My channel was created to highlight my tournament experience and to give you a behind the scenes look at what really goes on. Beyond the tournament aspect, I will be joining friends along the way to target a variety of species of fish in some extreme situations. Each week I will be posting a video highlighting what's going on in my life, tournament season, and providing tons of hi-quality fishing tips. This is going to be an epic adventure that I hope you join me for.

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  1. Chris C

    Alright 2 questions here.... 1: What the chances of playing war zone with you and what do I need to buy to do that if you would allow? 2: Can you give insight on catching crappie? It don’t always have to be bass does it?

  2. Chris C

    I don’t see one comment I will tho hello alll. Drew I’m not seeing your tourneys what’s the deal. Go get em bro!

  3. Glenn Boone

    Great tips ... short and sweet. Thanks, ti frere!

  4. Jesse Fisher

    See a lot of people predicting over 100 lbs.. are they going to lift the 16”-24” slot limit for these guys?

  5. byADK

    Drain the lake?

  6. Andrew Lemanek

    My favorite is the 6thsense provoke jerbait with 10-14lb flouro depending the needed depth. Break baitvwith upgrades splitting and hooks out the box. Thanks for all you do and the video content

  7. kckman52

    i stick on a little weight so i can use bigger line, thanks

    1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      That’s a great one too

  8. Travis Craver

    Great pick I was surprised you say 100 pounds we will see

    1. John Kelbe

      @Andrew Upshaw Fishing I picked 120lbs. If Keith could catch 110lbs in 3 days, 120lbs in 4 days is not hard to imagine

    2. Travis Craver

      Well I went low the weight is the tough part. Sorry u didn't do that good on your last tourenment. It can only get better

    3. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      I’m pretty confident it will be over

  9. Robert Stevens

    Dont forget Brock Mosley he been on a role

    1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      Man I love the Brock pick a lot. Dude is killing it

  10. John Kelbe


    1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      Heck yea

  11. MNH Angler Fish

    It's great to see fishing competitions

  12. Scott Clark

    When is your next tourney you haven't fished 1 in a while

    1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      I fished last week at Douglas

  13. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

    I fish a lot of ponds up here in southeast Kansas that have got crystal clear water and are full of coontail grass in the winter time and I will do that I will use monofilament line on my jerk baits works great I showed my buddy that trick a year ago he couldn't figure out why I was using mono on a jerk bait good tip though

  14. cjr4497

    I wish they would put the Eyra layout on the Lynx.

  15. Fish On with Felt

    does 10 pound mono make a huge difference on depth being that it's so light since it floats ?

    1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      Not a huge difference, but it will take away a little depth.

  16. svmoua24

    I've actually gone down to 8lb. on one of my jerkbait setups but have typically used 10lb. 8lb has seemed to help get my regular 110 down deeper and also help with the action of the bait. But yes, I was getting my ass handed to me by 2.5-lbers on the Ssissippi this past weekend

  17. Roger Dudra

    Here in Montana I've always favored 12 pound line because of snags mostly. That was when I was using monofilament on a spinning reel. With the new braided lines, I can use a much wider group of mono and fluorocarbon lines as leaders with my trusty double uni knots and I now carry smaller spools of many different line weights for every reason you state.

  18. John Lewis


  19. Adam Clift

    Thanks cool info

  20. Len Clark

    Water gun works great, watched Clark Wendlet( sorry for mispelling ) use it in a big tourney on TV few years ago!!! Where can we get them? Thanks!!!

    1. Len Clark

      @Andrew Upshaw Fishing Thanks for info!!!

    2. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      I just buy them at Wal Mart

  21. bryan turner

    Good luck at Douglas. U can win this!!!

  22. joet5point9

    HI Andrew, Just curious what area of Mead this is. Going to fish it for the first time next week. Thanks!

    1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing


  23. Lee Pao

    this news is old, japanese been using shallow spool for the decade, nothing interest here, back in 2012 daiwa brought their shallow spool reel into the market no one give a dame, but then the American talks about shallow spool, oh now it something new whatever, just so you know this reel came out in korea 2 year ago in the name Liger 30 from Doyo .... LOL

  24. Rogbass


  25. Ayaaz Ismail

    Great videos. Keep them rolling. The skirtless bladed jig hack paired with a Little Dipper; it's like a Scrounger head on steroids!!

  26. Eddie Hawk

    Great information

  27. Stuntman D29

    Absolutely love the Thunder Cricket. I have ran the Evergreen Jackhammer and even the Modo Jackhammer but for some reason the Thunder Cricket has caught more Bass for me bar none.

  28. clay brizendine

    I’ve rewatched this video 5 times. JUICE!!!!

  29. brian gentry

    I’m heading to st Clair in may. Do you think the neko would be a good one to throw?

  30. Jeffery Justice

    I use a lot of sixth sense skirts on hack attack swim jigs an buster it works great video I hadn’t see anyone else break into the skirt game before an I appreciate the tips

  31. Mike iddings

    Abscure Ned baits. How about a Jonson beetle ( beetle spin body).

  32. Raymond Webb

    Great video and content!

  33. John Maji


  34. Uri Orlov

    Cute boys that work well together.

  35. Rogbass

    Bass Gold. Double alert 🚨. You’d make a dang good teacher. Get back in the classroom Andrew.

