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  1. Steven Untch

    This was cheesy but still way better than Joe Buck

  2. Rhonda Frank

    Man Sf Wr Drew The Easier Logo And Failed

  3. Owen Shirley

    jesus christ aaron donald is huge

  4. The Yeeter

    Juju went from family first to tik tok first😂😂😂😂

  5. Bhumika Mohanty

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  6. Travis Blankenship

    Corvette then gets knocked

  7. Ian Patel

    Corvette corvette Jk he is a top 20 receiver overhated not overrated

  8. brian ひ

    the pittsburgh tik tok boy: juju

  9. Pavel

    Corvette Boi

  10. Mr Papagiorgio

    I think it's so cool they put it on nickelodeon. Definitely something different

  11. Wyatt North

    I don't know whats exciting about fake slime, nothing "epic" happening here but whatever at this point.

  12. Brown Oliveira

    Esse xhaka é perna de pau

  13. Anton Berg

    0:19 Why does the guy on the left look like if a young Dwayne johnson had a baby with Jimmy fallon?

  14. Redwall

    wow.... i wish i learned football like this

  15. Jessica Lifford

    Corvette corvette

  16. Fire Planed

    Its the tic toker

  17. Brayden Wychers

    Metcalf having a 77 speed is a joke. SMH

  18. Justin Tapia

    never again

  19. Obinna Nwakwue

    Looking back on this, Gabrielle...sucked.

  20. C_Wonder

    Should’ve watched this game

  21. Igknight2019

    Noah Eagle has a very promising future. Best part of this whole thing

  22. Liquid Alexx

    can we not ignore the fact that the all time legend Ian Eagle son was commentating this game?

  23. deadendkid1968

    Are they going to do this again?

  24. pulse .hd_

    0:41 tik tok boi

  25. river side

    This is like the banks business plan. Get to the children, make them use to it and they will never leave you

  26. Kevin Crosta

    I think we need these kids to read our the rules for the refs ya know. Explain what a fumble is or delay of game when resetting the clock perhaps offensive pass interference

  27. Alexandria Occasional Cotex

    Damn, airing a playoff game on Nickelodeon??? How lame must your rating be??? Go woke go broke I guess.

  28. Student Nathan Jumba

    Patrick Mahomes: the nerdy kid Juju Aka corvette corvette : the kid who fails every grade Aaron Donald: The bad kid Alvin Kamara: the quiet kid

  29. Rouge Myst

    They didn't mention the 1-point safety in between 0:44 and 1:18. (A safety on a 2-pt conversion is 1 pt)

  30. Mandoyou Geleta

    bro aaron would've clapped him if he didn't give him 99

  31. Mr. Moseby

    still wish we would of got a game like this in 2007 with a patriots game. imagine a fumble happening and drake and josh get pissed off in the stands yelling MEHGAN

  32. KAEP

    I wonder if this was the NFL’s way of apologizing for the Sweet Victory Super Bowl incident?

  33. Caleb Sucku

    Imagine being a bears fan and having to watch your team lose in the first round of the playoffs ON NICKELODEON

  34. PJ Washington

    CEH ain’t wrong

  35. Thunder

    This is so dumb

  36. Who they came to see

    I'm wondering if the smile after a touchdown is to block kids from possibly seeing any inappropriate celebrations 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️🤔

  37. Tylor Kenniston

    Why did I have no idea this was happening? This is clearly the superior broadcast.

  38. D.B. Cooper


  39. big con

    Michael Thomas like a 93 now

  40. Robertlovesfootball

    I have the board game and I love it

  41. XxSavagexX

    corvette, corvette

  42. Isaac Willis_Gaming

    Lol Gabby knows literally nothing about football. All she can say is “aaaaaaa” and If ThEy ScOrE a ToUcDoWn ThE SliMe WiLL be AwEsOmE”. “Ayyy look at the slime”. Seriously hire an actual football person she is misleading the first time Nickelodeon kids into thinking this sport is about Slime!

  43. Byghikko Plays

    I love how when they do special things for teams scoring they score very little

  44. BIT COIN


  45. poop jew

    jujus 2021 going away party!

  46. Ivette Smith

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  47. Ryan Kuhlenschmidt

    Haha, I love that Aaron is always in the kitchen when he’s at home. Such a cool dude

  48. Xman Feli

    Alright. Yah know what happend

  49. Stephen Curry

    The thumbnail 💀

  50. Waddles Gaming

    There best friends

  51. Waddles Gaming


  52. Galiceanu Gabriel

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  53. Galiceanu Gabriel

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  54. GSR 02

    Why was Herbert now on this

  55. Emma Lee

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  56. Emma Lee

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  57. Emma Lee

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  58. William Burke

    Carson Wentz 89! Swing and a miss Madden. Well that contract is at least an 89.

  59. myersenpai

    They should do this regularly if not maybe once every 5 years for the kids

  60. Andrew Miller

    Why are we not funding this?!?!

  61. Georgeo 1130

    Oh young juju so many thing I need to warn you about this season and yet tragically I cannot

  62. Luke Naoumovitch

    Where was this when I was a kid??

  63. Julian Shantz

    We need nickelodeon to stream the Superbowl

  64. Juwishh

    Basically my madden player HA!!!

  65. Sam Hoover

    What did Russell Wilson do in the last 2 minutes of Super Bowl 49?

  66. Guild176


  67. Quan Henry

    Probably the only good thing to come out of the 2020s so far.

  68. Thewildmonkey

    God I remember when I liked juju Then he got annoying...

  69. Sports Are For Women

    Saints really balled out in this game, damn!

  70. Armenian Jiu-Jitsu

    This was so awesome. They need to do more NFL Games on Nickelodeon. 🧡

  71. Mason 11

    I know we all hate the female commentator but no one has acknowledged how she’s necessary on the nick crew. I’m not sure if anyone here has had to babysit little kids but the number one way to entertain them? Be excited and show a lot of hype - especially when it comes to the parts catered to kids like the slime

  72. Chicken

    Little did they know, a guy named “Tua” would play for their team 8 years later.

  73. SML Juniors

    ,0:43 juju: screw it ima eat it

  74. Visions

    Who’s here watching this from what we know why

  75. boughettoint13

    Get rid of EA as an exclusive partner and bring back fun to NFL games like NFL games on Nickelodeon.

  76. Evan Schlabach

    It's funny since their logo was on their shirt. They could of just cheated and looked at it.😂

  77. Matt React

    it would be awesome if the slime was real lol !

  78. mr. orange pizza

    At the beginning they forgot to mention a 1 point conversion... Its where you get a safety on 2 point conversion

  79. Dan 1031

    So Greedy is bad at everything but running hahahahaha

  80. Randy Guttery

    Don't know if I could watch a whole game like this, but it looked really fun. Good job.