This channel is about competition at all levels and the sickness it takes to grind, improve, and win. People with the sickness usually hate losing more than winning and work to avoid it. This platform was born to showcase the trials and tribulations of extremely resilient individuals with the drive to compete at all costs. The channel will highlight people from several different competitive sports and businesses who have the sickness.

The first series of the channel will highlight the road to the highest level of bass fishing from the point of view of two friends/teammates with one goal in mind. In the future this platform will showcase a wide array of content from skilled individuals. Thank you for supporting and subscribing to The Sickness.

- Greg Mansfield/Joel Willert

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  1. Josh Calvin

    I have an anxiety attack every time Greg grabs the line at the boat... lol great content hope you can keep em buttoned up. Good luck to both of you

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: Now that I have seen that habit I have anxiety when I see it too! Been helpful to debrief this after the events and learn to stop doing that. Thanks for watching and the comment. Tight lines! 💪

  2. Cumberland Pro Lures

    Good luck this year 👊

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thank you!!

  3. Zachary Tomasic

    I found you while you were at Anchor Down RV resort in April 2021

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: Awesome! Thanks for tuning in. 👊

  4. Zachary Tomasic

    Great channel

  5. Zachary Tomasic

    I found you at Anchor Down RV resort

  6. rayminthecat

    Leave the net in the truck

  7. Jeff Kindy Fishing

    This is an awesome series guys! Love it! I’m living a dream through watching you guys fish. Greg you were on them. You got the big bites. In the boat or not, you got em dude!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks for the comment Jeff! 💪

  8. Marc Lenfant Fishing

    Another good one fellas! Greg I feel your pain! Ugh!!!

    1. Marc Lenfant Fishing

      @The Sickness Outdoors Thanks. Heading down to the Mighty Mississippi in the the morning. Pool 5a. Derby season starts at the end of the month and I've never been there before. Like you said. Gotta learn! Good luck the rest of the year!

    2. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: thanks Marc! 👊. Gotta learn from it and get those fish in the boat! Hope you catch em up this spring.

  9. 23kc

    super dope episode fellas!!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks! 👊

  10. Mike Birling

    Are Gloomis nrx casting rods coming vith a new model 2021

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      There might be a few different things in the works. We’ll all have to wait patiently and see what comes out.

  11. Mike Daley

    What happened to u guys? Where u been?

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Just prepping for a big year this season and the tournaments didn’t start till early March because we finished late last year. We have 13 more national derbies this year still and tons of content coming. Tight lines Mike!

  12. Mike Purse

    Feel bad for you losing those big fish. Don’t go bear hunting with a switch. Put the egg beaters up on tournament day.

  13. Tyler Fish

    22:00 I feel he played that fish way to long

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: True story, won’t do that again

  14. Twin City Fishing

    Good job boys!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors


  15. Dwayne ponder

    Hey guys really enjoying the video’s. Congrats on the finish for both of you!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks for the feedback and following along Dwayne!

  16. TheRecon1a

    My Dudes Greg and Joel cashing checks...Both in the top 15! Awesome! I always love when you guys whip out the Spinning Combos doing work! Great start to the season with NPFL. So are you guys just going to run NPFL or fish the Bass Master opens as well?

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      What’s up Dude?! We’re able to fish both series this year. All 9 opens and the NPFL. Tons of content coming this season. 👊

  17. Big Bass Bash Al McCulloch

    If your not following The Sickness Outdoors you must be well. Get Sick!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors


  18. B. K.

    You guys never let us down!! Awesome to see y'all end with a really good finish, & see the NPFL spread its inaugural wings!! In my opinion that tourney was run as professionally, & went as smoothly, as any of the big rival circuit tourneys out there. Thanks again for the awesome vid, & as always, excited & looking forward to the next one!!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Appreciate the comments and the support! Tight lines here this spring and agree on the NPFL.

  19. james mcdougal

    Good showing for the inaugural event, keep the momentum going

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks James, gotta keep sending it every chance we get!

  20. B-rock Outdoors

    Let’s go boys!!! AOY or bust!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors


  21. B-rock Outdoors

    Sickkkk into!!!!!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks B-rock!!

  22. James Lopez

    Way to brake that lake down, Big body of water , I like the full 3 days of fishing, Nice job guys !

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks James! Definitely a different strategy knowing we are guaranteed 3 full days.

  23. Byron Hendrix Fishing

    Way to go to guys. That’s my favorite lake. Took 43rd with just my trolling motor in the BFl in January after smoking a stump the day before.

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks Byron and great finish under the tough circumstances. There is plenty of stuff to hit out there for sure. Stay safe!

