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  1. Skippy the Alien

    i remember Peyton's rookie year like it was yesterday. He was absolutely right, those Colts teams were effing terrible. But I always remember one of my friends told me after his first season that Peyton is going to get better and better every year. More than 20 years later and I can say without a doubt that he and Brady are the two greatest QBs to ever play the game in my lifetime

  2. Vinny Da Boi

    Chargers: let's pick Eli Me: my bolts will be UNSTOPPABLE Eli: traded to the giants Me: I hate the giants so much

  3. Injured Block-Party

    No one has bigger regrets than the *49ers*

  4. Nino F

    micd up is the greatest

  5. Thats_greenayyy

    Mikey from shameless 😂

  6. Ghgjcij Fdvyhuy

    And the rest is history ... Aron show them who's boss

  7. Injured Block-Party

    One of the greatest... no matter what haters say.

  8. Logan Rue

    Not tryna say anything but he was born in July 1979 and it say that was in 1980 which he would be one and he looks like 8

  9. laitis vi

    Its like he came to talk and he kicked ass on the "brakes" when the ball was moving. He basically played his whole career with lose chinstrap so he could do the thing he loved, talk. And play football on the side.

  10. SimplyLotus

    Nah, just white people.

  11. Harry Marshall

    #4 was an illegal forward pass, this list is illegitimate.

  12. 12LOOK4 2FAST

    Bo Jackson ran a 40 in 4.1 how is he not the fastest

  13. 15ironreaver

    Damn the way Tom Brady says "Malcolm". Fuuhhhhck imagine how Malcolm Butler felt. Crazy.

  14. ShockzTP

    Man franky frank

  15. Shiv SIn


  16. leroy jenkins

    Way back when they didn't make fire extinguishers

  17. usc5442

    I hate that everybody claims this is what lost us the game but nobody is talking about the defense not coming up big with one minute left in the game.

  18. Ricardo TheSoloist Boereau

    This is the best country in the world, trust me I know🇺🇸✊🏾💯

  19. Rhett Hottle

    Gotta put romo above number 9... he’s been with a couple 10s 😂😂😂

  20. Brad Sully

    Trash men: Bankrupting American cities one at a time.

  21. awesomejudd

    all these players getting ready to get hit in football all the news reporter sweating sweating because there preparing for bill belichks answers

  22. obbor4

    RIP to one of the all time greats.

  23. Mr Moncherz

    always keep a super soaker close

  24. Insert CleverName

    He's one of those guys (Steve Smith also comes to mind) that if you're a fan of the other team, you hate him for three hours, then admit that it was fun watching him.

  25. desmond wahab

    Hell yeah Dan Marino belongs on this team. The man was kidnapped and nearly murdered by Ray Finkle.

  26. IM_NOT_A_BOT 404

    And then they got destroyed byyyy TB

  27. Orange Lamp

    Dak never told dez what to do like romo was doing

  28. Aiden Kennedy

    1:45 hahahaha shots FIRED

  29. bosshoggish1

    Frank The Tank! I remember when me and my boy Andrew went to open practices when you and Alex got drafted. All the hype was around Alex of course, but I remember looking at the program and my boy Andrew says, " watch out for Frank Gore, he's coming out of Miami with injuries but..."Boy was he right! What a career!

  30. Cameron Garza

    This trade is responsible for not only the cowboy dynasty but for boosting Jerry’s ego. When they started winning he starts taking all the credit for those Super Bowls. In a sense yes it’s true but he’s been on one since lol

  31. CezrDaPleazr

    Look who was protesting M.Vick.

  32. Drïppy _Räý

    Simply put Frank Gore is a Legend of this game !! 💯

  33. DahPeetahLee


  34. Gun Monkey

    I still say that Warner won that SB with the Cards. Pitt’s touchdown catch was incomplete, period. The receivers second foot never hit the ground, it landed on top of his other foot. Greatest miscarriage of justice since the no call on the Rams against NO and the “no catch” call against Dallas verses GB.

  35. Salvatore Micciulla

    Classic and best throwing mechanics in a Quarterback.

