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  1. Petey SD

    Dude got aired out

  2. Keffi daDon

    They worked pretty stealthily? Whole face on camera🤔

  3. BarSports

    I felt sorry for the store owner at 1st. But to say them 3 chains are worth 15,000, he's a crook also. Jacked up the prices so he can get insurance money.


    Black cop beats hispanic man


    Go Jags!

  6. Alihikaua 808

    Weather if the chains are real or fake it’s still stealing by the three stooges!

  7. Mean While

    I hope you go to jail..damn traitorous fool.

  8. Guidingmule

    I recieve SSI and my children recieve there payment however I have not recieve my patment. I recieved the first stimulus payment plus being disable American I should recieve the 2nd stimulus payment. The IRS toll says it don't have enough infomation or I was not getting one even though I'm post to recieve one. I called the IRS helpline, However they can't help because they can not take infomation or look up information. So the IRS has no set plan to aid the American citizens to recieve there 2nd Stimulus package. According to the disability act, all US Governmnet employees are to help resolve issues for the disable. There a refusal to transfur disable citizens to a agent that could help resolve issues is a direct breach of the disability act. I bet you will not report this at all.

  9. raymond bispott

    What happened to the flu all of last year.??????????????????????

  10. Malachi Sings

    People literally got no 🧠

  11. Arnabi Arnab

    😂😂😂😂 15K gtfoh

  12. Dave Byrd

    Cows could run the IRS better. All the money they receive from us and act like mobsters to collect, but god forbid when we need our money back, they can't even put up a decent transparent website with online tracking. I got DD but they sent a check for no reason why.

  13. Michael Anderson

    I'm still waiting for them to finish my 2019 taxes. Still no stimulus. This is insane

  14. Michelle Wilcox

    Well I'm screwed. I'm still payment status 2. Even though JH said it will be direct deposited in 2/1/21

  15. Zakariya Obad

    These are the people who calls the people in Middle East who get bomb every day for nothing terrors hmmmm how that works

    1. Bob The builder

      Exactly there the terrios not the Middle East people

  16. Vikman Photography

    Still nothing for college students

  17. Eraserhead702

    “CNN and the left are just mad because we actually attacked the government which is the problem” I mean whether I agree with the method or not.. there is no lie in that statement. Take the fight to the problem. Not something that has nothing to do with it. Tough times, people... tough times.

  18. Ruth Henry

    My daughters went to an account she does not have. She still never got it yet

  19. NYC/lyricists Bkborn

    Bwahahaha he no damn well that chain was not 15k 🤣🤣

  20. Goupi Goupi

    Luckily for those doing the arrests, I wasn't there - so it's a very low chance to try to arrest me. Although they probably should try as a preemptive strike. Actually they really shouldn't try, without making an appointment first anyway, because I'm unpredictable when startled.

  21. Bella EXE

    Never got either of my stimulus checks.

  22. Kathy S

    $600.00 while other countries received millions; one of them for gender studies. Most likely so the money can be laundered and returned to the criminals in the U.S.

  23. Sawyer's Girl

    Why do we have to file it as a rebate?! That's BS

  24. Brother AZARYAH


  25. CM Derp

    Democrats & China released Covid-19 on purpose, change my mind...

  26. abukamoon

    Washington issuse worthless stimulus checks with NO MONEY behind them! Government revenues are down because Washington and state governments have been trying to destroy the economy over a FAKE pandemic that has a 99.9% survivability!

  27. kirk macdowell

    As a collegue of Bruce in the alarm industry, Bruce will be missed. Great man, friend, mentor and leader. God Bless him and the family

  28. jay bones

    Deadline to SEND them is today. U gotta LISTEN closely or READ the fine print

  29. Dee Cee

    Hope they get a good ol RK beat down

  30. Scott Ryder

    So what happens if the 2000 dollar stimulus gets passed and we still don’t get it? I’m going to have to wait until next year to claim it? These idiots had months to update their systems and fix this, but god forbid our tax dollars go toward something which would actually benefit the citizens

  31. 菲安紐曼

    Thanks for show us how to check!