  24. Robby Robinson

    Happy to see you're filming the NPFL, can't wait to see the rest of the season....Great Job!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks Robby! We’re definitely excited to showcase the remainder of the season for all of you!

  25. Marc Lenfant Fishing

    Great video! Can't wait to see more!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks Marc!

  26. Linda King

    Go Greg

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: Thanks Linda! Great to see the King’s representing the comment section from back in KC.

  27. Scott Pugh

    Great showing guys. Keep on keeping on.

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks Scott!

  28. GrizzlySquatch

    This will be great but you guys should be in the elites. You both r so underrated.

    1. GrizzlySquatch

      @The Sickness Outdoors for sure, it’s definitely a process!

    2. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks for the confidence yo! 👊. We both appreciate it. Gotta qualify though and in the meantime, this group from the NPFL has made a home for us to grow. Thanks for watching us from the beginning.

  29. Leffler Melodie


  30. El Fisher Store

    Min 24 heart breaker.. But dude, didn't you play way too much with her? So sorry for that loss, but maybe you were a bit too stressed to properly handle that bass. :(

    1. The Sickness Outdoors


    2. El Fisher Store

      @The Sickness Outdoors Those lessons we never forget! Your channel is a bomb, thanks for all the pleasents and hard moments you record. As a tournament angler, is great to see a channel like this. Thanks for all the info! hope to meet you all one of these days. If any of you want to come fish to Mexico, please let me know.

    3. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: Played her way to much after she made that first big run and surprised me. Should have just horsed her after that. Another lesson learned the hard way. Tight lines yo. 💪

  31. B. K.

    Great to see you guys back for another season!! Been an avid follower of your channel since its inception, & look forward to every new episode. Awesome finish for Joel, and dang Greg....when you hooked that giant, I was on the edge of my seat, & said to myself, "Here he goes redemption!" But, just about threw up in my mouth watching that fish get off... Heartbreaker!! Also, great job to the both of you on good finishes at Eufaula. Hopefully, the next episode will highlight some of that tourney.

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Awesome man. Thanks for the comment and for following along! Next episode will be fully focused on the NPFL event and will be a new series called “the league”. 💪


    Greg is like a white walker with those blue eyes 😲

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: I feel like a white walker after three weeks on the road!! 🤣. Love that show

  33. Tristan Wood

    6.49 into the video i see a South African flag Awesome. Who is it? Anyone know.

    1. Tristan Wood

      We you love fishing you will do anything g to compete on the big stage. Well done on ur placing. Keep it up. Which model NRX where you using for the worm fishing ? Love the bend in that rod. Love the videos. Have a amazing season.

    2. The Sickness Outdoors

      Not sure, Crazy to think some of the guys come over internationally to try and compete and what they must have to go through.

  34. David S

    Great series! Was waiting for the first one to drop this year. Keep it up!

    1. Travis Gustavo

      @Carson Billy Trying it out now. Seems great so far :)

    2. Carson Billy

      not sure if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google xD

    3. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks David, we appreciate it. 💪

  35. Scott Mann

    Long time loyal viewer here in KC . I always enjoy watching and following you both in the BASS Opens and with the new NPFL ! Keep up the great videos !

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks Scott!! 💪

  36. Leave or Liberty Fishing

    Love this series awesome content cant wait for the next one !

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks for the tuning in and we appreciate it! 👊

  37. Sobi

    Awesome vid!!! I laughed, I cried, I cheered! Great edit and great fishin’!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Get on down to Alabama for a big belly Kelly!! 🎣

  38. Johnny Hackney

    Great videos. Good luck with the season!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks Johnny!👊

  39. B-rock Outdoors

    Joel’s guy day 2! Yes sirrr yes sirrrrr! Love it

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Loved it!!

  40. B-rock Outdoors

    Gotta love those rats!! 🐀

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      The old Florida staple 12 incher! 😱

  41. GrizzlySquatch

    Yessssir szn 2, ELITE SZN LETS GO

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Gotta make it happen! Thanks for watching and LG! 💪


    great video ! awesome fishing !👍🔥🍻

    1. The Sickness Outdoors


  43. Waldo

    Let’s goooooo finale

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Let’s Goo! 💪. We have a ton of content coming this year fortunately.

  44. Jasen Lawrence

    Keep it up! Tough to see the big ones get away! Question... are you not allowed to use a net when the fish is already at the boat?

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      No nets allowed. Better for the fish care and the excitement for fans as the fish tries to get landed.

  45. R Micoley

    Season Two baby

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Let’s go! 💪

  46. DJ Kralicek Music

    Found you because your truck was in front of my car at Walmart in Eufaula Alabama. Hope the fishing is good this year in Eufaula, Alabama.

