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  1. Jesus My Lord & Savior King

    now that we know how durable this truck is, do a test to c how durable the general lee car is.

  2. Martin Krochta

    Why do you love putting stupidly big rims on 4X4s in the states?!

  3. Kaden Parker

    The intro was amazing

  4. iam Asinner

    Bro how could u hate on this man he literally has all this land and does whatever he wants u should aspire to be like this man 💯😂

  5. Magi Magi

    I’m sure you could find a lot of Toyota hilux blown up in the deserts of Iraq .

  6. Vinodhkumar V

    Literally I am just crying 😐

  7. James Allen

    People squaring trucks are stupid, that's ruining a truck

  8. Sheri Elsea

    also do you not know how to use a cluch i do i wi ll give you 100 grand for it if it ant recked or destroyd troyd

  9. Sheri Elsea

    yo you need to learn how to drive a stick shift or by the right oil

  10. Greg's Garage

    I had a 1990 Hilux like this. see my channel for a few vids. Hurst to see it wrecked by this guy's an entertainer and can do what he like with it.

  11. Stephen Smith

    Milwaukee tools and Deere tractors, always a winner in my book!! 👍🏽

  12. Rob Anderson

    Anyone can build a monster truck...all it takes is money. But only .001% can build a monster truck with money earned while building a monster truck.

  13. lex stark

    what's the name of the music guys?

  14. Bruce M

    Now you should take a Bush hog and mow that field overtop all those cender blocks.

  15. masteryoda5

    your hands look like my grandmas hands

  16. Mikey Alexander

    4:18 Duuude when that window didn't budge I felt that☠

  17. El Mero Mero

    I think he’s polluting the ocean

  18. Md Ariq

    Donot try athome

  19. Dillon Bentley

    He likes this one more than any other vehicle he's had I think

  20. Alex Olson

    "Airguard" you mean Air force lol

  21. ZeD AxiS

    I love my Surf 1995, The TanK on the Ground with the most luxurious Ride Inside From :) 🧡🧡

  22. Graham Dewhurst

    Come on let’s get it destroyed

  23. Techpriest Salok

    Major problem here, you used a soft surface they used a hard surface. Of course yours was smoother, in your test the square wheels tore apart the ground instead of bouncing, in their video the ground won that fight. If you try this again use a harder surface (if you can’t get on a road, then use a harder dry packed dirt rather then the soft wet one seen in this test)

  24. GLMtr

    So it has been 2 years where is Dentzilla?

  25. matthew 5689

    Hi just wondering if u could do a vid about an update on the monster max 2.0 plz thank u

  26. Capo B

    What happened to monster maxx?

  27. Dan Devshan

    Is it just me or anyone feeling bad for this beauty? I just lost it when he dented the door! 😓

  28. Ashton Diehl

    Man I totally lost it wen he was flying through the field catching air and bricks flying

  29. Quentin Janssen

    Please ask Arnold Schwarzenegger to be there if your getting a chopper so you can get to the choppa

  30. babylayne

    Put bricks on a pedal and send it through a field

  31. bobkin611

    8:43 I don't remember Alvin and the Chipmunks being that violent.

  32. Jordan Rohde

    You should make a vid with all brands of trucks side by side putting them to the test to see which one holds up the best among all of them😎😎

  33. Cooper Tuttle

    Not trying to be rude but your wife looks very similar to sophie from the movie Bennetts war.

  34. Susan Jones


  35. ko'TiCz

    Why did you do that?

    1. mark

      why not?

  36. RustbeltRob classic

    This is amazing..

  37. Anthony b

    Check this out kgup.info/get/oKGudICven6brZ0/video

  38. Austin

    I love how he said yeah I got a terrible headache right now. Like yeah that’s probably a concussion my guy

  39. Justin Creamer

    This hurt my soul to watch but I’m very very impressed. Now I want one even more lol

  40. Jake Ballard

    Typical WhistlinClickbait, the wall is only 6ft and Frank is pushed, not driven. Lame sauce.

  41. Big Daddy D

    Fuck the stupid libtarded citiods

  42. Rune

    This is why you see hiluxes with autocannons mounted on the back.

  43. Flex ed

    I'm mad

  44. Iam 77x

    I hate you when doing this..

  45. Chris Townsend

    The dumb asz stuna enpite stuff had us dead 💀?!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆ain’t no stunnin going on!!!!!!🍀🍀🍀🍀💯💯💀💀we so look at it bring destroyed!!!!!!!😆😆😆🍀🍀🍀🍀🎯🎯🎯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♥️🐢

  46. Kaiju_WastelandR PS4

    When you can't afford the full lift kit

  47. don, Jesus is king !

    what an ignorant asshole .

  48. Kaiju_WastelandR PS4

    Bro i thought you were wearing a hospital gown in the opening😂

  49. Daniel Minecraft


  50. The Beaver

    Watching this video after seeing the Hilux video and this things a turd. Very destructible

  51. เรื่อง นั้น


  52. 94villian vp

    It's like watching a child choke a puppy!!!

  53. N Lake

    the "their pushing us over the cliff" made me laugh XD

  54. The Beaver

    All the ford guys are turning in their sleep

  55. J V

    Isnt that bad for the wild life in the ocean in that area?

  56. Brandon Melgoza

    I feel Whistlin diesel and Demolition ranch are THE best duo.

  57. Đại Lâm Mộc


  58. Aasyn Datuin

    What an idiot

  59. Caleb Wiesing

    Haha I’ve been waiting for this. Hauled an 1800lb engine for a couple hrs in my Tacoma once.

  60. Kreb Gurfson

    no rebar?

  61. Matt Johnson

    @whistlindiesel Haha here's your favorite truck! kgup.info/get/oKJnnn6pnHltp6E/video 4:08 kgup.info/get/l5qWeoi6foGdnZk/video 6:20

  62. Sms_3y

    rolling coal and hurting the enviormentalists 2 birds in one stone

  63. Moses Gichuki

    Utter philistine and brute

  64. Jonathan Nannery

    10:10 A wild WhistlinDiesel crusin through the vietcong

  65. james alvarez

    I seriously waited to give find out your financial decisions lol

  66. Hunter Hughes

    Thanks bro. I respect u! Love ur videos

  67. Moses Gichuki


  68. Rich Jake

    If only Top Gear US version had hired you, it would still be a thing.

  69. Blane Moore

    i want to see an american truck do this

  70. james alvarez

    I laughed my ass off when he got ran over,😂😂😂😂 who gets ran over by a smart car ???? 😭😂😂😂😂

  71. Nicholas Rui

    Thought was just my family with the 10millshitshow

  72. FoSTPGT

    I laughed so hard at 8:33 .

  73. Abraham Elton

    No doubt the hilux is damn durable

  74. Chad Matthieu

    That Weird Al, tho

  75. Toyota_Lover07

    How did he crash into logs and a tree at a speed and the truck didn’t even get a dent

  76. Jusin Helman

    Nice work on the filming

  77. Beef Taco

    The story goes.. they tried to build a go cart but that didn’t work so they blew it up but that didn’t work so they tried to make it a go cart but that didn’t work so they tried to sink it but that didn’t work so they made it a go cart.

  78. SPC Calhoun 4653

    How will he put gas in it ???

  79. Bobby Santos

    Hey WhistlinDiesel huge fan man🔥love the videos man but I bet you can’t piss these people off even more by getting and fucking up a Chevy Goliath 6x6 😤💀😂