My name is Alan Becker! Maybe you saw my "Animator vs. Animation" when it became a viral video in 2006. I make stick figure animations that take place on a computer desktop screen. There is no dialogue, but a lot of humor and emotion. Hope you enjoy!

Check out my other channels too! I teach how to animate, I run a Minecraft server, and I play games!


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  1. Mustafa Timuçin

    Alan Becker I love your videos 😀😎❤


    2:41 The Prank Begins

  3. DanielKill-Music

    3:40 Maravilloso

  4. aktekke yatılıbölge


  5. Princess aurora calista

    hi alan becker I need to ask you something now adobe flash is already gone how you can turn your flash animation into a youtube video




    5.24 RIP orange

  8. Creeper_pro12 _

    whot noice

  9. Krystian

    mc psyhic

  10. sunita roka


  11. Chriskyle cholo Flores

    I love your vids so much

  12. Hongfei Lu

    The best thing about this is how Second Coming just mopped Red across the continent

  13. 0

    great action

  14. kucing malas

    11:27 rick roll

  15. alvaro calvo


  16. Dragon Gaming

    I am from indonesia 🇮🇩

  17. Kibanya Gitimu

    Alan Becker, there was a mistake in the animation, during the building red put glass and the block remained at 64 instead of turning into 63.

  18. Giack 989

    what program do you use?

  19. Thi Duong

    B b

  20. maxiquiel ladao,jr

    And exes deal more damage then a sword! Btw

  21. Mazing Baby

    ,... Who are you’ll also

  22. maxiquiel ladao,jr

    Your the best animator i've ever seen

  23. maxiquiel ladao,jr


  24. Yuri Salac

    The witch is the most powerful bosses in the Minecraft animation

  25. Kirito Danggin AMV

    And pixelmon the minecraft animation please

  26. Yuri Salac

    Why the obsidian's texture is old?

  27. Datu Rhedd Rahman Makalingkang

    11:15 find the “ gotta go fast “ effect

  28. Tsendee Ganbold

    so you have chose deahe

  29. •purple candy's•

    wow,Indonesian translate?I laughed and continued to read the translation :v,because im indonesia,I know what it means, and it's very funny ♡♡♡

  30. •purple candy's•

    hey..why is this too cool?i love itt!!!make a black stickman story again♡♡,plsss,see black and red fighting really exciting :v make again! make again! make again!

  31. Corina Kathie

    The jealous button comprehensively scratch because bracket markedly hook excluding a wistful clam. historical, five flavor

  32. Rosita Khairunnisa

    Bagus video nya

  33. The_crafterofminecraft _

    i like parkour

  34. Cristobal Perez

    Wey después de cómo 3 años y no me acuerdo que sale hola soy Germán


    i love the part black gived orange the super power but its more good

  36. xNotever BG

    The power of techno Lmao

  37. Faresfero


  38. Tumen Solongo


  39. preda cetri

    part 5??

  40. Everything_Plays

    Nevrr Ever mess with the stick figure pig

  41. Nam Vux

    Witch in Alan's animation: epic pvp kombat skill Witch in minecraft: *Spinning noose*

  42. The Mudkip Elixer

    2:53 green playing ddr

  43. Berna Lontoc2

    I just keep laughing what second coming doing in the message funny

  44. OwOCrystal IciaOwO

    continue the captions pls

  45. Ян Анисимов


  46. Joel Padilla

    Guys this what in the first episode the very first when they met the stick orange they were happy because the second orange was their friend before!

    1. Flareplayy

      To you channel

  47. The Mudkip Elixer

    they should put this on Netflix

  48. kashif abbas

    Is there any way to get these for free

  49. Mario Ywn

    4:55 Aquaman's Trident and Thor's Hammar combined be like.

  50. Tantan Abao

    And new music

  51. Tantan Abao

    I love you reanimate the piglin bruet

  52. крутой канал Tasbulatova


  53. Felipe Augusto


  54. Earl

    10:26 what is song?


    Why does blue loves to eat every thing ?

  56. مايا سعيد


  57. Kenchi Dariel Militante

    Techno pig

  58. Goatman

    Ah yes 'Techno power', always goes well on a pig XD


    23 crore views right now

  60. tasara-gacha_life

    /tp @a @p :)))

  61. Intredible _

    wait, the orange king has a command block.. why couldnt he just use it to turn himself to creative????

  62. Kend Qert

    It just keeps getting better and better everyday. Good job Sir Alan. We're proud of you <3

  63. Johannson Uy

    Wow I’m suprise

  64. Johannson Uy

    Green is good in this

  65. Beo Hang

    love anh

  66. Ralph Weber Ompusunggu

    this is so good

  67. Sam With Small Eyes

    Only if PVP in Minecraft was this cool

  68. ruzzel castañeda

    mga tauhan - AVM maikling programa 57,664,563 panonood•Hul 19, 2018 709K 32K IBAHAGI I-SAVE Alan Becker 14.9M subscribers Maglaro ng minecraft sa aking server 27,798 Komento ruzzel castañeda Maglagay ng pampublikong komento... Sans Comic TV Sans Comic TV 2 taon ang nakalipas OMG AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME 449 *-REDACTED-* _exe *-REDACTED-* _exe 6 (na) araw ang nakalipas Villagers in this animation: actually interesting. Villagers in actual Minecraft: H R M P H 20 •ʟᴜɴᴀʀᴇs• •ʟᴜɴᴀʀᴇs• 1 linggo ang nakalipas Watching this after the new episode hits different 😔 purple whyyy 18 Da AKM Da AKM 6 (na) araw ang nakalipas Blue has made the achievement [What a Deal!] Green has made the achievement [What a Deal!] 19 Aeralise Aeralise 2 buwan ang nakalipas Here after ep.21 to remember who is purple 8 Taikamuna Taikamuna 2 taon ang nakalipas imagine this video but everytime a villager says "hmm" it gets faster 834 Blue AVM Shorts Blue AVM Shorts 6 (na) buwan ang nakalipas How do villagers even build with their arms stuck together?

  69. Sam With Small Eyes

    cant belive i was only grade 3 when this came out

  70. KaitouJack

    This is great!!

  71. Felix the Cat


  72. Extoll

    i.... i don't know what to say... it's just amazing... your animating skills are really good, and also the story is very good as well, and bringing back "the chosen one" and what i think was "dark lord" is quite nice too, also i remember the first video of yours i ever watched, which was your first minecraft animation

  73. Rommel Serrano


  74. Sergiu Mladenovici


    1. Sergiu Mladenovici

      Who like this comment?

  75. Sergiu Mladenovici


  76. Sergiu Mladenovici


  77. Jocelyn Kho


  78. Luni64_YT

    Pokémon! My favorite game! Perfect animation Alan!

  79. •Mizumi Todoroki•

    Im confusion,I watch on my laptop when a add comes at the video it looks like its real bruh