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Awesome, Thanks for checking in!

  47. Byron Hendrix Fishing

    🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 finally the videos are back

    1. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      @The Sickness Outdoors way to go on Eufaula too. That’s my favorite lake took 43rd in the BFL back in January. And work on Lanier. If y’all are ever this way I’ll show y’all some sneak holes

    2. The Sickness Outdoors

      I know right?! Thanks for tagging along with us Byron. 💪

  48. TheRecon1a

    Joel Great job 17th place nice check and decent points. I saw one fish that looked like a 5 pounder but wasn't sure. Greg not one but 2 Biggens? Dude my heart felt for ya on that 6+pounde. I had the same thing happen to me last Sunday on my home lake it was a 4 pounder but same situation. You'll have a much better tournament next one. Btw guys it would be cool if you could have a after action wrap up of how you guys caught your fish. Just my opinion.

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks for the feedback dude, we will either start doing more of that or doing specific recap videos highlights keys techniques and baits. Big ones hurt for sure after working so hard to generate that opportunity. Oh well! On to the next. Great foe the team that Joel got out of the gate strong. Tight lines!👊

  49. Trenton Tbo

    I know that one hurt Greg

    1. Trenton Tbo

      @The Sickness Outdoors really enjoy this series, good luck at Smith fellas

    2. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: It sure did! 🤦‍♂️. Looking back on the footage, I certainly messed up trying to play that fish out instead of just horsing it in and landing it. On to the next one. Thanks for tuning in.

  50. Daniel Goss

    What Plano boxes are those trying to find them thanks

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Plano 3700 deep boxes.

  51. calvin thomas

    How do you all find campgrounds that allow truck campers? Also, that let you demount the camper?

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Not sure where you typically camp at but for the most part, people have been very accommodating at campgrounds. We have run into a couple times where they had restrictions but they usually made an exception once we explained what camper we had. Once in a while though we just had to find another RV campground close. With a little bit of calling around where we camp, we have always found a place that would love to have us.

  52. Jason King

    Have you tried a nrx 894? Looking at one for 1/2 oz texas rigs and 3/4;oz footballs.

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      I actually don’t have any of that model in the NRX. I do have multiple of the 894 FPR and JWR in the GLX and I love them for multiple techniques. Very versatile rods

  53. Mike Daley

    Are u guys not fiahing the opens this year? I havent seen any videos. What circuit are u guys going to fish if not?

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Hey Mike! We are fishing all nine bassmaster opens and the NPFL season one. Gonna be crazy. We are in Florida now starting to film and the get the series going for the year! Will have the teasers and first episode out here the first week on March. Appreciate you tuning in and hope you have a good year. 👊

  54. Niel Anderson

    You need a 2020 Metanium B on that 873c


      One of my favorite combos

  55. Ed Pelkey

    It seems simple? Thanks for the tips 🐟

  56. Hank Keene

    Just got behind you guys in Mississippi lookin good guys good luck and tight lines!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Awesome! Headed down to Florida to film the intros for our two series this season and kick off the first Bassmaster open on Harris in a few weeks. Just got settled into our campground in Louisiana for the night then off to Florida tomorrow. Thanks for saying what’s up after seeing us on the road!

  57. Tristan Wood

    What exprides you running? push ur rods more to the side you keep standing on them i cringe every time.

  58. Jay Ward

    It looks like you both finished in the top 12. Does that mean you guys are fishing the Elite Series in 2021? Awesome finish!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Hey Jay! Thanks for following. BASS awards several of the spots to each series like the central’s or northern’s and only a few spots to the entire year series so we finished just outside cut. Gotta make it in 2021!

  59. Tristan Wood

    Love the setups. Im trying to build myself a NRX arsnel. Gloomis baby.

  60. Tristan Wood

    Love the rigs you guys have. What NRX models are you using ?

  61. David McGinnis

    I live in Cranes Creek on Hartwell. Next time you fish her look me up. Tight lines!

  62. DFB Outdoors

    I joined striker this year super stoked 👊

  63. Chase Barrett

    I love your videos bro, i just passed you on 13 in the blacked out honda😂

  64. Jack Halls

    Hey bud, Watching with my 7 year old foster son. He said he’s going pro!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks for tuning in! Can’t wait for 2021 season to kick off here and tight lines

  65. Daniel T

    Hey Joel, enjoy your footage. what do you use to mount your camera to the windshield?

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      💪. We both use the standard gooseneck from GoPro or the knock off Suptig model that is a little longer.

