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  1. t k

    kgup.info/get/k6StiX2yg5qproc/video like plz we need support ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. elmin.x

    Somebody tweet her to let the rest of her klan do her makeup next lmao

  3. Utkarsh Phaugat

    Stormi is so cute 😘😍😍😘😘😍😘😘😘😘😘🥰😘😘😍😘😘🥰🥰😘😘

  4. Utkarsh Phaugat

    Stormi is so cute.. 😍🥰😘

  5. Танчик Анастасия

    Stormi is soooo cute 🥺🥺🥺

  6. Rosalinda Sasmita

    Im only here for stormi

  7. Lilly V

    Tell us about frosting thsts a great cookie kit

  8. Tayla Pettygang

    Khloe is by far my favorite but girl tan tho for you looking light skin😂😂

  9. Lilly V

    Perfect thank you for recipe vetter then brought store cookies

  10. Lilly V

    Prety old stove dhe where that's not her home

  11. Lilly V

    Love her clothes her baby looks nothing like her

  12. Ali Petrova

    Me normally watching the video... Looking at the background: 👁👄👁

  13. Joanna Hislop

    (a client goes to the doctor) Doctor : What brings you here ? Client : I am so sad and anxious Doctor : I see Client : What can i do to stop being so sad and anxious Doctor : Watch Stormi everyday

  14. A Afhn

    تهبل بنتها 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Joanna Hislop

    Stormi is adorable 😍

  16. bunny

    Lots of plastic in this video

  17. Lizzy

    Do you want to plan my wedding? Lol its too much to do especially when your pregnant 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. Amelia Jones

    Kylie:mmmmh While thinking "these cookies taste like disappointment, I guess money can't buy taste buds"

  19. Darina Чез

    Аааа какая она милая

  20. Mason Vee

    hey I just started my KGup channel! EXCITING RIGHT? lol also very scary! I would love if you could subscribe so we can support each other! thanks <3!

  21. Elena Khouri

    Stormi is such a polite baby and she is soooo cute!! She is well educated!

  22. Rose Tung

    She speaks very well for a 2 year old. She's adorable 😍

  23. Mad Butters

    1:27 when your teacher roasts a student and the whole class reacts

  24. Mile558

    Thumbs up if you’ve seen Michael Pavano’s parody of this 🙌🏼

  25. Mile558

    You guys NEED to check out Michael & Anthony’s parody of this

  26. simone campbell

    enjoy the killing time

  27. Mailli Atkins

    are travis as Kylie still together???

  28. iB McFly

    Don’t any of you care about your afterlife? :(

  29. Alisher Kz

    Ok so! Ok so! Ok so! Ok so! Ok so! I love you Kylie soo much! you're perfect...I will see you.! It's my dream❤😘😍

  30. prita Elisabeth ID

    aavvv stormi you look so cutie

  31. Lily Good

    korey get along with all the sister except with kendell

  32. Magdalena Hinojos

    No sé si entiendas este comentario por qué avlo Español pero te amo❤️

  33. Ariana valesca González

    Alguien habla español

  34. sabela

    Disponibilize legenda para o Brasil

  35. lani cruz

    We love you guys too

  36. Hannah C

    She literally looks like a different person in every single costume/year

  37. LIL IZE

    Я впервые смотрю Кайли, но она такая милая. А её дочка просто ангел 😘

  38. Matthew T

    This is so pretty Also stormi: 6:51

  39. lani cruz


  40. unreal girl

    русские казахи украинцы вы гдеееееееееееее

  41. duh dabii

    Stormi grew up

  42. Sethuni Bandara

    I love stormi she is so cute

  43. GMoney Plays

    Kylie is a great mom to Stormi. You can tell by her manners.

  44. Oso panda xd

    le agradesco a mi profe de ingles, si no no entenderia nada xd

  45. Eymi Grg

    stormy is gonna be a minion this year,so excited to see her😂😁😊

  46. Sofia Abdala

    I love you Stormi ❤️

  47. Cathy Le-Roux

    The cutest and smartest little girl ❤️🤗

  48. lulu 99 peres


  49. Eloyse Oliveira

    Eu sou o comentário brasileiro q vc procura 😌

  50. Faith Momdog

    I love them drunk and sober 😂😂😂😂

  51. Nadezhda Rosenbaum

    Kim Possible💚

  52. G Cheema

    This girl has more clothes than me 😂

  53. Lancyda Luong

    Omg this was so cute to watch 😭😭😭

  54. Makayla Newbury-Stratford

    I love you Kylie💎

  55. Alexa Mariel


  56. Nisha Sharma

    I hope who ever girls reading may you look like kylie jenner 😂💛

  57. RPT_LS

    When u say ‘daddy’ who are you referring to.Travis or someone else

  58. bhavneet singh

    It’s Kylie: the plastic Girl

  59. Jaely Velazquez

    It's between the Barbie look and Material Girl! The one with all the sisters was epic. You should do Charlie's Angels, The Disney Princesses - with your Sisters, or Cher in the future.

  60. jeanne b

    So cute💗

  61. Anni Hernández

    I am barely learning English and I hardly understand a shovel🥺🥺🥺😭But I'm your number one fan

  62. EmmaElizabethhh

    “Oh..that is...very creative I love that!” Every parent to a toddler

  63. Martu Rugg

    Aca el comentario en castellano jajaja

  64. Faith Momdog

    Imagine Kylie Jenner liking your comment a dream or even seeing it like i would flip a table if she did i would throw up and screen shot it

  65. Vanessa Itzep

    Only faze rugs fans know he subbed to Kylie and followed her lmao

  66. imadisgustingrathead

    such a good mom!!!

  67. Jey Daud

    Lol spilling the vanilla is gonna be a tradition i see....

  68. pobeaxk plays

    Is no one talking about how amazing Kylie looks out of all the sisters she's my favorite just bc she's like a role model to me

  69. Thiara Ss

    Is beatiful !♡ Alguien que hable español me dice si está bien escrito

  70. toni mcculloch

    I love how Kylie did Kim makeup wow 🤩🤗❤️😍🥰🙏🎉🍾

  71. Windsong Moonchild

    Stormi has advanced social skills. Her temperament and ability to stay focused and listen to her mom and her common sense of teamplayer to achieve common goal shows she has a greater chance in succeeding in life (career or personal).

  72. Sarah C

    Kris is so cute. Can’t stand Kylie

  73. You need Namjisoos

    Kylie is the mom of my dream

  74. Juliannee C

    Awwww 🥰

  75. Username Momin0121

    Any1 wanna trade in save the world

  76. Cre8tive Mojo

    Such a cute video ❤️❤️❤️

  77. Samy Vieira

    Eu brasileira sem saber nada de inglês assistindo: 🤨🤡

  78. Jen

    Y’all can hate Kylie but at least she raised her child right

  79. Laura Lacroix

    This was the cutest thing ever bye

  80. Jillian Demro

    She got well more than 100 purses lol I love it💖