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Some of the most important resources that will help you catch more fish include your tackle and equipment. We will be going over this information so that you can not only find fish but also have the right tools to catch them.

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  1. Chris Boyd

    I am a ghost victim... thanks for the diagrams. Very helpful!

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Ghost victim lol

  2. Pepper- GoVOLsGO

    Get that lil un man geez lol

  3. Chris Boyd

    Thanks for sharing. I bought some tackle on your TW link last week.

  4. David Russell

    100% except I prefer a 1/2oz hula popper. I keep these 3 tied on from March to late September. Try a deps basirisky hard belly frog too. Thank me later.

  5. David McCallister

    Man those power point presentations take me back to 5 grade computer glass playing Oregon Trail 🤣

  6. Boxy Guy

    Let me just say think you for not having a 30 second Intro on your video.

  7. Coach Woodward

    I fish a floating fluke pretty well but I will say that worm has a lot of action. I use a Zman floating jerk shad and It skips well. I fish mainly rivers though. It’s easy to skip flukes under trees in rivers so I bet skipping the wacky rig would be good as long as it doesn’t get hung up too much.

  8. Jerry Griggs

    Ghosting? 3 legged cricket

  9. Parker Baseball

    He Tyler it’s Parker

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Hey dude! What’s up Parker?

  10. Isles13

    Wish I could like this more than once

  11. Jesse Shumaker

    Tyler . Keep it up . I like your topics . Less focus on lures but more in theory and technique. I’ll tired of lure best bait content .

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks dude. I am trying my best

  12. Hockey B

    When I know fish are there but they aren’t biting I throw something at them that they simply can’t refuse. Tiny top water bug lures LOL. Every single time. Obviously only works in the warmer months but my goodness what a life hack

    1. BassFishingHQ

      That’s not a bad idea man!

  13. Chad Chambliss

    That is what I fish with 99% of the time all through the early summer. Watermelon red with dip and dye chartreuse tail. Works like crazy.

  14. Jeffrey Acito

    good video

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks Jeff

  15. H8er Maker

    Thanks for the tips, the animations are really helpful to clarify what you're saying. Appreciate it. Tight lines

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks I work a long time on those so I appreciate you liking them!

  16. Tu Madre

    Rest In Peace dotty

  17. Tu Madre

    So they killed this bass? Idiots

  18. T Deeb

    Wow!!! Tremendous tips!!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!!!!

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for watching I appreciate it T Deeb

  19. Craig Peters

    Great video bro! I've got a tournament this weekend and I'll be trying your stuff.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks man, I appreciate it!

  20. AFishBicycle

    Thanks for the excellent content

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for watching!

  21. Curly Que2

    Ah my Garmin shows me if the bass are still there,

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Yea hard to beat the livescope

  22. lufkin412

    Man bass have been ghosting me so hard this spring I feel like scooby doo. Thanks for the info Bro

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Lol, hope these tips will help!

  23. Theodryck

    The sad fact is that sometimes you are just going to get skunked. Period. There is no way around it. If you have limited fisheries in your area and they're all hammered by pressure, you're going to get skunked more. This is a fact of life. There is no magic lure or magic technique that will fix it. Bass are not stupid. That's why we love to catch them. But sometimes they're gonna win that fight.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Yes that is true, especially certain times of the year. I really think these tips will help you to get skunked less though

  24. Rick Vann

    Thanks for sharing Woo Dave's bass fishing 101

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for watching

  25. Creekside Creations

    Do you got any tips for fast moving creeks or small river fishing.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      I have done a lot of creek fishing for smallmouth. I’ll have to do some tips on that in the future

  26. Hugh Jeh Pecker

    fact this happened to me today at both the spots i went to and i come home to this vid ;)

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Ahhhh hate that. Give these a try!

  27. Big Mike Fishing Chonicles

    great video how can I do some of these things as a new co-angler

    1. Big Mike Fishing Chonicles

      @BassFishingHQ thank you sir

    2. BassFishingHQ

      Co angling definitely makes it hard. I really need to get a few videos out for co anglers soon

  28. Luis Arevalo

    Recently I suspected being ghosted due to recent lake lowering.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Sometimes that can happen. Sometimes when the lake is lower it can really put a lot of fish in small areas though. So if you find that area, you might be able to catch a lot of bass

  29. Mike Okhurtz

    This is common 2 tips, be patient and cover water

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Covering water is huge!

  30. DrewBlaz

    Here’s what to do, throw a Ned rig on the dam.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Lol, that sounds like it will definitely get some bites when all else fails

  31. Samuel Yoon

    Thanks for your insight Tyler, I’m definitely going to have to keep all of these things in mind this spring!

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for watching Samuel. I appreciate it. Hope it helps

  32. Kent fishin

    This will help so much for my first ever tournament on may 6th

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Go get em man!

