Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Prepare to enter the #Shadowlands - 11.23.20
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

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  1. Tyler Rich

    But where the pve trinket nerfs and engaging endgame at?

  2. Bordel


  3. 베르통헨

    0:41 Kreygasm

  4. ErnCin Animix

    Jailer nothing escapes the maw the silvanas player And l get the reward

  5. Santi Perez

    Nice to see that the scar Varok gave Sylvanas is still there.

  6. Андрей Блинко

    Can't wait to destroy it all

  7. MrNo1fan

    Something I think that would had been cool is adding a new hidden hint in the old WOTLK Arthas death scene and just see a shadowy hand in one of his eyes when he says he sees darkness. Its not much but sometimes those little details just add nice flavor to games/movies.

  8. Jyanin

    Bastion from Above. Shows (almost) only ground views.

  9. Lord AllNiceStuff

    What is with Nathanos? Is he now focused to the horde? Did sylvanas betraied him or is he with her? Im kinda new, can someone pls explain? As far as i know, nathanos was Not with sylvanas at Icecrown

  10. Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon

    0:21 And her we have Illidan being ominous

  11. Eugene Zakharov

    sly Quan Chi, thought we would not recognize you

  12. Mikael Nordahl

    Quest: Slay 15 orcs Reward: Staff

  13. G.N.O

    november 23rd, directly for the 16th Anniversary of World of Warcraft! :D

  14. Htet Myat Tun

    Q: What do the horde warchiefs do? A: Commit War Crimes. Q: What do the Alliance Leaders do? A: "D I S A P P E A R"

  15. Vasil Georgiev

    The best day of my life.

  16. Starbreeze

    cant wait to see it from above a year later

  17. Kuzon Android

    From a lore vise point of view, it doesn't seem unlikely for Silvanas to be able to kill the new Lich King by herself. Bolivar was not Arthas in terms of power and Silvanas had clearly gotten new powers from an external source. Her new powers were evident when she fought and killed Sourfang. Didn't she get powers from the Jailer of the Shadowlands?

  18. Пупи Дупи

    rip wow

  19. Ciri

    Is this some sort of new anime? Those Draenei look japanese as fck, I love them

  20. Valdee

    This place makes me feel like its suramar from legion

  21. Audrius Šaučiūnas

    Vel'koz is that you talkin'?

  22. Salih Tekin

    Mount roar at the end: I want to fly there but I can't fly yet.

  23. Jacob Flinders

    I just want Sylvanas to die... that all I want... shes such an uninteresting character

  24. Raise Rackham

    Just like once we went to Alternative-Outlands, we wouldn't be able to come back until a portal was made three seconds later.

  25. Vasisualiy Lohankin


  26. Daturia

    It's....bland ?

  27. Vent1narc

    The Jailer's voice sends shivers down my spine.

    1. Jennefer

      N'Zoth did it better

  28. Unknown Error

    Yay...more Sylvanas...

  29. Douglas Jordão

    I wonder what technique of animation was used on this cinematic.

  30. Louise

    It's kinda beautiful and all but what about bastion features abilities available to them, a bit of their lore...

  31. James Heath

    30 fps hurts my eyes.

  32. T. K. Nazaire

    Sylvanas looking good

  33. Fatema Karim


  34. l33t4288

    Blizzard have really given up making great cinematics like they use to earlier. Fvck Activision!

  35. Fredrik Shark

    Why is the framerate dogtrash in the video?

  36. Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday

    Lets be honest we clicked this because we wanted to see what Tyrande was up to

  37. Avionic

    I hated how cartoonish they made Garrosh look here. I'm happy they toned down the over the top animations in the cinematics.

  38. The Hardcore Casual

    Really? Am I the only one who gave up playing beta because couldn t do one more click in this asian mmo called Bastion? The worst leveling zone and introduction to an expansion. RIP!

  39. ???????????

    wow's the only game that forces people to play a game they don't like

  40. Erick Earl

    Please be good

  41. Roman Stewart

    Garrosh will always be the better war chief over sylvannis change my mind

  42. h0p3

    Once again, zone topography looks terrible.

  43. pkman911


  44. Kay Dach

    1:59 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  45. Mazman 123

    Huh. Looks like Thanos got his own WOW account.

