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  1. Hanah C

    For my birthday last month I went by myself to an ice cream shop like yours and when I told them I was allergic to something the guy serving me ran to the back and came out with a tiny scoop of mint ice cream. He refused to mix the ice cream with the toppings. It made me quite sad

  2. Monir Oshana

    -roses are red -violets are blue -so next time I have some -i am not sharing with you

  3. ItzAeric


  4. Dr Ryan

    Hi Milad's Brother! I'm Going To Sub

  5. Twisted Games


  6. Lachlan P

    0:02 I’m from Australia and we call it “Rainbow Ice Cream” not “Superman Ice Cream”

  7. Lynda G


  8. Sam 'n' Stuff

    ignore the spill


    I have exacted same ice-cream shop beside my street

  10. キルア・ゾルディック



    Are you in fort mcmurray ?

  12. HVNSNT

    Is it bussin Dylan?

  13. Twisted Games


  14. Benjy


  15. Rasen Homura

    0:16 is the true ending

  16. Elle Stuart

    🍪 ^^

  17. Brandon Rodriguez

    Dude I love this

  18. _JaNyiah White_

    Nice loop

  19. chowda


  20. Glockodile with Glockoma

    This app is so fuckin cringe. I'll forever separate anyone who associates with it

  21. Izzy Caroline

    I don't know why people feel offends at the scoopers being dropped to the floor...it's not like he used that same scoopers to take the ice cream 🤣🤣 he can just wash it....OR If you guys are hygienic freak, then just throw the scoopers cus he got like many other scoopers...

  22. Linda C


  23. Audrina Chomiak

    So u said u in michigan the only choco manieo I know is by Walmart on mound but idk

  24. AJdrewplayz -_-

    im down

  25. xx Lalo

    bro these fucking loops 💀

  26. BAD gamer


  27. Parallel Paradox

    Yeah I can even have a snow ball fight in Sahara desert now 🤠

  28. Aazan Syed

    Omg I did not know u were the manager

  29. Abigail ortiz

    Me :but what BUT WHATTTT lol. Hi i love ur videos lots of love byee

  30. Max R

    Very good looking

  31. Luisin-San

    Bota mais açaí ai tio, isso ai n dá nem pro cheiro

  32. Tracy Domagala


  33. YouTube Boxing Updates


  34. Smuggz Mug

    That scoop was to violent

  35. Rishita Gupta

    Forenigers - snow cone Indian-gola

  36. Ønix

    Do u pay the ice cream if u didn't catch it in mid air or they dont care u just make another one

  37. Summer TeaTime


  38. Juice 211


  39. Dennis Cathcart


  40. Snowy Everest

    U should try a place called cookies n creams my family loves that place

  41. Mehul ShaRma

    How are you growing so fast bro??, btw Congratulations for 400K subs I am one of them 😃🤟

  42. Kaden Pierce

    Do you not work at cold stone anymore

  43. Op3xA

    Dylan won’t pin this.

  44. LovinTheseCardTricks

    What the hell. You’re in my city!

  45. Frogyyu

    My dream is to make ice cream with you

  46. Kurohell UwU


  47. Cloudy Stars

    Lol my name is Mariana

  48. game boi dotexe

    i tried this in January first with my family.

  49. Draek _62


  50. Kaden Pierce

    Monke 🐘

  51. LovinTheseCardTricks

    I’m from Michigan and did not know Superman was a Midwest and Mi thing...

  52. Dominic

    “Cross Contamination” video

  53. Scary0Denise

    I would sit there for so long... only drink water that’s it

  54. Yoda Master

    You got your subway guy now the ice cream guy

  55. Xilodan

    That stuff looks radioactive ngl

  56. Sophia Ceasar Silo


  57. conzef54

    ok but did you sniff the pickle juice like before trust me when that hits it hits

  58. Eeee

    I Love his videos,so interesting and enjoyable to watch..such hard work Keep This Up!!<3

  59. Nathan Yanez



    The question isn't how he caught that the question is who's gonna eat that?

  61. Supreme


  62. Brenden Drum


  63. pissed veteran

    I would love to meet and hang out I love culinary arts

  64. YO ZINK

    I have never even tried coffee because I’m 11. Wonder if I would like it. Dylan do you like coffee at all?

  65. Summer TeaTime


  66. Tracy Domagala

    Made it to the end😄🍌

  67. Caleb Evans


  68. Andi Indratno


  69. Hayden Quan Soon

    I remember always buy ing this ice cream with my mom

  70. jackZime or Zime


  71. Erich Ashlee Osma


  72. Jaeza Mohamed


  73. Nick1Buns

    To the people leaving hate comments about him doing ice cream on the play button, it's his silver play button, let him do what he wants to do. Y'all are like the people on Plainrock124's comment section.

  74. YO ZINK

    I have never heard of them before but I think it looks really nice!

  75. Haiden :sucks:


  76. Kevin Gomes

    That is totally no enough acai thats like somebody giving you a tablespoon of ice cream when you want a mcflurry

  77. Fighter Lm


  78. Caleb Evans

    How cold do you keep the ice cream? 🌴🌳🌲

  79. 8-bit_mikeymcawesome

    0:27 is the real beginning