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Created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game series in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the dawn of man into the space age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies, go head-to-head with some of history's greatest leaders, and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Drug Reference, Language, Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes

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  1. Alp Ertürk

    Whats with the 12 Civ limit for TSL maps? It does not serve a purpose, limits player choice, and it should be easy for the designers to remove that limit. Am I the only one who prefers to play TSL with chock-full of civilizations? (I currently have to use YnAMP which has issues)

  2. Simón Bolívar

    I mean renaissance Portugal, was basically a transcontinental Civilization. This Civ is not only for Portuguese, but also people from Goa (India), Brazil, Angola, Guinea, Mozambique, Canton and Malaysia

  3. Ty Bekkering

    The greatest part about this update is the change to save configuration that removes the map seed. You guys are my heroes🙏❤️

  4. Zennock

    Ayy, congratulations Carl! Good to see you moving up!

  5. Ren

    The beats in atomic era sounds like train. I was on the train and leaving all past happiness, or maybe it’s the past on the train that is leaving me behind? I guess that’s what “saudade” means.

  6. Jack- o'-lantern

    Does anybody know if ley lines will be available on the new TSL maps?

  7. Ente_Tangente

    The TSL Earth Map is such underwhelming. Itely doesn´t even have Vesuvius.

  8. el7griego

    Being quite new to Civ (started in January) and loving it, I'm sorry that this already feels like a sort of goodbye(?). I appreciate all the hard work you put into this great game. I wish I had known about this game a lot sooner. And secretly, I hope that you will anounce a new New Frontier Pass in May, with a lot of new stuff to explore!

  9. kique821

    When did having such a stupidly unbalanced game become a good thing? God I miss Civ 5. I only play this game for the aesthetic, everything else quite honestly sucks, there's so much damned left clicking in this game I think I'm getting carpal tunnel from it, cus God forbid you allow keybinds that really help. I wish I could erase this game from my mind so I could keep enjoying civ 5's look and feel. So much pointless fluff with the annoyingly incessant world voting, on choices that feel like they have zero impact. The Non stop barbarian spawns, the pointless way the AI stops you from enjoying empire building just to make pointless comments like every 3 turns, normal speed on this game is ridiculous over clocked, it feels like this game, this Civ game is geared toward kids with a very low attention span. Epic speed is the only thing that feels somewhat well paced Idk, ugh....worst civ game imo. I truly fear for Civ 7 if such a thing will even exist. So ready to move on from this desperate attempt to modernize the game. With so many systems in here Its no wonder the game is so broken, developers cant even keep them straight, and don't even get me started on the new F***** 2k launcher... Go ahead, rag on me now, I got my popcorn ready ;-)

  10. Babybull Da Silva

    Can't really say how the game is its unplayable on ps4 all I get is crashes and its not just me btw

  11. Sv 7

    Pls buff England ,marine civic...

  12. Jean Lepage


  13. StopFear

    Hey everybody, can you tell the developers to add a music option to skip tracks, or select tracks in the game. I am so tired of constantly turning music down and up because so much music in late eras is just unbearable

  14. Pedro Fernandes

    The one thing I was looking forward the most, the TSL earth map, really disappointed me... I love to play as Portugal or Spain and to see such a small Iberian Peninsula, barely fitting 1 city, is just so disappointing. Portugal, Spain, France or England barely get any room.... the mediterranean sea is 1 hex wide...... Why do you need such a big atlantic ocean if then you make Europe so small and unplayable? There are countless community created earth maps around that you could have inspired yourself with, instead we get this... Playing on earth maps is one of my favourite things to do in CIV, the one that came with this game at launch was borderline insulting (deformed, 8 civs only), when you first announced this I was soooo hyped, I suppose I cant complain since its free bt... yeah... thanks I guess Gonna love to see Lisbon being flipped to France, due to loss of loyalty on the first 10 turns because we basically start hugging each other

  15. Hadiwinata Kuo

    START HERE: 14:45

  16. Dindang Supi

    can we get another German alternate leader that really2 heavy invested in domination....just to compliment with the actual history if you know what i mean 🥸 * add panzer as its UU plus the already present damn i would pay lots for that pass though

  17. Jack Spedicy2

    if a new civ gets added i would get a civ that gets around +3 gold on all resources, luxuries that incrises trough tech and civics. Basicly making some insane cold coins, but trade routes and commercial hubs should not be insane and remain mediocer so the civ would be gold based not trade based, with all gold giving tourism after flight. And his uniqe improvment is just pure gold that gives more the more are next to it and even more if resources are next to it... something like that.

