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  1. gdjtyhgfd jhrddv

    0:39 girls-for-you.online

  2. C B

    Thanks bud

  3. Vert N Dirt

    Brilliance wins the day on both those runs. Experience showed

  4. DanFan1990

    5:25 what a gap he has big balls

  5. Bike Life with Rob

    No rocks! Nice preview, media standing around doing nothing like normal..lol

  6. James Adams

    Greg is so good he finds time to super tuck on a gnarly downhill track 😆

  7. Pietro Congiu

    5:18 Minnaar sending it into orbit😧

  8. To mZ

    What Goat?

    1. A.Z.K.

      Greatest Of All Time

  9. Nyoni Comedy

    Tour De France. kgup.info/get/la2CeYWXk494i5k/video

  10. Nyoni Comedy

    Tour De france

  11. Tricia Mcintyre

    Greg's back👍🚴

  12. Doom Slayer

    Greg is back🤘

  13. SendIt Sylas

    The GOAT

  14. Rémi Brn


  15. Roro_ Ultimate

    C'est juste la reine It is the quenn bro

  16. One Unit Of Chicken Produce

    omg love it

  17. A'rbit: Gang


    1. One Unit Of Chicken Produce

      good boi

  18. Kyle Hewitt

    lets goooooooo

  19. Legend_198

    No views 5 likes nice KGup

    1. J.P. Sayer

      Greg is moving so fast in the video, that he essentially has transcended space and time. Its basically like you didnt even watch anything at all!

    2. Legend_198

      @One Unit Of Chicken Produce Hi! I like chicken

    3. One Unit Of Chicken Produce


  20. Race580

    Love watching red bull 😁

  21. henrique neves


  22. KRX_Force causefu

    6 sek

  23. Chris Moore

    Sick track... loam for days and Gee's insane!! Imagine narrating your own run travelling at UCI pace that clearly. I cant talk and walk upstairs at the same time haha 🤘

  24. Ryan Campbell

    What a guy! One of the best downhill world champions and he is still giving advice to others trying to help them improve even though he wants to win. By the way your red bull hard-line winning run was awesome. (2015 wasn't it?)

  25. Federico Their Only Portrait

    This video is a joke! Selft supported with a cook & horses, REALLY? The road was never lost for locals, there's even a big new bridge right off-camera to cross Apurimac river:(

  26. FOWST

    Music ruined it. Mickey mouse vocalizer just isn't my thang.

  27. Karl Freedom

    8:08 the guy short on the was totally ripped off... balls might get cold

  28. Darren Williams

    Go GEE

  29. J S

    This track looks AMAZING. So glad downhill is on. Gee slaggin the media was great

  30. David Bachlechner

    halo kil

  31. James Crutchfield

    Suspected the title "How much are the top MTBers actually worth?" was offering more than the video could deliver, but I also expected Red Bull not to stoop to this level of click bate. There's some interesting stuff in this video, that I haven't heard before in 20+ years following and being part of the sport, you just didn't need that title Red Bull, shame on you! ;-)


    Are those hard tails?

  33. KotaBarrel

    How do you get into mountain bike trailing? Looks so amazing to do and so fun

  34. Shyam Kishore


  35. Shyam Kishore


  36. Ben Groen

    Masks are for kooks

  37. Juhana Ritakorpi

    hyvä isi

  38. Sanderson2Orr

    Thank's Gee! That was awesome!

  39. Ian Burrows

    Welcome to loser

  40. D

    This woman has big jugs. I respect that.

  41. STRA _

    I'm optimus prime send this message to all of aotobots across the galaxxy.

  42. Quinton Dekock

    Imagine how many times he had been injured before doing a successful stunt

  43. derrick herder

    Oh damn the reporter is thiccc 🤤

  44. Avicii is my god

    Lots of love from Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, India 🙂🙏💜.

  45. Bike.Is. Life

    best track ever


    The sounds of his hubs is like singing bees

  47. finch1410

    Wow, I'm not usually one to comment but great job Lauren Smith! Informed and relevant questions regarding form/season/standings showing a genuine love and knowledge for DH - lock her in for 2021 RB!

  48. Nyoni Comedy

    Tour De France kgup.info/get/la2CeYWXk494i5k/video

  49. Larejowo Gowes

    Riders best

  50. Jared Greger

    Can't talk and breath man. Just ride

  51. Backcountry Films

    Brendog got SNUBBED!!

  52. Jamil Wynn

    Why max fredriksson didnt't compete?

  53. Craig Morton

    Great preview, track looks fun, I might even get down this one in one piece! Gee is great, but it would be even better with Claudio in tow!

  54. Riskhemlang Syiemlieh

    Wow very nice

  55. takemydryfly

    Always hard to tell how steep it really is, but this looks very rideable and not that challenging - i guess at full gas it becomes harder

  56. Richard Luscombe

    That was epic 👍

  57. Daniel Turkovic

    Could have let them have a breath

  58. Jack Hopson


  59. Aubrey Thomas

    Good to see some Loose Lips Warner making an appearance. That mans natural "charm" is hilarious

  60. Emory Rogers

    Thanks Josh. Say I'm sorry to your skeleton

  61. damansarajaya88

    Not sure what this is but charging in at full speed 😆 you guys are awesome. RESPECT!

  62. CA uMad

    this deserves way more clout

  63. Bo J.

    My main thought is just give the riders a chance to catch their breaths before doing the interview. They're all gasping like fish and probably just trying to give acceptable answers to finish the interview


    Bro how the hell can u do a run like that and still be able to talk. Yer sick track , you make it look so easy 👍

  65. Bo J.

    Tracey Hannah sounds mega over it tbh. And I think I get it, man this tour is ROUGH

  66. Michael Lee

    redbull : puts loic bruni in the thumbnail loic bruni : never actually in the video

  67. MarginWalker

    Lauren did all right, but where is Eliot? Plenty of other Americans there, why isn't he? Also, #justiceforkerr

  68. Hatchet Harry

    go Luca!

  69. samnelso

    Cabirou's chromed helmet is dope

  70. joyce lima


  71. samarth patil


  72. Facundo Peralta

    i´d love to watch a hartail in that track xD

  73. That one Nerf bullet you lost

    I coming straight from Pinkbike Academy, they shot their final photos on this exact trail! What a coincidence!

  74. Cheese Pizza

    What did I miss ? Why is Tracey retiring from DH

  75. James Capps

    This vid is better than Any shitty sidemen out there MTB needs marketing and bikes need to be cheaper from a video editor and marketer.

  76. 친구들즐거운

    its so sad i cried😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  77. jack ransier

    Let people to post their qualifying run