  33. Christopher Sawczyk

    Thanks Tyler...request... more videos about tip 5...Thanks in advance

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Hey nan, I am definitely going to do more. If you check out my complete guides playlist. They are more in depth of this subject. Hope it helps!

  34. Up The Creek

    Excellent tips. I was working an area yesterday with moving baits. I knew there were fish there, so I spun around and slowed way down to a bottom bait and caught 5.

    1. Up The Creek

      @BassFishingHQ I'm learning. And your channel is teaching me a lot. Thanks. 👍

    2. BassFishingHQ

      Bam, you are a head of the game. Love hearing stuff like that

  35. Pamela Klemp

    A question about Live Scope. Do these tips change if you're using Live Scope? I don't use it but many are using it these days I would think these tips would help them even more with switching lures up and "On vs Off" the grass lines...especially FL and AL fishing.

    1. Pamela Klemp

      @BassFishingHQ I understand better now. Thanks for your reply🙌 🤗.

    2. BassFishingHQ

      I wouldn’t say that the tips would change, however livescope will help you to make adjustments sooner. You can tell the fish’s mood towards a lure faster and see if they are “off” the cover

  36. Mike Antes

    Great tips thank you.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks Mike

  37. Richard Sousa

    Man where was this video like... six hours ago?!

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Lol sorry man. Was trying to get it up earlier too, but it just didn’t happen

  38. Some_Edgy_Name

    Good info. Thanks for the tips.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for watching. I appreciate that and the comment

  39. Owen Wendorf

    I got to tell my uncle about these tips you share all the time

    1. BassFishingHQ

      @Goofy Gavs vids lol well you guys got to let him know!

    2. Goofy Gavs vids

      Same, these would help him so much

    3. BassFishingHQ

      Yea you should lol

  40. Your Average Angler

    Good tips!

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for watching man

  41. charlie avery


    1. BassFishingHQ

      You win!

  42. Troy Denlinger

    Nice. Btw they were really biting in big run late that day. Big largies

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Yea I bet they were

  43. Mad Buskets

    that retrieve around 7:06 or so, nasty my guy ahahahaha

  44. Mister Awesome

    This is not the chatterbait I was looking for. :: Tips 5 tokens::

  45. Pierce 87

    Thanks for telling me what a tree is and what grass is

  46. Joe Simpson

    Wow tip number one...thanks!! Great advice

  47. Bass Bumm

    Great tips,what about spinnerbaits?

  48. Big Banana Fishing

    I think the main story here is not where the fish traveled, but so few were caught again.

  49. Dan Luther

    Guess I'm just gettin old but my experience is that small lures catch small Bass. All my biggest came from 8" & up plastic worms. Big topwater lures too.

  50. Jordan Liggett

    Does anyone know why bass in the northwest portion of the United States dont eat chatter and click baits? I catch fish all day long but never on either of these.. my guess is the lack of shad??

  51. rexista1

    Very cool video sir thanks for posting.

  52. Jacob Roberts

    Ive been using a single tail as trailer for claytor for about 3 years im pretty sure roland talked about it a few years ago as well but i actually think thats a dope ass lure that bright red and chartreuse u cant beat in the spring so why not combine them, good stuff

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for watching dude. I appreciate it

  53. Daniel Mcnish

    Best reel for skipping?

    1. Chance heck

      Lews sp skipping reel, has a shallow spool that will decrease backlashes and is a 8.3 reel speed, specifically designed for skipping.

  54. Chasing Fish!

    I think a few reason why those ugly lures catches fish during the prespawn are because food/prey are far and few in between in the winter, bass come out of winter hungry, and instinctively feed to prepare for the upcoming spawn. Female bass start producing eggs in the late fall to winter and need food/energy to sustain themselves and their eggs in preparation for the spawn.

  55. Justin Rushing

    With the legs it’s a hairy turd

  56. Pamela Klemp

    What an AWESOME video! Your teaching skills are only out matched by your AWESOME fishing skills! This learning video was such a pleasure to watch and ULTRA INFORMATIVE. Seriously, you are a very gifted teacher for your craft. Thank you for sharing! I'll be looking at all those conditions somewhat differently and with a far better understanding of the when, where, why and how!

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for the kind works Pamela! I appreciate you watching

  57. greyhamlet.

    I fidh on a pond that has 1 inch of visibility.... can't catch anything after rain

  58. greyhamlet.

    I hats these long intros and music.

  59. Creekside Creations

    Link in description doesn't work

  60. Tu Madre

    This will for sure get you bit

  61. John Butler

    You make great videos thank

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks I appreciate it!

  62. Hal Herman

    What line are you using?

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Seaguar InvizX

  63. Travis Farmer

    the amount of ads on a 10 min video is insane. what kind of person just makes a video that has almost as much as ad time as actual video.