  18. Michael Brown

    Awesome update in almost every way! True Start Huge Earth's tiny Europe is just too small, though...One-City England/France/Spain is too small for me to enjoy(And I love England). Giving England and Spain like two possible homeland cities, at the small price of making the rest of the world a touch smaller would have it playable for England, France and Spain. Based on the video, the rest of the world looks like it could be a little smaller(while still feeling big) and it would make Europe feel like an actual continent.

    1. Pedro Fernandes

      I was thinking the exact same thing... when they first showed the map my first thought was "please tell me that is not a one city iberian peninsula..." and it was. Im so disappointed with the map and its the one thing I was looking forward the most. With so many amazing earth maps made by the modding community it makes no sense that they give us this one. Europe can basically be occupied with 3 cities

  19. Google User

    Is the Culture Industry policy card bug, causing 999+ district build time, fixed as well?

  20. mustachesrcool

    why is there no bermuda triangle in the earth map???

  21. Reese Walton

    Finally, new maps! hopefully we get a central America / Caribbean map next season

  22. Goldfish Empire

    14:38 When it actually starts.

  23. João Faria

    Huge TSL looks like a disappointment for Europeans. They managed to make Europe smaller than it already was on standard TSL europe. Now that's a feat!

  24. Joshua Green

    Love the new earth map. Europe is still a bit small, as is japan, but The rest of the world looks great.

  25. William Stark

    Are we going to keep getting more content for civ 6 or are tall going to start working on the next game for the series

  26. Michel Romero

    Your game is bugged. When you can change governement but only have one of the joker doctrine when two is available( or required), you can't continue. And you can't change back. So ypu (re stuck. Quite annoying after two hours of play ...

  27. Lily Anderson

    If they do another pass, the most likely Civs are Genoa (it’s referenced in the game files) along with the ones we’ve seen TWO city-states for with space on the map: • Bulgars / Bulgaria (Preslav, Sofia) • and Oman / Zanj / Swahili coast (Muscat, Ormus) • (Switzerland, Ireland, Boers / Transvaal, New Zealand, and Chola / Tamils all meet the city-state criteria, but have the disadvantage of no space on the map) From there, open areas that are likely: • Timurids / Sogdia (Samarkand) • Bagan / Myanmar / Burma • Kanem-Bornu (Ngazargamu) • American Southwest (where the Shoshone previously were) • Serbia (likely 14th Century under Stefan Dušan) And maybe an alternative leader for Egypt (since Cleopatra was Greek / Ptolemaic) or a Mughal leader for India If they decide to cram more into Europe, possibly: • Bohemia / Czechs • Wallachia / Romania If they were REALLY ambitious, they’d bring back the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Lakota (Sioux), on top of the Shoshone (or replacement)

    1. Lily Anderson

      @Joshua Green Haida, Tlingit, or Nuu-Chah-Nulth would be fantastic, but ambitious

    2. Joshua Green

      My top picks for new civs are : Romania Apache Morocco Swahili Philippines Haida Assyria Ireland

  28. Peter Fox


  29. brennan eaton

    How did Norway not get touched? They are useless, mostly because the AI never ever repairs pillaged tiles. They needed a real win condition and a path to it. Many civs in fact needed some love. I feel like you only heard a very small % of use players. 2/3 of the civs is what you said you were balancing, but really its about 10 that got real changes. Ty for doing work on this game for free, I mean its nice but I paid 140$ total for this game and this free update really let me down. There is still many many civs that are not interesting to play and they are useless in the hands of the AI.

    1. Pedro Fernandes

      Yeah, I love how people keep praising them for their "free" work. I paid a f*cking fortune for this game + the expansions, besides that i still needed to buy a season pass.... the very least you can do is provide updates The TSL earth map is borderline insulting considering the many superior options out there, made by people working for absolutely free. Europe is barely playable

    2. FuNot FuMe

      Its funny, Norway is easier to play on higher difficulty because the AI becomes more likely to repair pillaged tiles

  30. Reid Skull

    53:37 Russia still has 3 Great Writers just sitting around... well, at least the change was in the right direction.

