Welcome to the official KGup channel of your favourite flight attendant Jeenie Weenie
I create fun and educational skits of my stories from the skies.
This channel will feature some of these skits as well as videos that provide joy in my real life.
I also think I'm living in my own kdrama.
I'm so happy you are here!
Let's laugh together~

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  1. Delighted Dino!

    I once saw a Karen on a flight who her and her kids were taking a really long time in the aisle, like they wouldn’t get into the dang seat and rather were doing some yoga shit or something And then when an attendant asked them to get in the seat so the line can move she yelled “OH THEY CAN WAIT QUIT BEING SO DEMANDING” We were already 15 minutes after when we were supposed to take off And at the end of the flight, she complained the flight wasn’t on time and yelled again over that Lady... YOURE PART OF THE REASON WE WERE LATE!

  2. Anastasia Mrelashvili


  3. Avinash Upadhye

    Is she air hostress

  4. Margarita Kulyapina

    Wow, I am so sorry for your hair. If it helps, my hair is like this normally (except more evenly distributed since it's not falling out) because it is that thin. 😅 Edit: actually yours is thicker.

  5. utkarsh singh

    I have nt laughed this hard since ages

  6. rhys aston

    Shout out from south africa in joburg😁

  7. vamsi nallam


  8. Kim Bell

    Meanwhile her brother walks in the moms like awww my baby what do you want to eat, finally your sister leaving 😆

  9. Foxy the pirate Team

    Omg same

  10. GalaxyGirl Games

    Why does she look so much like Bella Poarch

  11. Andrew Van Greunen

    I was born in 2010

  12. ling ling


  13. Nadine Thompson

    I'm south african too😃🙋

  14. Ailee’s Wild World

    Omg the last one is so funny XD My grandma acts like this all the time

  15. Andrew Van Greunen

    I'm in Worcester Sa

  16. KazumiRiachi _

    This always happens-

  17. Ayushmaan Basu

    Yay we besties !

  18. Sean

    I am not familiar with BTS. What is the story behind sprite?

  19. Fharish Ahmed


  20. Rabia N


  21. Aiden Facey

    People on planes are total assholes sometimes

  22. Blake Gracia

    누나 예쁘다

  23. sittingPANDA


  24. Rici Werner

    All of this Videos are one big mood and i love it

  25. hybe’s janitor


  26. Roblox wolfs

    😂🤣I can't believe she fell for it😂🤣

  27. Lwandle Mabena

    I live in Joburg!!!!!!

  28. hybe’s janitor

    Did you quit or did they kick you out 😭

  29. Xaveir Williams

    Im dead 😂😂😂

  30. Bang Tae

    That actually made me laugh 😆 lol

  31. Mugger_G

    A fly.... at that altitude i don't think so... But maybe

  32. Johnathan Crotzer

    Look out she knows Shadow possession jutsu

  33. diya tiwari

    did this really happen

  34. [~P e n g u i n • P l a y~]

    They got everything THERE XD

  35. *Clay *

    WAIT- this a joke or was he there FR XD

  36. Aubrey Lynne

    Where did you go after Emirates? Did you stay in the same field?

  37. Ruby Litra

    For real??

  38. Kiwi Gamer

    Not me sitting here for 5 minutes and finally realizing what the lady meant....

  39. hinea9

    The store I worked in had the same policy for hats, caps, and anything you put on your potentially licey head. Same situation as above, she got mad and demanded a refund for the hat. I said that there's nothing I can do (the computer will literally not accept the code) and the manager was coming that day only for closing. She crossed her arms and stood in the middle of the store fuming for 4 HOURS. When the manager came she told her the same. Like I applaud her commitment but the hat was less than 5 dollars.

  40. Mon Calamari

    bro your mom is like Dora the Explorer

  41. Lady Luck


  42. Gator Productions

    Ashton Kutcher? That's the guy from the office

  43. Siphesihle Simelane

    That's where I live😊😊

  44. Crane

    I like these. I usually hate the "quirky jokes" and shit like that but these work as jokes, are framed as jokes, and have shock value.

  45. Tomad Black

    I hope you enjoyed Johannesburg I live there and it is great

  46. Nisrina N.F

    If I found that last massager online I would buy one just for the look

  47. lolita

    Pov:you are smiling at the end cause of jeenie's cuteness

  48. JackalopeProxy

    It's not SPANISH!!!

  49. Son goku


  50. Dannie Ortega

    I'm they should've atleast used a liner. I had a roommate that would leave heat crusty underwear everywhere. And it smelled soooooo bad. Turns out she was sleeping with 6 guys🤢

  51. Diana Dass

    Ewwwww Farts are gros

  52. Shannon Hensley

    I hate knowing that most Karen's won't ever care about others no matter how much training. My senior year of highschool I took my first plane ride. I was terrified. Sitting right next the attendant, she made it so much easier. The flight home I was a wreck. I was stuck in the middle of the cabin and the guy in front wouldn't close his window. I cried the whole 45 minute flight.

  53. Moznu Mollah

    Ok why am i even relating to it xD

  54. mofilafal

    I thought she was still a flight attendant lmao

  55. Iy’Reign Watts


  56. Rici Werner

    I love this Videos

  57. Laura Rivera


  58. Ruby Litra

    Can u make some videos about teaching korean I'm really interested in the language now day

  59. Taehyung's Queen

    I hope that was memorable Jeenie

  60. Elissa Rivas

    Did you actually work on a flight attendant

  61. multifandom

    my mom is over 40 with years of experience working different jobs under marketing but she's still having trouble finding a job.

  62. CM H


  63. Gracie and Abbie

    Wait so was you fired

  64. M Boitnott

    99 day of commenting lol 😂 on all the Jennie weenie vids

  65. •Angela•devi•ksh•ChoimieuN

    Omg 👁️👄👁️

  66. Rhosanbelle Angelic B. Sabuddin

    No one someone got stab in the neck and then theeres a empty sit in the laat row okay sir sit innthere will get ya nezt taym

  67. Khargosh

    Nobel peace prize to Jennie 🙏

  68. Gacha_Frost_UwU


  69. Samuel Reyes

    We don't deserve mothers love in my case my grandmas 💖😂

  70. Sahu Army

    ok but like this is veeeery accurate- I- 😂😂

  71. •ᴀᴇꜱᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ ʟɪᴠᴇʟʏ•


  72. Andy Hibbins


  73. Nia Greene

    Are dude nice job girl

  74. Apple you can’t eat

    When u have the same hover


    ghar mai nahi daane, amma chali bhunaane

  76. Levi Hana

    “Because your a bitch! 😊” The kindest way to insult somebody

  77. Ashik Jonathan

    What is a crusty ?

  78. like liese

    5:50 isn't mexico is in North America? Idk I'm american so madye the don't count it in Canada. Can someone explain?

  79. Mahalakshmi Loganathan

    Everyone: 😂 Me: don't fuck with the cook

  80. farlon muentes

    so blacks are redundant when they say "you, niga"