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  1. anime manz

    I can't tell if he is serious

  2. thandiwe griffin

    I miss the choppa

  3. king_kentons3 likes Turtles

    NLE young boy 😂😂

  4. Hayden Arnette

    Some of this gunna fly over some heads; no cap

  5. Frouz

    Класс!👍 P.S. Ребят, залетайте на канал, оцените видосы. Нужен актив и поддержка! Пишу биты (instrumental) в стиле Trap, Cloud, Rap & Hip-Hop, Pop и пр.

  6. Jah Jah

    Nle changed man bring back the old nle💔

  7. AUGK Ragee

    2:03 when the judge asked what ammo u killed him with

  8. Daniel Martinez

    Nle u help me motivate others to being woke but was blasian supposed to be that girl in the video they kinda look alike no disrespect tho

  9. Itz autumns world

    Alr kddtwldxfodukh🤔🤔

  10. Itz autumns world

    Ws CB Ahd😨🤗

  11. Itz autumns world


  12. Martin_Mol_2007

    Frex Tate

  13. Lil man

    Nle: walk em down 6ix9ine snitch em down

  14. Zeo- topic

    I hope on the beat

  15. You Tube

    Jayz probably mad he didnt get his hands on this instrumental

  16. thedude dude

    Man I member when this banger dam it's been two years already

  17. Brooklyn Soulā

    Unexpected Collab But They Definitely Applied That Pressure And The Drip Is Ridiculous NLE On His ICY Shit Brrrr And Big Sean On Is Demiurgic Bully

  18. Deacon Brock

    How did he have time for this, he usually gardening😤😤😤

  19. Nukeclearz

    I showed this to my grass.... its now called weed

  20. Lucas Anderson

    Amon. :) is

  21. Queen of the stars

    I love this song you're doing so great💯🦋😍😍😍💗💗💗👑

  22. Be

    Seems like he's between dimensions. He's definitely Awakening, but he still degrades women. Hopefully he realizes you can't call women hoes eventually...

  23. Jacob Yaeger


  24. Kandyce Gillum

    Walk em down

  25. Diego Cannizzaro

    this is fire

  26. Alexia aka Lexi


  27. Kayla Bryant

    Praise GOD for NLE CHOPPA 👏👏👏

  28. Daimani Heck

    nle Choppa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌍

  29. Daimani Heck


  30. Makyrin Walker

    ¨they ask me who i need well i dont need shit the only thing i need is this glock 23 bitch¨ thats some real ass shit

  31. Bence gaming

    Best music


    no ones gonna see this comment but why would chopp give up the gangster rap that gave him millions of dollars to make woke music the music isnt bad its just that i think that he should have sticked with gangster rap but still be a woke person. again his new music isnt bad i just miss old choppa


      chopp if you do see this keep on doing what your doing no hate pls

  33. Baby Cheetah

    Why he look like black panther

  34. Baby Cheetah

    Im not a super hero

  35. Tramaine Goldsberry

    FIre!!!! Yo still waiting for "Oh Lord"

  36. DK diesel

    this dude says dont lift metal cuz its gonna drain your energy... but then wears a metal spiral obstructing not only his vision, BUT SUCKING OUT ALL OF HIS ENERGY!! how will he survive!?!?

  37. M 901

    I'm not eating jus plants cuh ts can have just as many negative effects. And no shit if we eat healthy we gone be healthy the us is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world other than the fact that we actually have food here but America is leading in childhood obesity we lead in heart disease n cancer like it's simple jus stop eating bad shit even the shit we think is good is bad n it cost to eat healthy so all ts unrealistic nobody is gonna pay rent utilities car note insurance n then be like yk what I'm gonna go to the farmers market n pick up all these herbs n shit ts is not realistic in a typical American lifestyle. Case n Point I'm not going vegan tf I'm not trying to find plants with b12 or the most protein fuck that

  38. DK diesel


  39. Belka Lovni

    En français sv

  40. Brent Phillips

    who else stands with NLE

  41. TheUltraPoet

    NLE and BIG SEAN outchea looking like blood brothers!

  42. Tahir Haynes


  43. Jayden Bobb

    Church vibes

  44. demon Smith

    Bro nle can I call you brother

  45. demon Smith

    Sup nle

    1. demon Smith


  46. Corey Wilson

    I have mad respect for artists that like their fans comments. It shows dedication, inspiration, passion and love. The ones that truly shine dont let the disrespect hold that inspiration down.

  47. Cinnamon Jaye

    Why am I a kid and I know what he’s talking about

    1. EXZILE Aztecz

      Because he talkin normally?????

  48. 1

    who that one white nigga lmaooo

  49. Brandon2hypee

    make a song with yb

  50. Kamari761


  51. Kamari761

    your trying to rip off XXXTentacion with the hair

  52. Pollone

    “Real recognize real”

  53. Alex Guzman

    This song better on 1.25 speed

  54. gleisin tv

    Nao entendi porra nenhuma

  55. MiggatteNoGokui

    is that the ps5?

  56. Juug Lifestyle

    Follow me @Huncho Man appreciate

  57. Donny 2x


  58. Official Tiwalade Skits

    NLE on fire do not stop never give up

  59. MMJ

    go to 0:45 and pause it there and tell me why tf it look like choppa a fuzzy teddy which you can hug for 24hrs straight

  60. Joseph joinville

    You lied to me drop your album!.

  61. fahma sahara

    Who is the best Like nle choppa Comment lil baby

  62. NotDarkFra

    Who tought it was a mix with X?

  63. Elijah Barnes

    I miss your live streams

  64. Daiden Corl

    This is fir

  65. Evan Trevino Rodriguez

    2 years ago. Damn

  66. Funneh Fan

    i would not like to be a rapper's camera man

  67. TayNia Alexxander

    then blasian had the audacity to listen an sing this song no ma'am its Choppa an miriah faevea ion care

  68. Laura Hauser

    That beat drop tho 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. young dagger dick XXXTENTACION

    This rimands me off X

  70. The Jester.

    Here before this goes to tiktok

  71. Slinder Man

    Bunch of lies

  72. Harley Dope

    Any1 want to buy some miracle water 😄 🤣

  73. merxxYT_94

    tell me who disliked this if you did you suck

  74. Mariah Martin


  75. Rekha Bhola

    NLE choppa:walk em down Corona:lockemdown

  76. TonexTiger - Roblox

    changing your life around takes alot of courage to do

  77. Brayden Dunn

    I’m not with that negative stuff

  78. Andre Jackson

    My guy!!! Keep post him NLE

  79. Ashley Watkins

    My favorite song right Now keep spreading positivity 🙏🏽🤍🤍🤍