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  1. Yelaa Bob

    Southern Britain didn't become "England " after the hadrians wall.but after the romans left

  2. Paddy Mapper

    can still relate to this day

  3. Neilos 1714

    Jay is russia embodied because he said thank you.

  4. Alonso Castillo

    I loved this video, packed with interesting stuff.. but i have to take a moment and mention the audio effects! Like the farting sound when that exhaust appeared... or the accordion sound for the modern tram 🤩👌 oh and visuals like Jay in that dress 😂

  5. Rod Fleming

    Clickbait. The best maps of Britain are unquestionably those made by the Ordnance Survey. These come in a range of scales from 1;1250 up. OS maps are a global standard. Nobody makes better ones and they are publicly available.

  6. Write Mind

    Map Men is the best series on KGup

  7. amaizel

    "he was stopped on his tracks" - ooooooooooooooh

  8. yfelwulf

    They're said to have the best map's of the worlds Sea floor as well.

  9. yfelwulf

    Incorrect Her Majesties Theatre reads the Home of Queens

  10. Qub1

    Amazing! This video so beautifully demonstrates a core concept of our universe: complexity arising from simple rules. With simple combinations of primary colours you can create infinitely many combinations.

  11. Jeremy Stanger

    "It's naive to think we're owed a solution..." are words to live by!

  12. PriestOfTheUnholy

    nobody is in charge of me but me

  13. Redbush 5

    What do you mean the Russians won WW2 for us, without the allies help Russia would of lost and without Russia’s help the Allies would of lost

  14. Hlebuw3k

    "There might be a Russian spy in your computer right now!" Youre right! Because im Russian!

  15. Benjamin Grayson

    Another way is to start your own party

  16. Анна ким

    Not British, but it was very interesting!

  17. El Huachinango

    2:24 Loved the sonar sounds... IN SPAAAAAAAACE!!

  18. TheKitMurkit

    Soviets did not win ww2

  19. Daniel Dutchy

    Thanks for another hilarious video guys. I'm looking forward to your next one already. Especially your Frome throwback. I loved it

  20. Pambudi Wardhani

    First time I learn the correct pronounciation for Greenwich. If I'm saying it like how it's suppose to be pronounced, people wouldn't understand what I was talking about here though.


    4:48 This video has been derailed.

  22. Zeggy Grockle

    In New York there’s a Norwich and a North Norwich. People mostly pronounce Norwich with the W, but North Norwich without it. It’s just easier to say that way.

  23. Drew Campbell

    Can you explain Lerwick? And is Frome really more mispronounced than Milngavie?

  24. My Name

    In Sweden we got 8 parties, that's because the parties can create alliances with other parties and giving them the power if their alliance have the most votes (even tough the biggest party might not be in their alliance).

  25. Too Legit To Quit

    Binge watching Map mean and realising that there is still amazing content on KGup that isn't plagued with crap

  26. Marco Polo

    why does he dislike ukip? ukip is based

  27. SkyBorik

    Не ожидал, что кто-то с запада упомянет, что Советский Союз победил во Второй Мировой войне

  28. rocco soldi

    Vodka is Polish

  29. 404 not found

    Pls stop the bias titles - at one point there were some Russian maps with better details on some areas.... you make it sound like they got the best maps right now. It's a shame you use this jerk tactics since they take a lot of your credibility.

  30. Queue

    So it appears the soviets had the best cartographers

  31. no1fanofthepals

    The comment about the penis projection has a time which actually talks about a projection made by arno peters who here had a penis next to him. Cool easter egg!

  32. Jan-Willem van den Broek

    Always a joy to get another one of these! Why the map of Copenhagen at though?

  33. Valisk

    I didn't realise Susan Boyle was from surrey!

  34. SquidKing

    Its green hands wtf

  35. hustlingHassler

    There us something important I have to say to you... it’s contagious

  36. SgtTeeh

    3:38 this fact seems false

  37. okyuas ham

    this is a road to becoming crazy

  38. Dave Smith


  39. Dan Smoke

    The dear substance collaterally saw because subway whitely boast among a happy illegal. motionless, dark moon

  40. Jakub

    It's really funny to read the transliterations when you speak both languages

  41. Auzzy MC

    me realizing i live in the north and my nearest Aldi (and McDonalds!) is in the south

  42. jelenamat92

    The Slovenian town of 'Ptuj' isn't difficult to pronounce as you just read all the letters, nothing unusual about the name aside from the high consonant 'saturation'. For Slavs, that's not a problem to pronounce.

