Welcome to the chronicles of history that your social studies class never covered in high school. This is for the extreme, the unexpected, the untold and the flat-out weird parts of history. Because as weird as people seem today, we don't hold a candle to history.

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  1. Food & Games

    It would be interesting to see a video on the history of absenth. That stuff has a truly weird history.

  2. timothy fox

    Remember false Assumptions at least in this case meant his and her death.

  3. Fran Rowe

    She got off lightly, ignorance is only bliss to the ignorant.

  4. Marlon Parral-Prudente


  5. David Gonzalez

    I would have asked for my money back, he DOES NOT look like an elephant

  6. jhgust

    Hate him! Apparently he is Trump's favorite president. Wow! ☹️🤪🤔

  7. Wes

    "If worse comes to worse, we can always eat the smelly humans."

  8. ASMR Album Lyrics

    The white doctors and scientists abused both sisters but tortured only one. She wasn’t abusive to her sister-she was traumatized and made to be that way.

  9. Macho Fantastico

    I watched this drunk.

  10. atlas gunther8

    1987 the peak year of life in my estimation and most boring year for negative events.

  11. Lauren

    I'm native american from Alaska ,Athabascan native can you please do a history for that

  12. BigIron Fist

    Are phobias still strong when your shitfaced?

  13. Jerry Velders

    He had a good heart, but his brain .. not so good. He started to consider himself 'special' and turned into an entree.

  14. Dustin Bell

    born in hawaii? hahaha yeah right

  15. Shawn D

    0:51 I thought he flipped me off lol

  16. Amanda

    My great- great grandmother called off her engagement to a wealthy businessman because he tried to kiss her!

  17. Ausome Aspie

    Louis Pasture actually wrote a book on how to make the best Larger but hated the Germans so much due to the Franco-Prussian war, he had it translated into every language EXCEPT German!

  18. Thomas Thacker

    like who else wouldn't last at all.

  19. Robert Smith lll

    No she was possessed by a Grey 👽 it’s true they are the demons who are in inner earth 💯

  20. Kirstin Rose


  21. daniel athome

    Beef tea=beef soup

  22. R S

    blood pudding is called black pudding these days and is regularly eaten in the uk

  23. David Coxe

    25% of the Freed Salves starved to death.

  24. bjo59

    When you hear Treadwell speak in his videos he comes across as abnormally childish. He also sounds like he was entertaining some sort of death wish - one with a narrative found in children's fairytales (you get eaten and then the woodsman comes along and cuts you out of the animal's stomach and you continue on your merry way). He certainly had no real regard for his girlfriend (although she was responsible for her own end, of course).

  25. Jarvis Sdot

    "freed" yea okay

  26. John Lennon

    Couple of Lucky Shots💀💥🔫👴

  27. blissful... 😊

    No mention of the greatest sitcom ever FRIENDS

  28. Peachy Cream

    I learned in science, big oxygen big things, tiny oxygen tiny things. Therefore I am not short.

  29. Ben Gursky

    Never make it as a mongol I’d be dead for peeing in the house 😂

  30. Anita Davidenoka

    can you tell a story about Cleopatra and her true story

  31. Bre-ona Prentice-Griffin

    Ha I’m happy I’m subscribed

  32. IpsitaMukherjee

    What Ibn batuta was a guy ? We hve a song on him in bollywood.n I thought wht the heck is Ibn batuta🙄

  33. Josh

    Beer helps you not to lose your mind during tough times

  34. ivailokrustev

    Being a bit of a foodie myself, does anybody knows a book with food recipes from the past? Like the ones here? An actual book with exact amounts of ingredients and so on...

  35. Ray Warner

    Darwin Award winner

  36. Joshua Doty

    The Arrogance of Man

  37. Pedro Braga

    I wonder what people now are ahead of our time.

  38. Jeff Holt

    Psychopaths... primitive, stupid

  39. Starry Potts

    I wish a meteor killed us all a few hundred years ago

  40. Nirvezz

    warmed slice of bread, butter and sprinkle of sugar is a treat growing up when we didnt have much cash for foods

  41. Mike Rivas

    So how did a country full of ex-convicts become one of the most successful in the world!? Yet we have other countries full of resources, yet they are dirt poor? Explanations please....

  42. Mr MojoRisen87

    I came here for the conspiracy nuts. They never disappoint. Oswald acted alone. Modern technology has proven this. Case closed.

