I make crappy cartoons about my real-life experiences.
I use Adobe Animate and Adobe Premiere Elements to make these crappy cartoons.
Wicked Sweet Merchandise

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  1. Koro sensei

    :my French bulldog mia watching sponge bob :me gets Kicked in the eye :me MY EYES

  2. NoMoreEwo-_-

    Comes outa no where ay where's all you nuclear weapons

  3. Artifact

    There is 1 of imposter Among us

  4. emma caballero

    Jajajajajajjajajajajaja hola

  5. Jake Gordon

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  6. Jake Gordon

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  7. Koro sensei


  8. Anne Whillis

    I am sick

  9. TibbsofTheJohn

    I'm guessing it's a Kirby

  10. Thuy Pham Thanh

    I laughed so hard and so long about the last toilet flush xDDDD

  11. Gon and killua

    My first Fight on a bus

  12. Khrystal San Miguel

    “Stop I’m pooping!” “Stop I’m taking a poop!”

  13. Cayden Chow

    Imagine they buy a real gun and put orange paint on it...

  14. Duck Relaxing

    On je jebeni manijak! vidi ga kako ide!!

  15. Paul


  16. The second most expired water

    I’m not surprised about the seizure it’s the reason that they no how to play Pokémon cards

  17. Joe Mama

    the fact that we are closer to 2050 than 1990 scares me

  18. DJ Caine

    Joker would ACTUALLY snap if batman died. He would not know how to handle that

  19. Da'Jon Magee

    Who's watching October 30, 2020

  20. Rachel Foster

    You were supposed to say goodbye when done with it

  21. DX zalitex

    Hoes on me left and right

  22. Mountain Dew

    I got in an argument with my neighbors before but it was a fight

  23. Samyosocoo

    I use premier rush

  24. Austin Wallace

    Did some one say limp bizkit? KEEP ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN WHAT?!?!

  25. Joshua Pinskiy

    @brewstewfilms show us a year book or picture of ur child hood friends

  26. Nicolas M

    I was born in 97, field goal evolved into "Corndog" where you yell that then shove your entire knee into someone's ass. I dont know why it was called Corndog, hot dogs sounds more logical

  27. clonbeebs2022

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  28. Valley689 321

    huh thought this would be a 2 hour video

  29. icew allow

    someone is pretending to be you www.tiktok.com/@brewstew_flims?lang=en

  30. 21kShxdows

    Plot-Twist- the growl was codys tummy grumbling for taco bell

  31. Levi Animations

    An MRI sounds more like a jackhammer or thats what it was like for me

  32. Callista Crofford

    something like this haend at my old house we were playng outside then we saw a ginormuse rat bigger than the one you saw and the good news was that it was already dead and its bones were showing and it was infront of qa houseso what we did was we got a long stick held it on the end and threw it into the bush its still there to this day.

  33. THOZ0NK

    Perv are not us now I think we found where to go once toys are us shuts down

  34. Agayev Suad


  35. zomBEAST 730

    i live in a woods

  36. Eric M

    Bruh. Mackinac.

  37. Douglas Dusold

    You're a crack head if you think the yellow start burst are the worst. Yellow, pink and red baby. Fuck orange

  38. Virx vexter

    :┈┈┈▕▔╱▔▔▔━▁┈┈┈ ┈┈┈▕▔╱╱╱▆┈╲▂▔▔╲┈ ┈┈▕▔╱╱╱╱▔▂▂▂▂▂▂▏ ┈▕▔╱▕▕╱╱╱┈▽▽▽▽▽┈ ▕▔╱┊┈╲╲╲╲▂△△△△┈┈ ▔╱┊┈╱▕╲▂▂▂▂▂▂╱┈┈ ╱┊┈╱┉▕┉┋╲┈┈

  39. Scitzy_Boi

    900 what are you a fucking humming bird

  40. Awesome S

    Nice video

  41. King Of Among Us

    I f**king beg you to stop swearing

  42. Austin Wallace

    This is me in a everyday thing ya know?

  43. Charles Go brrr

    This is like my life

  44. Tommy Clarke

    Nice video

  45. 1misanthropist

    Moral of the story, don't let your cat outside unless it's in an enclosed area, or it's on a leash.😡

  46. Brewer

    0:36 Licking doorknobs are actually illegal

  47. sonic and tails Gaming

    Probs and shit

    1. sonic and tails Gaming


  48. sonic and tails Gaming


  49. Doppio San

    The first time I took all my cards and my favorite Pokémon card it got stolen so someone reached into my backpack and grabbed my cards

  50. RRO Films

    I’m being Johnny Depp this holloween

  51. The second most expired water

    So I had a mix with a bad dream and a weird game so a horse tries to kill me if I don’t slap Donald ducks hat

  52. Grulaz

    It's Football not soccer

  53. Shman Man

    They “hey” incident happened to me too

  54. Doppio San

    My mom had a mri scan I kept calling it a donut

  55. Ish Me

    Why is this age restricted xd

  56. 伍柏僖

    do you get drunk

  57. TheGaming Pilot

    Your disposed to wash it and dry it

  58. Amir Mamuti

    five nights at Freddy

  59. 伍柏僖

    she will say uhhh ew

  60. The official spinel Su

    I would of gone to 6 grade camp if I didn't have this virus

  61. 伍柏僖

    she will say uhhhh ew

  62. The official spinel Su

    50 ADDITOIN PROBLEMS, god i have to deal with 72 addition, multiplication and subtraction.

  63. sonic gamer 69

    Can you show michel

  64. Wolverine Fortnite


  65. ollie'n Louie vids

    I'm lucky I didn't have picture day

  66. Jack Butler

    Jk she was really nice

  67. Jack Butler

    Oh hi little bro yea first grade was fun (no it wasn’t

  68. Jack Butler

    My 1st grade teacher was really nice

  69. your Mate Jester


  70. Marcus Tredwell

    Did u say goodbye to the coast bc if u didn’t that prob y u saw that shit

  71. coming soon

    Have u ever had a school fundraisers because your looking at a video idea

  72. angel and kimora

    Johonny looks like morty from rick and morty

  73. Ho Leung Tsang

    I had to take a 1p hour to eat my shit

  74. Ho Leung Tsang

    holy shit

  75. Uncaringleek 1

    I learnt about puberty today at school and about sex

  76. Kelsey Madison

    " Guess wher I've been all god damn day" I lost it

  77. Kelsey Madison

    1:42 how the people in Taco Bell bathrooms explain why they can’t get out of the toilet

  78. Bryan Lopez

    A L R I G H T

  79. GamerX Is Back

    Do the Stanky dance and do the Stanky dance

  80. Dion Mahar

    If I said it right you going to Blockbuster to