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  1. Dawson Coleman

    I don’t think I’m doing this for GS only because trading James wiseman getting traded

  2. David Jovanovikj

    Its fun to talk about but... In irder for this to happen Dallas needs a big wallet baby!

  3. sonny king

    fit wise Giannis is still better for Luka than Jokic

  4. Keith Starks

    I'd rather see Luka vs Jokic than them teaming up. Imagine MJ telling Barkley or Ewing yo let's team up 🤣

  5. Adnan Cusic

    I do believe OKC might get even more than you did with those picks

  6. Technically

    Russ owns the East though. Owns 76ers and performs well against Raptors and Celtics.

  7. Jazz DaCameraMan



    Jokic always leads his team's to wins

  9. Jer Mo

    Westbrook Washington Wizard..Its all W means Winning championship! Its Destiny.. Russell Westzard!!

  10. Brandon Wood

    I feel like it would be porzingis hardaway and kleber a future first and a future second a future protected first for jokic and will barton with a second

  11. Rocca238

    Josh Richardson, Hardaway Jnr and Dwight Powell plus a few first round picks

  12. Yuvraj Chopra

    More long rebuilds 🔥

  13. GreenRunsBoston

    Why do u have Theis starting over thompson

  14. Jhimarre Brown

    Can you do a new rebuild with bol bol on the nuggets

  15. Fortnite

    Trust this..... no one on the Mavericks is actually “recruiting” anyone, if their name is not Mark Cuban.

  16. Matthew Playz

    The trade would be Kristaps porzingis, willie cauley stein, jalen brunson, and a 1st round pick , and we get back jokic

  17. Tommy Tommy

    He still wearing that gray hat respect

  18. Edgar Selleck

    Dude is dis the best u can do, what if videos. Fuk dis guy im out

  19. V. Ward

    PELICANS REBUILD!!!!!!!!!!

  20. V. Ward

    It would make sense to just start Smart

  21. darrin wood

    He got 1st team over Embiid putting up that 20 10.8 and 7.2... Meanwhile Embiid was 27.5 13.6 and 3.7, Embiid had a down year last season at 23 and 11.6, Jokic is a great story, NBA loves a story. Embiid was called "the next Greg Oden" 😂😂😂

  22. Non-rage gamer

    Paul millsap because he’s the only one who used to be good

  23. Froy Mora

    This a dumb take. For one Jokic and the Nugz are by far the better team also that Murray and Jokic DUO is one of the best in the entire NBA.

  24. Haruki Nakamura

    Oh wow, if mavs miss on giannis forget him id love to see jokic luka tandem

  25. Thomas Edmunds

    Jokic aint leaving

  26. JK III

    Luka + Kristaps + Jokic = The European Takeover

  27. Callum Tubman

    Great vid krispy

  28. Chuck Hauser

    Mavs have said Porzingis is untouchable, so I’m out 👋

  29. Simba Plays

    i would rather have kristaps tbh no hate to nikola i just dont see that really working i would drop boban though

  30. Calvin Herrington

    Bogi (Bogdan) would have been perfect on this team but Mavs kept Their cap space available for a superstar like Jokic

  31. Kalind Coleman

    Jokic is 6”10 not 7”0 tf

  32. Super Kraft11

    as a Dallas Mavericks SUPERFAN i dont approve of this trade

    1. KlixyVR

      How long have you been a Mavs fan?

  33. The Chosen One

    Rockets choked a 3-0 lead

  34. Charlie McKay


  35. Ted Grover

    Michael porter Gary Harris 3 1st round picks for harden 🤔

  36. hayden lewis

    trying to start a franchise up..what team should I use? No overpowered teams please

    1. KrispyFlakes

      Fix my Pistons please!

