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  1. Immersive Person

    someone should definitely deep fake you into Dan Stevens Human scenes of Beauty and The Beast

  2. Airoctia :0


  3. Colette


  4. Volunder

    7:37 Just leaving this here for personal use.

  5. Zach Socherman

    You guys remember his actual first tutorial... jorts

  6. Braden Meyer

    Brian those Jorts are NOT a bit above the at knee. That’s gotta be like 5 inches atleast!

  7. Emmet Logue

    Instructions unclear, jorts have strangled my family

  8. Jimples

    TIL your hairdryer voice is that of John Mulaney

  9. Mx Fate


  10. A Big Gal

    how did he end up w the quiff i wanted in 7th grade

  11. mobeule


  12. Kathryn Albers

    The fact that BDG and I use the same shampoo and conditioner is the only thing getting me through this year

  13. Percival de Rolo

    youre probably good to keep blow drying your hair on hot because you use products in it first!

  14. A Big Gal

    very cool brian have u ever heard of a brush before?

  15. Caitlyn Trotter

    BDG with a rat tail straight up looks like Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus and I'm dying

  16. J. R. P. Jespersen

    @9:31 That's Guybrush Threepwood you landlubber, and you fight like dairy farmer!

  17. Tim Francoeur

    You look like Tom Scott in 2009

  18. jolks jumbo jemi

    hunzi, lao gan ma AND gochugaru? a man of culture, truly. great spices.

  19. Lego Ludde

    Haha What? Anyway did you know that you could earn 20k a month by being your own boss

  20. Treyson Runyan

    “This guys a Bozo!”

  21. Melrian

    So good when ryan remember his youtube account password

  22. Spoopy

    I'm only watching cus of the thumbnail

  23. JesterFrog

    Brian with a mullet actually looks pretty good!

  24. David Benedict

    Afro When

  25. Mackenzie Hridel

    the ponytail mullet look is strongly reminiscent of jim hawkins from treasure planet

  26. frog

    the mullet look kinda looks good tho

  27. Joshua Olivito

    That slow blink when he looked at the camera after revealing the bowl cut xD

  28. doshi

    i am very gay for mullet brian

  29. ok

    people that dont condition their hair every time they wash confuse me

  30. Brenda Singer

    You have very nice hair

  31. ExistentialOcto

    *thonk* "And theeerrreeee goes your deposit."

  32. Carolin Cäcilia

    After this I might find the courage to cut my straight bangs myself. I can't even look through them right now. Also: If Brad Mondo ever reacts to this, the two sides of my subscription tab would have the weirdest crossover.

  33. Penn Ryan

    loved it bdg, loved

  34. Devin Doesn't Like You

    1:18 Hi football, I think I need better hair

  35. F W

    unironically mullet looks so good on you. just grow some facial hair and its brilliant.

  36. Marina Jean

    brian... you need supervision!

    1. Marina Jean


  37. Bethany Talbot

    Boys discovering self-beautifying is wholesome af

  38. Sketchmazoid

    mullet+"rat tail" made him look like a brunette Guybrush Threepwood

  39. Jill Palmer


  40. Peter The Fish

    Who knew BDG would collab with Mark Z Danielewski

  41. Saggy Lad

    this video took the most distressing turn hooo boy

  42. Sofia Was here

    Ngl this is me my sister and my older brother absksndbdjdbjd

  43. Dumb Person

    0:48 what happened to her elbow and arms because that is not a normal arm

  44. Khaz

    So now I have the same haircut as Brian, nice

  45. sh0d0ta

    i uh. i think that's the first pre-enactment i've ever seen...

  46. Deathaxel1998

    He's cutting his hair cause he's no longer doing unraveled :_: it's a new chapter in his life

  47. wib ery

    That bowl cut made you about 300% more European, ha ha, love the final cut though!

  48. Sara Winberg

    Everyone tag Brad mondo

  49. Cherwubi

    Brian David Gilbert saying "ain't that just the way" made me smile so much for some inexplicable reason Edit: Over the Garden Wall

  50. imagine being a mouse

    brian what the fuck did you just do

  51. Dean Thorn

    The second half of this video is scarier than $20k a month.