  31. Dave Quaschnick

    [email protected] And me with a new comp due Friday.........OOOH the woes first world problems!

  32. Emerald13

    Thank you!!

  33. Miggy Unabia

    Can we have the patchnotes prior to release plssss :D

  34. Ahmad Sammy

    We are missing one major UI function and it would be so easy to implement and so massive of a feature, and we had it in previous civ games: The ability to sort cities by their yields in the yields report!

  35. Vinicius

    great job to all envolved!

  36. Dorian

    HAHA I knew russia gonna get nerfed, my god they're really bonkers

  37. DJ Smokin Halo

    I can't wait to see this "perfectly balanced" update!

  38. Dave

    Your streams are fun and interesting 🍹

  39. Video Graham


  40. S. M. Henderson

    But where is Charlemagne???

  41. Gerson Ventura

    The new Portugal update also brought a new launcher that makes getting into the game almost impossible. Not only that but since that update, I've been having a terrible time enjoying the game as it crashes constantly and lags. A lot.

    1. gtnogme

      I was crashing w/ DX12. Changed it to 11 and haven't had any issues since. Mainly play multiplayer with friends so that is another issue entirely.

    2. Gerson Ventura

      @Kaden McCann like what kind of computer do I have? A gaming desktop that I’ve built. I know it’s the launcher though. I didn’t have any problems up until the update.

    3. Kaden McCann

      I have not had that problem at all. What type of set up do you have?

  42. Yiglic Persfactious

    Have you fixed the last expansion that broke the launcher?

    1. John trainfan101

      The launcher hasn't been broken.

  43. Azrael Rose

    Anyone else want the ability for builders in enemy territory to delete features? Like forests etc. Basically anything they could normally bulldoze for you, but in foreign lands?

  44. rui zhang

    CIV series will live forever, but the fallen of Friaxis is approaching. How long do you think you can maintain your ignorance and arrogance? Looking forward to dance on your grave and mourn for the work of SId Meier.

  45. rui zhang

    Go on, keep your arrogance, and we shall see another failure come.

  46. rui zhang

    If you want to delete everything that doesn't compliment you, it's fine. However it doesn't change the fact that you, as the developer of the game, was incapable of handling the most basic part of the game. What else could the player expect from you when you can't even make your launcher work?

  47. Lucas Malo Bélanger

    Release dll?

  48. rui zhang


  49. rui zhang


    1. rui zhang


  50. rui zhang


  51. rui zhang


  52. rui zhang


  53. Kirill Kovalev

    I really like the game! because I love history and geography. Please make Stalin the leader of the USSR and make a T-34 tank or a spy "KGB"

  54. rui zhang

    对于你们在启动器问题上的不作为,我只想说你们三个户口本都只有一页 Anton 你就是个jb

  55. Kirill Kovalev

    I really like the game! because I love history and geography. Please make Stalin the leader of the USSR and make a T-34 tank or a spy "KGB"

  56. Chapman Fleming

    How were berserkers changed? Can you unlock them sooner?

  57. Felix Abdella

    22:41 Did they spin the camera?

    1. Dharlan Rocha Inácio

      Sim, é só pressionar o Alt e mover com o mouse

  58. Jack Leonard

    12:26 "Secret text." Can we make all of that visible please?

  59. Lou Guberti Ng

    "The Roman legion doesn't get a strength increase" It's Anti-Italian Discrimination

    1. StopFear

      Actually, you probably didn’t know this, but Italy and “Italians” was separate ethnic group from Romans as a whole, a poor province in former Roman Empire (within borders of what we know as “Italy”. They also had a small civil war with the Rome government when they wanted more rights from the empire. They didn’t want to constantly be drafted to wars without full equal rightsz

  60. Longclaw22 -

    Game keeps crashing on PS4 since the latest additions. Playing on small maps and I cant go 4 turns without the game crashing. Fix this if you can please

