Not much of a cook? That's ok-because Delish isn't *just* recipes. Whatever you're into, we've got it.
Delish is made up of our awesome test kitchen staff and hosts: Catch June showing you how to cook for an entire week on a $25 budget in her Budget Eats series while also watching Tess eat her way through America's most famous adventure theme parks. Feeling nostalgic for restaurants from your childhood? We gotchu. Julia tries every chain restaurant's menu (we're talking, like... every menu item) while Khidr tries every fast food chain's menu on a $100 budget. Don't forget to catch Jackie trying the best foods in LA (tacos, mac, ice cream, you name it!) and add allll of them to your bucket list.
For collabs + more please reach out to Julia: [email protected]

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  1. N Curtis

    If only I had an entire palace grounds to grow all my foods organic, and hundreds of millions of dollars to be green and environmental. It’s so easy!

  2. FrankieBeans

    what type of brown sugar?

  3. Stephanie Arredondo

    Omg!!! June my frugal cooking hero!

  4. zombie fitter 999

    I'm a single man,,,, but I wouldn't be if I met you!

  5. Lady Magnolia

    Me!!!! ❤️

  6. Marcus Hull

    All washed down with a nice warm glass of adrenachrome.

  7. Mirko Bozic

    The only thing I see here is something resembling an exhibition space full of rarely used appliances, machines and food, with added brand endorsements.

  8. Adleen Veronica

    This was awesome!! "Put me on top, Cherry!"

  9. MP

    Goodness gorgeous does JoJo look. Just wow!

  10. Kip Paseo

    I love Jojo! But this video was a disaster! Lol which is one of her best songs BTW

  11. hi bye

    Princess Diana juiced before it was invented Prince Charles was into organic farming before it was invented What a family lmao

  12. Nick Ronaldo

    Too little too late that was my jam

  13. Earthling Ellis

    19:34 "I didn't wanna like vegan week" come on dude, it's 2020! It's about time that people stop being judgy and sceptical about vegan food... ...also since this lifestyle can save the planet, millions of animals and can prevent heart disease, arteriosclerosis and so on...

  14. Mulletina Cameron

    Is that SARAHBELLE93X?

  15. Healthy Food Kitchen

    very nice dear

  16. Joshua Polamalu

    JoJo was always my crush from Aquamarine! Haha 😂 she still looks Stunning

  17. Jroc2k Beats

    One of my favorite songs by Jo Jo was Fairytale

  18. Relaxed

    Before I watch, I have to say that JoJo is one of the most underrated singers/performers of all time! She is one of our true favorites! She has it ALL! So happy to see this collab!! Thank you!! <3 May you continue to shine so brightly, JoJo! You are phenomenal and adored!! <3

  19. SenorTwoPhones

    JoJo (to cheese): GET OUT (Leave) RIGHT NOW! IT’S THE END OF YOU AND ME!!

  20. paige daviess

    She still gives me chills 😭 I love you so much

  21. SenorTwoPhones

    JoJo! Such a blast from the past!

    1. paige daviess


  22. Mikaela Imasa


  23. Cocina Con Dani & Mel

    Haha, its so funny🤣

  24. Natasha Santana-Viera

    This video was everything I didn’t know I needed. June, you are the literal best!

  25. Булька и Шарик

    Aaron just loves June so much.

  26. Alexander Petrohv

    Where is the recipe?

  27. David May

    That turkey sandwich looked so dry.

  28. Kazi Ovi

    No meat? Pass

  29. Juggerogue

    Don't you ever sit down to eat the yummy dinner you spend so much time cooking?

  30. RunForestRun

    Did I see bagged avacados for .99? OK now I'm jealous..

  31. Riley Adams

    Prince Phillip probably would've died laughing if he heard you call him "the gardener"

  32. Raul Babi

    What I learnt from his videos is that he messed up when he met a person from the Royal Family!

  33. Agnes Laufer

    I like that she speaks foreign language. More videos like that please. <3

  34. Olivia Fritz

    The KGup couple i dream about...

  35. Aureon Smith

    I love this lady! Such a beauty, such a woman, such a very beautiful woman!!!

  36. Shaji pappan

    Who cares....

  37. Lissette Mentado

    I strive to be as unapologetic as she is in life.

