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  1. Henricco

    Ok so in this video we got: Bad acting Blindness (can't see camera man) Cringe And bad background music I had to watch it, so you dont have to

  2. Zachary Cobb

    Totally stage expected for the last two

  3. jordan5221

    Not that serious. Gotta dig yourself out. Pulling just creates suction.

  4. Julius Burden

    Does no one else wonder how if the pole gets stuck at the top how do they get it down??????

  5. William Payne

    my dad has one of these

  6. Melba 602

    Love your content Coltyy

  7. Concerts Air

    Fake af.



  9. Dylan Rogers

    I like how you go last and make them all look like trash lol

  10. Life_Goes_On 7

    That was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

  11. Microwave

    How do you forget the name of your friends

  12. Chenterr

    If this was real: Why do you have balloons everywhere and why are you holding a lightsaber handle and why are you shooting a blue beam at the balloon. Thats gonna pop you know? **pops** Bruh wtf did you pop that balloon. You thought that was gonna scare me?

  13. YSL Vegeta

    dont be shy drop link to said laser lol

  14. tamen tatsu

    Where is the link to buy this laser? Cuz judging by the video it looks EXTREMELY FAKE!!!!!

  15. qt_autumn

    Bruh best actors

  16. Gary530 had to of modified it...I had the same one...and it wouldn't burn anything

  17. Jade Martin

    Ur insane

  18. Corn flaek

    Casually points class 4 laser near someone without googles maybe I should return to monke

  19. tf2 medic official

    What en epic coincidence that you make it


    How to blind your friends 101

  21. Cxleb -

    He’s not a homie is you don’t know his name 🤨

  22. Daniel Pereira

    Sog Jadw

  23. Max’s Awesome Channel

    Was he peeing with the toilet seat down.

  24. Sarah Lott

    Can I have a shout outp

  25. this channel is good maybe. E

    Goldfish accualy have good memories

  26. loner on the couch

    I was more focused on the song lol what's it called?

  27. Mhace Caballero


  28. yunior Flores

    Why are you make it to the top but not anyone else

  29. Sarai Mark

    Is there any place u can buy salmon ladders cause I’ve wanted one for the past 2 years

  30. †GHOST†

    Honestly it's the tryhard kind of people in life that I don't like.

  31. Alan's Universe

    The Russian twins

  32. - Etherealistic -

    If he forgot their names they aren’t your homies

  33. Smile Lol


  34. Nicanor Núñez

    Actually his awful acting was so terrible it made chuckle. Like some buster keaton sh!t lol

  35. Lizz ariadne Hernandez ovalles

    El primero no le callo el pastel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Alexandria R.

    That was so staged the first one was definatelly fake the second one eh probably and rhe third one oh im gunna stand right in the middle of the room exactly where that balloon is even though its probably a orank

  37. Manuella Jabour

    Vocês vão conseguir tá então assim queria perguntar uma coisa você esqueceu o meu possível você se comentar um negócio da pessoa para depois não

  38. Chloe Rocks with her friends

    I actually have the Apple computer myself at my home

  39. •pizza queen•

    how the fuck did he not hear them opening the door

  40. Claudia Vanessa dos Santos

    Hi ♧

  41. Tripp Bolen

    I know.... you can flex 💪

  42. Jessie Plays

    Bruh don’t scare somebody while he’s peeing it’s like dangerous don’t ask why bc idk why BUT DONT

  43. Drifty

    Do you bough him a new phone?

  44. Elliott May

    I just feel like this channel is about him making him self look better than everyone else lol

  45. N1gHTL1ghT

    Walks away like nothing happened...

  46. ahmad abokaood

    Yep this isnt fake belive me🤐🤥

  47. Bartolo Pablo

    El último no 👎😠

  48. God

    The acting in this is horrible. Like yeah it’s content but... it could’ve definitely been less cringe

  49. magda kabi

    Right but y do they not question having that in their house

  50. Ariana Alvarado

    I wish my mom let me keep all of those pets and we would have a bigger house but then it would kill all of our 3 cats witch both of them are kittens and one of them is a cat and they have separate food

  51. deus vult

    Narcissism at its finest ladies and gentlemen

  52. Maggie Magargee

    Imagine being able to do a backflip literally whenever

  53. Bunnie Madness1238

    Thats a blue belly lizard lol here the other fence lizards we hv are smaller lol cool tho

  54. •Morning lime tea• dad went to the china store and saw the same lazer.he wants to buy it like wtf..he already has a green lazer that hurts when u look at it

  55. Nicky Light

    He scared some of my fav TikTokers and

  56. XxTravdamanxX !


  57. Katy Spohn

    The way he just walks away casually

  58. jawad rawashdeh

    H o w 😂

  59. Gabriela Andrei


  60. Lemmy357

    Imagine being this stupid

  61. davy freemind

    This song is running me crazy

  62. Emma O'Regan

    What a perve

  63. Misty Huwaldt

    Fun fact: Did you know goldfish actually have photographic memory so they remember a lott more than we think

  64. Leo Delaguetto

    I love how the fetuses think this is real.

  65. double L sours

    Man the first guy can pee through his pants and also, doesn't even pee in the toilet amazing absolutely fantastic 👏.

  66. ExelsEntertainment

    Ok what you actually should do is wiggle a bit with on leg and pull it up, not completly just a bit, than redo with the other leg. And so bit by bit work yourself up, just watch out that your stationary leg is being freed with your moving leg or you sink more

  67. Arnetta Vickery

    That was amazing

  68. RobloxWitch LeClair

    Go go swagboyq

  69. J ar Somar

    The spider is on the chest.

  70. Ronald McDonald

    I laughed when he got hit by a car... Should I be laughing

  71. Arianna Ari

    Wow ur dad's gonna be mad :)

  72. BeesTF

    Funny prank with a laser strong enough to permanently blind you instantly.

  73. Arnetta Vickery

    That's really cool

  74. christopher yochelson

    You can go blind like that

  75. Efrain Vera

    I want 1 of these


    What no thats was some good candy watch. Why

  77. The LAGinator

    You can blind yourself or your friends by just looking at the dot in the wall

  78. Luis M. Mercado

    This is the new version of start war premier ?