    1. monkeyking61

      @Longclaw22 - yeah sadly I'm in the same boat:( I honestly just want my money back at this point cause I feel robbed! It's been well over a year since I've played a full game cause of the crashing and when I sent in a ticket report to 2k support they acted like nothing was wrong and wanted me to take vids and screen shots to prove it was crashing... no do your job and look into yourself it's your game you made why do we the gamers have to do all the hard work. Ohhh wait since covid happend yall have gotten fat and lazy and just wanna make easy money on dlc that should have been free cause really the bs they put out wasnt worth the money they wanted... this is more or a RIP off then fallout 76! Cause I can at least play that but still wont cause they broke the weps I had... but my point is we need to start a movement that makes these gaming companies wake up and realize they are here because of us and we can easily just break them by boycotting the games! We hold way more power in this gaming world then most of us think. So tell your friend and so on to stop playing and demand them to fix the bloody game or give us our money back! Not in store bs credit back on cash! Cause I spent over 100 on civ and cant enjoy it. That will be the very last game I buy from 2k I dont care if they helped make another game i wont buy anymore games that 2k has touched cause they left this game unplayable for over a year. I cant even save the game while playing cause if I do it will crash everytime I try and load it.

    2. Longclaw22 -

      @monkeyking61 smh so we're basically fucked. Payed for the game, all the extensions and now I'm left with a mess where I have to save every turn in case it crashes

    3. monkeyking61

      Xbox has been crashing for well over a year they wont fix it till everyone console and pc boycott the game and demand they fix it.

  61. Maruad

    I like the new changes and am hoping the launcher issue is fixed tomorrow. Gratz Carl.

  62. Paul Stelmack

    Yay I got the 1,000th like! Keep up the great work team!

  63. SyzygyTT

    Where exactly are you gathering this 'feedback' you keep mentioning? 2K forums? These KGup comments? Reddit? We all wanna know.

  64. Kieron Henry

    Streams starts at 14:38

  65. Zzrik

    Amazing stuff,now onto the next season pass hopefully or maybe add some new leaders to those civs that still only have one.

  66. BlackSmokeDMax

    Regardless of the platform!? Yeah, except iOS I'm sure. As usual. Aspyr hasn't touched it in forever!

  67. vitor miranda


  68. Giovanni Roverso

    how about supporting Y(n)AMP?

  69. Gustavo Morales

    Starts at 14:44

  70. bubblesthshark YT


    1. Thiên Hào Vương

      Thanks so much

    2. Nicolas Vidal

      Thank you

  71. AIM's Channel

    Alright, where my fellow console users at?

  72. TheMilkman

    Please make it so modders can change the main menu music. Asked one to change it to Baba Yetu but he said you can't edit the menu music

  73. Carlos Hernandez

    Pretty hyped for the changes. Hopefully the aztec information panel when u play as them gets updated with their unique building. Right now it doesn't even say any yields. Just says provides tourism as u advance. Lol

  74. Ramon Avilêz

    Pedro de Valdivia 99% confirmed as an alternative leader for Spain and Chile/Mapuche.

  75. Hn Nidraghud

    Did he died in this game?

  76. Moist Man

    If they do more updates they should add TSL North America and South America

    1. Lily Anderson

      If they do a second season and add a bunch of Native American Civs that would be fantastic

    2. Idkimjustdarkfudge lol

      Yeah and then an africa one so there would be a tsl of every contient ( Besides Australia because there's only one civilization on the contient)

  77. David Hole

    Well done releasing an updated TSL, BUT... Too small, you only had to contact the vast community on civfanatics, in particular Gedemon who create YNAMP) about all this. Bigger is needed.

    1. Pedro Fernandes

      Word.... was looking forward to this so much, when they showed that 1 tile iberian peninsula I was like "are you for fucking real?"

  78. Remlap Was Taken

    A little disappointed that Gandhi and Philip didn't get buffed. They already lost half of their ability unless you completely beelined religion. That being said though, I absolutely LOVED the Russia nerfs. The great person bonus from the Lavra was pretty clowny, to be honest. All I had to do was slap down a discounted district, and I could essentially stall out culture powerhouses for the rest of the game. Great change.

  79. Aren Sereathy

    “Significant boost,” Literally only 2 per turn there are literally improvements that do more

  80. Demon Doom

    Until the AI still forward settles you like it is its sole purpose, this game is meh at the best.