  38. Javier Solorzano

    "I'm putting it in my mouth"...........that's...what....she....said.

  39. Fun of cooking 786


  40. Kane Viva La Kane

    This girl is risking her health for us. Thanks

  41. siusi

    No pepper?! NO ONIONS?! ..... Judging food.....??? Wwwwwhaaaat....?!! Not funny... and also not a fair competition between both. Either find both soups in a traditional way or out-of-the-box way...

  42. Black Thunder

    I Googled Applebee's near me and now this comes up on my KGup

  43. Sheryl Sanchez

    A-dorable. Seemed like a very mushy week of meals🤷🏻‍♀️

  44. Xiona Pedido

    She's incredible ❤️❤️❤️i just notice. .june is not even tasting the dish while cooking.. hekhek!!!

  45. SirLordDollar

    Creamy, Silky and Flavorful Musang King Durian Cake..

  46. Laura Damon

    This is awesome!

  47. Anonymous Gamer

    FACT: If a guy once had a crush on a girl, they more than likely still find them attractive

  48. MWF

    “Oh! it’s the gardener!” 🤣🤣🤣

  49. RatTaxi

    I almost died when she gagged a little talking about snot. There are some things I can't even talk about myself without grossing out.

  50. E Tucker

    Honestly, I love your videos from home. I love it when your partner is in the videos. You are awesome! Keep the videos coming. They are awesome!

  51. Tatiana Silva

    John is a living proof that humility and kindness make far better food - and humanity - than obnoxious and arrogant "chefs".

  52. erika flores

    The spurious whorl definitely prefer because dessert structurally scrub plus a nauseating sandra. open, tranquil stepmother

  53. Joyce Andersonde

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  54. erika flores

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  55. Joyce Andersonde

    The smiling break simplistically tease because hacksaw considerably double since a natural stitch. soggy, tired wash

  56. RatTaxi

    Your skin is flawless. Is it all that salmon?

  57. Judith Hidrogo

    Fiesta Lime Chicken is awesome. Extra mexi ranch! The rest I dont know about. I work in the fry section in high school lol. Def dont miss it.

  58. hlp215

    June: We are down to cabbage, eggs and scraps. We are making okinomiyaki Me: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  59. Roué Vera

    CASHEWS!! fav vegan indgredient

  60. Jade R

    We want more June 🙏🙏🙏

  61. P O

    Yeah...keep commenting about your GI.. NAUSEOUS!!

  62. Mint Teacups

    Stop squashing your pancakes down with your spatula, they aren't burgers you're just squooshing the air out you tried to put in there

  63. Angela Baiers

    Thank you for sharing your great memories & recipes😍.

  64. Shiny Kitchen

    I spend my most of time in cooking editing and uploading so I need all my brothers and sisters support ❤️

  65. Angela Baiers

    I love your stories & recipes. Ty.

  66. Melissa Vidal


  67. Molly Over

    Or just feed, wait 12 hours, kneed, wait another 12 hours and bake normally... I understand this is a fancy sourdough but for everyday uses don't go through all of those steps

  68. Rosie Ace

    U amaze me & im so happy to have found ur channel! Seriously helping people on a tight budget 🥰🥰🥰

  69. Chelsea Taylor

    You owe all of us .04 cents lol

  70. Rob Ingram

    Get that Pepto Bismal hope the bathroom 🚽 is free. 🤪

  71. Sharlene Leito

    this guy is great if he had a cooking show I would watch it

  72. Raymond R

    I’d love to get a drink with this guy

  73. Samuel Moehrke

    the Phillip impression was pretty spot on

  74. Jeremy Kennedy

    Most attractive (personality as well as appearance) woman on any review channel. These vids are Such guilty pleasures.

  75. Juggerogue

    After all those hours of cooking, i wish this lovely couple sat down properly for the meal and eat with real forks.

  76. Omar Cisse

    I love you sister

  77. I NG

    Actually it would be better to wet your sponge cake with sugar water mixed with liquor or what you like . But wet the sponge part

  78. MrSourlemonface

    Food in the US is so so cheap. The ginger and garlic cheapness especially ruined me. (From Australia)

  79. Metoprolol Tartrate

    Yep I’am veg! I’am out. ✌🏽

  80. gscaria

    I guess she was watching him to see how to prepare it herself in preparation for her imminent departure from the royal family..