  32. Joe Dalessandro

    I don't want it, I want my life back.....GTFO!

  33. Daniel Garlin

    Still waiting for the payments on my dependents. Got direct deposit for me and my wife but not our kids. How hard is it to for them to get that right. Same thing happened with 1st stim as well. Didn't get my dependents payment until almost 5 months later. SMH

    1. jay bones

      Better late than never, better some than none. Doesn't make this fuckery right, but there are some who got nothing from either yet.

  34. MoneyGod vG

    I got my letter in the mail saying it'll be here in 3-4 weeks I hope they didn't just send it out

  35. Bruce Waddell

    Facebook and twitter Blackout jan 18- 24 th . take a week off from social media !!

  36. Anthony Rodriguez

    Plot Twist: all four of them split the $15,000 insurance premium plus the jewelry proceeds!

  37. Richard Padget

    The Jaguars need to move to London England and quit embarrassing Jacksonville

  38. Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

    1:44 auffällig

  39. William Kabelman

    How much money goes to the middle east and other terrorist country's

  40. Donna Miehle

    did not work so i have no taxes to file now what

  41. Eric A.

    It’s funny how I read the comments and everyone talking about the cost of the jewelry. Man, they stole. Period! A thief is a thief. Dude is mad because he got got in front of his eyes but it still doesn’t change the fact that they stole.

  42. Blockchain Brian

    lol what a bunch of propaganda. Tourist heading to Florida because they don't have a mask mandate.

  43. Richgurl Kay

    Blessings brother

  44. dash riprock

    Did you forget the BLM member arrested in the riot crowd?

  45. nathaniel grey

    this would not have went down if he was white .

  46. Joe Flow

    So since she’s white ain’t no cities got burned down, right?

  47. Myron Muhammad

    3- Gold Chains Worth $15K @ The Mall..Really?? Lol

  48. Nina Victoria

    This is what happens when little privileged bitchbrats don't get their way 😂

  49. michael west

    Police should not have been on her property in the first place. The American Cops prove day by day just how racist they are.

  50. Hound Gang Ent. Mac_lar8

    Throw a drink slap a pink.

  51. A_Socialist_Channel

    What do you expect you convince millions of people that a communist is taking over the country you brainwash people for decades to think socialism is the most evil thing imaginable, then you tell them that the election is stolen and incite a crowd, then a social problem is individualized and the state picks off individual people to be responsible for things they do in the midst of incitement. You would have to arrest half the crowd for what they did this is so dumb

  52. Gimme A Break

    Antifa arrest false flag

  53. Mok Afos

    So Feminist Communist stinky are Killed god Job 👍

  54. Dubthedirector

    Stop pretending you know what a gold chain costs.😹

  55. quadx45

    Just some BLM getting their reparations.

  56. Michael Lucero

    What is a 9 cent increase going to do for anyone? What is it 1821? 9 cents,Yay Florida!

  57. Giovanni Soluri


  58. Patricia Gray


  59. myvideosrockthehouse

    They say the placebo is saline but I think they mix the saline with the adjuvant. Can someone confirm?

  60. brett mehrer

    This stupid is crap...time to take back our country..and drain the swamp and lock up corrupt government people starting with Nancy..the traitor queen !!


    Such an over reaction to an orchestrated event.

  62. snakey973

    These cops that were involved better be thrown in jail and never able to serve again

  63. candicevee1

    All dictators or autocrats surround themselves with military “protection” when know they were not duly elected.

  64. Resh Resh Shin

    She said "Obiden" Freudian slip lol..

  65. shane40

    I mean wtf ? We feel the election Was stolen plan and simple! I thought that the American people is what made this a democracy? Be ready american we are about to live a nightmare when its all said and done id say we will have no-one freedoms and the constitution will be nothing more than the way of the past.

  66. SmokeyDead

    Who else thinks the military is there in favor of trump? Show of thumbs?

  67. Alfredo Zavala

    They are terrorists call them what they are.

  68. rootssixtysix

    A MAGA hat does not a Trump supporter make.