  43. Find_The_Star

    Bielefeld doesn't exist, though it's on maps

  44. BlueJayJitsu

    I've never subbed during a sponsorship before.

  45. Billder

    hold tight Tunbridge Wells😞

  46. 4rr0ws

    Why do I kinda like your ads

  47. Braneloc

    6:10 :)

  48. Cyril Liss

    Охуеннейшее видео. Привет из Рашки. Particularly cool: * 6:05 * 4:57 * 1:34

  49. Von Mehlau

    Winning WW2, yeah of course Buddy.

  50. Benjamin Grayson


  51. Jacob Yudkin

    As a Brit, I can confidently say that place names are extremely easy to pronounce sometimes

  52. Wildfire悪魔

    britain is a mere tiny island off the coast of europe. without the empire, it's potential is always going to be limited. you just can't do anything about it

  53. Adam Beck-Seron

    Brilliant video i love government and politics!

  54. Knight Lautrec

    Only one "men" in the intro... This VIDEO ITSELF was made by Russians trying to pass it off as a Map Men episode!!! But they slipped up! We know the truth!

  55. Angry Ted

    I'm beginning to think you are not a fan of the monarchy or the peerage system. No knighthood for you then... Archaic, ceremonial and bizarre though it is, it does slow down the idiotic antics of parliament.

  56. Raymond Johnston

    Vodka no one needs there vodka

  57. loggert

    Well, the UK and US maps don't show millitary instalations, the russian ones do show that. Not really better mapmaking, just a different agenda :)

  58. MultiReinforced

    Don’t watch it nooow watch it latee

  59. t K

    AV is the system in Australia

  60. MegaSkiboy

    I think this is a cry for help. I hope Jay is okay.

  61. Batsy

    You forgot my favourites that I have to deal with every day Happisberg (pronounced heysborogh) costessy (pronounced cossey) and wymondham (pronounced windham)

  62. Balázs Gyekiczki


  63. Ѕimon de Danѕer

    Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland provinces are both in the north of the Netherlands and Noord-Brabant province is in the south of the Netherlands. There is no Zuid-Brabant province.

  64. Smiil Smiilovich


  65. Anderson Klein

    Considering the housing prices in London, I'd say it would be handy to have a lot more housing. Especially homes that are bigger than a closet and don't have more cockroaches than humans in them. But then again, I'm a futurist in more of the 19th century sense of it. Like, wishing to live in a nice place, with a nice neighborhood, and commute smoothly and fastly anywhere. What a dream...

  66. Making Monsters

    In Your world, the russians, who helped the nazis rebuild the army in 30s and started WWII with them hand in hand in September 39, won WWII ?

  67. Elite Potato

    I'm scottish and I feel insulted

  68. Mike Allmey

    The opening map of eastern London / Essex is a gem - I used to live in Sautmynste (Southminster) near Benham (Burnham) and worked in Saufend (a closer phonetic approximation than the native Sarfendinnit?). It's also a pre-Beeching map as it showns all the railways the Doctor ripped out - the more you look, the more now-absent railways you see. But what were the equivalent NATO maps of Bloc countries like?

  69. Leltendo 2008

    KGup: want to see about the unfinished Northern line Me, a german 12 years in the future: yes

  70. FlegSlav //TestPatterner

    Plot Twist: *Russians have been spying the UK the entire time*

  71. Fnidner

    ALRIGHT KGup.. ill watch it!

  72. Quite A Bit Of Stuff

    how did you find me 1:00

  73. The Duke of Kidderminster

    Does anyone know which parish the rector in Hillingdon was in (there’s a couple in Hillingdon)? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of but haven’t been able to find it.

  74. staninjapan07

    I was brought here without my choice, and how glad I am that I was. What a great video!

  75. GailForce

    In soviet russia, skills share you

  76. eddj7345 sydney

    As an Australian listening to this, ITS PRAWNS. NOT SHRIMPS