An Amazon original motoring series with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

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  1. bannedfahim Epic blogger

    Better than BBC and Clarkson agree

  2. Luke McEllin

    No dice

  3. Bart Simpsonn

    i know this aint true, but haltet die Fresse und kommt drauf klar, es ist nur ein Witz!

  4. TheFreakonhell

    Mr. Wilman complaining he couldn't get into the studios for the cuts... "Dear Andy, we don't need any of these, cut into a kinda short thing. Just put the diffent records together and release a special special, which is almost as long, as the whole trip has been! This series is being watched by real fans and yes, we would love to watch a days-long-special, thanks!"

  5. Farbod Harandi Fasih

    Watching grandtour trailer untill it realeses Day 3

  6. kooli achraf

    Why Tunisia is there ?

  7. fero king

    Ist das nicht Stuttgart

  8. gasmask

    Safety Car


    James: see you there Car: hold on 🤣🤣

  10. Haha 99

    Father, Son and the Holy Spirit

  11. Oru's and Or nots

    1 year later............

  12. Andrew Riggs

    Christ on a bike!

  13. Khaled A

    I think the director getting rusty, check 0:45 no grass but 0:46 oh there is grass. 😑

  14. Bill J.

    “We’ll all be fine if we spot a Jaguar, everything will be ok.” - Hammond being optimistic as his friends and colleagues are throwing rocks at each other’s cars. 😂😂

  15. R.R.R.

    Nice CCP propaganda dude

  16. I'm Interested In Apathy

    cringe barbados

  17. Sophie

    This trailer has made my Christmas 10x better. Can't wait to see this episode!!! I love these idiots!

  18. Luke Z

    FSO Polonez sound familiar to me 🤣🥰

  19. Hatfield Photography

    Amazonshitcarshow I love that lmao

  20. Kuba Pacula

    Let's pump more oil into fcukin' fossils 😘

  21. SpudSupreme

    Mada *gas* *car*

  22. Robert

    It’s passed nov 18...

  23. Edu

    Did they put tracks on a focus, and offroad a Continental Gt??

  24. Saqib Ali

    I got 8 of it

  25. Mario Darnadi

    that Baguette looks bomb as fuck ngl

  26. Seba

    RIP the baguette

  27. Nathan88

    The real criminal here is Jeremy for having throw this baguette . And because I'm French I can't accept this

  28. LORD D. #1

    Holy *Fucking* Shit.

  29. E. Frankenheep

    Soo much smoke. Don't loon good at all.

  30. Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice

    "If that is the future, I am so ready!" - beep... "please find nearest charging station... approximate charging time, 12 hours."

  31. delbroox

    Seeing Clarkson actually surprised and saying "I've never seen anything like that. I've never seen anything move as quickly as that" kinda shocked me...It was a big moment

  32. Gox Gox

    Комшије морам да вам признам да сам у исто време одушевљен Римац аутомобилима и оним шта тај генијалац прави и љубоморан што ми у Србији (још) немамо ништа слично...свака част!!!п.с. лепши ми је концепт 1 од двојке...

  33. Dart Nikita

    Кларксон явно Академика не смотрит, бентли может в оффроад только на гусенницах. :)

  34. British Loli

    Amazon shit car show

  35. Bantip

    Best ad for Madagascar Tourism ever

  36. gamer 2030

    Please come to Iran for a special

  37. Correct Chain

    Fake news!! Fake video!! Fake data!!!

  38. Edward Kwak

    Hope no more Rimacs were harmed during the filming process.

  39. Soheib Rahrah

    Je suis français et je n’approuve pas le fait de jeter ce sandwich, la nourriture c’est sacré

  40. Fauzaan Sharieff

    They didn't lay enough emphasis on ALA, the main component of the Performante. That's not something you'd appreciate from the Grand Tour

  41. JackstandJohnny

    The world needs this so bad right now.

  42. MrConminer

    I'm from Germany and I was visiting relatives in Turkey. Some night 3am or smth casually sitting on the balcony we could see a traffic light and literally no one would stop there like "it's empty why should I wait" . I was shocked and explained them that I would wait until it's green even if it's 3 am an no other car in sight. They didn't want to believe me 😂

  43. DM87™️

    1:00 proper full on belly laugh 😂😂

  44. J K

    Clarkson has some nerve yelling at Hammond after what he did to May.

  45. Donger

    China is OP and it's only getting stronger... Needs nerf imo.

  46. DIY Dad

    There are german germans and there are californian germans...

  47. Geronimo Apache

    Ha ........... Ha ......... Ha Beaucoup very trop top drôle And rosbif police ? 💂🏼‍♂️ +🫖

  48. Zaid Khan

    Hammond is that one dad that makes everything embarrassing for you when your friends are over but you still love him anyway.

  49. KTMaltraz

    QUOI ?! Le sandwich… Quelle indignité. On ne pourra décidément jamais s'entendre avec les Anglais, ils manquent trop de manières.

  50. Alan Clark

    I would hate to drive in China, their death rate per million cars is enormous. See car crash videos from there to see how unbelievably bad their driving is.

  51. Johangv

    Great. Now I have to pee. Thanks alot, KGup!!

  52. Martin Schofield


  53. S Ahsan Shah Bukhari

    10 by 10 yes Im a Top Fan

  54. John La Monte

    Fawlty towers

  55. David Day

    Skeletrex must be stopped

  56. aiboyswich

    Bruh I love how they put tip ex on them

  57. TheGolfHead

    0:15 first gear?

  58. Zvonimir Kuna

    I just want to clarify that the "Rimac" in question is the C1. I hate to be that guy but it feels like people are starting to call it by the manufacturer's name like they did with Bugatti. That's all.

  59. Bob the Hat King

    2:50 Is that really Jeremy tho or did they just put some guy

  60. Pablo Alonso

    I have tears in my eyes <3

  61. Non binary

    Looks so scriped not real

  62. pinkpantherer

    Fuck me this is boring

  63. Это Реально Интересно

    Ну наконец то. Так долго, что я уже забыл сколько жду эту серию.

  64. Erik

    Anyone Coming back, just to remember these times Too?

  65. MrStephenRGilman

    In my headcanon, there was a production assistant out-of-frame who caught that glorious sandwich.

  66. George Huang

    lol. Proudly Made in China!

  67. SonnyTheGamer


  68. Martin Stanev

    From which episode is it?

  69. no one

    just hope dont smash captians slows face in screen makes harder wach sauasge party , unlikable , not like im going watch amazon ptime

    1. Cameron Holt

      Woah there! Put the crack down and step away from the pipe!

  70. tango tastic

    is it just me that wants to go there now?

  71. Prasanth Bala

    The 497 dislikes are sponsored by the French Highway Patrol :)

  72. Brian Paulson

    Modern 3 Stooges .

  73. JTheGame Coster

    I'm so so excited it's been long time since we haven't had one of these for a long time I'm so excited

  74. TS classics and academics

    Yeah! 🤟

  75. madhavi v

    if richard whoopsie hammond was driving this thing there woul be bloody helicopters

  76. nuggistrike

    I really need that bagett !

  77. Seriously Phrasing

    This will never not be funny.

  78. C G42

    I think I would like to meet Germany's 13th best horse rider.

  79. jonathon rockall

    i disliked cause he threw the sandwich away

  80. sudarsha n

    Legends starts his journey again