  69. C. Bashore

    Are they still arresting the people who tried to burn down federal buildings all summer??? oh wait that was peaceful.

  70. Paul Harter

    Where's summer arrest.?

  71. Ian Roth

    gee i wonder why no reports of antifa and the police opening the fence and motioning these people into the area.

  72. Porkchawpsh and apple shash

    Evidence of an Inside job

  73. Tom Shackleford

    hey nancy your antifa leader john sullivan was just arrested. i believe he is spilling the beans on you even as i speak now. enjoy GITMO nancy...

  74. djvtl

    I see fake LV wallet lol

  75. GetHooked

    How about CNN's own Jade Sacken? She was with John Sullivan. Why isnt she arrested yet for inciting violence and cheering people on smashing windows right before Ashli got shot? And the police officer who was posing as a trump supporter in the video John recorded? Anybody? Crickets

  76. jessie7339jessie

    Protests are not accepted if you want freedom. The media demonizes one side and encourages the other side. Freedom is hated by democrats they want control of everything. Freedom of speech is dying from bogus hate speech laws they want to shut down small business and keep wal mart open. China owns the Democratic party

  77. ANONYMOUS Truther

    So they stole a bunch of fake chains?

  78. S Williams

    Two misdemeanor charges for Viking Dude? That's quite the insurrection, and definitely worthy of banning all dissenting online speech. 🙄

  79. Jayson's House

    Charge them all with terrorism. Give them all fair trials. If they're found guilty, they should have their US citizenship permanently revoked and they should be expatriated to a region of the world with little or no central government at all to infringe on their "freedom". Nothing more loudly and clearly states "I no longer wish to be a part of the American Experience" than staging an armed terrorist attack on the United States Capitol building. Clearly; if these people have such hatred for the United States government that they feel the need to violently attack the Capitol building with guns, zip-ties and the stated purpose of overthrowing it and murdering duly elected officials - including a Republican Vice-President - they no longer desire American citizenship anyway. Maybe they feel the amount of government needed to maintain a basic civilized society is simply too restrictive for them. But their motives shouldn't be OUR concern - their METHODS should be. Individuals like this would probably do better in places like Somalia or the Ungoverned Territory of Afghanistan; that should be their permanent new home. They certainly DON'T belong in THIS country. THEY would be more comfortable there with no government to oppress them - and WE would be rid of them. It's a win\win. If they no longer desire to be a part of the American experience, who are we to stand in their way? It's kind of a shame they had to use such a destructive way to communicate their unhappiness; they could have simply left without being violent about it, then they would have at least had the option of coming back if they changed their minds... But that should be completely off the table now. I certainly don't think the taxpayers should be burdened with the cost of feeding, housing and providing medical care while incarcerating these individuals, only to have them emerge from prison someday only to commit more acts of terrorism. The next time they may opt to fly airplanes into buildings to prove their point: Democracy isn't for them. Banishment is a time-honored punishment for EXACTLY this type of crime. It’s a punishment we should use much more often than we do. There's NOTHING in the Constitution that prohibits it and the punishment fits the crime precisely in this case. Personally, I can think of nothing more horrifying than the prospect of being dumped as a pariah - Burn Notice style: with absolutely NOTHING - into a third world location, but apparently there's nothing daunting about it to these "rugged individualists". Don't lock them up; that’s just economically punishing the American people for the crime these perpetrators committed. Kick them out of the country for good. Let them be free of the government they despise so much for the rest of their days. We should give them EXACTLY what they want. Those who were involved in beating Capitol Police officer Sicknik to death with a fire-extinguisher should NOT be deported. They should be given a fair trial - and if found guilty - they should be immediately executed - NO APPEALS. Any and all material assets they have should be seized and given to the Sicknick family. If doing that has an adverse affect on the families of the perpetrators, TOO BAD. They should simply be thrown out into the street: society owes them NOTHING.

  80. Barb Melle

    From Leo: not as impressive work arresting the people that destroyed Minneapolis, destroying hundreds of business owned by tax paying citizens. Multiple hundreds of Law abiding people were left homeless when those building burned down, yet there is no attempt at justice for the citizens.