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  1. Gijs

    What the f are trans rights??? are they not human? are human rights not enough???

  2. Nanaba

    Immanuel!! 🙂🙏🙌

  3. Fa X

    one of the sisters said that they were thankful that somebody reported„..because of the system we are in..“ they couldn’t? was the family in a sect or in an other religious community, where people are silent about these crimes??

  4. Lessie Amato K

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  5. SirtubalotTX

    And I'm hearing something entirely different from people I know working in the medical field in California....

  6. Cynthia Cohen

    Jason Harding, professor Durham University, punched me, broke my nose, and tried to kick me down a flight of stairs. He refused to apologize.

  7. aida

    what drugs is this woman on

  8. RJ Walchly

    Never who wants this garbage

  9. megha jain

    Season 2 is bombbbb

  10. Kwan Chan

    this creep is on all the news channels...damage limitation...but the truth is now out

  11. Shannon Balthazor

    7 kids and not even getting kisses from your husband? That makes me so sad.☹

  12. Karell Pagano H

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  13. Sane Human Being

    What I find shocking is that people in the general public and even in Congress now sympathize with, support and even hobnob with extremist domestic terrorist groups.

  14. cyrilo30837

    Let us just have been more entertainment A well deserved CIVIL WAR FUCKINGMORONS A SICKED up rotten greedy. ...Just leave the CVIlzed world along

  15. Lorraine Garcia

    Your gonna be in for a BIG surprise on inguareration DAY DEMOCRATS ur aunt is a real good role model showing u how to be a CHEATER

    1. Little Miss

      Show me where Harris herself cheated and stole the election I will wait

  16. redhatgnome

    only took HOW many years?

  17. Don't Believe Everything You Hear

    Ask real people. The hospitals are not full. Wake up.,

  18. Gray

    Season 5 of the Trump White House show *canceled* . A great way to wrap up a season.Trump’s own army got him impeached, what a twist, great television!

  19. Josian Sanna V

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  20. Whit Tong

    Hope the country deals with it as it is, terrorist gang.

  21. James Godin

    More balls than any liberals.

  22. Ngu Vao

    Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

  23. Joe Manni

    This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one.

  24. BigDog36

    The bottom line in my opinion is that if you are a republican in federal office and are up for re-election within the next two years, don't bother running. The cops from the whole George Floyd incident have a better chance at acquittal (assuming a jury full of Black lives members NOT being threatened or bribed or harassed in any way) then they have of being re-elected.

  25. KingKobraJoe

    This is not a prison, this is rehab on steroids.

  26. Delta edetti N

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  27. John Barron

    "I believe Trump committed an impeachable offense, but I am still undecided..." ???? how the fk are these clowns running our country!?!

  28. arleysi

    You all remember when Kamala had to drop out of the primary before Iowa because she wasn't doing well. Kamala did a good job rubbing elbows alright.

  29. loni 2

    They are scared for their LIVES (Republicans). They know Trump is wrong, and that why they will vote against. ʻhang mike pence' is all that echos in their minds.

  30. Delikanli67k

    High Speed Toyota Prius Fake News ?

  31. Russell Berwick

    Trump said that the people that wanted violence, were not representing him, so then, why doesn't he tell them to stop flying their big Trump flags? It's hard to say that they're not with you, when they see the Trump flag as their true colors.

  32. Morgan Galusha

    what a beautiful woman, such an inspiration to so many

  33. Angel Cisneros

    As an Aries ♈️ we always have the be the first or else we get furious 🤣😂🤣♈️♈️♈️

  34. Nix Westlake

    Right Wing can take a back seat ! Woo Hoo! Congrats to our beautiful real America <3

  35. American Bully Utopian Bullies


  36. Jackie Mozingo

    God bless you Michael J Fox, I really wish you would go see DR Herman in Florida. He has been able to help people stop the trembling. He finds the bacterial/viruses trapped deep inside your organs. He is truly changing peoples lives.

  37. Sarah Bartlett

    Can yu imagine this guy looking at you straight in the eyes with those brown eyes of his and smilng..... you would just melt. He has his Mothers brown eyes and confidence and I see a little of Bruce but mainly his Mum. His mum was a southern beauty queen, who went out with Elvis for few years. She has those amazing brown eyes and a broad face like Brody. Brodys brother Brandon looks a bit more like Bruce but a splitting image of Bruces late brother who died at 17 or 18 when he borrowed Bruces Porche that was loaned to him by the local car deal in his home town just after he won the Gold at 1976 Olympics. Very sad.

  38. American Lion

    Emergency declaration for Washington, D.C. is for "Peaceful transition of power to a new administration.." hopefully another four years.

  39. marthajf73

    As a vintage RN, I don't know why it takes so long to give a shot. Documentation has to be done, but that shouldn't take long either.

  40. Kyla Purcell

    It’s like if on the last day of high school you organized a school shooting and then the school was like eh we shouldn’t prosecute you bc you were gonna graduate in a few days

  41. Michael Minichini

    Not sure what took me to this video, but its weird to see the media not crushing Republicans. Trumps brother died and people tweeted “wrong Trump”. Wish people would be empathetic in 2021. Sad that in such short time we’ve gotten to this point.

  42. O Gates

    The real animals are the idiots and their kids that aren’t trained to respect the property and homes of the beautiful creatures that have been captured by greedy animals for personal gain.

