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  1. Alex

    roid rage in the end 😈

  2. roger smith

    Airrack spends so much time making videos and get a million but fake rug does boring vlogs and gets millions?

  3. Nothing.$pecial

    Did you get kicked out of the NELK house to hang out with these dorks?

  4. Ogkush 253

    Love these type of vlogs just the guys fucking around lol 😄

  5. dustin rader

    The nutty romania interestedly ask because brown ultrastructurally lighten past a jaded carpenter. psychotic, warm trade

  6. Andrew Benson

    Tanner is like 100lbs 🤣

  7. Noah Frazier

    You need to put the car in neutral if you want it to move 😂

  8. Carson Hines

    God loves you and so does Jesus Christ amen

  9. Zoolom


  10. Carson Hines

    God loves you and so does Jesus Christ amen

  11. JOSE

    Foo with the black beanie is a fuckin try hard 😂

  12. Victor Cruz

    Brad give me drugs I ran out

  13. Xmas

    Bradley has to chill selling this black tar to these KGuprs man I swear

  14. Dank Keesha

    Looking at Tanner makes me mad

  15. PartHd

    I was wondering when they were gonna realize Mercedes have a no rollback feature 😂 it’s so you don’t roll backwards if you were on an incline

  16. caleb flores69

    brad has been using too much fuck heroin he a fuckin rhino cuz all that heroin

  17. Alex Wojo

    Brad is an alcoholic

  18. David Betancourt

    3:52 whoah

  19. Alex Krimigis

    When brad forgets his steroids

  20. Lucas Albrecht

    Daddy Bradley needs to chill

  21. Tyler Latiolais

    Good content Bradley 🙌🏼

  22. Jack Ridley

    For those who don’t train bjj or judo it’s incomprehensible

  23. Nicholas Roy

    Is brad actually a fuckin weeb?

  24. Gian

    Poor girl got exposed to Bradlys heroin at a young age

  25. Trapioli Ravioli

    Yo brad why aren’t you in Nelk videos anymore?:(

  26. Artemio Lechuga

    Jarvis hit you with aimbot

  27. Jack Landon

    At what point does Brad start hanging out with some guys his age or older

  28. Al Fuqwally

    Well, that was gay.

  29. jater 10

    Brad, there is a point you can workout in other places including home. However whats more important is its a personal choice, and if they want to go to Zoo or any other gym that should not be infringed. Us folks who go to gyms understand the risks with lifting heavy and also now dealing with the pandemic. This is something worth fighting for, and you got to link up with other gyms who are being closed.

  30. Rohil Singh Gharaik

    Why isn't Bradley making videos with Steve and the nelk boys??

  31. Matthew Harsh

    Awesome to see George.

  32. Tyler Duncan

    brad turning into steve with that liquor but obviously it was the liquors fault

  33. Ricky Fever

    You sold my daughter oxycodone pills. Now she's a full-blown heroin addict. Thanks a lot Brad :(

  34. Bree White

    I hope you knock Steve out next time 😂

  35. Jovany Garcia

    I saw brad hanging out with cartel in Mexico while the boys having fun

  36. Ashton Adams

    Why no more nelk boys?

  37. Brian Ramsey

    Brad and the NELK boys got into a huge fight and Brad is now threatening to legally sue them for a lot of things they did to him. Brad said in an interview that he doesn’t want to be associated with them anymore and I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends.

  38. yeboi dp

    Well obviously brad won he smoked pcp before he went there dudes like hulk when he's on that shit which is always

  39. Xavier Murray


  40. Sonak Shah

    Brad gets Extra help cause of drugs🚫 he exports to me and I live in Kenya, his drugs are nice but I'm only 15

  41. Toniann Carriere

    I loved today’s (:

  42. SlootScooter97

    hangout with people your own age

  43. Gustaf Eriksson

    Faze rug living like snoop dog did in the 90s

  44. hAzer_for3ign

    “no cuts” *cuts*

  45. T O O K A

    Bradley can i have some more of that black tar its so good, my sister said hi😀

  46. Nahom Seyfu

    A 2hr vid 4 a fight bruh😂

  47. Nahom Seyfu

    A 2hr vid 4 a fight bruh😂

  48. Ghost #Gtx 960

    “Don’t be scared of the gun, it won’t hurt you”..... Got it😂👍

  49. Political accountable Theory

    What about the property tax?

  50. STRLYX

    when your mom sayd thankyou was the best, that feeling can no one take away. im also glad i took my mom to another country

  51. Joseph Lopez

    One of the biggest KGupr vs one of the smallest KGupr lol

  52. Xclusive

    Bradley the next KGupr to box????😳

  53. Carlos DaRocha

    No disrespect but I thought you were someone that was a Dxck but you’re not. If you’re ever in Jersey. You can wrestle my cousin a NJ State Trooper but he’s not on social media and smaller than you. lol. I need Medical Cannabis Social Cub. Have your people contact me. We are due to Adult Rec. decriminalize 12:01 2021 as you know. But we might have to make him anonymous.

  54. Todd Y

    I died when Brad went on Tanner fox’s lil scooter lol

  55. Sebi Kim

    Bro you destroyed FaZe Rug’s bed lmao

  56. Juan Mina

    I miss brads vids with nelk 🥲

  57. Brushy Creek Bunch

    They ain’t got no fake weights there for Brad so he struggling he ain’t used to the real stuff

  58. Briann

    Almost at 1 mil subs brad remember when u said omce u hit 1 mil u gonna do sum bad to steve since he capped the boxing match? Who remembers

  59. EastVan Hooligans

    Bradly martyn is a viiibbee. He needs to do a video with the ddg squad. Eastvan hooligans passing by, come check us out

  60. Juan Lima

    It’s clear he’s selling drugs to his boy lmao

  61. Merguez614

    Bro how did Brad loose so many challenges

  62. Alexander Meza

    Everyone so happy around Brad lol

  63. Mike-Greninja

    Brad looks like a bear

  64. Landon Miller

    Brad sold me drugs. Also he got my dad addicted to his black tar heroine

  65. Travis Floyd

    I miss the dom and Brad vids 💔

  66. Jinx_Refined

    Steve being normal in the background 😂

  67. viral intention

    Awe hes a little baby noodle just eat him.

  68. Dakota Burke

    brad is like the cool uncle

  69. brendan wilson

    Brad selling drugs to the little kids again

  70. Oscar Martinez

    After the fight brads respect level went full 🤣

  71. Toniann Carriere

    This shit makes me throw up 🤮

  72. Oscar Martinez

    They hired vice city gangsters for the prank

  73. Gregory Campbell

    Even though it went against the opinion of his friend's, George took a stance regarding men in dresses. I respect that and made me become a bigger fan for it.

  74. Chris Weiler

    Tie breaker should’ve been something with body weight percentage

  75. MarkTheShark

    Done using nelk for views?

  76. son of Mercury

    No way !! This dude sold me an Oz for 80$ didn’t know he was a KGupr, btw he might try sell you heroin off why

  77. Bisker 86

    This meat head use the NELK BOYS AND STEVE WILL DO it to increase his fan base, and it worked he’s almost at a million sub and now he’s using faze rug !! Shady meat head

  78. Joseph Snell

    Don’t do steroids kids

  79. Joseph Gutierrez

    3:52 u welcum bob

  80. Jesus CervantesMartinez

    This what brad doing instead of chilling with Nelk boys? Squishing eggs, instead of getting kills

    1. roger smith

      U can tell brad is not comfortable with nelk boys lifestyle