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  1. Laila Halford

    You didn’t even eat them

  2. Said Aziz


  3. Absolute Zero

    Wow it’s not like he threw it

  4. ADI

    After a quick wash to lighten the color they would look insane

  5. Those Sneaker kids

    God loves you

  6. Isabelly Rocha Pimenta

    Cara eu queria um deses

  7. Kgomotso Morite

    Wow 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮💖😮

  8. Smoking Tattletale Gaming

    He’s the type of guy to break in to the SCP foundation and argue till he gets the SCP he wants and it’s in the background

  9. Mila Evans

    So u basically admitted going through ur sons privacy?

  10. gurharsim3

    Bro cozmo is green

  11. Türkiye Tiktok Kullanmayanlar Vakfı

    Or you can break it with hammer?

  12. Best of WORLD OF PETS


  13. Alien Baconater

    ITS A GIRL! *gas leak burns down the whole house*

  14. A Q

    وين جيش العرب الاسطوره🔫🌸

  15. Anthony Gallegos


  16. Mr.Pineapplez

    That bear must smell like shit!🤣💩

  17. Diana Tonge

    😷 wear your masks

  18. DLA Remodeling

    big brain

  19. Alexsandro Borges Aristides Júnior

    Usando a máscara no estilo Bolsonaro.

  20. Valentina

    Cómo diste el dicho el que será al último se ríe mejor 😸😅

  21. TacoCat_123

    Deep down inside of her she hates it very much

  22. King Kong Mr. Ding Dong

    Grounded for having money he’s a parent for sure

  23. Severo Morelos

    Its the scream for me

  24. The Doval Sisters gaming


  25. Colton Brown

    Non of them were in his mouth get better

  26. chicken nuggs

    Ouch 🤕😳

  27. Daniel Gipson

    How about using a stick and jam it in the box do u get dimond

  28. HunniBee

    LOL I have that ring from the same coloured bath bomb lmao

  29. TG Taylor

    Oh yeah i totally keep massive pieces of paper with me at all time

  30. Michael Calo

    I never knew an apple can turn into a fucking tomato

  31. meep

    I think he did something wrong the dog doesn't look right

  32. Fernanda Burgos

    What a waste :v

  33. Severo Morelos

    Its the smack for me

  34. Grazielli Camara


  35. Baseballboy#18

    That’s a 10 dollar tester off of Amazon

  36. Dominic Casares


  37. Jennifer Drepaul

    Whattttttt howwww

  38. Diego Sanhueza

    Y al final murieron por el gas :v

  39. TrashGun_exe1

    Hes definitely not a dad

  40. no one

    Juste keep it pressed, whilst it is open you take anything that is remotely close to a hook, you use it as a can opener on it. At thi point the Bax should be broken. You know what comes next

  41. JOKER


  42. Denny Hostutler

    This isn't magic. Do you want to know what magic is?? Saving 15% or more on your car insurance by switching to Geico

  43. Evan Vanegas


  44. camila   Aguirre

    Hay Locuras por amor que lindo😊😊

  45. CandyEyes

    You can use both ur hands m8

  46. Intertion123

    Dude how many valentine days are yall celebrating

  47. Ashy on switch

    Mans got money what’s so bad

  48. Alexa Martinez

    Luv the song

  49. Roman plays

    Put your hand in the closing mechanism before it closes

  50. Severo Morelos


    1. Severo Morelos


  51. Mightic

    What kind of world is this guy living in? If I sat at my balcony and started at peoples balconies holding up posters saying “hey” they’d end up calling the police, not flirting with me.

  52. Jordan Avalos

    It’s the iPhone 6s because his hand go’s over the iPhone 6s and when you pause at the right time when you see his hand and the part that Went in front of the camera

  53. Jake woodall

    That will just come out

  54. Sxrry

    Finally someone who doesn’t do part 2

  55. Moonlight Maryam

    All the people are warning him abt the glue and then there us me who super glued my fingers together and got it of by just rubbing my teeth in between them 😳

  56. Antônia Lima


  57. Itz_ÂñğełØfficial

    U can litterly see very clearly that it's not going in your mouth but a A- for trying lol

  58. Xander Schowalter

    I think he has that many braincells, multiplied by 2 and make that number negative. And that is how much braincells he got

  59. Big dog

    I NEED a pocket staff

  60. Jordan Avalos

    It’s the iPhone 6s

  61. HG Kitty

    An avacado! Thaaaaaanks

  62. starr within

    Its fake

  63. Holly Long

    That’s cap bro

  64. Wow

  65. Morgan Fiemeyer

    He is just wasting he's money and not showing the dimends and gold ps the gold and diamonds are fake and that are a lot of money but he prodly dose not care decause he has a lot of money from just posting videos on KGup

  66. Kevin Molina

    Dude I tried it and it worked

  67. SARAH Sara

    Berefu berefu berefu lechaaa

  68. melanie.B019 2.0

    Jaden’s phone

  69. •Minecraft parrot•

    1M likes?! Woah! Kee working on it bro 😁

  70. Yung Dik The Mustard Angel

    *"Let's goooooo she also conveniently keeps a large sheet of paper and marker around!"*

  71. Your Mama

    none because they are not standing in front of a mirror

  72. Rex Gaming

    Es orrible

  73. Questionable Asian

    Keep searching boys We gotta find out what’s the meaning of this video

  74. Jamie Bethel


  75. Ramen Senpai

    All on the floor... 😒

  76. YoZxvary

    How did they get the diamonds on the last one like do they know or they are very lucky it’s the last one