  64. Fishing With Fargo

    Still 25 pound largemouth bass being the biggest was still caught even if it wasn't considered to be "official" because of the way it was hooked. The biggest largemouth I caught was 5 1/2 pounds. And I got a picture of it on my instagram. I am not only aiming to beat my pb, I am also aiming to top the 25 pounder. I plan on doing this in Texas fyi.

  65. Pamela Klemp

    Really REALLY enjoyed watching this video. Super informative. That tip about the lighter hooksett was spot on too. As a lady, I tend to have a ligher Hooksett and I don't teand to lose the fish as often as some of my male counterparts because of setting the hook too hard. I've never bought into the whole "rip the lip" stong Hooksett mentality that you heard about these days. Thank You for talking about that in your video. P.s. I LOVE💘 the "ugly lures". Those bright color just make me happy😊 , they keep me positive even on slower days. Maybe that's why the fish like'em too😉🙂.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Maybe that is why bass like them! Positivity is contagious. Thanks for watching!

  66. Joe Olsen

    Iiked the video

  67. Joe Olsen

    TRUMP 2024

  68. Morgan_Yoder

    I just snatched one of the last 5 fire craws off tw, can't wait to put a hurting on some big cali bass. I've got a 5 and 4-5 4's in the past 2 weeks, so I'm feeling good. Keep up this content, I love these.

    1. Morgan_Yoder

      @Jordan Liggett nice stuff, I'm going to hit the water tomorrow, I dumped a 3.5 a few days back. Anything over 4 is a good fish imo.

    2. Jordan Liggett

      I'm on some 4's and 5's out here in souther idaho... the jig bite w craw trailer is 🔥

    3. BassFishingHQ

      Those are some good fish dude! Thanks did watching!

  69. Corry Smith

    You had scissors in your hands and not the plastic?

  70. River city Slabs

    Heck that’s how I’ve always been using a beaver style bait . We catch smallmouth on rocks at night


    Pretty lures are made to catch fishermen more than they're made to catch fish. My home made lures are ugly as sin but the fish still bite them. Not that my DIY lures are anything special but, they can catch just as many fish as the fancy and expensive store bought lures.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Plus you got to love catching bass on something you made. I have hand painted some cranks and they never look great but they catch them

  72. Lucky Lucky

    You should have also shown us how you got that lure outta that lure out of that beaver without it biting you. Especially for people like myself that never had that happen.. but you what if I do catch one, use my knife to cut the beaver & not my lure cause lures these days aren't cheap and I need my lure more than the beaver.. just that simple.. u know what I mean good buddy...😂 Good video

    1. Lucky Lucky

      @Pamela Klemp I know right lol

    2. Pamela Klemp

      😁 I sure hope I never hook a beaver in the butt hole! But if I did, that poor beaver would FOREVERMORE be swimming around with that hook unless one of his own buddies helped him out of his predicament. I'm sure 👍 I have ZERO INTEREST in learning to surgically remove anything from a wild beaver, 😍 cute as they are 😂🤣😂! My apologies, in advance, to any hooked beavers, sorry BUTT you're on your own on this one!🤭

    3. Lucky Lucky

      And the jackhammer really does catch everything 🤣, I watched few more of your videos and I do enjoy the info you give..

    4. Lucky Lucky

      Ok but if the beaver don't stay still for me , I Have to cut em lol,..

    5. BassFishingHQ

      Thankfully I was just able to use a pair of pliers and the beav stay pretty still and I was able to pull my jig out. Thanks for watching

  73. lufkin412

    What is the best bait for beaver buttholes? 😆 great video as always.

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Lol. Thanks for watching

    2. Lucky Lucky

      Jackhammer is 🤣🤣

  74. wilderness hiking and fishing

    Great vid!

  75. Greyhunter

    Gratz on a nice finish!

  76. Big Mike Fishing Chonicles

    thanks for the tips I struggle fishing a chatterbait

    1. Big Mike Fishing Chonicles

      @BassFishingHQ ok i am gonna try some of your tips I did do the one tip where you showed the strike king caffein shad and I caught my first tournament bass for 2 pounds 12 oz green pumpkin chatter bait

    2. BassFishingHQ

      Thanks for watching Big Mike. It’s a great bait. Sometimes you just got to keep throwing it and not put it down to learn it

  77. kelly florentine

    Do you still have the plastic on the cork on that rod... Great video again!

    1. Tristin Blades

      i leave plastic on mine to.

    2. BassFishingHQ

      @kelly florentine do it!!

    3. kelly florentine

      @BassFishingHQ I am going to try those crazy colors tomorrow here in Cali. Thanks

    4. BassFishingHQ

      Yea sometimes I just like to keep it on for a little while, not sure why lol

  78. Austin Torres

    IM trying hardest to imagine that scenario "caught a BEAVER in the BUTHOLE". Wow

    1. BassFishingHQ

      Oh gosh...I think your imagining a little to much

  79. cf outdoors

    Great tips and awesome vid as always👍👍👍 Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. BassFishingHQ

      I appreciate you watching and commenting!!