  36. Zachary Talaeai

    Bro this man deserves a ring and the 98 Vikings too

  37. Maximus Sheka

    Oh how the turn tables......

  38. Money Mike

    Todd had one job 🤣🤣😂

  39. sedric lopez

    Top 10 defense. May be top 5 soon.

  40. PogYou

    I don't care what anyone says, if your defense can't stop an opposing team from getting 75 yards in 60 seconds you deserve to lose. Even if they took a knee and ran the clock down to ~25 seconds, the Falcons defense probably still would have given up a field goal in 25 seconds.

  41. Jaden Orton

    I think it’s nonsense that he’s not widely known as frank the tank

  42. Cartel Nines


  43. Hyre 9

    5:40 LOL 😂 I’m crying

  44. Hyre 9

    Ar u a buccaneers fan now cause of toM

  45. ARKHAMxMaverick

    "From Boston College, Mike Mammula....right Mike Mamula from Boston College." 16:22

  46. U.S. Paratroops

    Perfect example of a hero....NFL...US Army Ranger !!! God Bless you Pat !!!

  47. michael borie

    Next time he gives a speech, he should end it as "I'm Tom Brady, 199th pick of the 2000 draft".

  48. jayfiver rides

    Great video! Thanks for this.

  49. Sally Sally


  50. Sally Sally


  51. Racer Z

    Yah Vance!

  52. Dribblegod John

    Who’s here now that he’s on the ravens

  53. Amir Khan

    I believe if you’re a fan of a sports team. You should know its history. I’m a Cowboys fan and I thank Herb for helping them become champs! I wish you could have given these current Cowboys a pep talk! They need it! They’re losers! RIP Herb!

  54. Green Flip

    Imagine if the Saints finally win the Superbowl again in 2020

  55. Techn9cian123

    I understand the tuck rule and I’m fine with it. However, after moving his arm forward, he double clutches. Fumble.

  56. Tom

    It may be meaningless...but that makes the effort even better

  57. Real Matic

    He really loved the game..... you gotta respect that 💯

  58. jake the goat

    the vikings losses were on the saints but that nfc championship against the rams is actually one the worst no calls in the history of sports

  59. Prcject

    Oh how much I miss this cowboys team 😔

  60. Jo Bckts

    Eagles & Chiefs have since Won SB. But, todays NFL is Bush league compared to pre Manning Era.

  61. chriss

    dang i really miss being about 8 or 9 and saying "dez caught it" how i miss those old days when i used to watch football with my great grandpa he sadly passed away but this video brings back so many memories <3

  62. CK - 16

    The Drive still hurts man, STILL HURTS!!

  63. JR Rogers

    I love Fitzgerald smiling while talking about how he could have been a hero and won the Super Bowl for them

  64. _ Real1ne

    Texas wanted those refs heads on a platter and still do.

  65. zytrik

    That’s why we call them failcons

  66. Aarav Reddy

    Atlanta: A city of choking.

  67. Mark Baranyk

    “4 pm should be dinner time, not game time!” -Frank Gore gridiron heights season 4

  68. CK - 16

    The Drive still hurts

  69. Ted Mosby

    i like how belichicks feet don’t even touch the ground.

  70. ES1 Clan

    We love dk and I have his jersey

  71. MrWhiteVzla

    The algorithm recommended this video and I find it funny how American Football players talk about how you have to be tough and have no manners on the field. Then it shows them being respectful and courteous

  72. Michael

    John Madden: I think they oughta run the clock out. Tom Brady: And that's when I took it personally.

  73. Eric S

    i remember him beating my Auburn tigers in 97 sec championship

  74. Dizzy Iverson

    Man ballin like he got gambling debts lol

  75. 2k drakoo

    Who here 2020 watching this beacuse cowboys suck this year

  76. Rudesback


  77. Fixz


  78. Walter Theel

    Bears packers Colts Patriots Those two should be one and two

  79. Gavin G

    Welcome to the Ravens 😈

  80. CATO

    It's a travesty Chip Kelly happened to Lesean McCoy man he was the best running back we ever had. Ever.