    2. Daniel T

      @The Sickness Outdoors thanks for the reply, how do you plan to attach the gooseneck mount? And which gooseneck are you planning? And wish you lurkers during NPFL

    3. The Sickness Outdoors

      Appreciate it Daniel! I just used a suction cup go pro mount on my windshield this year, but I’m going to be running a gooseneck style mount next year.

  66. Serious Angler Podcast

    Big fan of the song choice

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks! 💪

  67. Fysh

    How much $$$ do you think you spent this year or plan to spend next year to compete? I realize Greg's company is sponsoring/underwriting a lot of your costs. My guess is $70K each if you include monthly truck, boat and camper and payments, storage (Percentage of the KS mortgage pmt.), boat equipment, travel costs, entry fees, fishing equipment, mechanic services, and misc. I wish there was a way it could be made more affordable for the average guy to compete at the level you guys are at. It has been great watching this first season and good luck in 2021!

    1. Fysh

      @The Sickness Outdoors No doubt you've worked hard! Good luck in '21 to both of you!

    2. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: It’s expensive for sure if you run new stuff. However, the sport is littered with successful fisherman who made something from nothing. Much like I did starting a company from scratch. Where there is a will, there’s a way! Hope 2021 is a good year for you all. 👊

  68. Rippin Lips Inc.

    Gittr Done this season!#rippinlipsinc

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Hope we rip enough lips to make that run!

  69. R Micoley

    Love the choice of song. Good luck, I'll be following you guy's

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: Thanks! It was fun editing to it for sure!

  70. TheRecon1a

    Mad props to both you guys...You both finished top 12 AOY points awesome. Are you guys invited or Involved in the panels or sponsors kiosk/Tents at Classic coming here to Texas now in June?

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks! And yes we should be there. Gonna be hot, gonna have to bring some shorts and a tank top. 🤣

  71. Fishing The 262

    I still think BASS made a poor judgement call by not rewarding the guys that fished all the opens. It was a huge financial commitment to do so and should have been rewarded in my opinion. Looking forward to 2021 regardless. Hopefully you guys can make the Elites AND take home a pile of NPFL cash!

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks! Would agree and hope that BASS will take a look at their qualification process at some point. Seems like they could also innovate and find a better solution for Elites that don’t re-qualify. Regardless, if we put a few of the key bites in the boat we missed we make it and we got a ton of experience. Gonna send it this year and hopefully make it! Thanks again for watching and tight lines.

  72. Morgan Swisher

    What campground were you staying at?

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Yo, I think it was called Hidden Cove

  73. Jeff Salakar

    What is the specs on the truck? I am having a hard time finding one the can accommodate the payload. Looked at two trucks 2020 Silverado 3500HD 4x4 dually High Country. Payload was 5300. 2020 Ford F450 4x4 dually Lariat. Payload was 4800.

    1. Chem Before The Storm

      The f350 has more payload than the 450.... 6500lbs

    2. The Sickness Outdoors

      GM: We actually sold the truck and camper here after three years! I know that we were right at payload capacity and that the tires are usually the weak spot. So we upgraded to 19.5 continental semi tires and kept them at 110 psi.

  74. Ernie Rodriguez

    That was an excellent video Joel , your content and information is really on point. I wish you all the worlds luck out there. Safe safe and tight lines

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Thanks Ernie! We always appreciate the support and feedback!

  75. KansasYouthBASS

    You all have a bait sponsor yet? If not check out some of my bait making videos. Abby has my number if you'd like to talk about next season.

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      We’ll be sure to check them out!

  76. Macdaddy8124U

    Literally..... cut his hooks off! lol.

  77. CGreat Things

    Do you feel like because you fished a drop shot so much, that you missed out on bigger bites? I watched all of your tournament vids and it definitely seemed like the average quality was smaller on the DS than other techniques you two used.

    1. The Sickness Outdoors

      Great question! A drop shot is definitely a confidence bait for me and seems to get bit when many other techniques don’t. I would honestly prefer to power fish because I do believe it does and can produce the biggest bites, but it seemed like each fishery we were at for the Opens this year was a grind and just getting the bites and opportunities to put a limit in the boat is what mattered. Although we always fish to win, trying to qualify for the Elites is all about consistency and getting the maximum amount of points each event. Hopefully this next seasons schedule stays put and I won’t need to rely so much on a spinning rod/reel.

  78. Sobi

    Awesome season men 👊🤘

  79. Jason Willert

    Love watching your vids fellas. So well put together. P.S. Mango White Claws are legit...don't care who u are

  80. Joshua Ihrig

    Dang dude finished between my 2 favorite hammers. Awesome job.