  52. Storm

    I love being Danish and still being able to understand the lyrics :)

  53. Puro Pocket Pet

    when you have the same amount of siblings (2 boys and 1 girl)

  54. Elias

    He looks like that married guy from the try guys

  55. KHALD .08


  56. Coffee Bean

    My theory: Dorian is Brian from another universe. Dorian (I don't necessarily think that his name is Dorian, but it could be) has found a hole in realities and used this hole to send over a spreadsheet. He then contacted Brian and is sending him money to incentivise him to edit the spreadsheet in order to keep growing the hole, as the spreadsheet is the anchor that keeps these two realities connected. The hole eventually gets big enough for Dorian to pass through. Brian then meets up with Dorian and Dorian steals Brian's mouth in order to make himself look more like this Brian. He then uses Brian's visage to recruit more people for this until enough people have been replaced. Notes The reason I claim Dorian to be Brian from and alternate universe is because of 3 reasons. 1: Dorian is apparently rich enough to give Brian $20,000 dollars a month. Me theory about Dorians wealth is that he is about as rich as Brian is, but in the alternate universe USD is more like yen in the sense that there are no decimals. 2: Dorian loves at an address that no longer exists. In the other universe, that house wasn't destroyed by the blizzard. Dorian thought this to be the same in our world, which is why he said that's where he lived. Unfortunately for Brian (and possibly the rest of humanity), he is very gullible. 3: Dorian does not need a mouth to speak. My theory is that humans in Dorian's reality don't have mouths and speak and eat through other means. Not quite sure how Dorian stole Brian's mouth, but I'm kind of leaning on that whole "weird stuff is gonna happen if you interact with yourself if you time travel" trope.

  57. spednix

    This shouldn't be good as it is

  58. crispyein

    This is just brian david gilbert’s fresh prince expository rap

  59. clamlad

    9:16 bdg looks like guybrush threepwood

  60. pew___

    This is exactly how I cut my hair too

  61. Jamie Sykes


  62. J Campbell

    this radiates a terrifying and dionysian confidence that can't be communicated in words

  63. Valentin Patritti

    why u cute

  64. Tanner Broyles

    Two of the most corrupt politicians to ever see the office

  65. Michaela Nowicki


  66. Strange Lad

    Thank you for your hair

  67. Benjamin Whipp

    9:14 Brianbrush Threepwood

  68. John

    but does he have any hip hop?

  69. TheReacTT

    This is exactly the kind of article I would expect to read in Dave Chappelle's White People magazine!

  70. Joshua Rodriguez

    Mullet Gilbert becomes the guy from Treasure Planet. XD

  71. Andrew Jones

    nuclear launch codes

  72. Braden Meyer

    how was the first half of this video seven minutes long and the second half was 30 minutes.

  73. Gortis

    With the null cut he looks like backyard scientist

  74. zaginam czasoprzestrzen

    I’m up for this job

  75. McBehrer

    I had a dream last night that you had retired from video making entirely, and were working at like Dave and Busters or something like that. You were also completely disillusioned with anyone talking about your videos, so when I approached you and told you that I was a huge fan, and it was really cool to meet you, you were... basically a complete asshole. At the end we had come to somewhat of an understanding, and I started treating you like just an employee, like you seemed to want, and the last thing I said to you was "hey, we could use more paper towels in the bathroom." Weird dream, and really not related to the video, but I felt like sharing it anyway.

  76. viniciusmaia108

    No the wildest part is the ad for Trader apps under the video.

  77. imperialstaff

    3:38 “i can’t believe my eyes, I’ve got some jeans around my thighs” The jeans are singing his song, they really did appreciate what Brian has done and are coming to give him a hug, nothing could possibly be wrong here

  78. Gefeh Pork

    I need the full 12 verse song

  79. Claudia Rusănescu

    This is one of the videos for which the replay button was made.

  80. taz right?

    appreciates the use of the word cis. dunno why. guess im just glad he knows it