  37. Logan Balius

    Joggers would never trade jokic but it would have to be porzgious Brunson 2 firsts and Powell or another center for jokic millsap

  38. Tom Maddison

    European sarcasm has gone over your head mate, that ain't happening it was a joke

    1. KrispyFlakes

      Was it tho

  39. Kenneth Reynolds

    Zion beat them 2 times in the regular season

  40. nelly baez

    no god please no NO i want to keep jokic im a nuggets and wolves fan this is the feeling of luke kennard getting traded to the clippers :(

  41. Rio G

    Skippy is the ultimate clueless Commentator. Charles Barkley is a close second 🤣

  42. Rio G

    Paul Pierce is just a homer! 🤣

  43. Uros Popovic

    MPJ and Haris for Luka and Boban

  44. Joscar Heredia

    That would be 🔥

  45. Justin Ball


  46. Ikid2groove !!!

    Dumb move - harden isn’t a winner

  47. Ikid2groove !!!

    Warriors backcourt will get killed both curry and harden plays no defense

  48. Ikid2groove !!!

    Harden is not a winner player

  49. Fishous XL

    bro the stats don’t change when you change their positions. different positions prioritize different ratings. so for example, moving Jokic to Point Guard wouldn’t change his rebounding statistics or any statistic for that matter. however, his rating would drop because of the lack of a good ball handing statistic.

  50. Matthew Christian

    Krispy u just lost my respect 😔😔 embiid is the best center in the league jokic is a better passer and play maker but that’s it Joel is a better scorer, more athletic, better rebounder, way better defender like u have to be dilutional to say jokic is better

  51. Night Power

    nooo i want Giannis !

  52. kalunka988

    HachimUUUUra ffs :D

  53. Michael Scott

    I’m fine with trading for James Harden as long as we keep Draymon Green it wouldn’t be Golden State without him

  54. António PL

    Dallas Mavericks... More like European Union

  55. JJ Lincoln

    Am I the only one who is just having trouble seeing Jrich as a forward? 😂

    1. Gregor Ayling

      He played small forward for a season in Miami.

  56. Christopher Romano

    I would try to find a way to keep porzingod

  57. Asa Presler Barr

    Jokic is not leaving us shut up

  58. Loki Boy

    Jokic isn't going anywhere, luka can come to Denver.


      Hell no stop don’t even bring that idea out

  59. Kevin Duran

    The funny part is that in real life KP would not get traded

  60. Brenden Cheneler

    Bro keep up the good work this shit dope💯

  61. Keiondre

    Should of used brook lopez

  62. Stephen Curry

    Hey I’m StephenCurry the 3pt 🐐

  63. donyae Lewis

    U know the attributes or tendency’s don’t change when you change positions the overall doesn’t matter with the luka thing

  64. nuggetsfan0115

    Why not do the opposite? Put Luka on the nuggets and see how well they would do compared to the mavs.

  65. CiCLoDoL

    One thing for sure. Luka + Jokic would be the most fun basketball to watch. I'd literally watch every game.

  66. Sami R 04

    Luka, Kristaps, and Jokic would be best team in the league. I would rather nab him than Giannis.

  67. Ben Isaacson

    Honestly. Porzingis has a higher ceiling than Jokic. As a mavs fan I love porzingis so I was upset a little. But jokic is one of my favorites as well.

  68. Nicholas Sutton

    Luka will end up in Miami at some point in his career mark my words I feel that

  69. Noah Stein

    Lowry way too low

  70. Finn Gury

    I keep on thinking these scenarios are real, I almost had a heart attack


    Two unicorns and luka? That team would win a championship

  72. J

    Imagine they do pull something off and end up with Luka, Porzingis, and Jokic. Talk about European influence in the NBA

  73. K B

    What??? Jokic seems like hed get pissed at the nuggets organization? You just making that up, Jokic is chill as fuck and loves the org. Luka could leave the mavs for the nuggets if he wants a real shot tho...

  74. MrTommygunz0482

    I think it would be cooler to use all 17 picks and try to create a team where 7 of your top 8 were drafted and win a ring. Also I'm moving them back to Seattle

  75. Student of the Game SOTG

    Jamal Murray will go with jokic

  76. Rahman Meadows

    Lame how you boost the players attributes when they go down after a position change. Pretty much the only reason they were OP this rebuild. When you put someone at SF and they go up you never decrease them so why do it in the opposite direction

  77. Chewy Nation19xx

    I only liked bc of the Chicken Nuggets line 🤣😄😂🤣

  78. Rage

    I am so glad to know I'm not the only one who brings up players rating when it drops when you put them at a position they play at least once every game

  79. Stevan Stankovic

    At least three Serbs will be in Dallas if Jokić comes, cause Dončić father is ethnically Serb born in Slovenia. And of course Boban too.😁

  80. Magic Cucumber

    Luka was just trolling Jokic, its just lost in translation, he said this in Serbian, classic end burn statement.