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  1. WikiHowFrog 903

    Never has a video been so accurate. It's not too bad

  2. Paul Mcgovern

    People tell me I'm funny-thank you fate-but I know I'm the end of a toenail compared with this brilliance.

  3. UsTheMusicTV


  4. therzook

    6mln? Jews or Poles (only 20% of country population) pfff, check on good old commies and TODAYS commies, china still have a network ow work camps for ugars (muslim minority in china), russia killed 15-20mln their own countryfolks in 30 yrs in their workcamps network, they also starved to death 5mln Ukrainians in couple of years, mao oh pathetic 50mln? Holocaust is just small episode compared to exploits of commies...

  5. Chris Smailes

    Thinly veiled homophobia.......

  6. ornatedogg

    I got feet but I'm not a foetus

  7. xanasantos1

    That was soooo wrong.. 😬 you’re brave 🤣

  8. Mikkel Emil Hee Andersen

    I have loved him since I saw him in "Black Books"

  9. TheMeanAdmin

    Dara's got perfect mug for impersonating Chuggy...

  10. TheMeanAdmin

    That translator is a trooper!

  11. Lady Dyke Vader

    As a Buddhist I love the Tibet joke

  12. Loreta Mcquillen

    This guy is one of my favorite comedians. Sorry no one is clever or funny enough to use this expecting to be entertaining. Ego check dude....no one.

  13. Edward Teach

    Sounds like the Afrikaans Irish and Scottish have something in coming hating on the English

  14. Lone Ranger 22

    God I love Bill Bailey. And if there was a God I would hope it was Bill Bailey.

  15. Margaret Irish

    I think it's wonderful she has such confidence with her body size!.. wish I had the same~

  16. Shatner's Bassoon

    The title makes it sound like Ricky's fighting all these people.

  17. James H. Jenkins

    I used to be the lead singer of a Speedmetal band in the 80's, and his riffing on deathmetal at 7:10 had me pissing myself.

  18. Dr. Biz

    Old Stewart is slipping these days 😢

  19. L Lawliet

    Relax guys, it's just the rats!

  20. mattmoose

    Fucking genius my love, but I swear to god your videos should come with a public health warning: "Please before viewing this make sure you have a) gone to the toilet, b) are sitting down and not attempting to manipulate or carry objects and c) have tissues ready with which to wipe the constant stream of tears of laughter." Thanks, Bill, thanks so much. Or should that be "mench"?

  21. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen

    As they say, there should be no topic off grounds to humour.... RG proves this!

  22. TheBobcatlover

    I got balls but I'm not a baller

  23. Wonderpaard Fred

    This is like the 10th time you posted this..... Still gonna watch it though.

  24. Breiterbytheday

    Am Deutsch muss er aber noch üben. :-)

  25. Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon


  26. Shadow Of Wiggin

    I love this dude. That aside, not to ruin his joke but didn't the Nazis find Anne Frank(and she died in a concentration camp)?

    1. Nick 51

      He meant they would’ve found her faster

  27. Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon

    That sound: "GUY's" !

  28. Bear Moth Owl

    Cockney marathon... xD xD

  29. Vamsi Muddada

    first comment

  30. Maja Nielsen

    What panda, with a bit of self respect, would shag in front of a crowd!?!?. Only shows the panda has 2 criterias! Freedom to shag in peace and a will of their offspring to live in a free world

  31. Herr Unsinn

    I would suggest an even better alternative to Heavy Metal. I condend any song sounds even better sang in a Sylvester the Cat voice.

  32. TheChapelx

    Kinda wish he did a full medieval punk song

  33. Joe Kurtz

    Just for turning up for Sunday schoo.l The participation medal ( book) of the times circa1965.

    1. Joe Kurtz

      They cast me as Pontius Pilot for the Easter play in our auditorium for catechism class in 66' I washed my hands & sealed His fate.

  34. Dan Zehner

    I want Bill's recipe for poached phoenix. Good gracious, that had me in stitches.

  35. Daniel Griff

    oooh... Rikki destroys a child's book about Noah...

