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  1. gaylene cromwell

    I met Morgan freeman many years ago on the water front in Halifax ,Nova Scotia!!

  2. mackinzi elizabeth

    2:00 sounded like my aunt 😬😬😬

  3. D A

    Love it

  4. Kevin Burrell

    Conspiracy theories are the last refuge for those who have no common sense. They all seem to be Comatose by choice.

  5. Joaquin Revuelta


  6. GDR Cinnamon Pony

    I love, love Anderson ❤️❤️

  7. Concious man

    Hate jimmy fellon

  8. Lainey M.

    I would've loved to be in the studio after that interview 🤣

  9. Deeter


  10. sandra cornejo


  11. Lud Faber

    He shouldn't have name-dropped the girl. That was unfair. And he was talking about a girl who was 13 year old at the time. Not cool.

  12. Jahidul Hasan Babu

    John Cena

  13. NONO no

    What about the shoes AXE body wash

  14. Roman Empire

    Over rated and one trick pony. Not funny to me.

  15. HaitianRedbone


  16. Montana Martin

    Eric’s voice was so deep at 6:13

  17. Cordell Wilson


  18. Reign Kastle

    I love it and I herded before

  19. 4 Yuu


    1. 4 Yuu

      I want mooooorrrreeee!!!

  20. PieSpie

    guess their jimmy's were pretty rustled


    Come to India then see u will get best results

  22. David DeMarco

    When Jimmy went political he lost viewership and credibility.

  23. Sebastian Morgenstern

    I wanna see Borat on Ellen

  24. Yuna Akemi

    I like her accent

  25. Vincent Parker

    You can't make this stuff up

  26. Cool Gamer

    Poor Dennis go Chris Even.

  27. Tea Phillip

    She's totally vibing with her own music. What a queen!

  28. Bluebastard Og

    Yah niggas back back give em some credit ✌🏻kids ?! 😖 let’s move on

  29. W

    I cant believe hes captain America thats really crazy! in a good way!

  30. Ataur Muhith

    5:51 relatable

  31. Stewart Mullings

    Every time Frank tried to talk about philosophies he learned or mental fortitude he was taught, Jimmy just made the same tired "and then you punched him in the face" joke. It was so stupid and pretty insulting tbh. Almost like he wasn't even really listening.

  32. Shinobu Kocho

    1:42 My existance: *wiped away*

  33. DaffyDuckFan

    Now my children can’t watch jeopardy. They need to stop letting fruits dominate television. It’s really getting ridiculous.

  34. erick sanchez ramirez

    I just saw an interview with zayn on this program an then this one came and wow i felt it

  35. Mr-Blackmist

    "Cries in russian"... I hope that it`s a joke, and there are many people, who know where is their homeland, at least.

  36. T L

    And that's how democracy works they do whatever they want.

  37. J Bagger

    Obviously dislikes have been deleted.

  38. ConArtist

    Omg what's the song In the background?!?!? I've been looking for it for years!!!

  39. James Horn

    Wgeb was tge ruggt ti oetutuib tge giverbnebt vuikated by the CDC?

  40. Maria Fernanda Barata

    Wyatt Russel is such a nice person, don’t confuse him with his character! And btw, he did a wonderful job portraying John Walker

  41. John Burns

    I agree! I love your respectful nature B man if by chance you read these, amen brother!

  42. Clari CS

    *EVERYONE GOT THE "FLU"*...... Oh had we known that was going to be our last fun party sharing saliva.... Thank you Guillermo!!! can't wait for another reunion like this to happen again.... :'(


    All of the lemmings here are great. Have fun when your cities burn down this summer. You voted for it.

  44. nativewizard

    one of the oldest women I've ever beat off too!

  45. Chasing a Murderer

    Wasn't as good as I thought

  46. Michael 101

    Why does 50 cent sound EXACTLY like Hannibal Buress?

  47. J Núñez

    I want the Eric stolz cut.

  48. Rebecca Gerszewski

    Elizabeth is so cute!

  49. Bluebastard Og

    No co signer! Grey owned Homie💪🏼👽

  50. María Rosa Corrales

    Curse comes from an inner explosion and in the mother's tongue.

  51. Mark G

    You’re a washed up has been and your fans aren’t any better. I can’t wait until you’re fired finally.

  52. Del Medico

    That fiddle player makes it look way too easy

  53. Tony Chevrier

    Sal please tell me you took paula she is the hotteset women alive

  54. Spader1913

    Kimmel, you are one disgusting individual.

  55. Andrew Clarkson

    Dude I'm 14 and can name all the countries of the world

  56. Clari CS

    OMG.... we were so happy.... I love seeing this videos in 2021 remembering the hugs, the kisses, the drinking sharing saliva.... sigh... loved it. So much fun D':

  57. Caleb K

    Tiffany hadish tried way to hard

  58. Cool Gamer

    It John Cena yay!

  59. David Cain

    Every one also has a right not to be shot. What about my rights not to be shot several times along with multiple other people.

  60. Shadow Beast

    Strict control over us plot twist= America is led by alien beings

  61. Dani Romero

    Revenge is my favorite show and the first time I saw her in mcu I literally cry , I LOVE HER SM she is such an amazing drama actress and now action queen also🛐✨❤️

  62. sayn boi

    You laugh at their job they laugh at your bank account

  63. SuperEpicDude

    1:41 naming among us characters be like

  64. Edwin Wise

    Too much pitch correction

  65. ashraf


  66. LegionMixtapes

    Is it just me or is this the most recommended BTS performance, like I swear I see it on my home page atleast twice a week

  67. kaye mcgill

    I say if you don’t want to get the vaccine don’t get it. Just think , that will give us lots more democratic voters

  68. Dichivintage M

    that Peruvian Jacket <3

  69. Maria Lewis

    Where has he been? LOVE this man !!!

  70. Odette S


  71. Zohan Salizarah

    bet we wishes he could take it back though russia did put cheetoh in the white house like china and ukraine put molester joe in

  72. imasmariyaz

    zendaya and kumail, king and queen of comebacks

  73. Love Holiday By: Viction

    Matt looks like a slick car salesman


    So much FAKE and delusion in the entire 13:10 mins.

  75. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

    You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.

  76. Nyarlathotep

    I’m not siding with anyone, but Conan is the best.

  77. sld1776

    Three anti-white tweets, not a single antu-anything else. Only one kind of racism is acceptable.

  78. faaaduma

    Clooney is the one with the best sense of humour with all celebs. No wonder a woman like Amal domesticated him😌

  79. David Abbett

    She is the BEST !!!