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  1. Roddrik Gadsden

    Motivation appreciate that

  2. Asisipho Lukuko

    You can't get money wit me you too lazy

  3. Asisipho Lukuko

    He a pure savage

  4. Kp Perkins


  5. Mathias benavides

    Let’s get ittttttt

  6. William Cox

  7. William Cox

  8. a 6


  9. Kitzner Vassor

    Runnin' up an independent bag talk

  10. If you read this your Gay

    1 show 2 show 3 show 4 I might spend that lil money on a Lambo

  11. Sarah Floyd


  12. brittany ramseur

    Oh nah‼️ y’all killed this 🔥

  13. Culo Mio


  14. Culo Mio

    Stranger gang. Gang gang

  15. John Giron

    2020 B$&(: FACTS!!!!

  16. Shae Powell

    Hold up

  17. Celene P

    overly sarcastic productions

  18. Hasmoon M

    Wow i just keep finding new harder and harder dolph and glock songs wtf

  19. Kenny johnson

    Oh shit Halloween tomorrow!

  20. EssDot Betts

    Whats that cut he rapping with the crowd a t the beginning yall. Help a nigga out, that shit sound live

  21. Melo#5

    Tricc or treat 😈😈😈

  22. Aj Stewart


  23. Darlin La Melodia

    Muy duro alguien que hable español que le guste la música Américana

  24. Cutie Pie

    Free baller alert over here lol!!

  25. MannysTwitch Streams

    If anyone wants to know who is the girl at the end her name is Ms Palomares she is a Instagram model

  26. Judithh

    Dolph stays speaking facts foreva my favorite rapper !

  27. William Rivera

    Dolph been had the sauce!!!!

  28. Trin Pera

    the herd


    "half that shit in my driveway i cant even SHPELL dat shit"

  30. dcWayne Clay

    he crazy for this 🔥

  31. Luigi Fresh

    I'm a Tennesseean SO This Shit Slaps. Automatically. 👋ON REPEAT ALL HALLOWEEN 😈👹💀

  32. kaylin the queen

    This song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  33. comeback kings

    Big Mac facts

  34. Shalkia Doss

    I Love DOLPH 💕💕❤️❤️2020

  35. Original REBEL

    It's Dolph!!!

  36. pretty girl

    I love being black!!!

  37. Jordan Santos

    Hold up

  38. jamol ronaldinho Ross

    Tricks love treat

  39. MrDub22jackson

    I fuckin love dolph

  40. kevinloaiza234

    I just stacked that dough up, Dolph walk in the buildin then it’s time to put ya ho up 💪💪

  41. K Ferguson

    "The best education one can get is at the feet of an elderly person" Dolph tuned right in.💙💙 He said who you know been friends from the '60s... Shit I barely wanna be bothered with mfs I know from 9th grade😒 Keep doing it!! I'm on yo ass tho!!😔💙💙💎

  42. HD BOYZ

    dis song lit .



  44. Bossy B

    Got that old school beat too...whole album should be up for a Grammy...💯

  45. Left183

    Rich n**** still in the neighborhood store eating cold cuts

  46. Karina Lopez

    Chinese kitty❤️❤️❤️

  47. Skillz freshEstd


    1. Preston Burns

  48. JustDuke

    What’s the model with the stomach tats IG!!!!

  49. Mario Brinson

    I have to say if this ain't the best song this is one of the song I ever heard love you man

  50. Sam Kabiru

    This album so hard!! Glad he putting out alot of visuals🔥🔥🇰🇪

  51. Justin Paul

    Its Major

  52. Donny Des

    The black officer is poorly trained. He rolls out with his finger on the trigger and is ready to lose his thumb. spotted it.

    1. Donny Des

      I wasnt even trying to hurt anyones feelings. Dont be upset.

    2. El Cortez

      Just don't say anything

    3. El Cortez

      What ever Donny

  53. mark lessard

    Dont even got his mask on right

  54. Sky Alexx

    This my theme song

  55. Evan Clinton

    Fuck your big homie, and go get a you a plug..

  56. Alexander Mendoza

    Gang .......

  57. Shakisha Talton

    Whew!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  58. lemonade eagle


  59. lemonade eagle


  60. Toi Waddell

    Dolph love the kids

  61. Hugo Angel Cuevas


  62. Travarious Gold

    Yea yea

  63. williamsshawn35


  64. Frederic Reid


  65. Frederic Reid


  66. Elvennessia ÑeNé Santanah

    Say my nigga dis hoe hittin' then you added Three 6 Mafia man say my nigga 💯🅱

  67. RealRecognizeReal 100


  68. Danny Kyx

    💎🙏 nice.

  69. Michael Witherspoon

    So No one gone talk about who shordy in the grey shorts is?

  70. Malvo B

    Where key glock at tell homeboy to drop an album

  71. Lidia Jimenez

    CLT shii y'all know how we Charlotte niggas Poppin💯

  72. Lefty

    I’m 33 I be hype when I see people from high school just to show them I’m still flexing !!!

  73. Alfred Aubry

    Trump 2020 💪🏽

  74. chester southworth

    The best of 2020.

  75. Илья Бодров

    From Russia with love

  76. Murdock Comandatore

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU DOLPH YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Brandon Williams

    Young dolph to OG bruh

  78. Ike Turnup

    That classic Pat style is so hard

  79. Florent AGBANDJAI


  80. ALE