  43. Jimmy Sloop

    Why don't you talk about the homeless in 2021

  44. Paul Calixte


  45. Diamond Sky

    With how much of earth is still untouched it wouldn’t surprise me if we stumble Into animals we aren’t ready for

  46. Tsuki

    It doesn't seem all that weird to me, it all comes down to preference My lil bro was born on July 1st. I feel honored.

  47. P L

    That thumbnail is clickbait to the max

  48. Manuel Labor 78

    So it all Squantos fault.

  49. Kate the Great

    He couldn’t have “asked for it” any MORE clearly

  50. Peter McKay

    1:42 Face in the smoke column near the bottom.

  51. Robbie Claxton

    When i watch this story...i said .. if guy wants to be bear breakfast ok...but talk some lady into a false sense that i got this under control ..the bears love me crap....i feel sad for her...and the bears ..they track all bears in area killed them and opened them up ...some of had no human remain...did they deserve to die...they should of be drugged bears then tested.

  52. FrenZ

    Courtiers : long live queen elizabeth Le queen : and I took that personally Same with queen elizabeth II

  53. Ruby Blue

    It’s bad enough that people don’t respect the damage their own *dogs* can do, let alone bears...I only hope that Amie went quickly, since we know Timothy didn’t.

  54. thetourettesgmr

    Timothy Treadwell would be a great video

  55. Signal Hunter

    A real idiot...like so many of today living in a nice soft dream world. These folks have lost touch with reality and common sense. Snowflakes... I think fits description of this type of individual. Sorry he lost his life, but real experts warned him. But being much smarter he chose to ignore them.

  56. Adam Flick

    Whoever thinks the Australian coast “DOESN’T HAVE DEADLY SHARKS” deserves to be eaten by one. Lol

  57. Renee Richburg

    Nice👍 they need to make a movie about him💓💯👍👍👍😀😊 that would be awesome 👍👍

  58. Clar Ian Rabe

    Here in philippines we get circumcised while still in elementary

  59. Nick Garvin

    Couldve titled that one part Beeramids

  60. DrayL

    Justinian Trudeau?

  61. Blade Little

    Really wish people would stop hyping this man. He is getting far to much coverage for someone who was effectively a show piece and did next to nothing. Theres so many more historical people from this period and others that could get some screen time. Nioh did something unique and cool now its being ran away with.

  62. Guiseppe Falvoa

    What's the history behind MATADOR shows?

  63. Pepper Pakel

    Homer Simpson was smart in his own way that only some could understand.

  64. grahamman80

    RIP Bill Hicks.

  65. Sean O'Leary

    They used the Pinkertons against Amazon union organizers in Europe recently.

  66. Jack Tribble

    It was quite appropriate to focus on Tipper, the whole mess was her brain-child. She was a bored DC wife looking for a way to become relevant and she latched onto this "Issue" as a way to get herself some limelight. As pointed out in the video, her actions had the opposite effect of what she claimed to be trying to do. Just like all of her ilk.

  67. Ryan Morgan

    My new favorite channel !

  68. Chris Wilson

    I've watched cops fall prey to peer pressure 🤣

  69. N Money

    Damn he is a badass

  70. Jeff Davis

    I’ll never forget where I was that day just a freshman in college leaving for class that morning

  71. shakira mcintyre

    I feel honored to know that my people has done some out of this world things here on earth

  72. TriggaHappyYT

    There's a channel that recreated the faces in 3d and look very life like kgup.info/get/fGijm5nPqIaNiGY/video

  73. Mr. Kill4Pink

    10:17 Other Bull**** Diseases. "Covid-19"

  74. Strange Monke

    No one talks about this

  75. ClaimYourShame

    Which piece is played starting at 8:35??

  76. Ayesha Shah

    Man, these women deserve really special honour if they have to give birth in front of 200 people. People just enjoying. Imagine everyone discussing the details of the delivery afterwards 😖

  77. Ayesha Shah

    200 hundred ppl???? I want to unheard that sentence seriously. I'm sickened just at the idea.

  78. N Money

    The Black samurai is pretty scary to me

  79. Ron Lanzo

    Great video, and I knew many of these fine points about TR. You left out his writing skills and the number of books he authored! You also missed the fact that he established the Boone & Crocket Club that survives to this day. And he's my favorite President!