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  1. Naruto uzumaki

    Do it have to be all electric

  2. Robert Hill

    The king🤴 of trucks the Hummer move over the queen 👸🏾 of trucks the Range Rover

  3. vbddfy euuyt

    It’s great that GM has committed to these two EV models. They seem to be pushing hard with the technology and if they didn’t, their competitors surely will.

  4. Ryan Rybarczyk

    This puts the Cybertruck to shame.

  5. Satvik Krishna

    3:12 reminded me of Fast5 drag race with cop cars. This one with two massive trucks. Background music : Immigrant song, suits perfectly for these cars. BTW Both are cool but, Tesla left the chat.

  6. Ultimate Zeno


    1. vbddfy euuyt

      Cadillac SRX. The quality was shamefully/extremely poor. I hope GM will put more quality into this.

  7. Ultimate Zeno

    HOW MUCH IS THIS HUMMER? $100,000?

  8. Ultimate Zeno


  9. ChaoticSon

    Wake up! It's 2008!

  10. Asian Invasion

    Imagine those joints messing up on the highway.

  11. Satvik Krishna

    The car that will rewrite the entire history of the Off-roader. Tesla left the chat.

  12. Austin W

    When driving an electric car, never turn onto a dead end street. you'll be stuck on a road with No Outlet.

  13. iv4n_09

    best truck out there especially for a Boss man

    1. Ailsa Ni

      Wonder if this commercial is hinting our future

  14. Blake Jackson

    Hopefully it won't be a nightmare like that stabketrack

  15. Qqq Myes

    How did Gob land this gig

  16. Michael Pierzchala

    It’s very rare to see an advertisement that actually gets my attention, but they did it.

  17. Irish Mac

    By by Ford! 😂😂

  18. Steven Turner

    Way to much money for these vehicles and in the countryside’s of America they are worthless. No charging stations and they won’t travel far without a charge . On the farm electric tractors will not work . Simply foolish !

  19. Ronald Fish

    I thought the idea was less moving parts?

  20. BriveYT

    This what happens when a woman runs GM lol


    Hopefully this crab walk works better than the older ones, (recall)

  22. ghost 19

    Did people get to lazy to turn a steering wheel or something?

  23. Mynamejeff

    You don’t even need to crabwalk to get through that

  24. Shane Kasper

    Super cool commercial

    1. Ailsa Ni

      Cybertruck is wayyyy better.

  25. le roy

    Now I know why GM went bankrupt and still struggling. The manoeuvre could have been executed via normal conventional driving. Unnecessary gimmick cropping durability/reliability/repairability issues.

  26. Syclone

    Can't wait to see these on the road

  27. David Winehouse

    CrabwalK will be expensive to repair lol y'all's insurance going through the roof

    1. SaGe Ninja

      @AyyoItzJeepin Tesla not that Expensive my guy

    2. David Winehouse

      @Mynamejeff exactly the issue

    3. cvvvvvvvvc

      If you can afford a $100,000 super truck you can afford to have it repaired and insured.

    4. AyyoItzJeepin

      It’s for the same people that own Tesla’s 😂.

    5. Mynamejeff

      It’s for rich people only

  28. Maximum Hardcore

    Looks like compleet garbage GM dis ain’t no ocean dis is terrafurma and prob jus junk like all your products and I’ll keep wit my bmw no thanks

    1. skee ter

      bmw is junk after 150k

  29. Yong Yea

    Get woke! Go broke!

  30. Ryan E.

    CYBERTRUCK: Hahahahaha. You're going to crabwalk right into bankruptcy.

  31. A Overall

    Looks like a Ford bronco

  32. Jake Savoie

    Cool! But I do have a question for you, GMC: Does Crabwalk only work on pavement or will it work on any surface?

    1. skee ter

      *hits curb with rear wheel* real wheel: im good.. just laying down

    2. Tony CrispRuby

      Only roads and water Anything else with destroy you

  33. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Grave Mistake

  34. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Gigantic Malfunction

  35. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Gargantuan Mistake

  36. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Garbage Manufactured

  37. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Gothic Madness

  38. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Gone Missing

  39. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Getting Massacred

  40. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Girls Menstruating

  41. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Geeks Manhandled

  42. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Grotesque Monstrosity

  43. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Grossly Mismanaged

  44. Sergio Valadez

    For all of you who can't drive

  45. zayford babblebronx

    Oh i see, govment motors tryn to clean up "messn the bed" on their new "Blazer", so they'll just copy Ford..... Again. Lol!!

  46. ThatCreepyKnit

    Me when crab walk activated 😮

    1. Jake Savoie




  48. Logan Power

    Cybertruck is wayyyy better.

  49. Ion Know

    Wonder if this commercial is hinting our future

  50. America's Least Wanted

    Another pointless feature to up the price and complicate repairs

  51. danie tijerina

    This is gonna take alot of gas ⛽


    Explodes on impact

  53. Hunter Smallwood

    The hummer thing is a good idea and people be like why you need a “diesel” it pulls just as good that electric truck is gonna burn up like a dewalt drill pulling 25k pounds 😂

  54. ShadowWolf190

    Crab walk be like DEJA VU

  55. daily driven H2

    really nice feature

  56. Y. Suzuki

    That was not necessary lol. Just steer normally and move on instead of stopping.

  57. InfinityEthan Studios 2021


  58. Isaac Mujuni

    Cybertruck left the chat

  59. Tamim X21

    nice song

  60. Gloria's Internatiomal:OrG


  61. Jumbo

    Bring back Pontiac!

    1. ghost 19

      That's to much America for the lefties they need more failed wind farms and batteries to pollute the earth with.

    2. Jumbo

      @Lord Publius yeeaaa I would love to see a new Rivera or a 442.

    3. Lord Publius

      And Oldsmobile, the Buick Riviera and the Buick Grand National. :)

  62. Pratik Shinde

    Ronnie colemans new ride.

  63. R Villa

    Wait until a sucker buy it new and in a couple of month you'll see it selling it twice as cheap. Typical GM "GENERAL MISTAKES"

    1. AyyoItzJeepin

      That’s literally every single vehicle lol.

    2. manoman0

      Go to bed, boy.

  64. Brappin Gassers

    This makes me think of black ops 2

  65. Tony M

    Great feature

  66. Manas Raj

    Horror song

  67. Chase Mauldin

    I think GMC beat elon musk to the punch on the cyber truck

  68. Daybot

    Give us the electric Silverado we need a bed.

  69. Car Project

    ONLY THING it fails is that GMC can't Gift me a HUMMER EV.

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    Are you looking for hot dates in your neighbourhood?

    1. poop assisstnant

      No shut up

  71. Hamad Hadi Alyami

    وين القير العلاق

  72. Андрей Рогачёв

    Is this car charging wirelessly?

  73. ShadowWolf190

    My car can do the moonwalk when I put it in reverse

  74. Just some Landmine with internet access

    Make it diesel and I might buy.