  46. Lord Almansoori

    art design is epic

  47. Vikturus22

    so lemme guess. Sylvannas did what she did to get her soul back that Arthas took from her via frostmourne? I bet thats what will be her deal with the jailer.

  48. Bé F

    How many more expansitions can they make?

  49. KaraoYoshi

    I'm going to savor every moment of Sylvanas' death...

  50. Jan

    So I tried to level through Northrend since everyone claims that is was the peak of wow. I became bored after a few quests in the boring tundra and switched to mop timewalking instead and had a blast

  51. Bé F

    Are the official soundtrack going to be Jailhouse rock? Jailer needs Elvis accent. Does Sylvanas going to have an onlyfans? Posing only in a red "Make Azeroth great again" hat?

  52. T. Hanks

    As someone who has never played WoW, is this still a good time to start playing?

    1. T. Hanks

      @kalych Thank you! I am very excited to give it a try

    2. kalych

      Probably best possible time since they released it in 2004 because they revamped leveling and starting experience few weeks ago. Also new expansion is coming november 23rd.

  53. Nogardo

    Funny, after the dull world that was BfA, this will be great by default

  54. Cyber-Ninja

    Fix chromie timewalking and let max level players use chromie to play in older content. Playing old content as an higher level is so boring because of the zero challenge against PvE.

  55. Danielle Warren

    My opinion that no one asked for is that it's as it has always been neither side is good or bad. Sylvans is still as she has always been a good person felt a bad hand and has made choices that she justifices with the hand she has been felt. The horse and the alliance are made up of different people each with their own agenda the ideals of each is still the same but each leader has their own interpretation and this is sylvans and twisted as we might see it she has her own justifications for her actions

  56. Adaren21

    This just all seems so...meh. I really just don't see much to get excited about. I already stopped caring about Sylvanas dumb little quest in BFA so this whole payoff I couldn't care less about(and that's coming from a forsaken main) and over all nothing even seems that great in terms of changes. Some stuff looks cool in terms of the art style and designs but that's about it for me. Honestly the only thing that has my mildly interested is Kael'thas being a thing again and I'm somewhat interested to see wtf role he's supposed to have at this point if any other then just showing up for fan service. All around Meh for me so far but I'm sure I'll still give it a whirl once it drops. hopefully the gameplay will make up for the lack of interesting and coherent story.

  57. Z3rostar

    Vampires suck

  58. Alex Silviu

    I am actually glad Sylvanas pwnt this orc, that talk of hope and other cheesy aspects made me think i was watching a Disney movie.

  59. Megan Bell

    Bard class when OwO

  60. Arifin Ali Amdan

    Talk to me at whatever point one or two when you've dealt with the bugs and the bad parts of your systems

  61. W

    Yall crying in the comments only have 1 thing you can do to hurt them. Cancel SL pre-orders. DO IT

  62. Mikkonen

    0:38 when you press spacebar but flying is not unlocked yet :(

  63. Angel Papas

    Still noot going to join Kyrians.Maldraxxus for the win.

  64. Neuro Weaver

    Blizzard should had stuck to making cinematics. They haven't released a good game over a decade now.

  65. clin


  66. Bom Tombadil

    If only WoD hadn't been mediocre.

  67. ciprianos2

    My cat: "Nothing escapes the meow!"

  68. Rayner Wong

    Still waiting for warcraft the movie 2

  69. Dardenelle Green

    I hate it

  70. Norrin Shearer

    This is gorgeous, the art and design teams really knocked it out of the park 🙌🏼❤️

  71. Cazabrow

    You know development progress is going horribly when they don't even set the framerate of this video correctly.

  72. Hugo Mendoza

    I like the camera angles and musical cues that reference the cutscene from WC3.

  73. 907 250r

    Pushed it back again. Still needs to be polished... ffs blizzard get ur act together. Looking forward to "crunch time" glitches ur surely causing, who's in charge of production? Needs a new manager yesterday.

  74. GOMEZ

    Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw. My PrePaid ended Jailer: ಠ╭╮ಠ

  75. Ron Segal

    I hope the larion sounds like that in the real game

  76. Tony Edwards

    Why is the video in like 20 fps?