  43. Carpetmonster

    Your calling your own people Terrorists WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS YOU ARE

  44. B H

    In the book, 7 Men Who Rule the World from the Grave, they need to add the 8th person, and make him number 1. Mr Gates father.

  45. Lily Kittrie

    Well, this is what happens when you take away the shark's food supply. I don't feel a bit sorry for him or anyone else who gets attacked. Think about that the next time ur stuffing ur faces with seafood.

  46. Kurtis Merriweather

    Hoda and Jenna is a great working duo

  47. diane iverglynne

    I LOVE the shamrock dress!😄 I know this is such a serious time...but I can't help it! Thanks, Hon, for cheering up an old lady today

  48. J Kim

    WWJD? What this man did.

  49. LauraMargarita Flores

    Let this be a calling alarm for everyone that's invest over the net, keep in mind, you are not the owner of the internet. Therefore the high techt will crack into your codes any manipulate, alterate your personal information. Something are too good to be true.

  50. Carpetmonster

    Farcical all these scum politicians need removing from running your country and not just about Trump they do not care for the lives of there citizens you will end up worst than North Korea with your freedom of speech and Witch hunts to stop someone they don't like trying again D Trump may not have been the best President but he did try to do some good for America, I hope it works out Great Country.

  51. Julie James

    Looking forward to watching it in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 UK 🇬🇧 Well done Kamala Harris 🥰

  52. dano JonatKayl

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  53. Karell Pagano H

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  54. my music

    0:01 [pause] there's the guy Americans are killing Americans for. Nice work president Tre45on! Extraordinary domestic terrorism!

  55. TheCraftsman

    I thought Democrats said "walls don't work," they most certainly do in this situation. I thought Democrats said they wanted to "defund" the police and that they had very little respect for them (I know most officer across the country certainly felt their hatred), but now they admire them and say they want their protection. I thought the Mayor of Washington D.C. did not want military troops deployed to her city, so much so that she demanded they leave immediately, and that they not be allowed to stay in local hotels. She sure isn't saying that now is she? No... just crickets (complete silence).

  56. Mary Ann Cabrera

    The only I love this family ,is more fearing to god creayion that always acknowledge to the most relevant high most god good follower theyre not a perfect human being ,but god giving them the authority to leading the country because his uniqueness character that no one can replace thier own ,building in god kingdom indeed.

  57. assi CortnGerl

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  58. Daiyan Fan

    Everyone of the Trump family not only looks ugly, they have ugly mind.

  59. Alf Martin Olsen

    What system is he running on? Format C:

  60. Kerstin Koch

    Most beautiful videos I ever saw 😍

  61. Anonymous City

    We Spell RACIST = BLM

  62. MRK814 33

    😂😂😂 have the fake inauguration with the Jesuit order

  63. walker haw

    A global venuzhela have begun.


    Your full of 💩 Tom and you know it.

  65. Valerie Maddox

    God has really blessed Jamie with so MANY talents!

  66. Marcu Elisei

    Guys Biden will only be president for 6 months. Don’t lose hope. Trump will be president after just 6 months

  67. james smith

    want the next stimulus? take that shot in your arm, that's how they will get you. how else can you explain 100 million shots in peoples arms in 100 days, you'll see. funny how he is taking the reins from trump who started the whole vaccine project, birds of a feather worship satan together.

  68. deboisblanc

    Tragically a lot has happened since this interview. Hang in there LMP

  69. 54nipo

    When reading the story of Pablo Escobar, and of Donald Trump, I believe in my opinion that there is anology between them! Pablo Escobar, knowing that he would have to be tried in the US, he did what we all already know. He tried to corrupt the judicial system through violence, and death. Donald Trump, the knowledge of having lost the elections, and which there would have to face justice for dozens of crimes. such as unpaid taxes to the treasury, false documentation to banks and governments, etc. He did not have the slightest control of his stupid idea of ​​promoting an insurrection. Conclusion, now doubly charged with impeachment. Maybe if he shared a pig with Chapo Guzman, they would share better ideas in a second life. I am not a politician, but what a similarity between two people with different social status. Or not?

  70. Black Adder

    3 year Russia investigation that went no were trying to de-legitimatize an election, Ted Cruz asked for a 10 day independent audit to confirm this election and the reinforce legitimacy of future elections. It should be a welcomed proposal for both sides instead of riots, censorship and cancel culture.

  71. Jessica Willie

    Just made my day God is good all the time.💙🙏

  72. Junior Ordel

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  73. Grey Winston

    You know them cheeks have been clapped a few times before

  74. B H

    3:03, "This vaccine is great for Covid and Great for other vaccines as well" WHAT OTHER VACCINES IS HE REFERRING TO?

  75. google name

    23 dead in norway

  76. james smith

    move heaven and earth ooooooooh shots in people arms, lol, what is it heroin? that term of shots in arms is being used by everyone haha. the vaccine doesnt even prevent getting this virus or spreading it, they want to keep us masked up and with poison in us, kinda funny how they are pushing this so hard, but people aren't taking it as much as they thought they would, jokes on them.

  77. shandy incognito

  78. Duke That

    Why is everyone worried Trump said drink bleach and u will be a 👌 🆗️