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    Fun Fact: Ging Ging forced Nathan to make a video about this.

  2. adam smith

    Poor ging ging


    Giiiiiing Ging is good influence to children because he does homework. But he is also bad

  4. [Bottom text]シ

    as a fellow Vietnamese, yes :'(

  5. Jamie

    I just realised a day is 24hours long

  6. Heng Cheng Hee

    I swear he did this with another video in the past

  7. adam smith

    I like ging ging

  8. Gacha Judge

    Can you bring back chingbadingding?

  9. Yeet Boi

    Same skit as the one with dez except a few differents

  10. Amna Shabib

    1:10 ling ling ding dong pee pee😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. LegoNinjaFan 88

    I think you already did this skit before with Dez.

  12. Qwwrgdg Ejdsegjdgcr

    Ging ging

  13. NotMighty

    i'll spell your name right bing bong

  14. javier henry

    Are you gay


    I'm proud to say that I finally got my covid vaccine :)))

  16. Reverse

    For someone who has "Trypanophobia" (Fear of needles), this is very accurate

  17. alexander kersten

    what the what lmao you gained 1 sub

  18. roblox hi

    Ging Ging. More like ling ling

  19. goh jie

    poo poo ding ding ting ting jing jing ping ping hahahaha hahahaha

  20. AllmightyAdwaith

    Bring back Ging Ging pls.

  21. Robot playin games

    you did this like a few years ago

  22. ABCKidsc ROBLOX

    Where does he gets these props 😂

  23. Max Kaune

    Does that feel Haaaaa

  24. man human

    Why is the outro music so g o o d

  25. H4M4D 4HM3D


  26. GAMER XD XD 2.0

    Thank god He didnt Got free things from friend

  27. Bruce Ching

    Dezz will only understand

  28. Rouan Tolentino

    Wheres dong dong

  29. Qwwrgdg Ejdsegjdgcr

    Jiiiiing jing

  30. Juocy Jay

    Why do i get the feeling of deja-vu like i swear ive seen this already

  31. Laura poole

    Hay dad look I'm eating grampu lol

  32. Demo

    Sorry ping ping

  33. Dylan Jade Mercado

    dong dong

  34. Laura poole

    Lolol hay look dad I'm getting grampu lol


    I kind of have diabetes so like I have to go through needles like atleast 7 times a day

  36. Shayan

    Ging Ging is your name Ging Ging or Jing Jing

  37. Syaqif Nararya Kahfi

    Ding ding is funny

  38. Zheng Du


  39. Terminatorツ

    Giiiing Ging needs to teach Nathan his name

  40. Karthika K

    Have you noticed that when he was in the car he wasn't even holding the steering wheel...

  41. Nickolas CLARK

    Jing jing more like king jing hello king jean

  42. Trinidad Lagtapon

    Uhhhh is that the corgi guy

  43. Debbie Carmela Michalski

    I'm procrastinating by watching a video on how to stop procrastinating

  44. JamesMCTV

    25 hrs a day how is that possible?

  45. Reainne Ziven Dela Cruz


  46. JamesMCTV

    if i was emma i would pick nathan with that black jacket on

  47. Valentiniy

    hes eating like 5 cows

  48. Epico Limeo

    So ur saying the baby company johnson&johnson is evil?

  49. Dalle

    nice ping

  50. WarFlame Studios

    Everybodies rockin until boing boing opens his eyes.

  51. Liezl Lim

    No one gonna talk about how this is almost similar to the flu shot Dez got

  52. marquis avian

    0:20 Ging Ging: I cannot breath People in 2019: Omg are you ok Ging Ging People in 2020-2021: STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM ME SOMEONE HELP

  53. Kim Inez

    The doctor is back

  54. The heaven Of glacier

    Bozo mutuals

  55. Vrygon

    i just had an injection today

  56. Tilon Plays

    Subtitles: coconut shot Me can’t hear anything: what a coconut shot Also at least the guy admits he’s afraid Edit:I remember this for some reason like a few months ago

  57. Guinea Pig Gaming

    how is house not on fire 🏠 🔥 0:27

  58. Glorman

    when you close a door it just becomes a wall

  59. Al lexus

    I remember when he had 500k

  60. Pouder. exe


  61. Gyro

    I wonder what people think when they see nathan talk to nothing

  62. Mohit's World

    Hi ding ding

  63. Tabish 679

    Subscribe to DANTDM

  64. JoeMay Debbie

    Ging Ging is so much better

  65. Z4CK_VR


  66. Ram

    i thought u died of covid

  67. unshaft gamer

    Fun fact he used tlauncher for minecraft

  68. timo plush

    Ting ting is funy so funy

  69. Sksiskk Anjanj

    Jinj jinj

  70. Rubin Goxhabelliu


  71. Cheese AMOUGUS

    Stolen joke from vine bruh

  72. Anime Cat.

    “That’s not not a shot, that’s getting shot!”

  73. Waffy


  74. Revenant

    *Me getting kiled by enemies* The enemies killing me: D O G W A T E R, SUCH A MASSIVE D O G W A T E R

  75. Azriel Holil

    Mind:is it fake or real?

  76. Azriel Holil

    What happened to jing jing 🤔

  77. Rxghr

    When are you going to stream on twitch

  78. bemnet landabo

    jong jong

  79. Cspangle


  80. TheNoirLegends ZS

    You know what Asian is not bad dude is fun becomes Asian i already try it you all should try too :D