast of characters ever to appear onscreen. Kamal Toe Harris as King Herrod. Nancy Pelosi as Pontius Pilate. Joe Biden as the Crowing Rooster. Mitch McConnell as Judas Ascariot. Mike Pence as Disciple Peter. Supporting cast includes: Adam Schiff, Ilan Omar, Maxine Waters, AOC, Chuck Schumer, and the other democrat members of the congress and the senate as the mob members who shouted to crucify Jesus and release known criminal Barrabas. A preview of this scene is available in any Holy Bible .

  44. Zero Two

    I just love this Communist content- top notch acting! I wonder how many partners they actually have, and how long it took to rehearse this program?

  45. Ping Yen

    She slept with Willie Brown the old mayor SF so he could get her a job.

  46. Nathaniel


  47. Minhkhoa234 Le

    Americas is a delicious piece of cake Into the hands, Demmocrats , sure or not ? From now on, Americas should not... United States of America radiant hope !

  48. Derek B

    America is turning weak

  49. Megorftbo _

    The media treat the democrats like kids with special needs. Then treat republican politicians like hitler

  50. ThePrufessa

    Man she's so pretty!!

  51. Joseph Tilson

    We did it guys, we fixed racism.

  52. Jay The Nelsonater 2008


  53. FloridaSunsets

    Honey, please lay off of the plastic surgery. You never needed it in the first place.

  54. Vanessa Smith

    A beautiful happy couple who truly love each other may God continue bless this couple and there family 🙏💕

  55. Jay The Nelsonater 2008


  56. Anthony Teneriello

    Lmao notice how there are zero top comments on this video? Wonder why

  57. George Valley

    Lol they're deleting comments

  58. njnjn jom

    WHERE ARE THE MASKS!!????!!!!

  59. W Michelle

    Kamala D. Harris is a devil wears Prada

  60. Savinelli673 KS

    Isn’t she was shining someone off for her gig? Just asking. Hey whatever it takes long as she wasn’t forced to do it. But isn’t she was deep throwing someone?

  61. Admin Admin

    This interview is cringe, how about you question her record as AG and how she loved to lock up innocent people, over nothing. Power hungry witch.

  62. E

    Lol, good friends with Jeffrey Epstein, has a weird relationship with his daughter, thinks its funny to mock someone with a disability, dodged the draft with a fake injury. Military send off, this must be a joke.

    1. American Dreamer USA MAN


  63. juanita masian

    Kamala should consider herself lucky to be installed as the Vice President on the 20th of January. How would she feel then knowing that it was a dream? How/what would the media feel that they are also part of this scam in creating this laughable dream?

  64. American Dreamer USA MAN

    So why didn’t they step down after this well they said it was ok and keep doing it kgup.info/get/l2qFmqu1nJyIons/video The double standards really shows And if it doesn’t you don’t got common sense

  65. Eric Alonzo

    for me that's right religion is only a faith not an evidence compare to science.science is always seeking for evidence studying things i think science is much more honest than a religion.

  66. Maurice Jenkins II

    Highlighted reply Madg0bby needs to be stopped she hates Kamila Harris

  67. Niki Mc

    they aren't who you think they are

  68. Toni Jones.-James

    Jane Pauley looks great !! My Madame Vice President Kamala Harris & My 1st Guy Doug. I am so happy for you 💞

    1. American Dreamer USA MAN


  69. Oliver White

    lots of MAGATS in here. gross.

    1. Oliver White

      @American Dreamer USA MAN MAGAT

    2. American Dreamer USA MAN


  70. Jorge Flores

    Wow it’s incredible to see adults talk in full sentences.

    1. American Dreamer USA MAN


  71. Anne marie laluna

    Just because The Creator decides to put some disaster, doesn't mean other amazing calculated creations just appear out of nowhere by random chance. Rather than asking Him why, you choose to disbelieve Him. That's not how it works.

  72. Richard Rangel

    It’s weird how scary.... Uhhh. Help Me!! 😩

  73. Sporτ channel

    Друзья я создал крутой канал и прошу подписатся каждого :)

  74. Reflekton Records

    This is the America WE want

    1. American Dreamer USA MAN

      So this kgup.info/get/l2qFmqu1nJyIons/video

  75. zadean starshadow

    She so fake. 🗑

  76. jameswyrm8

    I feel sorry for him

  77. My Self


  78. Judy Gravelle

    What a breath of fresh air to you Biden/Harris!!

  79. R Q

    Congratulations!!! You have a lot of talent....... NO YOU DO NOT!!! Please get a real job lady.... You are not funny at all; this is repulsive and you should feel ashamed of yourself. Just because people hate this man and will watch anything that is negative against him, doesn’t mean that you have talent. Please keep searching for your real talent because this is definitely not it.

  80. Ea Novak

    What fine people. We can all be proud of them. God bless America!

    1. American Dreamer USA MAN