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  1. Plain_ Memes

    Me cheese 🧀 won

  2. Tobenna Emechebe

    THiccccccccccccccccccccc bus driver

  3. NinjaLegend Plays

    no one: ZMDE as imp: 0:50

  4. MEMES

    His first words were “I am mr cheese”

  5. Cameron Johnson

    Mr cheese

  6. Jeanrei Aiyu Del Valle

    I...I al...most c...cried

  7. Carson McDonald

    It's a good vid but get this, " he's gonna be the greatest imposter you ever seen" . 7 seconds later they say he's gonna save them all. Another 5 seconds they say he's the crew mate they adore. Weird, right? But that's not a complaint, and a watch 'ed all the gametoons Vids and valentines vids.

  8. Ser Evil unicorn


  9. Funtime_Lefty

    When baby mr.cheese said, “my name mista cheese” that was so cute, I felt that.

    1. TheDragon


  10. Killer dragon

    6:57 Thanos snaps 🤣🤣

  11. Stanley Zhang

    "My name is Mr. Cheese!"

  12. Guillermina Licea


  13. Anne Walker

    Random but once I got killed on the scan in among us

  14. power gamer

    Fun fact he is a voice actor

  15. Nicholas Hicks

    0:52 awwwww

  16. Chaos Control Freak

    What at 6:59 his parents got thanos snapped

  17. Stanley Zhang

    Go "How do I always lose!?". Lose is not my thing but it is ok. Nothing to worry so...

  18. Lady Rolldice

    player :how do i always lose

  19. Ellinor99

    So are we going to adore Mr.Cheese wen he’s crewmate wen he’s an imposter instead

  20. Joyce Shanks Jr.

    get outta here hoot boy

  21. Raquel Cantor

    Mr egg Not mr cheese hes mean and greedy to mr egg Kill mr cheese first

  22. Tate Anderson

    Is mr cheese a girl they said the girl

  23. Samir Yattou

    He met gentlemen when it his first time on spaceship

  24. Kalpona Roy

    I want the gentleman and captain do a wrap battle to see who is the king

  25. T Y plush

    Mr. Egg

  26. Fire Lord

    when Mr cheese said "my name Mr cheese" I felt that


    6:58 when thanos snapped his fingers and his parents disappeared into ashes like the other avengers.

  28. Vicky Chapman

    hi i love it

  29. Samir Yattou

    Subscribe to mr cheese and game tunes

  30. Jasmine Doris Esteban

    No not him meee

  31. Tayah Clarke

    baby Cheese is cute🥰🥰

  32. sonic speed

    mr cheese

  33. Naswan Uddin

    Mr egg

  34. Wahaj Haider Kazmi

    Me: Babies are super dumb. Baby Mr.Cheese pulling out glasses and learns a guitar in a second: U sure about that bro? Me: D:

  35. lmao deezokks26

    And then he died because of an"cheese kidnapper"

  36. Sandile Zombie

    Egg easily

  37. anwer iqbal

    mr chese cause hes my fav and hes the best but mr egg rap was awesome

  38. trevorstokes1

    Did it start again?

  39. Kostas Kourobinas

    Its mr egg

  40. coolkaden239 coolkaden239

    MR CHEESE WIN!!!!!

  41. meirmeir Hilton

    This is the most saddest story I ever seen 😐

  42. Spongyface2000

    Why was this stretched?

  43. Wowee Haha

    Uh The heck happened to my screen

  44. Jorge andres Carreño francia


  45. golden gamer

    you are just a little gay\sus


    Abigail como qué bonito esta canción

  47. The Leprechaun

    Wait a minute..... if Bro killed Green 1:50 , then why was he in the meeting 2:12

  48. Mijo_games 2020

    07:02 Me when I finished school

  49. Mariela Tavares

    How come the people one was white on the bus but the bus driver is white

  50. Dale Ferguson

    Am I the only one who hears blinding lights by the weeknd?

  51. Bethany Ray

    Mr.cheese is a great imposter in amoung us!

  52. Jayson Rusell Cayao

    I like the song hahaha 🤣🤣

  53. ಂणଞYasuଞण ಂ

    Mr cheese

  54. Theresa Ryckman

    I like trains part 2 be like

  55. Glaizabel Montillano

    Aaaaaaaa cuteie

  56. Scuba Zos

    newscapepro is dat u?

  57. Kaira Allison Guinto

    sooo emotinal🥰🥰

  58. Assassin V0

    I hope everyone will be smart like Mr cheese.

  59. JMS07L


  60. Lion Lion


  61. Lion Lion

    The part when baby mr cheese said my name is mr cheese

  62. Kiera Winchester

    Cause I... I... I... Have floating hands tonight Gonna take my hands and make them pay the price- For not having arms and continuing to freak me out So find my arms so i wont die from fright, oh oh oh AHHHH (bleh)

  63. Ella’s Toys

    I literally love mr cheese

  64. furkan orçan

    so cute ^_^

  65. Shadow_ Sherizz


  66. Rose Angle

    Mr chesse's head is of cheese and egg with witj

  67. Tom309

    Mr.cheese still sucks.🙄

  68. Rose Bien Galvan

    Mr cheese win mr egg dies

  69. Jeremiah Russell

    i think mr egg was good with rap battle

  70. Steven Guilherme

    you should make a rap battle about veteran and captain about their friendship with player

  71. Sum Uddom Vivath

    I love eggs 😍 so I choose mr egg

  72. Natalie Ellis

    Mr. cheese wins

  73. Isaac Brima

    if BTS saw this 😆😆😆😆

  74. Ali butt

    Plz sub to H20 blood

  75. Andy Mirza Pang

    Like the red guy mr cheese shakes it doll,:y bully me

  76. Lu Bi Ye

    Music is soo sad

  77. Matthieu LANG

    ''My name mr. Cheese'' Actually, you're baby cheese

  78. Krishna Soni

    NOBODY LITERALLY NOBODY ME: OMG superman underware over spacesuit And also wears underwate in childhood and not when grows up🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. i love to do stuff


  80. Ember Dukeshire

    I did not know Mr. Egg could rap.