Killers and survivors, welcome!

This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!

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  1. The Maskman

    Just charm lol

  2. Cholo Gonzales

    Absolutely nobody DBD: RAH KOH TOH

  3. TheFinnished 1025

    I think Subject 23 from White Noise 1 and 2 would be a good addition as a killer, even if he’s a skin for the hag if he doesn’t get his own character

  4. ivory [PeGn]

    much pog very kek

  5. Mystic115

    If it’s not my man Leon I won’t be buying it

  6. Иван Макаров


  7. Ferdian Betta fish

    It'll be cool if the plague skin is spitter

  8. Rainbow six siege 123go One

    Deadline to really founders all directors can make every single character talk I’m going to say this again dead by daylight directors or founders could you make the survivors talk

  9. AMO productions

    0:49 "were there worst nightmares becomes reality" this hurts to watch after any map rework, even here it all gets lighter xD

  10. James Smith

    They got the 80's aesthetic spot on, I can't stop watching this!

  11. Matthew Gamble

    I think the next Killers going to be from Evil resin Village look at the symbol it looks like the hook one of the sisters weapons I think that's what the nest Killers going to be

  12. Mekhen Muneh

    Great job u completely killed the horror atmosphere of dbd

  13. Dezmond121

    We need a Stranger Things horror game

  14. CXNNXR

    Dang Claudette being Meg and Meg being Claudette 😱 after 4 yrs later I figured it out 😅😅😅

  15. amogus

    Lol trickster dress like girls


    So I started playing this game bout a week ago (I absolutely love it) but on mobile there is thing that happens when you keep ur finger on the screen it rotates by itself, so like I’m swing my blade at a surviver and it rotates so I miss, or when I’m running from the killer it rotates so I go back to he killer, idk it’s just kind of annoying but anyways I love the game



  18. Jacob Lewis

    They need to release the song that's in this trailer

  19. ender teriser

    If allowed you need to add a nemesis skin if it's a tyrant

  20. Mirax

    That was definitely the umbrella logo at the beginning of this trailer wasnt it LOL sneeeeaky

  21. 5ᄋ7ᄉ

    This is god(dog)game

  22. Hayo Kiro

    Damn this is cool

  23. Dark

    If they add Leon or Claire Redfield as the characters I will literally spend my money and all of the cosmetics they will get (if they get any) because I LOVE BOTH OF EM

  24. Markus Manfred

    He's cool as fuck. But the Legion is still my boy.

  25. Chris Porro


  26. Sunstrider

    Now give me a Leshen from the Witcher. Or Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks would be a fucking nightmare to face in a world without magic or superpowers.

  27. 5ᄋ7ᄉ


  28. Isaac

    Why does Jake look like my uncle trying to ______ me?

  29. Isaac

    No Christmas outfit will be better than Elf Dwight. Just The Facts.

  30. deadpool vega

    I will never see k pop the same way after that lol

  31. Yvette Pio

    It looks like an anime

  32. amogus

    Lol when the trickster kill some girls the trickster is simpy guy lol

  33. Ninox Chaw

    why is James a beter huntress than me

  34. NoCap_Bot_1v1

    The new killer should be the resident evil tall white lady

  35. Diego Santamaría Bernardino

    Dé personaje dead by daylight una niña de 10 en dead by daylight ese personaje cuesta y con diamantes

  36. Jonawa Lawson

    What about if you made a character name do you know the movie of House of Wax

  37. Zombity

    When a trailer for a character is animated and looks better than real anime lmao

  38. RedLogic

    Rest in peace Jim French ❤

  39. Diego Puente Rodriguez

    They can be the dauthers of Lady Diam.... because the 5 is like a scythe and is their weapon so...

  40. Gamer Guy

    That's really cool and all, but can you guys stop Nerfing Killers into the ground and making every killer in the game weak. Just because dumb new survivor players dont know how to counter a killer, doesnt mean they're op. You're just making Veteran Players not want to play. Veterans are the only reason this game is still going. You don't need to nerf killers into the ground because people are bad at this game. I've been playing for a year now and this game keeps getting worse because you slave to the unskilled new players that wont even be here the next week. I refuse to buy another killer besides Legion and I didn't need to spend any money to get him. I got this game when it was free too so I haven't spent a dime on this game and I will never unless you make a killer that isnt terrible. I considered buying a killer but they arent worth it. I'm not paying a dime for killers that are terrible and not fun to play as.

  41. samuel prates leal


  42. Sheehan Fan Films


  43. Alucard Hellsing

    It's been like 5 months since the last Q n A and this is what they give us? It's cool and all but they obviously don't want to address any issues the game has had during that time.

  44. Juan Diego Arciniegas Arciniegas

    Maybe hunk, leon or Ada and leon Why not Claire? Because if it's not Wong it's si wrong

  45. Alph

    i've been playing since 2019! this game has helped me through so much in the past thanks for 5 years of pure fun!

  46. cOOchie sheeesh 88

    Make the game better thx

  47. ibaranobara

    Pyramid daddy😩😩😩

  48. Diego Santamaría Bernardino

    Y el asesino él sin cara

  49. Diego Santamaría Bernardino

    Dead by daylight quiero que suban un sobreviviente llamada Chihiro

  50. S A T R O N I


  51. ZaRaZhOnIy CoRoNoY

    Did just Nea has hairs like Josuke??

  52. DRAYYN 23


  53. Helena Castellano Knauer

    If it’s not Lady D I don’t want it

  54. NuKeD!

    0:31 new chase theme?

  55. The Demon Under Your Bed

    *mega gay energy right here*

  56. Carlo Hemsen


  57. Hyeonwoo Seo

    어... ㅋㅋ.... 하...

  58. Obese Shart

    Mother Miranda I hope

  59. こうき


  60. Biedronka

    Please dbd give polish version on ps4

  61. Mitchell Vasquez

    When it comes to resident evil there is some many options for killers it could be any of the bosses in the game we all know at least one new character is going to be leon

  62. Roger herrera

    Please add a werewolf killer it would be amazing, his power can maybe give him increased sound for hearing and maybe no terror radius lol. I just want a scary wolf killer

  63. isolan

    2021 and consoles still trash with 10 fps

  64. HemlockNight


  65. isolan

    2021 and the best trailer still

  66. isolan

    2500 dislikes :)))))

  67. hahno

    Who is ninja?

  68. Catherine Dobie

    The killer didn't age well

  69. Milos Markovic


  70. gaaraofthedesert801

    Still a shame Look-see isnt his own killer in the game. The skin is badass and all but idk if he meshes well with the doctor.

  71. Alan Martin

    Imma pitch an Idea for fun The Hotel Wardrobe Strawberry Pimp- The Trickster Hell's Princess- Kate Denson

  72. ImUnderTheMask


  73. Lvsxt_s


  74. SelectDevotee68

    0:11 you can hear a licker

  75. Not The Holy Shrine Of Mr. Sleep

    When you see The Trickster in the animation: 😍 when you see The Trickster in the game: 😐

    1. • Ray Ghostface •

      Yes, sadly he is weak.

  76. StaticTUBE -

    been in this game ever since 2017

  77. Glitcher Emily


  78. Elijah Jezriel Bajan


  79. Gabriel Claudino Gonçalves

    please behavior, partner with Netflix. I need an anime by Dead by dayligth for yesterday !!!!

  80. K3YMONDO

    I can't stop watching it OMG