ayeee lmao

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  1. Casual Isaiah

    These twerking comments are extremely unfunny


    Uh UuuH

  3. シR ¡ n n y k 0 0

    *Bisexual twerking*

  4. シR ¡ n n y k 0 0

    Bad bitch nas 🤌🏽

  5. ViserLizz

    nice to sleep to tbh

  6. Pocky

    It's ok, you're apology was so heartfelt, we forgive you🥺💕

  7. Margaret Machia

    lil nas x you don,t have to apologize to us we must understand who you are I mean you go throw alot

  8. Synoim

    Can we all talk about how lil nas x is litteraly the most down to earth and chill artist ever? I mean he's got humour, he likes messing with his songs, and just a generally nice guy to know

    1. ن

      I just wish he didn't bring the whole satanic element with the shoes and stuff and the devil in the music video.

  9. MateusZINxL

    +8.000.000 viws

  10. Iced0ut Heaven


  11. N.C.Y

    𝙐𝙪𝙪𝙝𝙢 𝙩𝙬𝙚𝙧𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜

  12. Mr.FunnyMan - Topic

    Very satanic


    my sister play your song eveday

  14. GeneralGold742

    *enjoying twerking*

  15. Pam Perez

    Ppl who make these kind of covers punching the air rn

  16. Dawn


  17. hannah vanhugh

    *Religious trauma* twerking

  18. alexsandra gacha live

    Hhhh hhhhh hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cocaïne drink with tout ........😁😁😁

  19. Margaret Machia

    you guys must please make more satin shoues

  20. Karen A.

    I can’t lie, this song is good

  21. Karen A.

    Zeuz Makes Music did this haha

  22. Kiernan Burk

    *homosexual twerking*

  23. Lucas Lassen


  24. Rodrick Heffley

    Listened to this while getting a stick ripped out of my foot, not a fun experience but the music was good 😀👍

  25. Feziboy

    I've never truly appreciated the instrumental until now. Damn, that's a lot of detail.

  26. olivia tagoe-during

    *biologically twerking*

  27. Blue Bumble

    Studyingly twerking

  28. Tania Vargas

    *Depressed Twerking*

  29. dont hug fatsha hes scared

    * does a satanic twerking *

  30. Scarlet Witch

    Financially twerking

  31. lol lol

    Twerking Twerking?

  32. Aliza Adeosun

    Hey Deku twerks*

  33. Bob Fighter

    ***Cocaine twerking***

  34. Jessica J

    Bruh it's been age restricted wtf an I'm 16

  35. wysper

    Montero, but it’s a holy vibe.

  36. that_cartoon boi


  37. yourmotherinshort

    * Calmly twerking *

  38. MrStevi


  39. MCShakeGamer


  40. Trisha

    smelly twerking

  41. LauraMon

    The pansexuals are here SCREAMING with excitement the minute he starts singing 😭👏🏻🔥

  42. i have drip

    This is funny lol

  43. Trisha

    I love this guyyyy iggdjvvvj

  44. Sandra Angel

    I love this guy and I'm so tired of the cancel gangs forcing people to apology wtf

  45. •死体•

    *113 missing assignments twerking*

  46. McStabbins

    This madman

  47. Thither Shook

    Can we talk on how good the art is--

  48. jmi84

    Please. Change your name. I hate that when I search for the real Nas your articles come up too. I don’t want to see anything about you. Change your name. Respect the goat and change your name. Please.

  49. Misanthropy Yes

    Easily my favourite version. This is fucking dope

  50. Dani Saldo

    when he knows his target audience

  51. Isabelly Sousa

    no waayyyyyyyy I can't believe you did that hahha

  52. Elisa Ramos

    Twerk off

  53. Light X.A

    Is this a thing now like instead of Rick rolling you get lil nased

  54. Maruchan Chicken Productions

    This is actually sounds good though.

  55. elias visbal

    good lil nas x my favory music🥰

  56. 1.6M views

    Lil Nas is prolly the realest human rapper rn cuz this mans literally posting stuff we usually have to ask youtubers to make

  57. Snowieee

    *building an aether portal twerking*

  58. r

    That’s incredibly gay

  59. Maurice Williams

    way better music vid without the gayness