  36. Anthony Reeder

    Awesome video!!!

  37. Scott Keith

    Prayers for Jimmys family one of my favorite fishermen

  38. Scott Reece

    Great video!!!!

  39. John Long

    Absolutely love this video. I’m a huge fan of vibrating jigs. Thank you sir for these hacks. You now have a new subscriber for life 👍👍

  40. Valley Adventures

    Definitely going to have to try fishing the 3.75 and 3.25 rage swimmers on a ThunderCricket sometime

  41. Shannon Kirby

    My favorite trailer is the deal by berkley


    This is literally one of the best fishing advice videos ever!!! Great tips from a great father💯🤙🏼👍🏼🎣⚓🇺🇲

  43. Don Prater

    Great info!

  44. Jessica Eaton

    Those young boys are already pros 😆 loved listening to there reactions

  45. Mike Gardiner

    hi Andrew! thanks for sharing about Chris and Jimmy to keep in prayers. Awesome video dude. Could not agree more on the clothing backdrop. I’m always wearing light blue shirt from the boat, and camouflage if I’m bank fishing. Loves the boys catching bass. Nice tip about the water gun but I’ve never tried. God bless!

  46. M Jones

    Are they going to be able to fish Louisiana waters I heard they may restrict them from going into Louisiana

  47. M Jones

    Do you think last year was the hardest year ever to make the Elites? With all the pandemic and the veterans who switched over to BASS. I just feel there are some anglers who normally would have made it if not for guys changing back to BASS. All of you guys I feel are Elite caliber guys.

  48. Colin Mattson

    Thank you another great video

  49. Colin Mattson

    Love slinging jackhammer with bandito bug Jr on my SLX DC

  50. FishForDinner

    That is a beautiful fish I wish I could do that here but I live in Canada 😂 try doing a fishing video in minus 20. That is why I cannot wait for fishing season to warm up!!

  51. chandler hicks

    i use other techniques but those are what i go to if nothing else works

  52. chandler hicks

    fishing hack for bed fishing is chatterbait on first cast if a few cast don’t bite by jigging the chatterbait i’ll skip a wacky rig over the top of the bed and let it sit for about 45 seconds then pull about a foot from the bed and hop it one time and usually i’m setting the hook if not i’ll try it a few more times if can’t get a bite i’ll dip end in sun crawfish scent

  53. bryan turner

    Watching the news and all that is going on in the world it's more important than ever people like you are great ambassadors to the sport of fishing and that leads to being a better human being. God bless you for your passion for life.

  54. bryan turner

    Tell Scott to stop the pushy sponsor stuff, hes a good guy but he's loosing touch.

    1. Cody Finn

      That's how the guy is making a lot of his income. I doubt he stops anytime soon!

  55. bryan turner

    Prayers for chris and Jimmy my all time favorite. Great to see u with your son and nephew. Your a good dude

  56. Kenneth Dennis

    Great video Andrew, thanks for sharing!! Fraying for Chris and Jimmy. Terrible situation.

  57. Charles P

    Thank you for the tips. I turn off all electronics, lift up my trolling motor, and power motor. I use my push pole to move and make any adjustments. I like using my power poles to fish out the areas and then let the wind (if any) to drift to my next area.

  58. Richard Blake

    Sorry to hear about Chris, she and Jimmy are both bass fishing legends and good people. Your kids are great, good manners and probably future elite anglers. Enjoyed your suggestions but can't use them because of bad eyesight from 40 years ago. Also ruined my golf game.Thanks for the great tips.

  59. Christopher Curtis


  60. Mike Galka

    Can anyone clue me in who gets prizes? I’m in the 99.4% so far.....can I win anything?

  61. hunter oubre

    Bed fishing has always been one of my weaknesses. Hopefully i can find a few still on beds in Toledo Bend next week.

  62. Kyle Downy

    Doop i missed the live stream. Going have catch next week stream. Have a good week Andrew.

  63. licojjo

    I can't believe you gave up, the water gun trick. Todd is not going to be happy with you.

  64. Glenn Boone

    Them kids were all in! Nice job and thanks for the tips.

  65. IRON J84

    Nothing like a vibrating jig bite especially when you can see them eat it

  66. Mike Antes

    Thanks for sharing about Jimmy and Kris will definitely keep them in my prayers

  67. Kevin Will

    great info

  68. Bill Mitchell Jr

    Praying for Chris and Jimmy

  69. Lance Mabry

    Hey man, besides PINK lol, what other color for Cherokee

  70. Cherokee Lake Tennessee

    So got a question. When you won Cherokee the smallmouth were spawning, were you actually see those fish or were you casting into the voids between bog rocks where you thought they would be? It's about that time. Water temps are anywhere from 59 - 64. Thanks!

  71. joe sharp

    Water gun dish detergent is a phenomenal idea. Sounds goofy but it’s genius

  72. OhKee12

    Great memories right there.

  73. Chris Glover

    Awsome, fishing with the boys.

  74. Ricky Reynolds

    That’s what I appreciate in a video is that guys give up the juice and not hold back the good stuff for their own benefit! 👍 thank you Sir!! 🎣

  75. Ryan Upshaw

    Jase is going to be so pumped!