  36. Tony Brenton

    Totally with him on growing up to admire those who relish not fitting in. It didn't stop me wanting to for a while as a child but made me realise the etrordinary is often done by people who aren't normal. The other one the Dalai Lama's quote made me think of is the expression 'Fighting for peace is like fornicating for virginity.' One of the words is often swapped out but this one your kids can say.

  37. Team Tempest

    Ever notice that dogs are male or female and even when you cut the balls off it's still male.

  38. Team Tempest

    This man is not funny.

  39. Team Tempest

    Ever notice that dogs are male or female and even when you cut the balls off it's still male.

  40. Team Tempest

    Ever notice that dogs are male or female and even when you cut the balls off it's still male.

  41. Rachel Ring

    Love Joe.

  42. Film Toppings

    Anyone else concerned that this was in their recommended?

  43. Paul Curran

    Watch this and maybe rethink some things......kgup.info/get/f6KnqW3IgpqoaZ0/video

  44. Online Work

    Absolutely the funniest man still alive

  45. JC Denton

    Super cringe listening to him joke about Death Metal. I understand it's a joke but his jokes are a testment to his very limited understanding of Death Metal.

  46. aebll

    "i don't mean that in a bad way", after delivering the greatest sarcastic analogy i have heard in a long time 😂

  47. Karin og Jan Hansen

    Bloody hilarious!

  48. Pambudi Wardhani

    Are you also watching this, Rachel?

  49. uiu uiu

    Ten Masked Men did the whole metal versions of pop music

  50. Joe Kurtz

    Ee's s omnipresent, but no match for The Spanish🇪🇦 Inquisition

  51. Justwantahover

    Any song sounds better in bossa.

  52. Igor Mokin

    I got meat but I'm not a meter. I got peat but I'm not a Peter.

  53. Maurice Dorreboom

    @ 8:04 Anyone remember these goons? kgup.info/get/eKual6ualKd3Yos/video

  54. Valen

    Give anything to have a chat with Dylan, just about how Fucked life is and wallow in our mutual misery.

  55. Joe Kurtz

    Deadly Vegan🦍's who'da thought......

  56. Helena Roßmy

    Omfg butchered our language, but it’s soooo funny! 😂🤣

  57. ZephyrFluous

    Total bullshit, act of god clauses, not only should insurance be pretty much focused on those things above anything else, but Ricky is right, if these insurance companies truly want to use god as some sort of shitty way of squeezing out of paying up, then they should at least represent god the way the religious people do instead of just appropriating it

  58. Stan Gosling

    This is years old

  59. M. AnGeLoz

    You're perfect. MY god

  60. defenestrator12

    I think i heard Jimmy Carr in the audience at 3:10 8D

  61. Dev For Fun

    i just discovered im british, not bad

  62. Ozy Mandias

    That guy looks like Jack and Kyle from Tenacious D had a baby.

  63. Kratos Greatos


  64. William Underhill

    Campy Chris and the science bloke are on a boy's night lol

  65. bigkev1690

    I got gin but I’m not a ginger


    You are trying to figure out imosional phycopath? Lol

  67. TheVpr


  68. Ryan Antran Xia

    He's brilliant, isn't he!

  69. Rick Troutner

    Recycling xfm content for his standup

  70. Arkeeny

    I love how Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard have very similar comedy styles and story telling. Sometimes I get confused on who I am listening to because they also sound the same.

  71. Francisco Ramirez

    Aight not my cup of tea. But interesting that he went for it.

  72. TreeAttacks StupidWoman

    He just have to say "what?" and i'm dying.

  73. Beakford Flappering

    ah so "anarchic politics" is the "sceince of governing is it"?? ... you relentless atheeotard funny tho. give you that

  74. Warp Runner

    Those Americans he was talking about, they were all in the street last year XD

  75. Combatfoo 2000

    Er naw - ye Ken

  76. Eralen00

    I would 100000% listen to a medieval punk band

  77. Larco D

    I've a pa' but I'm not a pasta.